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The Spirit f Bob Taylor Th Bob Taylor Books
'"X N July the thirty-first, eighteen hundred and fifty, Heaven loaned to
I) earth t'ie spirit of Bob Taylor, and charged him with a joyous mission- -
: to inter pi ut to men the mystic messages of Nature.
"He heard and understood the tongueless tattle of brooks and rivers, the
thunder-spoken language of the storm, He caught the sylvan stories of the forest
that whispers with the bonowed breath of vagrant winds. He learned the jagged
dialects of thorns and thistles, the sweet vernacular of flowers that woo the air
with the wordless speech of fragrance.
"He led us to the trysting place of silent blooming things, where timid
violets rest in the arms of coves that croon with songs ot birds, and the wild
honeysuckle, pink-gowned Princess of the woods, blows breath of honey in the
faces of the enamored hills.
"With the magic of his words, he opened our ears to melodies that sing in
all the sounds that din the world. From the single blast of the hunter's horn he
evolved the merry music of the chase; he saddened a landscape with the mournful
notes of a dove, and wrapped the vague beauty of the evening twilight hour in the
mellow harmonies of distant bells.
"With eyes that conned the mute mysteries of trooping worlds he read the
far away signals that twinkle from the fields of space and the sun-kindled fires
that burn on the of dawn.
"He played on keys that sound beyond the ken of flesh and blood and thrill
the senses of the soul." DeLONG RICE.
The influences of that great and kindly spirit linger with us like the incense
of fallen roses, and its sweetest messagers are in the BEAUTIFUL BOOKS which
contain his complete writings and the history of his life. They speak to us in the
same words that flowed from his eloquent lips to soothe the multitudes; they hold
up the mirror to thepast and rellect the fascinating story of his romantic life.
Within these two beautiful volumes are the best efforts of his genuis and
the true sta7'of his life and career.
If you are interested (and of course you are), write to
The i3ob Taylor FubSashing Company
C. V. OAKLEY, General Agent, Marion, Kentucky.
&wm jimssimm&samtf zomssmmmmmBmimf.
Prof. Lockyear Has
Vaccination Upon His Chest.
M. L. Lockyear, at the head
of Lockvear's Business college,
is probably the first Evansvillian
to be vaccinated on the chest.
Lockyear, though an
complied Wednesday
with the Healthers' vaccination
The business college president,
who has only one arm, declared
he thought it safer to be vaccinated
on another part of the body.
Evansville Press.
Sloan's Liniment gives
quick relief for cough, cold,
hoarsenebs. sore throat,
croup, asthma, hay fever
and bronchitis.
Kan., writLS : "Vo uu Mcmu'H Liniment
lu tho family and it ml it an excellent
relief fur colds nmt lriy fecr
att.icks. Itstf pa cou filing and
almost Instantly.
Jilts. L. Illtf Vfm, of Modolln.FH.,
" I lxuilit one bottle of jour
Unl merit urn! Itdldmeall the good In
tho world. Jly throat n.is very Sore,
and It cured mo of my trouble."
Jin. VT. II. STltANflF, 3721 Klimrood
Avenue, Chicago, HI., writes: "A little
boy next door had croup. I gavo
the mother Sloui's Liniment to try.
fehe c.uo him three drops on sugar
before golnjj to bed, and ho got up
without tho croup iu tha morning."
PpSco, 25c, GOOm, $1.00
J 'if
v SiZ
on the
sent free.
Earl S. Sloan
Moihcrs Can Safely Uny i "Largest
Dr. King's New Discovery and give it
to the little ones when ailing and
i fering with colds, coughs, throat or
lung troubles, tastes nice, harmless,
once used, alwajs used. Mrs. Bruno
Crawford, Niagra, Mo., writes: "Dr
King's New Discovery changed our
oy from a pale weak sick boy to the
picture ot health." Alwavs nelps.
Buy it at J. H. Orme's or Haynes &
Girl Who Longed For
Adventure Is Heroine in Fire.
An eagjy morning fire in a
three story building in Austin, a
suburb of Chicago, gave Eunice
Olsen. a pretty dark haired miss
of seventeen, an opportunity to
prove herself a real heroine.
Always Miss Olsen has craved
excitement. She liked to read
about her Viking ancestors and
their stirring adventures, and
her life in a monern city has
seemed drab and uneventful.
But now her heart is filled with
content, for, hterallv, she has
been tested by fire, and found
equal to the occasion. When
awakened by fire in her home,
Miss Olsen aroused the other
tenants in the building, got her
parents and sister safely to the
street, and then ran bare-footed
through the snow to a neighbor's
house, where she telephoned to
the fire department. Returning
to the burning building, she attempted
to dash through the
smoke and flames to rescue a
pet canary, but was restrained
by her parents. Exchange.
Dr. Stone Returns.
I am back in the same office
with Drs.l Clement & Fox, and
am ready to do your optical
work. I will be glad to test your
eyes and fit those with glasses
who need them. I will do my
best to please you at moderate
prices. I use no medicine or
machinery in testing.
G. W. STONE, Optometrist.
Crittenden Record-Press $1.
After Fight.
Newton, Mass., Feb. 25
"Mountain Chief," known to
zoologists in this country and
abroad as the largest American
bison in captivity, is dead as the
result of a terrific battle with
his son. The old bull, who was
22 years old and weighed 2.600
pounds, died yesterday at his
quarters in Norombega pard,
where he was a great attraction.
Old age as it come3 in the orderly
process of nature is a beautiful and
majestic thing. It stands for experience,
knowledge, wisdom, counsel.
That is old age as it should be, but
old age as it often is means poor digestion,
torpid bowels, a slugglish liver
a general feeling of ill health, despondency
and misery. This in almost
every instance is wholly unnecessary.
One of Chamberlain's Tablets taken
immediately after supper will improve
the digestion, tone up the liver and
regulate the bowels. That feeling of
despondency will give way to one of
hope and good cheer. For sale by all
dealers. f
The Educational- Association
which will convene in Louisville
April 30. Miss Florence Ward,
of Iowa State Teacher's College, j
Other speakers announced are,
President A. E. Ellis, of Ohio
University, and Dr. Charles
Evans, principal of Oklahoma
State Normal. We would be
pleased for Prof, Evans to come
this way and let us shake his
hand. But as he is making himself
so well known in the great
National Educational fields, perhaps
he is "too busy" to divide
his time with "us."
Surprise Your Friends
For four weeks regularly use Dr.
King's New Life Pills. They stimulate
the liver, improve digestbn, remove
blood impurities, pimples and eruptions
disappear from your face and body
and you feel better. Begin at once
Buy at J. H. Ormo's or Haynes &
Taylor's. f
iBfff nftiiiv ffir nil vrir fTriiMivSTlffiHfTffi
I I)r. Hino's New Discovery
Soothes irritated throat and liinpi,
' stops chronic and hacking cough,
lieves tickling throat, tastes nice.
, Take no other; once used, always used.
liuy it aid. it. urines or iiaj nts oj
Taylor's. f
Imported Zebras.
Princeton, Ind., Feb. 25 Dr.
W. E. Hasting, the Posey county
stockman who last year import
ed two fine zebras from Germany
for a cross-breeding experiment
that is expected to cover a number
of years, says the zebras,
though originally from tropic
lands, are standing the winter
well on his farm near New Harmony.
They are getting fat and
becoming thoroughly tame. The
male is almost a pet and is daily
curried without offering to kick.
Tne zebras have been separated
unu uiuiiiuit: piuuuu wiiu ayuuiii
filly. Dr. Hastings is engaged"
in an experiment by which he
hopes to see a new ana very
hardy race of domestic animals
'S.WrSiyii'.r 'MA y"1'"'?' '"j'gT??!?????'? .
K Nulla t Single Loop Bale Tien "Pitts
Hearth material.
All rondo of Open
T is a source of great interest, congratulation and
New Year's greeting to the people of the Southland
and of the whole nation, that the master
pieces of oratory, word-painting and humor of
the late Senator Robert Love Taylor, have been preserved.
Happier still is the fact that they are being
given to the world in a way that will honor the South
and the name and fame of Bob Taylor.
In connection with his lectures and other famous
productions, the Bob Taylor Publishing Company,
No. 5, Noel Block, Nashville, Tennessee, is issuing n
complete history of his life and career, written by his
three surviving brothers.
The titles of these two books are: "LECTURES
The first named is the only complete compilation of the Senator's writings
ever issued and cannot fail to command instant and widespread popularity. It
contains his nine famous lectures delivered throughout the country, which made
him premier of the American platform for twenty years, and moved a continent to
laughter and tears. This book contains also the unfinished lecture "Uncle Sam,"
which the Senator was building with special care at the time his last illness overtook
him. It is a jewel of lofty thought in brilliant form.
In addition to the ten lectures, this volume presents numerous address, famous
sayings and stories of "Our Bob" which the world will welcome.
The "LIFE AND CAREER" is a volume of about 400 pages of as clean,
beautiful and thrilling literature as ever engaged a reader. It is thebrnin and heart
work of the late Senator's three brothers, and gives a faithful and brilliant portrayal
of the life walk of Bob Taylor through all of its windings and eventful years his
struggles, his triumphs and the leading incidents ot humorous and heroic kind.
These' books reflect the great soul and romantic career of Bob Taylor, and
they are creations of art from the publisher's standpoint. They are interpersed with
attractive, historic and apr. roprinte illustrations.
A mi' lion homes arw waiting to welcome them.
adouuss The Bob Taylor Fyblsshing osrspasiy
C. V. OAKLEY, Genera. Agent, Marion, Kentucky.
We Want High-Class Representatives, Ladies or Gentlemen.
For Sale.
At my farm five miles east of
Marion, I will on Tuesday, March
11th, 1913, offer for sale the following:
Household and kitchen
furniture, farming implements,
wagon and harness, mower, hay
rake, and numerous other things,
Two mules 4 and 5 years old,
filly 2 years old, young Jersey
cow and calf. All sums of $5.00
and under, cash, over that 12
months note with approved security
before property is moved.
I also wish to sell my farm of
102 acres, three-room house,
and stable.
David Ralston,
R. F. D. No. 5; Marion, Ky.
For Sale or Exchange.
A pair of 16 hand mare mules,
good matches, six and eight
years old, for cash or good note
or will exchange for a pair of
mares or horses.
R. F. D. No. 4; Marion, Ky.
JjK?! ft iw
G uvWWti(Xiiv&utt!tn wflSrfirs$7raifr
i'sriaaLfcisaaytiSia, w:j. nrij& &tjxki&
.very Locality-
Williams' Indian Pile Ointment wil
cure Blind, Bleeding and Itching Piles.
It absorbs thti tumors, allays itching
at once, acts as a poultice, gives instant
relief. Williams' Indian Pilo-Ointment
is prepared for Pile3 and
itching of tho private parts. Druggists,
mail 50c and $1.00. Williams
Mfg. Co., Props., Cleveland. O.
Sold only by J. H. Orme.
Several candidates have asked us ia
regard to our charges for announcements
for county offices. To all, wo
say that a uniform charge of $5 will be
made of each candidate announcing-,
payable at tho time the announcement
is made. Editor.
I have 25 acres of mineral land
for sale or to lease to some mineral
company. This land is one-
half mile northwest of Mexico,
Ky., close to the railroad.
f204tp James King.
The Dailv Courier-Journal S
any time this month, only one
more week.
mzTaTTrra xz3ttEzzzz?zw37vrttfiYE:zTTKZ33X3&vz?i2'ji; :asgzncczxEK!aEag3
Latest Improvements. This Is the
Highest Quality Wire fencing Made, Bar None
Based on long-time experiments, decided
improvements have been made in
"Pittsburgh Perfect." Ao MADE TODAY,
it is so far superior to nny other
as to place it in a class by itself.
These improvements concern tho quality
of wire, construction r.nd galvanizing
three vital points that must b2 right
to make the best fence.
We now produce "Pittsburgh Perfect"
in our own furnaces and mills from the
ore to tho finished product. We know
everything is right from start to finish.
These facts positively insure your investment
in "Pittsburgh Perfect."
MJo la Different Styles for HELD. rARM, RANCH. LAWK. EJJ rHOvantoorl
Ask your dealer for "Pittsburgh Perfect" and insist on his furnlshinir it. Do not allow him to persuade
you that some other fence is just as good. If he doesn't sell it, write u direct.
"PittiburEh Perfect" Brmndt or Barbed Wires
Bright. Annealed & Cirranlzed Wire; TvrUti d
Cabld Wlroj Hard Ssrin? Coil Wire Fence
Staples; Poultry Netting Staples; Regular Wire
Large Houd
If rou are Interested In Wire Fencing, write
for rREE copy of our ALMANAC, 1013
Pittsburgh Steel Co.
i Pittsburgh, Pcnntylvanin
-V -. A 4
s 1'
-, -

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