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Hats and Caps
Our line of Hats and Caps arc
the newest and best Styles
on the market.
We have them all shades and
Take a look at our Hosiery,
we can give you any weight,
at any price.
Coats & Sweaters
We are just getting our line of
Mens' Coats and Jersey
Sweaters in and we especial
(Delaed frm last mdt.)
Tobacco all cut in this section.
Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Hill spent
Sunday with their daughter, Mrs.
J. A. Hill, whu is slowly improving
from sciatic neuralu a.
Mr. and Mrs. P. M. Ward via
M5T -"
E 63
" " " - JU
WW ! F?M Kftk I
morethanarmllton women.
You are urged to try it,
"I refused to be operated
on, the morning I heard
about Cardui," writes Mrs,
Elmer Sickler, of Trre
Haute, Ind. "I tried Cardui,
and it helped me
greatly. Now, I do my own
washing and ironing."
The Woman's Tonic
Cardui is a mild, tonic
remedy, purely vegetable,
and acts in a natural manner
on the delicate, woman
ly constitution, building
up strength, and toning up
the nerves. In the past 50
years, caraui nas net pea i
because we arc sure that 1
it will do you good.
At all drug stores. 1
jjvmmm m " . tajWB 'J
x& Y tel
ly ask you to see them. The colors are right, the
prices are right and the styles are right.
Stegar Building
,V ,--.
Saturday night and Sundav the of Repton, visited her sister,
guest of his sister. Mrs. Burrel Mrs. E, M. Robertson, Friday.
in,! v :irl Sundav. ner parents.
B. I. Allen, of the Oak Grove
section, spent Sunday with T.
M. Hill and family.
E. H. Bigham called on C. A.
Walker Sunday afternoon.
Mrs. .1. H. Walker and
Saved By Ills Wile.
She's a wise woman who knows just
what to do when her husband's life it
in danger, hut Mr. K. J. Flint,
Vt., is of that kind. "She in-
liable mi dicine for many throat and
' the bet obtainable to m to
curt' it with M little delay as poaatl
Here ta a druefiat'a opinion:
haratoea, 1 r,l. . "ar.tl it th-
U'st on tin- MJ '" 1 - -! by all
dialers. S
from last week.)
There are no new
istad on my usinjr Dr. Kind's New diphtheria
dren, of Adaimlle, Ky., are the L),,cuvery. wn.es Mr. F. -for.
, The school is in progress arain,
udmn f L"ia a A ti'iiuL
guests of relatives in this and
Crayne sections.
J. A. Elder had the misfortune
of getting a fine mare and colt
killed by lightning one day last
but few children in attend-short
my friends all 'thought I had only a are
time to live, and it completely ance.
cured me A quick cure for couKh Mrs r)an KJlt.y g on tie afca
nun coia?, u in me mosi sar
and re
list at this writing.
laag troubles grip, bronchitis, i roup, K1 Thompson and wife, of
whoopinp eoaga, toncditte, e,rr ,. ..,. . ... 1 r.
ForetWhitt. of Frances, A trial win ""
spent Thurman's this week
voij. Wlctt. , arm ji.imi. duaranteeu
by Hayaai Taylor ami Janus H.
Onaa, o
cai ri i:mkn sphim.s
(D loved from last week.)
Born to the wife of Edgar
Shewmaker a tine hoy.
The little daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Fllis Martin has recovered
from a spell of pneumonia.
Miss Fstella I)olson was in
Marion Wednesday.
Quite a number of people from
this place attended church at
Forest Grove, Sunday.
day boyiDg stock.
Little Kittie Belt has recovered
from a spell of tjphoid lever.
A new p;irl at John Ryan's.
Miss Sadie Hughes is visiting
I her sister, Mrs. Fva Hodge, this
W. H. Robertson is reported
some better at this writing.
Mrs. Albert Shewmaker and
r.l I 111. J J . : I
and purchased a new Btudebakt r
wagon of them. Ves, it pays to
adv itise.
There is ten time- more
Lewis Slider was here Tues- (,,inir !l(T"ss th(' new bri'! " ,,';"1
, rr. v.
When You Buy, Get Valne
The best way, and the only way for YOU to get the
true values we have, is for You to visit our Store.
Arrow Brand Shirts
You all know about our line of
ArrowBrand Shirts, one of the
best shirts on tho market. The
big range of styles and shades
give you a fair chance to get
just the shirt you are looking
for at the time you are looking
for it The prices are right.
The New Store With A
New Line
Farms lor sale
1 hav prot ertv in Mari- n.
Al'I'I.K'i.V I K
(l.l.ivd from la.st week.)
John Nunn and of
Young Holland will move to White City, Kan., who have been
Kuttawa in a few days, where visiting relatives and friends in
they will reside in the fata this county for tl
Borghum making is in progrei . '"' f "r"d home Tu d
Rev. John Board, of Flat ' B. Thurmsn, who hf
Rock. Caldwell Co., was visiting
here Priday.
Mr-;. May Stone saw Cochran
& Co..'fl advertisement in the
R cord-Press and went at once
pnie tick for seme time, is much
r at tl.i writing.
Others who ire n the sick
list are Mrs, Hai i y B SUM I
Walter Brightman.
Flmor Crider and family an I
Misi Minnie Whitecotton, of 8
were guests of s. a. Nunn
Rev. Hardy, a holiness evan
there was before over the muddy v'l)st: '",l"""fl,',1 :' protracted
ford. We are still
about the new bridge.
Jerry Barnes and Miss Ieta
Flanary made a tlyin; trip to
Lyon Co., Friday.
A sad accident happened to
Robert Moore near here one da)
last week. While going down
what is known as the Blackford
IfoSQttitOS, chilLs and fires hill, his horse became frurritenrdj
are keeping all of us busy, now. and ran away, throwing him out
Met) f onion.
L Jfe A Si :Ed i3Lx JL AuL Jfc A J. JL J!, :: Jl, A A JL iJL - ' . Ji Jk J a .
'o , to make it ins hom. req meet there Bator
Hru LaRue, ofLsviaa, is eon. day, Oct 5th, . I ' m..
Walker. Jr. Little Miss Cleo Belt has been ducting a series of meets it D totrsnsaci imp buaineai
M re. L L Price, of Levins, quite sick,
was a goett at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. B. F Walker Saturday Wbaa yea aave a Sad caM yea win
and Sunday.
Miss Grace Hill, who is at-
ited their son, u. u Ward, and tenaing mgn :enooi at aianon, .i,i chamberlain's Counh BesaMyfof some bargains
other relatives at this place Sat- !" oaturoay ana winaay wn anmrnymn, mm mw, m you ,(11V
Uur peopl,. are at-
ai d town
V. s I
Mmi -. M !'i i vV CailH K.
If you have yoaag ihildn ri ou m
aarhaps noticed thai , of tho
Mrs. K i !' tman, w i
Marion Briirhtman. ol
i i. .. . . . i . i it.
lo, i12
- V
() ir rain COStS Nf f the best quality and we will M
t e the price, m
And by tbt way, doot fail to Mt our woolens, either f..r fc
A roan eow, dehonu I
irs old. due to call Oct. I
oBStp E. i:. Mo
teacner M'l";i '". wnicn he res
The Bull, Moose, the I ah la order to i u i i studies
I ph mt and ih ki ting don ther,
key are not creati - any undue
As we have not seen any news cxcitemenl in thi i
; from this place in quite av. hile
; will send in few items.
We Have !t?
Rubfcrr Roofing
Maco In .'
1 Re II
The Big Money Saver
Yhe larmef who does not ma
hnutlna neetm this place Sunda) Ready Roofing is wastiac maaav.
v rien buying Haohun, u should
consider live iuu poinfs 'qiisliiy
sad price. Certain-teed Rooting
meant Quality Ctrtijitd KaA
Filpotu, of Webster Co.. "'' nm "' "
hasboughl W.ll Utchfleld's 1..11 fJT , '" ;,"'"",llk';
,. , fully durablt! Roohi ,-, tor ourse!f
It'll I 1 Oi lib, .- h I ll I I ll I '
snewmaaer, weaneaoay nigni. ( " . .,,! . - ,. ,,uest pn.es. You
T .'..'II -da a and family rromeu mriey nas Dougnt tne Albert Clarke went to Marion willfindtl rid prica rifhc
if . ii at tl e home of W. II. onM v ' "mn Monday on businei . At Iwtt lavntigata
;,M(I '""' ('n",y ,l "' rew l;ivs Al
ertson Sunday. .
, .,.1 i , ' I 1 man and son, .,..,. 1 . .
persons wh - have their to- T. ; - v c
Mn Bland Entertaini.
B sad was h
I 1 adies' 1
' leal 1 . ,.,, M.
ssl d lor eh ami y,
Mary I 1 , th
' si d Nellie Nekon ss 1
ri making the .
ina . 1 joyi 1 '.-. Bes . , .
hers . ; the elub the folk
were present; Mrs. c c. w
kll S, MiSM I Mary Willie 1
1 and Cecelia Spencer
R m II. Uaio 11 t 0
I I 1. r.i.
Underwear taj
See our lino of Mens, Un- m
derwear. The throo weights
wo carry will give you the J
advantage of getting just
tho thing you like best N
Marion, Kentucky. ,
pi::.-. . died Wedneaday after mj
!km Mrrchant Visit Padu. ,!
id and Mr. H Bishop Rappolee,
1 Til btttfMOM iMi ...,. . ...
conducted b) i.
er. Interment at Koaebud
8 in lay S h l al this pl . sa
M ni,ili ar.- their rr. t ..it.rrn.n a. I evr ", n p,
MBt T" rorr. .t ou will tind ,,U o,v,f .1
. ... i. i..,, ' i i u,.
' all News 1. jii
Getting Close to Woodrow.
Bee. B, Frank .lacoha bas i
tered the Princetoo, N. I . h.
Chaminriain's BtoaMcti and l.iv.r . t. -.., crop Ml i earlv all logical Seminary and fcf taking
TaWeuex .!.. r.t. n,eV .r, aaaj sad in the bouae, and mj of average poat graduate courea Until
uriK. I
ntll r
pl.;iant to lake, and mild and tntle qtMj ,
laatatt raraalaayall .,, ehonl is pi tie nice 2 2 ! w"Mtor l Mi
ly with Mis Mar) Finlej ' ' r"sl'vt"ri8n at Gi
ASerieU Arcident st
FairvieV, Wedncsd.
Lssl adnesday evs n 1 1
I srorh with the hotel
B li I im 1 'over at Fairview. 1
young friend, Joe Vaughn, was
... . . .
1 : 11 ! -1 1 I.. .1
" .-"'mi' part 01 tne 11..1
tuny ituaumtftil a better K'K.hne
rhinarv nnd suffered i i L
ior 1.... ., ..n 1 a had hand
fit !5 fssm
One Iri.i' Mill imiinr. ..
Charley Jsckson sayi "asack,a"d breaking ins left leg just Them sra milliont ol rolls of
of brand costs more than a Bowj above the ankle joint R;,!;',.r
son, C. C, are the guests of her, IS WO"h, therefore he will quit Tom McKinlej moved to Black- Bastoday. It is mads in Rubber
mother this week feeding it " Charley has a fine' ford last week. V; Bgha at weal M Kolls.
Mrs. C. A. Robertson was the
Bt offher sister, Mrs. Rena
herd of Jersey milch cows, in
which ho takes a gnat deal of
ai the reault. Part of the
thumh Y the ,.ft hand was lost
1 'd ihe otherftngere ei tbessmi
' '' '' were badly bruised, bul
'" Mved ui.d not have to I 1
. . 1 1, r the SCCident happened
1 '' ' ' '' rtonste was hfought
I Die. Casper and Oard
') r rv? 1 tj the wounds and ad
I to his sufferings. He
n to his home out some
from tnvn

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