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Lbw Fares!
Homeseekers tickets are
old at greatly reduced fares
on the I stand 3rd Tuesdays
ef each month; stopovers
free and 25 days time, via
Cotton Belt Route, to
and Texas
Winter toariit ticket (round
trip) from southeast point to
many point! in Texas, Louisiana
and New Mexico, will be on sale
daily Nov. 1st. 1913 to April 30.
1914; with exctedinaly long return
limit of June 1st, 1914. Stopovers.
Alt year touritt ticket on sale
daily to certain points in Texas
90 day limit.
The Cotton Belt Route is the
through Arkansas two splendid
trains daily, with electric lighted
equipment of through sleepers,
from all parts of Southeast make
direct connection at Memphis
with Cotton Belt Route trains
to the Southwest.
For all Information about Home-cetera
Fares, Winter Tourist Fares
or All Tear Tourist Tickets, address
the undersigned. Books about farming
In South wcbt. sent free. Write)
L. C. BARRY, TraTcliog Pau'r Ajent
FU 83 Todd Building:, Lomtrille, Ky.
(Oelayed from last week.)
The meeting at Dunn Springs
wiH continue until Thursday
nigtot or longer, Rev. LaRue is
doing some excellent preaching.
Chas. A. the little son of Mr.
and Mrs. Charlie Daughtrey.
who has been seriously ill for
several days is much improved.
Mrs. Walter Simpson visited
her brothers, Ed and Eugene
last week anJ attended church
at Dunn Springs Saturday and
Orville Watson was here several
days last week.
"Crittenden county Declamatory
sontest at Hebron Sat,
night Nov., 22."
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Threlkeld
of Carrsville at C. A.
Daughtrey s Sat., and Sunday.
Per Infants and Children.
Tho Kind You Have Always Bought
Bers the
Signature of ?&cm
Child Born during its
Fathers' Funeral Service.
Lavaette. Indi, Nov., 5.
While the Rev. C. A. Singefoos
was conducting the funetal of
J. 0. Young here yesterday, a
baby girl was born to Young's
-widow in another room im the
house. The wails of the infant
interrupted the service for a
few minutes.
Young fell through a eky light
on a building here a few days
ago and was fatally injured.
Dox&f Look
Old Before
Your Time
WkWkWkWkWMkWkkWkWt sometimes gradually follows.
Thatbekehe,sp common among. women, brines with it the sunken chest, tho
tfcefcvtireduaeIe.cKrir's.fet, and sport ttieyogtafttlboiy t
AkmtlritirrM!imka. ,
Thers is no reason whvyoa should be so tmfortonate, when yoa bare at yonr
dbpetml remedy such as DxvFlereo'a FYwrit Proscription recommended
for over 40 years as a remedy for ailments peculiar to women. We hare
aea&mNmUuraaaadior teeebnontsls on Me the
accumulation of 40 yean testifying to Its effect- sMslVHMMsVsHBMHBflBsm'
Irenes. Neither narcotics nor alcohol are to be
faand In this fsntoti nrMjrlntbm tMm14 alu . ej.
Infill nnHnfla TnriM tinn.nM I)... .1.
m '" "" " ri Jt anas ejssavwei
yciftet health. Sold by dealers in medicines.
fm HquM or tablet f orm.
Dr. nmfiHtdUnl AdcUtr, mewla re-stud
Hp.t4kttt0dlUtm oJMIsers Aasf
efdttlcatt KMfon about wfiirh every
fomen,ljitU or married oucM to knota.
Of Lyceum Concerts, Lectures
and Entertainments.
Good Things In Store For Local
People Who Attend Lyceum
Movement Throughout
America Growing With
Marvelous Rapidity.
Thp concerts, lectures and entertainments
wliirh iii pictured and described
herowllli represent n group of good
tilings which sire In 'store for the nations
of thf local IJyceum course this
e:iHon Tliey nre booked through the
oldest nnd largest bureau In the world
-the bureau which guarantees
every one of Its attractions to
malie good.
In all parts of the American continent
the Lyceum movement Is grow-lug.
and as It grows In size It is
growing In popularity. There are
today more than ll'.OOO Lyceum courses
In the United States, besides some
l.flOO Chautauquas. Incidentally it i
of Interest that more than (500 of all
the Chautauquas In this country are
managed by the same bureau., from
which the attractlonsdesc'rlbed on this
page nre booked.
Lyceum entertainments differ from
any other types of public amujjementts,
in that they leave the community life
better for their having come and gone.
Cery Lyceum lecturer has n mess.ige
which he believes will benefit his hearers.
The aim of Lyceum musical companies
or entcrtalneis Isto help maintain
or rnlse the btandard of tho art
they represent In all the towns and
cities they visit.
The following are theLyceum course
attractions which are to" be beard hero
this season:
Declare War on Colds.
A crusade of education which aims
"that common colds may become uncommon
within the next peneration"
has been begun by prominent New
York phvsicians. Here is a list of the
"don'ts" which the doctors say will
prevent the annual visitation of the
"Don't sit in a drawghty car."
"Don't sleep in hot rooms."
"Don't avoid the fresh air."
"Don't stuff yourself at meal time.
Overeating reduces your resistance."
To which we would add when you
take a cold get rid of it us quickly as
possible. To accomplish that yon will
find Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
most excellent. Sold by all dealers. 11
(Delayed from last week.)
Miss Bessie Cambell died at
her home, in this community
Ootober the 22nd. 1913, after a
lingering illness o f several
of tuberculosis. Her remains
were laid to rest the following
day at the Burklow cometery.
Her relatives and friends have
our prayers and sympathy in
this sad dark hour of trouble.
Bessie was a kind and affection
girl, loved by all those whe
knew her. Peace to her ashes.
Miss Hattio Holder, of Marion,
formerly ne of oar neighbor
girls, was visiting relatives here
and attended the meeting at this
place. Come again Miss Hattie
you are always a welcome visitor
in this community.
An infaht child of Mr. and
Mrs. Crone died in this vicinity
last week.
LIV-VER-LAX, the liver regulator,
ask Haynes & Taylor.
Attend Henderson Business College,
or the Madlsonvllle iBuilness College.
Prepare yourself for success in life.
Bookkeeping, Stenotypy, Shorthand,
Typewriting. All Instruction will bs
individual; no classes; enter any time
WOMAN'S delicate system requires
more than ordinary care and
care and attention than
it is given by tho average woman.
Neglect it and ills soon creep in, and
the look of old ace. sometimes ouicklv.
mm " msfesBs 'Vhsrs' 9M
How Unsatisfactory the Pres-v
ent Tax System Works
in This State
Most Unequal Syttem Ever Devised
and Most of the Progressive States
Have Abolished the Plan Used In
The present state constitution ot
Kentucky provides that "Taxes shall
be uniform on all kinds of property,"
and on the surface this seems to be
so fair the average thinker can find
no fault with it.
In practice, however, It has been
found to be the most unequal tax system
ever devised, and most of the progressive
states have abolished the
Its inequalities and unfairness may
be seen from the way It discriminates
in certain classes of property and explains
why Kentucky seems to have
so little Intangible wealth as compared
with other states.
F?or instance, cash in savings banks
draws only three per cent Interest,
bonds pay four per cent, real
estate notes six per cent, stock In
some foreign corporations ten per cent,
while the tax on all Is the same for
state purposes, but varies for county
and city purposes according to the location.
Thus where the income is only 3
per cent and the taxes 2 per cent
it leaves tho owner only per cent
interest, and where the income is.10
per cent and the taxes 2 per cent
tho interest is 7 per cent In this
In some counties land is assessed
at 30 per cent ot its value, In others 50
per cent, and In others 70 per cent.
The state tax is the same In all tho
counties. Is this uniform?
If an honest farmer lists his property
at Its fair value and his unscrupulous
neighbor puts & lower value
on his property the former pays more
than his share, wall the latter pays
If the state board of equallratlon
raises the entire list for that county,
the honest man pays on property he
doesn't own, and yet our law Is supposed
to be uniform.
That the personalty owned by
tens of Kentucky Is vastly more than
is listed for taxation is a
Ushed fact; but the tax receipts don't
show 1L In fact, certain classes of
property, such as stocks, bonds," notes
and cash have almost disappeared from
the tax rolls, and these evidences of
wealth apparently grow less each year.
If the present system is allowed to
remain in force, it will result, as it has
in other states, in almost all kinds of
personalty disappearing from the
ana lands and houses
which can not be hid or moved will
have to bear the chief burden.
It has been so In every state where
the "general property tax" has been
the plan on which property was taxed,
and most of the states have been wise
enough to get rid of such an unequal
and unfair system.
The Ohio state tax commission, in
Its W08 report on the operation of the
"general property tax," says:
"It is a failure for purposes of revenue
or equality. Perhaps not 5 per
cent of Intangible property is listed.
It punishes the honest. It rewards the
dUhone&t. It frequently results in
double taxation and lowers the'
of integrity."
Tho entire revenue of. the state of
Kentucky is about 17,000,000, while
Mlch'lgan, with about the same area
and population, receives $14,000,000
from taxes, only a small proportion of
which is paid on land.
In Pennsylvania there Is no state
tac on farms or homes.
Thore are 7,000,"000 acres ot unimproved
farm lands in Kentucky and
yet vast quantities ot farm products
have to be Imported.
There are about twenty-five thousand
square .miles of coal lands in
Kentucky, and yet we buy millions of
ons of coal from Pennsylvania, West
Virginia, Indiana and Tennessee.
Kentucky raises thirty-eight per
cent ot the tobacco crop of the United
States and manufactures only three
per cent ot it.
These are significant facts and our
people should consider them.
There may be other causes for our
lack of progress but It la an estab
lished fact that no state has ever I
prospered under the general property
tax and it is also known that this deplorable
system of taxaCon has always
driven out capital, retarded development
sjrd caused untold losses in population.
The last general assembly passed
an act aasendinr -the state
on taxation which will go far towards
remedylns the evils and It is the duty
of every citizen in the state to vote
for the amendment at the November
election, If It la not ratified at that-
time it will be Impossible to vote on
the question for another fire years
and It has been delayed too long already.
It is time for us to wake up
and, get In line with other prosperous
, spates. Vote for tb'e constitutional
JBSadment at the November elecJJna,
t ' 4 -;
Parents and Teachers Prepare
For Newer Life.
Up to Date Building and Equipment
Mean Added Interest to Both Teachers
and Scholars In Educational Matters
A Model School Near Louisville
With Domestic Science Room.
Wherever people nre thinking definitely
about the future they realtee
that the child Is the greatest problem
with which the state hns to deal because
it is the state's greatest asset.
This Is especially true In the rural districts,
nnd both teachers' nnd paronts
nro getting ready fortho nower life
that promises to develop within the
next twenty-five years or sooner.
Four miles out of Louisville on one
of the. main turnpikes, where for years
f?5Mr awimilRH ijajiaWSFawejmjjWjW
llr a J
"- ?
. ' ' mV Z 1
the people had been thoroughly satisfied
with a poor schoolbouse and a
poorer playground, n new building has
gone up. This building was made possible
by the district 'levying a special
flfteenSjent tax for two yenrs and securing
the help of the county board
of education. When tho public began
to 'understand what was taking place
it rallied to the support of tbe new
school. This was made very plain
when the Southern' Brick and Tile
company, which had a large plant in
the neighborhood. added an extra acre
of ground to tmrhcre already secured
by the trustee for the district
The moment one enters the beautiful
brick building with its soft green
roof that harmonizes with tbe surroundings
It Is evident tliat. it is an
up to date school with a modcrji school
equipment, for a sanitary drinking
fdTTntaln is the first thing that catches
the eye. The building has two beautiful
schoolrooms perfectly lighted and
equipped with modern' single desks.
Two ample cloakrooms are
front of tbe classrooms and open
into the main hall, while at one end
of the building there Is' n cozy rest
room for teachers nnd pupils, with n
light, pleasant little library. Both of
the classrooms nre arranged so that
they may be turned into one huge
room, while the tea'shers' platforms
can be Joined and become a stage with
the' library and rest room as dressing
rooms for the same. This simple
&? 'Jtl -i 4
device ntukes it 'poettlble, to use the
school for entertainments and as n perfect
social center for the community.
Down In the Mk. airy baxpnient is
tlie modern uphUck il..ut. ii ruMlliie
engine und tnuk tbut huiijiIIi'h the water
for I be Imlldliu:. in thin mime
baHcment there tit- two lilc noiiin.
one of which Ik with twelve
work benches for the l. miml Irnluliin
ilabs. The other rnotu ot the
tnent is equip ih to handle u cIiikm of
eight fdrU in htbiici1.
It mluht seem in looUiu; over tbix
school, with itR iHirfect equlpiileut and
its splendid urouinls. ItM hue cistern
and Its deep well, to furnlMli perfect
prinking wnter ftr ,8 If
Mae -n-d $WW lle iMJSstawlsata
Yet the whole, equipment, Including
gasoline engine, domestic science
training bencbea and tools,
cost only $5,700.
:i lhre, 'lrlie pnjil, ppint that. should
"be touched' ;ad touched upon definitely,
and that is the effect of this building,
and .equipment upbnthe two
Last, season when they realised
,fJba"t tbl:arem was to come true they
both vtmt to a Bumtner School. ,ob'
taking a inmmer course In domestic
jcteBce. tbe otber w mnii..i 'tniiiilUK.,
Good SalesmanJWantCd
BeitMrmt known to the nuriery woild. Steady tmployaent, cask weekly
made jtlllDceor eicellcnt aloek. Salisrsctloa and profit from every tree.
light man, we will malts yon cur county manager.
Cedar Hill Nursery and Orchard Company.
Pay your tax on or before
Nov. 30th, 1913, and save 6 per
pent, penalty, which will be
added Dec. 1st, 1913. After
which date all unpaid taxes will
be Levied. I mean what I say.
10 9 6t Sheriff Crittenden Co.
For Lazy Liver and
the Troubles of
Feel right all tho time. Don't lay off
from work for days by taking calomel
when pleasant Lio-Ver-Lax keeps you
on your feet, whilorelievingyour trouble.
Safer too, nnd easy to take. Don't
toko anything else. You can't afford
it. Eliminates poisons, cleanse3 system
and relieves constipation. A natural
remedy, natural in itaactioas, sure
in its effect and certain in results. It
won't bo long beforo Liv- Ver-Lax will
completely displace calomel in every
home. Children can take it freely and
with perfect safety. Every bottlo guaranteed.
50c and $1 in bottles. Nono
genuine without tho likeness and signature
olUK. Grigsby, Foe sale by
Haynes & Taylor.
Big Ceal Shipment is on
Its way South.
Pittsburg, Nov., 4. Carrying
153,000 tons of coal for Cincinnati,
Louisville, New Orleans
and foreign poi ts, eleven tow-boats
left the harbor yesterday.
The shipment was the third largest
this year and the first big
one since last May. Scores of
bargas, coal boats and flats made
p the tows.
The Monongahela Consolidated
Coal & Coke Co. sent out 141,000
tons ef the total.
sfc K of fX23 FA recurahlv All klnda
R4 9a mean suncrloa snd
mm m I ! . The cause
BB I H &ri ' alwT Interns!.
" Bsal basa Wmtt) Dr. Leonhardt's
tablets produce smszlnir results by attacking tbs
INTERNAL CAUSE. The piles are dried up arid
BirrnanenUy cured. 24 dsvs' treatment, $1.00.
K. LEONHAHDT CO.. Buffalo, N. Y. (free bookj
Sold by Haynei & Taylor and all druggiiti.
For Sale or Trade.
Car load of young mules and
young brood marep. Will exchange
for old mules in good
T. Y. Ordway,
1016dl Fredonia, Ky,
r3afness Cannot Be mvJ
y local applications, as tl.ry
reach tho diseased portion ut tho tar.
There Is only one way to euro deafness,
and that Is by constitutional remedies.
Deafness Is caused by an Inflamed condition
of tho mucous lining' of the Eustachian
Tube. When this tuba is inflamed
you have a rumbllntr sound or Imperfect
hearing, and when It is entirely closed,
Deafnees Is the result, and unless the In-
flnmm.Mnn nar Ktt tntran 1if nrA fhts
ptilbe restored to its normal condition.
hearing' will be destroyed forever; nine
cases out of ten are caused by Catarrh,
which is nothing' but an Inflamed condition
of tho mucous surfaces.
We will One Hundred Dollars forsnyeasr ot
Poafnrps (caused by catarrh) that cannot be cured bj
lulls Catarrh Cure. Bend for clrcnlan, free.
T. J. CHENEY, ft CO , IWedo, Ohio.
Beld by Druggists , 75c m
'Jake Hslls fills for constipation.
LOST Sunday Oct. 26th a
heavy gray overcoat, velvet collar
between Babb's Istaumnt at
Marion and Sheridan on the old
road leading to the bridge. Reward
if returned to the Press
disc e! IisiiRla
The most common cause of insomnia
is disorders of the stomach and constipation.
Chamberlain's Tablets correct
these disorders and enables you to
sleep. For sale by all dealers. 11
. 411
(delayed from last week.)
IsaJvajRpbeftigleft, Saturday for
Uakman, UKMu qe was accompanim
by Miseee Iwt, Sadie and Dadje
Miss oberfa Is principal' of the
school at Oakman, where she exspecta
to, teach the remainder of this fall,
next winter and spring, assisted by
kiss Sadie PvvalL
TinwypQT .aWwife,who haTpJ
, MBUlaV r ' vni,,,7
-V .' vs u
i v ?t
:,"r. , L1.S.?.. if 2
v. ..hi.if'b r. .
"sjstfslli k r M,f . ,'.,,
S.I bLA r.
Frak Trees
Tkis Cwaly
Good money
If yon are the
Box YTmchfter. Tennetste.
year, have moved back here to take
chargo of their farm.
Some wheat has been sown in ,th,is
Bectioi , .
Mrs. Helen Travis and son, oJpfr N-
Dune, visited relatives in this
birhood, recently,
Mrs. Belle Summerville has returned
from a visit to relatives near Eldorado,
Boyd Cowan, son of Frank Cowan,
is attending Asbury college at Wil-more,
Some of our farmers are making
James E. Kemp and wife, of Shady
Grove, were guests of Mrs. Ida M.
RobertB Saturday.
The protracted meeting closed at
Repton last week.
Chilblains, frosted feet
cin be cured with one cr tvvo
tions of 13ALLAED'? SNOW LT
MENT. It quickly relieves itching or
tenderness of the flesh. Price 25c 50c
and $1.00 per bottle. Sold by J. II.
Orme, and Haynes & Taylor. 11
GOODS. $1.50 Hats at
75 cents, $2.00 and $3.00
Hats at 98 cents. ,
Lottie Terry.
In severe cases of sere lungs, yea
need an internal and external remedy.
Buy the dollar size BALLARD'S
H.OREHOZJND SYRUP, you get two
remedies for the price of one. With
every dollar bottle there is free HER-RICK'S
PLASTER for the cherf Sold by J.
H. Orme and Haynes & Taylor. 11
Don't Forget
Babb's Restaurant.
Serves fresh oysters, ce
hot coffee and other dainj
io ineaire panies, aner lutr
show is over.
Calomel, Calomel, you cannot
stay for LIV-VER-LAX has
shown us an easier way, ask
Haynes &aTaylor.
In dame chillv weather there is al
ways a larjre demand for BALLAIWf 4
KiNUW llWiMhJNT because many
pie who know by experience its
relieving power in rheumatic ach&pfid
pains, prepare to apply it at the 'first
twinge. Price, 25c, 50c and $L0t per
bottle. Sold by Haynes & Taylor and
J. H. Orme. 11
"He Inherited consumption"! This
Is the way a great many people account
for every case of the disease.
If the parents did tnot have it, some-times'
it Is maintained that'ihe disease
was transmitted 'by inheritance from)
some more distant ancestor. This ia
all nonsense. The new-born baby oij
consumptive parents is not affected
with the disease. However, yifeffi a'
case ot consumption Jn the fejMrtfa
being lgnorantly or carelessly handled
at home, it Is perfectly possible fer a
little child to be infected at any timet
after birth. That, however, is not inheritance;
a healthy adopted baby
would suffer the. same fate. It does
hot matter even if all of your relative
died ot consumption, you need not necessarily
travel the sarne dreary road.
If yon will live as much as possible ia'
the open air, eat plenty of simple, well
cooked foods, and no other, exercise,
batho and sleep regularly, and consult
your physician as soon as. you seem to
be breaking down, there is no reason
why you should die of consumption.
KentM'" Tm- riv mission.
Oh; yoa Calomel, get ocnfcsT
th way and let
do the work, purely vegetable,
ask Haynes & Taylor.
Envelopes, 'Letter Heads, Bill
v i
ywaafaasaasara , jail r JlsBML
Heads are onr specialty. Dea't
forgetus when in need, of seli
Job' Office. ' ,lM
Why- be constipated when you
can buy, from.
Hayne ,&-Taylor t

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