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X The State Arboretum and Tree
Planting at the Capital
V', ''-. !?
. Last Week. '
Crittenden Co., was well rep
resented at the State arboretum
nd tree planting at the Capitol
jrounds last week, by three trees
if the variety chosen, Sycamore
Hud Judge Blue, who was pres
ent to see the job well done,
reports that all three were planted.
As previously noted in these
columns, the trees were donated
by John W. Wilson, and were
selected and the shipping superintended
by J. F. Dodge, who
is not a novice in the culture of
trees and flowers; William H.
Wallace lent his friendly aid also
by helping to dig the. trees.
These gentlemen did what they
did gratuitously and the trees
should be named John, William
and Frank in their honor, to insure
them living and doing well.
"Keep out of my back yard,"
Said the chicken to the pig,
"You'd better read the Ordinance
Before you start to dig. ' '
"Don't YOU crow over ME,"
Said the piggy to the hen,
"Keep off from my side walk,
VTou measley old 'has-been'! "
Then and there a fight began,
A grunt and then a crow.
Ponllv n tt
Officer Loyd, do your duty.
Arrest that Suffragette,
She has'nt any vote you know
Nor has she time to set.
So there is where a feud Ijiegan
All on account of chickens,
They can't come on my sidewalk
Or you'll catch the Dickens.
The city council then assembled
And heard a lot of law,
Read Blackstone on tresspasses
And then began to jaw.
Some were for and some against
Keepin chickens in the barn:
After a while they compromised
Upon the following terms.
"Whereas all pigs and chickens,
That are found upon the street,
Will be promptly barbecued,
And the council then will eat."
This is where our chickens go,
As well as our fat shoats,
It's law, of course, but then,
The peoule are the goats.
The author of the above has
been a frequent contributor to
our columns, but has, perhaps,
never before, contributed anything
that would rank as a classic.
His literary standing is now
fully established. -Ed.
Items From Providence Enterprise.
Mr. Albert Lamb, of Clay, was
in the city Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Marion Ford, of
Crittenden county, were here in
the city Wednesday.
Mr. John Easley, of Marion,
visited friends in the city this
week. ' i
Esq. W. E. Todd, of Crittenden
county, -was "in town- Thursday.
Mr. R. R. Tudor, of Shady
Grove, was ir the city Thursday.
Rpy Simpson, son, of Mr. and
Mrs. J. B. Simpson, arriyed here
Tuesday to visit his parents. The
young man has been in the United
States army for the past
three years and his term of
expired a iew days ago. He
cornea, "here from Fort Casey,
he has been
T If
VA ft
CopjrrijLt.J 191 A. D. KIRJCHDAUM & CO.
Men! The Maker's
Goes With the Clothes
we stand ready to meet every claim we make. The maker's
"All Wool" guaranty is iron-clad. We know there is not
a thread of cotton in any KIRSCHBAUM garment we sell.
The fact that every KIRSCHBAUM suit and overcoat
is hand-tailored from fabrics shrunk and reshrunl:, was a
clinching factor in our choosing the KIRSCHBAUM line.
We know absolutely that our customers will be satisfied,
Kirschbaum Suits
$10 to $18
Maih Street
Oat-:, , VoE
baum C
Kircchbaum Gothes.
HINKING men no longer buy their clothes m a haphazard way.
They consider not only the price and the retailer's claim of quality
and service but the maker as well.
It means a lot of difference, in the quality you get in your Fall suit
or overcoat, whether the maker is actually known to be behind his
products or hides identity behind the retailer, thus escaping public responsibility. In offering these
That they can walk out of our store anv day with garments
that will be as well shaped and as perfect in style six
months henco under ordinary wear, as on the day of
AU'our styles are individual and authoritative. Perfect
in cut, color and weave. The KIRSCHBAUM label means
your money back should you find any imperfection in fit,
cut or fabrics.
Kirschbaum Overcoats
$10 to $18
The Kirschbaum Specialsat $10, $12.50 and $15
Are the greatest values in America
McGonnell & Nunn
Marion, Ky.
. n
" '
Judge J. Fleming Gordon Presiding.
A Full Docket. Commonwealth,
Attorney Grayot Present.
Promptly at 9;30 Monday
morning Judge Gordon opened
the last term of
Circuit Court for
There were in
John L. Grayot,
the Crittenden
the vear 1912.
attendance, the
Attorney, Mr.
the County At-
torney, Mr. Jnu. A. Moore the Cir
cuit Court Clerk, Mr. John G.
Asher, the Sheriff. J. A. C. Pickens
and his deputies J. T. Pickens
and D. E. Gilliland and the
following members, of the Crittenden
County bar:
Senator-elect Ollie M. James,
County Judge John W. Blue,
Messrs James A. Moore, L. H.
James, Virgil Moore, Mr. Carl
Henderson, Allie Moore, Clem S.
NuTjn. J. Bell Kevil and E. F. W.
Kaiser of the Louisville bar.
Several of the panel of Grand
Jurors were excused for various
reasons but the Court Clerk, assisted
by the Sheriff, quickly filled
the vacancies and twelve
good and true men were installed
and listened intently to the
very impressive charge of the
presiding Judge who prefaced
his remarks by saying:
"It is not generally known that
the Ju dge of this Court is absolutely
powerless to punish a
criminal no matter what the.
crime or the positive knowledge
that the Couct may have of its
commission until the Grand Jury
has heard the evidence and returned
its indictment."
"It will then be seen," continued
his honor, "why we should
have the very highest citizenship
as Grand Jurors, why they should
be entirely free to act and responsible
for their .nets to no one
but themselves. This Court will
in all ways hold up their hands
and render all necessary assistance,
as will the Commonwealth
and County Attorneys."
The crimes mentioned in the
decalogue were named and the
various degrees of the sam and
the punishment as provided by
statutes Nof our commonwealth
were given.
Especial stress v as given to
the crime of carrying concealed
weapons and the Juiors were instructed
to go into tins natter,
very carefully, as his Honor in
indignant tones denounced such
acts as those of cowards and
that no man who is a man in any
sense of the word will be guilty
of such a piactice.
The abuse of killingour full and
our game birds willfully and illegally
and the punishment for the
same was given due attention.
Th practice of Local Option
Districts standing idly by saying
and doing nothing while the
blind tiger practically destroys
whatever of manhood exists in
such districts, was roundly scored
and the Court advised the
Grand Jury in such cases to simply
ignore any complaints of selling
liquor illegally without the
bpst men1 of the district by their
names ari'influence stand by-aid ;
assist in the prosecution.
"I am fully convinced" said
his Honor, "of the great .benefit
to this country of the temperate
Drincioles that now nrevail. I
fully believe in the laws already
enacted in connection therewith'
ana tne uourt is not oniyjsgeiy --but
anxious to.aof preee 'tk' Jl4
gal sale of intoxiiwmts .but. it'
Continued or.'
- y. . .- ..
- v r 2 '- '.
, i SW .v
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