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YULE jffi D&
is going to do the right
of this town this year. m
you see our great holiday o
shape for your inspection. X
complete ever shown in m
presents for everybody, t.
how old. Come in and
FOHS o 0)
belief that she lived to glorify
God. Her purpose was to do
good. We rejoice in the confidence
that in the great ends
which she set before her, she
was an obedient follower of the
Savior, patiently endeavoring to
do His will and trusting in his
mercy for salvation. Now we
loved grandmother very much
but God loved her more and now
that her life which scattered so
much sunshine, has gone to shine
more beautifully on the other
side may it prove a beacon
light to land the children and
loved ones together on the other
shore and from an unbroken family
in a land of happiness and
perpetual sunshine radiant from
the throne of God.
Her remains were laid to rest
in the Sturgis Cemetery, Tuesday
evening. Rev. J. R. King
of Blackford conducting the services..
May God comfort the
bereaved ores. Goodbye, grandmother,
goodbye, till we come to
join vou in that fair clime.
A precious one from us has gone,
A voice we loved is stilled,
A place is vacant in our homer,
Which never can be filled.
Her grandaughter,
Beatryce Bennett.
Tlin. Texas Wundiir cures Illtiney
and Bladder Troubles, removing gravel,
cures diabetes, weak and lame
backs, rheumatism and all
of kidneys and bladder in both
men and women. Regulates bladder
troubles in children. If not sold by
your druggist, will be sent by mail on
receipt of $1.00. One small bottle is
two months' treatment, and seldom
fails to perfect a cure. Send for testimonials
from this and other states.
Dr. E. W. Hall, 292G Olive street,
St. Loui3, Mo. Sold by druggists.
Boston Takes 10,000
Mason County Turkeys
Maysville, Ky., Nov. 25. -The
first shipment of dressed turkeys
from this county thjs season
went to Boston today. Two
large refrigerating ears, containing
200 barrels, 10,000 birds,
were shipped from Marshall Station.
Most of them were chestnut
fattened, and are for Thanksgiving.
" '.ou ? flth rof cnf
stipation, the mild and gentle effect of
CI)amberlain'8 Tahlets makes them
especially suited to your case. For
'sale by all dealers. J
Rwr iri" rt
Santa Clause surelv
thing by the people
You would think so if
stock, which is now in
Our stock is the most
this town. We have
no matter how young,
make us prove these.
M. E.
Died at the home of her son,
Mr. Lee Green of Sturgis at 3
o'clock Monday morning, Nov.
11, Mrs. S. D. Green, age 77
years. She professed faith in
Christ at an early age and joined
the Baptist church at Fords
Ferry, Ky. Seveial years ago,
she moved her membership to
the Cumbeiland'Presbjteria n
Church at Blackford, and two
years ago she joined the C. P.
church at Sturgis where she lived
a faithful member until death-
She was married to Mr. Wm.
Green at the ane of thirteen. To
this union were born six children
all of whom survive her. They
are Lee Green of Sturgis, Dick
Green of Caseyville, John Green
of Wickliff, Mrs. J. W. Bennett
of Weston, Mrs. Mollie Carrier
of Blackford, Mrs. Chas- Kistner
of St. Charles, Ky. ; and thirteen
grand-children, Laura, Herbert,
and Ledonia Carrier; Vera,
and Lilian Bennett,
Claude and Roy Kistner; Dennie
Green, Dorris and Dixie Green,
Mrs. Minnie Kelly, Mrs. Goldie
Green, and one great grandchild.
Her husband preceded her to
the grave 25 years ago.
Mrs. Green was just as well
and hearty the day .before she
was taken sick as usual and
seemed to take life happily. She
was struck by paralysis on Friday
and lived nine days. All of her
children except one son, John,
were at her bedside. She knew
every thing until Saturday night
before she died on Monday: then
she became unconscious and
knew nothing more.
Mrs. Green was a good woman
and loved by every one who
knew her. She made friends
everywhere she went with her
bright smiles and kind wurds.
Dear children do not mourn after
your sweet, beloved mother.
You know she has gone to the
beautiful world in the great beyond.
Only prepare to meet her.
Her earthly life is ended. That
sweet voice is hushed in death,
All that is mortal of her whom
we loved is mingled with the
dust. In the light of eternity,
our departed mother and grandmother
mav have learned more
in these few days than in her
AiirMilv life. She has left behind
an influence; she 1ms borne away
asweeb cnuruciex. uu. juy i
not in her talents nor in her
earthly fame but our joy is in the
Slayer of Magistrate Beatty at
Burnside Electrocuted at
Eddyville Prison.
Eddyville, Ky., Nov. 26.-Jas.
Ellis, convicted at Somerset for
the murder of Magistrate Beatty,
at Burnside, over a year ago,
was electrocuted in the branch
prison here this morning. The
electrocution was accomplished
without a hitch. Only the usual
prison offk.als and physicians
were present at the execution.
Ellis, who had been a Constable,
was convicted of killing
Beatty in the Magistrate's court
room at Burnside. He had been
of selling intoxicating
liquoi s at a soft drink stand, and
Beatty had a warrant for his
The murder was regarded as
one of the most brutal in the
history of that section and feeling
ran high.
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a bottle of Booth's HYOMEI for only
50 cents.
Pour a few drops of HYOMEI into
the inhaler and start this very day to
breathe the soothing, healing vapor
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With cverv package of HYOMEI
comes a little booklet which explains
how easy it is to end the misery of
Catarrh, Croup, Sore Throat, Bronchitis
and Deafness caused by Catarrh.
But best of all Haynes & Taylor is
authorized to refund your money if
HYOMEI doesn't do just what it is
advertised to do. If you haven't the
HYOMEI inhaler ask for the complete
outfit, $1.00. d5il2
3 Fredonia, Ky., Nov. 20, 1912.
Mr. S. M. Jenkins,
Dear Sir and Friend:
Having been solicited
by quite a number of my
friends to make the lace for the
Post Office, I have decided to do
so. I have spent quite a lot of
my time and means caring for
the orphans and have raised five
of them. So I believe, now,
something should come my way,
and I believe I have friends
enough that will help me win in
this battle. I don't see why
some lady of old Crittenden
should not have part of Uncle
Sam's pie. I am as good a democrat
as you ever saw. So, if you
will put this before the public,
my friends will come to my rescue.
Very Respectfully,
Foils A Foul Plot.
When a shameful plot exists between
liver and bowels to cause distress by
refusing to act, take Dr. King's New
Life Pills, and end such abuse of your
system. They gently compel right
action of stomach, liver and bowels,
and restore your health and all good
feelings. 25 cents at Jame3 H. Orme's
and Haynes & Taylor's.
Again we come to our agents
and friends to announce the
Great Hicks Almanac for 1913.
For more than twenty years this
popular Almanac has been before
the people, and has lost none of
its interest but sells better every
year. It is bptter illustrated,
better printed and more valuable
than ever before.
For more than a quarter of a
centuiy Rev. Irl R. Hicks' predictions
of storms, tornadoes,
blizzards, floods, cold waves, hot
waves and earthquakes have
astonished and convinced intelligent
observers over the world.
These predictions have been sue-1
cessful because they were made '
on a strictly scientific bdsis. The
1913 Hicks Almanac is a finely
illustrated book of 160 pages
with cover printed in two colors.
It contains more than fifty halftone
engravings, besides a large
number of wood-cuts and other
diagrams. Besides Rev. Irl R.
Hicks' weather forecasts for
1913 it contains much astronomical
and other scientific matter.
The 1913 Almanac is Veady now.
When sent in single wrapper by
mail, postpaid, the price is
35 CENTS. Tell your customers
that they will save money by
buying of you as they will have
to pay 35 cents if they send
to us and order it mailed.
3401 Franklin Ave., St. Louis, Mo
Every new subscriber for one
year or old one, who renews for
1913, before Christmas eve, will
be presented with Hicks' 1913
Almanac as a Christmas gift.
The Crittenden Record-Press
Local Notice.
Not the only corpenter, just
one of them. But it will pay you
to see me if you are thinking of
building or painting, I am prepared
to do any kind of building
or painting. Plans and estimates
free. Bond furnished if job
secured. Phone 246-3 rings.
S. R. Bradburn,
A Very Old Newspaper-Horace
Gribbons, of the
section, brought to
this office a few days ago, a copy
of The Commonwealth, a weekly
newspaper published at Frankfort,
Tueseday, September 2,
1835, or 77 years ago. The paper
was found under a floor
which was being relaid at Mr.
Gribbons' home. The paper used
is very much superior to that
of the present-day times, and
other than being badly mouse-eaten,
it is in excellent condition.
The paper is also surprisingly
well printed. The name of the
subscriber, M. Wilson, is written
in ink and is as distinct as if placed
there 6nly a few years ago.
The methods of modern-day
news gathering and those in
vogue in the days of The Commonwealth
are brought to mind
by an article on the presidential
Election of 1S32 which the paper
contains. Nowadays when an
occurrence of importance happens
in any part of the country,
or even the greater part of
the world for that matter, is
known in practically every large
newspaper office in the land
within an hour. According to
the Commonwealth's article the
vote of all the states in the presidential
in 1832 had not reached
Frankfort in September, 1835,
three years later. The article
"We have been frequently asked
the question, what was the
majority of the votes of the people
for Jackson in 1832? Also
whether Van Buren had a ma
jority for Vice-president?
The latter question has been
answered repeatedly, but to the
former we have been unable to
reply owing to the returns from
many states being incomplete.
However, we are now enabled to
present the statement below,
which is in the main correct. It
gives the majority only in Missouri:
viz., 5,159 for Jackson;
and the votes by the people in all
the other states except Alabama
aiid South Carolina, the former
of which voted for Jackson and
j ri?"iixjTrKaLiittiH'aiKH:i5ucsi)rx
J. B. KEVIL. fe
Abstracting A Specialty,
Surveying and
to those who act as the local representatives of EVERYBODY'S
MAGAZINE and DELINEATOR all in addition to liberal
sions, Let us show you how ypu can
Secure A Share
simply by forwarding the subscriptions of your friends and neighbors
and collecting the renewals of our present subscribers. Try for THIS
month's prizes. There are lots of prizes that can be won by persons
living in towns same size as your own. Write at once to the
Butterick Building, New York City.
Van Buren and the latter for
Floyd and Lee. The statement
shows that Mr. Van Buren was
in the minority at the last election,
as he was when he ran for
Governor in 1828. Gen. Jackson,
it will also be observed, obtained
a less majority by the people in
1832 than in 1828, although he
received a greater number of
electoral votes."
Lebanon Enterprise, Nov. 22,
causes heartburn, sour
stomach, nervousness,
nausea, impure blood, and
more trouble than many
different kinds of diseases.
The food you eat ferments
in your stomach, and the
poisons it forms are absorbed
into your whole
system, causing many distressing
symptoms. At the
first sign of indigestion, try
the old, reliable, vegetable
liver powder, to quickly
cleanse your system from
these undesirable poisons.
Mrs. Riley Laramore, 'of
Goodwater, Mo., says: "1
suffered for years from dyspepsia
and heartburn. Thedfora's
Black-Draught, in small doses,
cured my heartburn in a few
days, ana now 1 can eat without
distress." Try it.
Insist on Thedford's
Lessons from Falling Leaves.
At this season of the year,
when the leaves are falling in
showers it should remind us of
the time when our lives will be
over, here; when we will have to
turn every thing loose and descend
into the grave, giving
place to others.
If, when the time comes to us,
we have glorified God with our
lives here, and filled the place
He in His wisdom designed us to
fill, all will be well, we will then
be ripe for immortal glory, and
suited to another existence. It
is a solemn thing to live, and yet
it is joyful if we live aright.
Life is solemn because it is of
such great importance how we
spand this life and because of the
great responsibilities that rest on
every intelligent accountable being.
God has laid them upon us
and we cannot shirk them, ex
cept it be to our sorrow. Many
seem to see nothing in this life,
only to live for selfish considerations.
To secure wealth, seek worldly
pleasure, have a great name and ,
stand high among people here,
forgetting that the Bible has!
taught us that if we sow to the I
flesh, we shall ot the flesh reap
corruption. Such is a life of the
flesh but not a Godly life, neither
is it a happy life.
We can never be really h
unless we are at peace
Creator, and livin
with His great pla
The little leave
design. At his v
pear, grow on in silent obedience
to Him do their work and vanish.
All nature does likewise-But
the human family are different.
By reason of the fall we cannot
abide in the condition in
which we are born, and please
God, for we are taught that they
that are in the flesh cannot
please God. But if we walk in
the Spirit we are not in the flesh.
Seeing then, that we, the highest
order of God's creation on
earth, are alienated from Him by-sin
and cannot live to his praies
in a state of nature, we must get
right with Him. Having fallen
in Adam we must get back to-God
through Christ. That is the
only way. In Christ's death and
great sacrifice for us there is ample
provision made for us to
have our hearts washed from sin
and changed from the love of-sin
t3 the love of holiness.
By that mighty transforming
work of God we are made new
creatures and turning from sin
and the wajs of the flesh, rejoice
to walk in obedience before him.
It is then that we are brought
into harmony with God and can
live to his glory.
Then like the little leaves we
live only that we may praise and
glorify Him with the life he has-given
us. We fill our place, we
do our work, we serve His wise
purpose in our day and generation,
and th"en when our time is
fulfilled we gently and willingly
give up our lives here.
Our bodies fall into the grave
to moulder and decay, but our
spirits rise triumphant and' soar
away to be with Jesus until that
glad and glorious morn when He
shallcome to judge the world.
Then our bodies shall burst
forth from the tomb, arrayed in
wondrous beauty, immortalized
and glorified, and we shall go on
praising God forever.
You will find that druggists every
where speak well of' Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy. They know from long
experience in the sale of it that in
cases of coughs and colds it can always
bo depended upon, and that 'it is
pleasant and safe to take. For sale by
all dealers.
Corn Wanted.
Will pay oOcts., per bushel for
merchantable white shucked
corn delivered at the mill. Bring
on your corn while we are pay
ing a premium.
Marion Milling Co.,
B mmw HaTffT'fl
8 flpSfci
for all
For thp Store, Hine
I Factory or Residence.
Country lines a specialty.
Write for catalogue.
Jas. Clark, Jr.
Electric .-Co. MM m
Louisville, Ky.
.J- .t j.
.. .t '"V. V ,v,'r . "5
. r. JJk 'iVt

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