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-amm-nawman-r svanananwaB j'H 'wTrjwiTpti?
The arrival lu Vladivostok of the Frontnvlks (ltusuriun soldiers who Imve served lit tho front uud huve been dle
Surged by Uie bulshevikl) to assist tho Czocho-Slovuk army to down the boNhevlsta, The crowd give them to
U : . j.- ,A;v J.' iw- - saasavaaaaaawaw iB
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1, I ti I I
. . .. . . i ....i.in.i II,.. iin.. in Kraiir wlilrh tho (lemmii' vlntor hat
been dellherntely bon.l.lnij.. Only n few dnys ago (lermaii .viators drH-d bond., on ono of the b-pltuls .t Jouy.
Uling mo CnilHICU men aim WOWI'Iiuk - n rur rru-iju-Ju.nrLru-u-u-.rij- -
Rizzo Describes How Two Motor
Boats Sank Two Austrian
Wholt Thlnj Dldnt Tk Mor Thin
Quarter of an Hour Motor Boat a
Craw Go Mad With Joy Ovar
Thsir Succata.
t ' Anertcao mlllUry police of the First' division escorting the first batch of Ilun prisoners taken by the Xan
tees In the Plcardy offensive.
Hasayseiaaasaaaaaatsasastas aj m
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?5 ifiWrVcL
Thla la the famous Uunger Stone of the Elbe, near the chain bridge nt
Tetschea, Germany, which bears on Its face the Inscription : "When you gaze
bpon me, then cry." The legend attached to It la that when the watera of the
Elbe fall away so the atone la visible hardships are aure to follow, and In every
instance since the date of the first Inscription, UYt, the prediction has been
found to ha true. This year the waters have fallen to the lowest level reached
in over five hundred years.
TlY- -ii,y r "ii-"-
and made off too. The snine dettMy
er that barred his wsy metit for me.
"Our motor boats were only a hun
dred yards apart. It was Junt as If
we weit tr)'n " escape fruni a loo
motive by running along the railroad.
The cannmis buistl and rtwrvd round
our heads. I thought a dose of the
machine gun would do them good, but
It didn't. They were very close and
our moment eoined to have come.
Like angry niBHtlffs they ruhed after
us. their nrows looming over us from
. ML V .k.... M.ltl.
BY BEATRICE BA8KBRVILLE. lirnrfllHL Tn4 , M foui m the
. hf.,l.T- w. .uUial hit Ita mark. There wee a
Ancona. voinniauuuui " l --- , , ... . . .. .
U. Performed Ue meat daring uavulfterrint ! .ipUtoo and he dtrc
I iri.tttiliMl ami ruvifiin to turn ovtr. I
feat of the war, began his sea car our
officer In the Italian merchant acrr
wobbled and began to turn over. I
mado for safety aa hard aa 1 knew
Ice. Not till Italy entered the war now- . . ..
wt. he aiialnted with the roy.l "The whole thln, fro,, , ,h. jllrne
navy. Ue I. under thirty, darkled. '
' . . . . ..... toriieilo sia nst the rhaslnc destroyer.
aaleL Has larsiiin reaiure wiutu ' ... . .. .
r . .... I ,li.lnt tmVrn nuN fhan a nmrtvr of
aa though they were cut out oi aieei, ---
a square Jaw and a slower mauner oi
bliwi man TTItn mi
"When we gut Into the open, safe
sueakln than most Italians.
When I first asked win, ouriug
. ing Box of Charles I, Now
a Hospital
: This big mine thrower, or mine
werfcr, as the Germans call It, woi
captured from the Huns and la a par
of the great war exposition which thi
United SUitos has been giving In va
rious Darts of the country and wblcl
will open In Chicago on September 2
The "SIlnnle.,, aa tho British bavi
ramed the weapon. Is shown In pnl
tlon with a big ahell act In tho mui
tie ready to to thrown Into the enem'
-jjji. aorti fun U the French 153mllllmeter trench mortar, sometimes
. ..n.MnimMt mn. It followa the infantry everywhere. It baa
Ml with great -occeaeis along the French front
Hysterical Mutism In Ancient Times
A case of Imnglned Inability at
speech, one nt the punles of today
Is narrated by llorodutus, Who telK
that 'Croeius hud a son who wni
In other reupccta proper enough
but dumb. When the city was taken
one of Uie rcmlans, not knowing Croa
sua, was about to kill Win. Croa
sn, though he saw him npproarh
from his present misfortune took m
heed of him. nor did be care abnv
dying of Uie blow; but this speech
less son of his, when ho saw the Ter
slnn advancing toward him, througl
dread and anguish burst Into speed
and said: 'Man, kill not Croesus I
These were tho first words he evet
uttered, but from that time be coa
tlnued to apeak the remainder ot hi
Ohtaty tot fooflog atotclle an
iMatlaai fu that raaamoiea cetra
tSt hM hMa) hmotad.la Borop.
Ytf taittlnf aMcatBe
eft mQcy,r tB w
caty t oa yreewt amartfeocy.
Tiutiaii aarater la KaTPt are ra
Ulni fe Mk 0w Utaiwgaa, itlai.
term. t. Oreak and Arabic
, TU wagaa) f ahU Britlah aeaaa.
inirrpl taoajth and food, as
salnat 3 heforwtha apaaUnf o tha
rr. --
Bavaria haa a suspepslon brlre with
but one tower, the cables at the other
aod being anchored In a high rock bluff.
Dong Johneoa of Providence, Ky,
had a aow which gave birth to eight
pigs, and not pig la the Utter baa an
ft Is aald thjt a pair of night hawks,
which have mad the roof of a Bath
(We.) bank building their aummer
homo (or 80 yeara, are back again.
To Increase tho volume ot sound
tram phonograph a Parisian haa In
veattd an Instrument that wUl play
three record alxnulunaouaiy. .
DVB A UIBV alMtru utui, vim. sug i - ' '
rat-1 ami Hound. I wn ft Me to ntnllfl At In.
SUH BUVl e)l 1U nui""a - - -
partlculara of, bU sinking of the 8t My Ave lads were still astoondd with
Stephen and the Prince Eugene, Aua- the rspldlty of events. Then one ot
.i.. i.r.A.1 .hu ha modMtlv them cried. 'We've been In belli' And
,ui th. h. m.a no talker, end they went mad with y. hugging.
i.. . h. t. hal tn start oft cheering, klialng. crying In a One
for Oenoa In a very short while. But freniy of glory at what we bad done
when be learned that The World cor
respondent bad traveled from Borne
to hear him talk and that It would
not take long, be yielded.
"In the Creeping Dawn."
"It waa on the 10th ot this month,"
be aald. "I waa returning to port
after one of those bumble and bard
mlaidona which we sailors have bad
to perform aU the while these three SarisbUFV COUll, FaVOrltC Hunt-
nan. a lira wau hv m mmhv .
ieara the enemy's coast, when, tn Uie
creeping dawn, I saw Uie smoke com
Ing out of funnels, about S.uuu yarus
off. I thought we were found out
and being chased by the enemy. It
waa honelasa to try to run away, ao l
turned my two motor boats, the sec
ond being commanded by Head Steers
man (now Lieutenant) Aouao, and
made for the enemy.
"Aa Uie dawn grew I saw we were
In for a large convoy ot dea trovers
escorting two floating cyclnps, of the
Ylrtboa L'nlUs type, which Is the inrg
eat dreaduaught type In the Austrian
navy. They bad four at the begin
alng of Uie war; en the 0th of June
they bad three. Mow they have ouly
one left.
- Here we are at last,' I aald to my
men. This la a holiday I'
"We had not much tn the way of
arm two torpedoes on each boat,
elsht email enough to be thrown by
hand, between us, and two machine
guna. But this was a chance we would
navor let aia In If we waited a ino
sand years, ao I took It
Three Clean Hit.
"Aon so was to slip around to the
left and attack the Vlrlbus I'nltls
dreadnaugbt that made up the rear,
and which we now know was the
frlnr Eueeno. I was to make for
Uie sister ship, which we now know
was Uie Ht Stephen. 1 slowed down
to alienee ray motor, but aa aoon as
I waa well within the line of convoys
I want forward at full epeeil. Onr
men held tbelr breath. ly motorist
bad a quiet nt every time the engine
made a little nolae. Another moment
and the enemy saw us. Theu began
a furious cannonade.
"Aonse aent his first torpedo, bnt It
did not work. Ilia second bit the
giant full In her poop. Then I fol
lowed with my two biscuits, precise,
obedient and aura. The first landed
between the 8t Stephen's funnels, In
i ha boiler eomDartmenti the second
under her tower."
"Artec That It Waa HetL"
Tho commandant passed., evidently
Nvtewtni aveota, then went ont
After that It waa bell There waa
a stoma from tbelr guns and n mad'
-Tl.i.v linUtiil our blKiieiit fliiK and
decked the boat In bunting, like a
bride. To our delight we saw that
from somu way off Aonso hoisted his,
too. In enawur to ua. They were)
wife aa well.
I don't think we were within four
miles of our port when my lads, un
der the del union that they could bo
heard, kept shouting out landward:
Two Vlrlbus I'nltls I We've sunk two
Vlrlbus I'nltls !'
"You won't succeed In persuading
the enemy that they weren't the vic
tims of spies. But I assure yon that
there was neither spying nor t reach- '
ery In Uie whole thing. The I'rlnc
Eugene, which Aonso torpedoed
sunk on her way borne ami Ilea near
the Auatrtan coast, a our hydroplnnee
soon afterward found out. The oL
Stephen sunk where she we torpe
doed. Those dogs wont venture out
sgnln now. AU they've left to do la
to carry thalr dreednaughts' carcasses
off and send, them to I.ublana.
The greatest enemy our torpedo)
boats have la the moon," concluded
the commandant. "Had It been a
moonlight night, we should all bavn
gone t j th bottom without doing thena
any harm."
Ancona la doubly grateful to lllno,
for there Is no doubt In the minds nf
Its Inhabitants that the enemy fleet
he dispersed wss making for than to
bombard them off the face of the map.
All the heroee of thla enterprise)
have received honors and daco ration
from Uie king of Itsly, prise mooey
from e admiralty, and a large anna
of money from the Italian public
American Women In England Carry on
Vast Aid for Wounded Cen
valeecent to Recuperate Amid
-. PleasaVt Surroundings,
London. Salisbury Court, an old
Jacobean mansion that stands bark
almost hidden by the tall elms off the
Southampton road and la aald to have
been one. of the favorite hunting boxes
of the fint King Charlee, ha bw-n
converted Into a hospital fur 8.XW
Americans by the American Bed
The work of the latter organlsaUon
now comprises more then twenty de
partmeut, and Is carried out by Amer
ican women who were resldeut of
Great Britain before the Wnr, many
nf them the wives of Engllnhineu aud
the others wive of relatives of Amer
icans In buslnesA In this country,
Mrs. Whllelaw Bold, widow of the
former American amlissoador to Ureal
Britain, was a pioneer In the work of
Die American Bed Cross lu Uils coun
The American Bed Cross tins pro
vided a nmutier of hospitals In ureal
Britain, some of them eetahllihed be
fore America entered tho war, for the
use of the Britlah wounded ; others es
tablished since thst time for tin; ac
commodation of both British and
One of the Beet.
One of the finest Is Uie Moasley IIIU
hospital at Liverpool, which Is staffed
by American army doctora and nurse
under Ma J. Udo J. Wllo, formerly pro
feaaor ot surgery In Uie University of
Michigan. . Another American boepttul
de luxe la London la Uie new naval
hospital on Park lane, which occupies
Aldford house, tb home of Capt,
Frederick Oueat, U. P, who placed It
It the disposal of the Red Cross.
There are aeveral other American
Fire Barrage.
Barrage or dam, la a. new word It
the military vernacular spoclncall
th act of barring by artillery fir
By exact measurement a Una ot gum
la hronaht to bear noon a certain tat
rain. The fir. cate. a. comp.eU . mm 1
acreenofprojecuia wwna.iiDoq " 0. no.p,ul loc officer and
Of troops is aaiaj wrong ii no enem - . . . . i
.a... n. !.. h.mM itM ainh. noma ckaaed my boat. I new 1
raa i f . ... . lib.
anc tuner gat vui iota ia "k"m
n dart nr parish. With a violent Jerk
wo ranted our boat on herself and
mad for It Bat a destroyer balked
attr nath. Ho I Jerked round to th
Mt and netted right tndef tb prow
forward ("creeping" barrage) a detach,
meet ean advance with a minimum
casualties It la controlled by oboert
an at the front, who find range am
direct artillery fir by telephone
, i.. ilianllaliaa In rnal
tt th tttacklni force, wlra eatangli of th it Btephen. now alraost ewl-
American HoaplUl No. 34, given by
air. and Mra. A. Chester Beatty ot
New York. Bnt the largeet of all the
American hospitals In Qrent Britain
la that at Bartsbary court.
No mora Meal spot for the parpen
could be Imagined. Standing la a
great park ot 1M acre of thickly-
wooded eoverta and getitVy nndnlnt
Ug MBtirt Innda th groaada dip
own to a half mile frontage along .
Southampton waters. 1 '
Already the woodland acres of tb
rfttato are resounding with ax and saw .
and Several hundred trees have been
selected to furnUh the heavier tim
ber and Joists for the bospttsl build.
lugs. With the Manor bouse as apex,
these cover over ten sere ot frame
Tents te House Sick,
During the pleasant English sum
mer thiwie ti nt wards wUl be very cuta
tollable and agreeable, and long be
fore the first chilly weather of autumn
come the frame hut wanla, etfani
heated, will tie ready. It I possible
that some of the tents will be retained
for the u of conval. cents or for
overflow purpose In ti e event of n
big offensive on the nor hcrn part of
the western front.
The hoapltnl will have tt own elec
tric lighting plant and Mater supply.
There will be probably a double sr
tetn of water supply, wnir from th
river being used for ordhm-y purpoeea,
while special dlxtllled nr a iring water
will be used for drinking rposia) aud
In the kitchens and operaii: g rooms.
The Manor bouse, whli li will be th .
central building of the Kir bury ho.
I'ltnl. Is a largo mid haiul- me build.
Ing of what Kngllidiuieu I modern .
construction, luaainuch an it date
bark only S3 years.
Tho house contains ' at fifty
rooms, and more than he f of these)
ure large enough' to be a ,:;ile for
usn aa wards containing fi . six to
11 beds each. The great einiunc ball
Is easily the feature of ii,. inU'rior.
It I as large as many an American
church, open to the roof, nr.-i rth n
balcony nr gallery runnlug all the way
around It
The ambulance which will bring thn
American wounded from the pure at
flmithnmntnn will annmaeti 11,. K..
pltal by a long carriage drtr through
plctnreeque woodland and well-kept
Tho convalescent soldier m BOv
several mllea of annay or ahade4
walka without going outside the boo
pltal gvoanda. 8 troll Ing northward h
will cross a broad meadow and n Ut
Ue patch of woods to the hospital pig.
and chicken farm, and )uat be
low thla h wlll Mm to the ban.
bona and tha lef ty, where be asay
dangle hie leg Just above the wntar
and nit Bah pole In bead, with good
prospects ot a profltabl catch. If?
he choose to stroll northward from
tb main boopiUl buildings h will
find th forest denoer and wtder, and)'
-..i , ,v. ---- - t. ..7
m nm now nn w . iai wiu
come ta tha hospital vngettbl gar.
dena and grianhinaea. 1

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