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Published Every Wednesday
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Adair Bounty News 60 i
tin COltl01tAIJ n
ll0ntocraIcnJKSpapcr devolwl to Hit Inter
A Domocrallc j J spapcr
cstsof the city of Colembia and Ui r tcjple ot
Adairanl ailjacenl COUDIIS
Uulcred at the Cuinai > U PuMi > fficc bnecond
class mal mXttr
gaLoca otiees ten cents per llni for first In
sertion andlflre cents per line for each sub e
quent Insertion
t4pacc 111kIr1fo 3 MO6 Mo II Yr
1 Inch 00 1 fO 200 300 5 W
2 Inches 75 1 3 00 4 fig 700
4Incbes 125 2 50 5 00 7 50 12 Sa
JS3SJ8 300 610 1000 Ii i
1 3 CO 6 00 I 00 200 3000
Cot S SR
001Sa S
88S 4 511 9 I 18 IY 00 450 1
1 Cot 6 00 12 00 24 00 40 000060
There will be no departure from these rates
under any circumstances
For Pre Fidnt
r Of Nebraska
For Vice President
Of Illinois
For Governor
Of Nelson
For Congress
Of Pulaski
The jury in the case of Caleb
Powers was only out a short while
until it returned with a verdict of
guilty as charged in the indict
ment and fixed his punishment in
the penitentiary for 99 years
This verdict does not meet the ap
probation of those who have sought
to discredit the prosecution and
to assert that Powers was free
from crime but at no time have
wo believed that Republicans
would endorse conviction even
though Powers should openly ac
knowledgo to participation in the
crime nor would they have ac
cepted it had the jury been com
posed of bright and shining angels
from the land of perfect day We
accept the verdict as a guarantee
to life as an honest conviction
of twelve men after heariug all the
evidence for and against the un
fortunate man Wo feel sorry for
men who will commit crime but
justice cries out He that shedeth
innud blood by man shall hid
blood be shedand in this case
the jury leaning to mercy has
given Powers a life sentence in
stead of the death penalty Pow
ers should feel thankful lthbnkful
that be is spared to live even in
Mr F J Campbell editor and
manager of the Progressive llome
Journal a Democratic paper pub
lished in Somerset is doing a
good work not only for his party
but for his section of country
Mr Campbell is the right man in
the right place and the people of
that section should give him a
hearty support and we feel confi
dent that this will be done for
merit will eventually win
It has been said since its organ
ization that the Democratic par
ty will never die It may bo
crippltd at times by unwise mess
ures but the fundamental princi
Iea rom ill tho same The man
n hq wrote the Declaration of Ill
t depeudeucewcinineinted the prin
tc ties asf I the PfUflc oratiec tart
f grill tits y will live Vreverv
y M
Nominee for Congress From thob
Eleventh District
It is with pleasure and pride weC
present the above picture of the
Democratic nominee for Congress
in this district We feel it our
duty to acquaint the readers of 1
the News with the nominee in sof
far as we are able but owing to
our limited space a brief mention
must suffice
Ben V Smith was born in 1860 4
in the county of Pulaski where heI
spent his youthful days in tilling
the soil Inspired by a laudable
ambition he set to work in earlyI
life to prepare himself for a suc
cessful business career
Attending the common schools
of his section and with an unyield
ing determination ha finally fin
ished a broad and thorough educa
tion in Kentucky University and
in a normalBchool in Ohio
After a long and arduous strug
gle to educate himself he studied
law and was admitted to the bar
at Somerset in 1800 and has been
in the practice of his chosen pro
fession since that time Mr Smith
is an active party worker always
in line ever ready to advance his
partys interest by hard and un
ceasing work
In 1896 he made the race for the
judgeship of Pulaski county and
reduced the strong and powerful
Republican majority to less than
400 He has served as State Cen
tral Committeeman in this district
to the entire satisfaction of his
party resigning to accept the nom
ination for Congress Mr Smith
is an interesting speaker thor
oughly posted and eminently fitted
for the high and honorable posi
tion for which his party has se
lected him
He is a man of recognized abili
ty a Democrat of unflinching
nerve and there is not the shad
ow of reason why any man who
calls himself a Democrat should
fail to vote for him Owing to
the tremendous Republican ma
jority in the district Mr Smith
may not be elected but the people
of this end of the district should
remember that we need a Congress
man from this district who would
work for the improvement of Cum
berland river and make it naviga
ble to Burnside If this is desired
then we ask you to vote for Mr
Smith who would not forget nor
forsake your needs and demands
if elected but would work unceas
ingly to accomplish good to the
The Democrats of Adair county
should be on the alert Tho Re
publicans have commenced their
organization for the Fall cam
paign and will use every means
te o
poll their full vote They claim
after r
the moon and stars and to hear
their enthusiastic expressions the
uuinformol would conclude that
Mr Beckham was not in this fight
He is as sure to be continued in
office as the day of election is sure
1to come Take a seat and let us
1reason about the matter Last
year on the face of tho returns
Taylor had a majority of some
thing over 2000 when the result j
between him and Mr Goebel was
announced by the Commissioners
Fraud was charged and a contest
followed resulting in the election
of Mr Goebel Mr Goebel was
murdered and Mr Beckham was
declared tho Governor by all the
courts He is now holding the
position legally and is making an
excellent chief Executive In
this contest does any one suppose
that Mr Beckham will receive a
lesser vote than did Mt Goebel
He will poll every vote cast for
the Democratic ticket in 1899
and thousands beside Sixtyper I
cent it is said of the Brown voto
will bo recorded for Mr Beckhamt
and several thdnsauil railroad em
pl s who lined tip agains the
tickt lai t year will stand fey PS
irfocracyjn this conttit It d geei
not lie in the breeches of the Re
publican party to defeat Mr t
Beckham but every Democrat
sh mid do his utmost to make the t
majority as largens possible The 11
Republican party with its last I
Winters record will not be given v
the reins of government in Ken
tucky Mark the prediction
We have already heard a Repub r
lunn any that Powers would not 1
be in confinement six months Wo i
take it that he believes Yerkos wille
Im elected end then grunt pardon
to Powers No ono doubts but
Powers nndall the conspira j 1
tors and murderers would be set at p
liberty should Yerkes be elected 1
but thank God this unfortunate p
condition does not exist neither do
we believe that it will If mur
derers await liberation by the elec I
tion of Republicans in this Stttte 1
then it is high time that the 11 W <
abiding people prevent such eke
tion Powers has been fairly tried
before a competent jury comprised
of B Democrats 8 Brown Demo 1
crats and 1 Republican The ver
dict was unanimous and to Jibert
ate him without further develop
meuts would place a premium on
crime Wo do not believe that
Yerkes will ever have power to in
During the Russell Springs Fair
we talked with a number of gen
tlemen who reside at Liberty ask
ing them how many Democrats in
Casey county will vote for Yerkes
Invariably the answer came not
lone but upon the other hand they
will all vote for Mr Beckham but
one t and that one may conclude to
fall into lino before the election I
Qne gentleman giving the mans
He will come round all right i
he is a man who is very fond of
good company and as sure as you
are living ho will vote for Beck
1hnm We were told by respon
1sible men in Russell that only one
1man who has heretofore been a
Democrat will vote for Yerkes
On Monday the 3d of September
Democratic banners will be hoist
ed in every county seat in the
Commonwealth and the people
convinced in language unmistaka
ble that this State must not be
controlled by a party indorsing as
Gov Beckham has called the
Legislature to convene in its halls
in Faaukfort on the 28th for the
sole purpose of amending the elec
otton law Wo hope and trust that
it will perform this duty as be
comes honest and courageous men
wisdoh ° 1
and not party prejudice so as to
eleminate all tho objectionable
features of the law as it now stands
and thus bring about a better feel
ing taking the measure out of
politics It would doubtless bo
better for the party and better for
th o State We do not expect the
Legislature to make a law to please
Republicans for the purpose of
forwarding their pecuniary inter
ests but to amend it or to make a
new one that will have the sane
tion ofnIl fairminded intelli
gent people We confidently be
lieve that the Legislature will do
its duty as it sees it
ExUnited States Senator John
J Ingalls of Kansas died at East
of bronchitis He had been sick
about a year The burial took
place Sunday at Atchison Kan
He was the leader of the Re
publican party of his State and i
the loss of his influence will be
keenly felt in the contest now on
Last Wednesday Governor Beck
ham issued a proclamation con
vetting tho General Assembly in
extra session at the State Capital
on Tuesday August 28 1000
The call states that the only sub
ject that will be considered is tho
modification or amendment to the
Gdebol election law
Beckham and his Democratic
followers are sitting on the shady
side of Easy Street Democrats I
who did not line up with them
last year are invited to bring their
chairs over Should the invita
tion bo declined the result will be
the same
Charles Dnnbar and Mrs Nora
Bradley of New Albany have
been acting naughty Xst week
at Chicago they undertook to try
the realities of al l other world by
taking the chloroform route ba t
dostora pulled them of the track i
ft great pityw r i
Pit S
It coxes from Louisville that
the to N Railroad Company
will take no hand in the State coo <
test for Governor that a large 1
majority of the railroaders are
Democrats and that they will
vote accordingly I
At Indianapolis last Thursday
the Liberty League of Auti = imps
riahsts adopted a platform strong
ly denouncing the present admin
istration and emphatically indors
< lBryan
The German population of the
United States is unalterably op
posed to imperialism and tt great
bulk of it heretofore voting Re
publican will support Mr Bryan
A Democratic convention will be
held at Bowling Green on Monday
the 27th inst to nominate Hon
John j Rhea for reelection to
Ifmall is a Democrat from
pfitic ail what does the action of
one man or a set of men have to
do with his individual political
Now that the extra session has
been called the Post Commercial
and the D will oppose any
alteration in the election law
Hon John D White was in the
Liberty Congress held at Indiana
polis and stated that ho was for
nBryan as against McKinley
tThe election is settled Bill
Sweeney and Theadore Hallam
have resolved
Berkshire Boars For Sale
Adair Headlight the finest pig ever I
raised iu Adair county and can be
bought at Willow Glen the Trabue
farm Uissirc is Sovereign Headlight
the 5 No 50730 and his dam is Brook
Adair These two beautiful large I
full blooded registered Berkshire hogs
are from the celebrated Edgewood
herd of Berkshires owned by Caldwcll
Norton Louisville Ky Sovereign
Deadlights sire Headlight Jr has
taken more premiums than any other
hog living or dead
Ills owner claims that he is the
finest hog in the world lie weighed
430 pounds at eleven months old At
the same place there are three young
Berkshire boar pigs for sale Come
and see them
Mr John L Gowen a prominent
young man of La Rue county and Miss
Kate Townsend daughter of Mr J C
Townsend of Milltown Adair county I
were married upon the public square
in this city last Friday forenoon The
couple drove from Milltown to Colum
bia procured license and while seated
in their buggy the ceremony was per
formed by Judge J W Butler After
the rites were solemnized the couple
returned to the home of the brides
father and in a few days will leave
for La Rue county
The Farmers Home Fire Insurance
Company Junction City Ky 8200000
strong Insures all kinds of property
except steam mills hemp and tobacco
Rates reasonable Insures against
Fire Lightning and Wind
Z M STAPLES County Director
A N WELLS for many years with I
the Continental General Manager
They Are Very Pleasant
Smokers attention He has come at
last The Never Down Log Run and
Keystone cigar Its made of cabbage
leaves and rotten stock bad flavor If
you dont believe it try one and you
willlike it Ask your merchant font
Manufactured by S L HOWJCII Som
erset Ky
Hon Jas F Montgomery tooK in
the Russell Springs Fair spending a
delightful time Mr Montgomery
has never been an advocate of a home
Fair but give him due notice of one
that is to be held at a dsitance and lie
goes a whizzing
Mr Editor in looking over your pa
per I never see a letter from Neatsburg
so I will try to write a few news items
from this section of the county
Corn crops are looking fine and the
farmers are expecting large yield
The wheat crop has not yet been
S C Neats sale was largely attend
ed and his property brought fair
Frank Winfrey this place visited
friends at Gadberry last week
Miss Minnie White who is teach
lag school on Damrons Creek visited
home Friday and Saturday
Mr Will RIgney who has been sick
for several weeks is not improving
The people of this community have
been blessed with plenty of meetings
for the last two weeks first by four
Mormon Elders and last by Bro Dun
The new schoolhouse which isb
lot erected by lien Grant will oftbc I
finished aad will be the beat house In
this pirt of IM county 5
r c 2 J
ioot attbk doe w ri
I8riia with 47laattegithee >
Sam Terry of Ilisevllle bought of
Chas Yates one young horse for 75
last week
WL Grady bought of JT Harail
Luu Neil one young IVur < ir uimv for
Dr L 0 Neil srs A T Shrr
rill and N II Moss were iu Columbia
last Saturday
Messrs W L Grady foUL Walker
aud Burton Yates returned from the
Russell Springs Fair last Saturday
Guy J R Iliiidinan Columbia is
erecting a handsome cottage on his
farm near ibis III ice it alit ben tutu
summer resort us the water is sulphur
and cannot be surpassed in the count
Uncle Downey Hughes of Metcalfc
county spent a few days last week in
our community and says the Demo
crats in his locality Will support tlie
ticket tothe man
Mr Jo Yates and family spent a
few days last week visiting relatives
at Edmonton
Mr AJ Brld water was in our
midst one day last week
Rev Crouch is holding a series of
meetings at Edmonton this week
Miss Ivy Yates accompanied by W
C Yitcs made a visit to Grccnsburg
last week
Mr Peter Gosser has discovered a
whit rat on his premises which seems
to be boss over the other rats
Died at his home on the lath Uncle
Henry Keltucr aged 79 The funeral
was pccached by Rev T L IIulse and
the n mains interred in the family
barying ground
There will be a 5th Sunday meeting
at the new Baptist church about four
miles from here on the Edmonton loa d
the fifth Siiilay in RnptimliiT In
ter ou th groutnl ami everybody in
II A Walker was iti Metcalfe and
Monroe counUtS last neck looking af
ter sheep lie reports them very
Mr J D Walker left Monday for
Louisville where be will offer for sale
15 or 20 hhds of tobacco
Mr Charles Sexton the + vc know 1
stown maker has opened a shop in our
town and is prepared to do all kinds
of work in his line
A little boy of Dr L 0 Nell has
been confined to his room for several
days with fever
Miss Amanda Asper is visiting rela
tives at Columbia this week
Mr A T Sherrill sort have the
chromo for producing the best crop of
tobacco in this section of country this
season a large per cent of their crop is
about matured Old tobacco raisers
say this is the best crop they ever saw
There has been considerable interest
manifested in the protracted meeting
conducted by Rev B T Watson at
Union Up todatc there have been 18
or 20 confessions and a number of pen
Mr H C Walker spent a few days
of last week at Sulphur Spring Cum
berland county Mr Walker says there
is not a better summer resort in the
State as far as the water Is concerned
The soothing and healing properties
of Chamberlains Cough Remedy its
pleasant taste and prompt and perma
nent cures have made it a great favor
its with the people everywhere For
sale by M Cravens
There is more Catarrh in this sect
ion of the country than all other dis
eases put together and until the last
few years was supposed to be incuaa
Doctot ra
pronounced it a local disease and pro
scribed local remedies and by con
stantly failing to cure with local treat
ment pronounced it incurable
Science has proven catarrh to be a
constitutional disease and therefore
requires constitutional treatment
Halls Catarrh Cure manufactured by
J r Cheney Co Toledo Ohio is
the only constitutional cure on the
market It is taken internally in
doses from 10 drops to a tcaspoonjul
It acts directly on the blood atd mu
cous surfaces of the system They qf
fer one hundred dollars for any case it
fails to cure Send for circulars and
Toledo Ohio
Sold by druggist 75c
Halls Family Pills are the best
I Editors Awful Plight
F M Hlggins editor Seneca Ill
News was afflcted for ycaars with Piles
that no doctor or remedy helped until
he tried Buchlens Arnica Salve the
best in the world He writes two
boxes wholly erred him Infallible e
forPiles Cure Guaranteed Only25c
Sold by T E Paull druggist
Rev J M Yingling pastor of the
Bedford Street Methodistchurch at
CumbOrlandMd saysc Ii It affords me
much pleasure to recommend Cham
berlains Colic Cholera and Diarrhoea a
Remedy I have used it and know
oMvers wife h edo e so I suave lover
known r It to IJ Jjt Is < sure care
ekentltkeniatl e ForsalabyM
FJedtietiop Sale 9 rillipery
Wo have a nice line of goods which we are now selling
II At Greatly Reduced Prices It
in order to close out our entire stock to make room for our
fall goods Call and see our stock before buying
PJPS Tim Bfadshauu
JVIiss Effie Bi adshauu
Russell + o Springs s o Hotel
VAUGfJAfl C1 lHA1VI pfops
0 i
II E RUSSELL SPRINGS HOTEL is now open for summer boarders It is
I the largest and most complete Hotel in this part of the St tte Iterates
for adults S500 per week for children under 12 years 250 When persons
stay one month or more rates are cut to 400 per week Horses cared for at
stay a pleasant one if you come to the Russell Springs Hotel
it o ItU EL T n IIUBKL
Successors to Falls City Buggy Top Co
ofs of
Write For Catalogue
NO 142 East Ham St LOUISVILLE kY t
If You Smoke Send For a Sample
Box of
BaiPds Ldttle J4afanasi
150 Per Hundred 25 cents Extra for Postage i
BAIXIDS 5th and Jefferson Louisville Ky
o l
OUR new Lumber Warehouse which we have just com i
pleted being situated on the railroad is well stocked
with all kinds of Dressed Lumber Lath and Shingles
tD MILLER Agents
Columbia Ky
Dry Goods Notions Boots Shoes
I aso keep a large stock of
0 <
which can be bought at the very lowest prices 4
I have a nice line of MILLINERY on hands
Now Is the time to subscribe for the
Adair County News r The most model r
le dpapethi this part of the State jffi
i w

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