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Mr John B Coffey is laid up with
E I 1rN II Tutt attended court th
first day at Burks j lie
I Miss OWe Snow i vising the ram I
fly of Mrs Mary Pattesou <
Mr John Kingof Owenton is ex j
pected in Columbia tonightta
Judge W W Jones left for his BurkS
vile court last Sunday forenoon i
Mr John D Sharp of AmaudavilleFa
was in Columbia last Saturdayfri
Mrs Ellen B Wheat Montpelierhas 1
been quite sick for several days A
Mr N B Miller went to Crocus Sun 1
day accompanied by Mr H N Miller I
Mr and Mrs M C Winfreys infant t
child is very sick with whooping cough
Mr Logan T Neat has been in a t
very critical condition for the past t
week c
Mrs Ellen Wheat last Saturday and 1
Mr W F Owsley jr Burksvll1eI
was in Columbia last Friday and Sat a
urday t
Mr Jo Russell Jr has been in Colum i
bia several days taking orders from t
our merchants I E
Messrs W R Lyon and W I Meadwi
er Campbellsville were in Columbia Q
last Saturdayr
Mr Jo Russell Sr of Louisville J
reached Columbia last week and re t
Mr W P Dunbar a prosperous far
I mer and trader of Knifley was in Colb
umbia last SaturdayI
Camp Knox paid the News a pleasant c
call one day last week
Miss Lula Allen who has been 1
teaching in Cumberland county re
r turned home last Saturday
Mr Allen Johnson who was reported
better two weeks ago has taken a c
back set and is sick
I now very sickI
Rev J P Van Hoy of Edmonton s
attended his brothers marriage at t
Cqne Valley last Wednesday evening I i
3r Henry Price and his sister Missap
Sallie of IJetcalfe county visited theJ
family of Mr Q P Crenshaw last
Misses Ruth Williams and Ona Wall i
r tog Campbellsville i were entertained t
by Miss Pauline Cabell Saturday and c
lund y r
Miss Edna Williams and Miss FlorJ
ence Bass Campbellsville were visitda
ing Mrs Mary Blakeman last Saturday I c
Mr J O Russell and Mrs Kizzie r
Murrell have been in Cincinnati andc
Louisville several days purchasing s
Christmas supplies t
Mr Allen Sandidge a prominent c
lawyer of Burksville was here last
week taking depositions in the case of I
pwsley against Owsley > a
pr B T Wood ofPerryvIlle visited I t
4 efaoiiJyTjf Judge Jas qarnett lasts
week During his stay he went huntas
gut a few npjjrs
Mrs M ft Sale of Paducah who z
has beep visiting her njotijer and other
relative in Cqlqmljia gad visit Ity re
turned to her home last Friday her
mother Mrs Elizabeth Curd acpom 1
1 panted bet J
H 1
Bring on that load of wood jou J
We need wood now so If you owe us
t wood ont wait longer
School money was received last week i
jta jnd Superintendent Jones commenced 1
Buying on aturd yI
I The pemopratlp county ticket for
pct year wW be an eye opener In
due time it will be apnonnced
MrLV Hall and wife lave gone
V to housekeeping occupying the Bap
tist parsonage on Greensburg street
A great many of the yeomanry we rethe
in Columbia last Saturday and theand
merchants were busy throughout the
When you visit Louisville stop at
the New Phoenix Hotel Firstclass
fare and well located corner of 7th and
Market Streets ly
1t h e careless handling of an axe I
t DPP of Judge Juujiis Hanppck h11
dreg received a severp sash IP the
bead ope day last wPPt
Checks aggregating 395000 was sent
by the State Auditor to County School
Superintendents which was distribut
ed lost Saturday
Ir NjB Miller Is having bis prop
rfenced and sorniR other ncewary lm =
provements made
Messrs CravensVfc Waggoner star tied
their mules to Atlanta Ga iMfelCoa
day At that poiniXthey hope to close j
out their lot to one fiVn
The Adair County News has Just
rounds ptit Its Ibirf year ape like
good wJne it grows ter aft grows
1 tiWer Stanford Journal
If there Js a man in Ad Ir or a jolo
log counties who is think get t m
out ea insurance policy opns Ute he I
Is relrited tba JtJJ Yr
e e tl l thle bid tenable on t Xu
or j I
A Daring Robbery
Last Saturday forenoon Mr Wash
inirtrin Holt an old pensioner lIt Adair
c < iii wht 1 IVK niar thO S > m nrfi
t < uiuUia 4 > transact business
It has been quite economical and in
order to keep his money where trust
doth pot corrupt and thieves break in
and steal It he had It to the amount of
500 locked in the drawer of a little
table which he keptin his family room
His neighbors knew that he had the
money and hewas frequently advised
to place it In Bank for safekeeping
Failing to take the advice of his
friends his money is gone and its
whereabouts is known only to those
who are in possession of it The fol
lowing are the particulars of the rob
bery While Mr Holt was In Colum
bia three of his grandsons as we un I
derstand by name Wilson called I
at his home and after spending some
time In social chat with Mrs Holt inI
formed her that they had come to take
dinner In a few minutes the old lady
went to another apartment of the
house to cut meat for the meal When i
she returned the young men were gone i
and also the little table In a few
minutes thereafter Mr Holt returned
and a quickly as possible he was in i
formed of what had occurred He im
mediately retraced his steps to Colum
bia swore out a warrant for the rob
bers which was placed in the hands of I
Sheriff J W Hurt who in company J
with Jailer Mitchell left for the scene 1
of the robbery Before day Sunday
morning they had arrested Achilles
John Ed and Luther Wilson and had <
them safely lodged behind the bars in
Columbia i
Sometime during tbeday Sunday the
table was found in the woods near Mr
Holts house but the drawer had been
prized open and the money was goneJ
The Wilson claim they are I noI
cent but to us the picture looks dark
An examining trial will probably be
held in a few daysto
Next year 4dair county will be oneI
hundred year5old and it would be in
keeping with progressive methods to r
celebrate its centcnial year We can
not estimate the good that would reJ
suit from such a move but viewing itJ
from various points it seems that the
people of this county should at leastI
make some effort to bring about anan
appropriate celebration of the closing j
of the first century of Adair county
and the beginning of the twentieth
century of the Christian era By an I
united effort a great celebration could J
be held for a small sum of money AI
committee of good workers could ar
range at that time to induce hundrds
of Adair county people who now live f
in the West to return and spendA few 1
days and thus you see we would have a 1
great reunion It would be a pleasure 1
to all and would be a good advertise
ment to this part of the State We
could have one of the greatest mixing
and mingling of old friends ever j
known in Southern Kentucky This 1
could not be done on short notice as it i
would require time to reach the peo
ple who have left this county and to
adjust matters with the great rail
roads Westward We merely suggest
this to the people of the county and
should it seem prapticable to others we
assure Yap that the News will dp its
part from start to nigh Its columns t
are open tq the pitljups of this oo µ nt Ytrot
as regards thjs sPfres lpRI
Perhaps no tWQ equities in the State <
are more closely ideqtjtjed with toe in
terests of each other than Russell andh
Adair Notwithstanding this trlendlyI
relationship we understand that a
minister of the Gospel stated from the
pulpit in JameStown a few days ago i
that the people of Columbia were never
more delighted than when making <
sport of Russell county and her people I
The good feeling that exists between
usColumbla and Jamestown has been a dal
ly expression in this place for years and
years and why a man would attempt to
bring about an estrangement is some 1
thing we cannot understand The cit
izens of Jamestown know the people of
Columbia hence the effort of fgis nijn I
yIn n
availing 4 nap be he ppeacher or a q
oxdriver should remember that it IsI
just as hartAiul to pirculate q fats e
neood as to tel oRe p herefore he
pwould profit by stipkjng closely to Da
vie Cropketts rootto Besure you ats
right then go ahead It has been
tbe pleasure of this paper to state time
and again that no better people can be
found than those who reside in Rus
sell county and that statement we
now repeat
Now is the time to buy your winter
ndclothing while assortment is good and
Walkers the place to find it =
Duck coats wltl Healy jinjng 75 ty
gyFa1161the 5Q
Qd4 F7a4 1 485to3fiQ
Odd yests fi5 to 1 25I
oyercoant I
nthave ever gowq bp µ ght diFeptly it opt
00manpfacthrer for spq cash 20Q tq
1350Mens suits all wool fQ to lvL 5city
Mens cheap gufts ai all prjpeg
pBoyts suits OQtog6Qs
Extra good pants 100 to l3fi
Corduroy pant 5Qto2W
Full lips Buckeye p nts QQtne a li d
get wy prlp fi 1 will WVP yo µ mqnpy
Mn Garnett Graves has sold thesoa
Taylor County Enquirer to his part
serMrRuf Matthews whoI1ji1 bee s
coo e ted with pri0tlBgo9I ees < for
WSteap pears If the people of Taylor
county wilt give younR Matthews prop
er encouragement we are satisfied he
will giYet aP ag nod readable paper
Tire merchants should adverlls llber
a1l1 and the YtreuereRlllirtiwiii t
eou b WQM liahd Ik JiktMlcrJt
The dry weather has seriously hurt
wheat so we are informed
rThe late H wiry 0 Lewis was buried
at Greensbur last Sunday
The Greensburg Academy Is adver
Used in todaysNews
It is said the pike between here and
Campbellsville is getting In fine con
Rain Monday night and yesterday
was very refreshing to the growing
wheat crop
It Is reported here that Mr Stephen
Calhoun was robbed of fifteen dollars
a few days ago
The drouth is a serious matter in the
eastern part of the State and the peo
ple are praying for rain
WArtTaDA good experienced Band
Teacher Write L C HURT
Columbia Ky
Mr Schuyler Murrell and Miss Mat
tie Morrison both of this county were
married last Sunday
A veranda has been added to the
new dwelling just completed by Mr
W L Walker on College Avenue
The Columbia Band met Monday
night and decided to employ a teacherm
and doubtless one will arrive in a short
There will be singing at Nea burg
church next Sunday afternoon Proto
Ruel Cabbell will lead Everybody is
Turkeys If you do not want grace
said over your fat and luclous bodies
roost high The 29th of this month
is fast approaching
The examining trial of the Wilson
boys charged with robbing Washing
ton Holt is set for this Wednesdayly
weigho t 1
about 200 pounds The owner will 1
please come and prove property and
pay charges W S Sallee 2t c
three carpets one set of oak chairs
and several other articles A bargain
in every case TF Walton
I have all kind of shot guns double i
and single barrel at alt prices All j
kinds of ammunition will exchange t
guns fur corn W L WALKER 2t o
Miss Jane Todd a maiden lady about
86 years old is lying dangerously ill at
the residence of Mr William Turner
who lives on the Glasgow road near i
town i
Thieves entered the dwelling of Mr i
J A Young last Monday night The
family hearing an unusual noisetbe in
truders were scared off Nothing miss i
ed i
I hive G pairsolid gold spectacles for
sale at 3 15 per pelt guaranteed
No more at these prices after these an
2 t Los loosen field
has selepted EJizabethtqwq as 4 cen
tral poiqt of jis territory Jje has
rented property and gloved to t at
c armiD town >
Mr LogauDunbar bfRussoll countyC
had SSOOonhls building which was con
sumed by fire last week Over and
above his insurance he estimates his
loss at one thousand dollars
Mr N M Tutt was elected Dam
ocraticCommttteeman west Colum
bin district last Monday and Mr R
M Hurt was chosen in East Columbia
Both meetings were harmonious
Eld Tobias Huffaker will speak at
the courthouse in Columbia rile first
Monday In D eceqber 00 The Future
Qutloofc qf tie Pro n ltlQn Party t
Tlje people atelnYited tq pear hlm
SAIs qlt 1ve not qen ag sue
cessful asusHql lip to thlstKpe In kill
Idg birds They claim the weather is
too dry fop the birds to move about
A rain is all that is needed to make
shooting fineS5
LostSome where between Mr
James Holladays and Columbia a sil
ver mounted pocket book engraving
L C H The finder please leave at
the News office or return W Lillian
dMr Jasi It ouiqgtuiiscoqnty who
wentSoiitb wilt 4 carload qf lithe sa
few week sigq writes t M t bja has sold
to6l be
6lstlippp4 tq h IC at onoe Heals stat
ed that he was realizing good prices
mooopt tbill
will be Thanksgiving Services will
qbe l elfl at ope pf the churphes in this
city the ramp pf the jnlfllster wbe
9will officiate nR tee church Jie will
ocpqpy will be a4noggl ell next week
Peaceful civil liberty Ipv lag
mOUQwlneera orCJc tJntY lOW d
their diFpleap µ teat t tfeoatifeooit of a
liYaw suit py sftpoMpg the house of At
torney Sam gash full of hol lMr
Kash is a brother of Mrs A Dyatte
Ison this city
sTalk is cheap but when it
WT it
kers Is the placeto get hem
weL have a nice line of ladies i
Vrnzp 75 cents and up nice
jin fef jackets and lura
nr oniiU f
Jf >
r r 1w
n 0
The Doomed aJ
There is a time we know not whore
A pUco we know not when <
That marks the destiny ofmen
To glory or despair >
There is a line by us unseen 55
That crosses every path
The hidden boundary between
Gods patience and His wrath
To pass that limit is to die j
To die as if by stealth
It will not quench the beaming eye
Or pain the glowof health
Oh where Is this mysterious bourne
By which our path Is creased
Beyond which Gothlms hatliiyrJrn
That ho who goes is lost
Seeing some of our young men cross
Ingthat limit we are moved to quote
these lines of the Doomed Man add
ask them to stop and consider that
they too are crossing that mysterious
bourne and beg them in the name of
all that is pure and holy in the name
of a dying Saviour on Mt Calvary who
ddied for fallenTQen like them for tHe
sake of that sweet mother whose heart
bleeds for tnem as they crush the very
lifeblood from that heart whose love
s only surpassed by the Infinite and
above all for your own sake to stop for
one moment and consider your condi
tion What do you look forward to in
the future What prospect lies before
you Cant you say no and stick to
it till death You need no illustra
tions of the evils of whisky only re
member what you have seen with your
own eyes and remembering have cour
age to say nOj looking to Him who
Is able to make vuu stand
My dear young men with the Apostle
Paul I beg quit you like men But
that limit has not been past and as
that bourne is still in the future there
is a work for each of us to do A
word from a friend may change a whole
character it has done it In the past It
may do it again A word a warning
Let us speak to them personally +
telling them of Jesus willingness to
save even to the uttermost ere our
opportunity is past and we realize on
ly too late what we might have done
Is it asking too much of every Chris
tian man and woman in this town that
they pray that the love of God In all
It s purity and power be poured out up
on them T F W
At a recent meeting of The Tight
Bl Stave Manufacturers Association
Hurt of this city became a member
as the representative of Page Hurt
Stults The Colonel Is given to telling
jokes and immediately after his initia
tion he was dubbed the Ople Read
of the association The Colonel also
made one of his characteristic speeches
of which The Barrel and Box says
Colonel Hurt the new member
from Columbia Kythcn entertained
us with a delightful talk giving De
ut his experiences in the past along the
lines which had been suggested by the
speakers preceding him He said that
the polntis to know when to produce t
when not to produce what to produce
andwhat not to produce Then he
told about an experience of his in I
which some onp asked for prime
staves to which inquiry be quoted on
prime stakes as he understood the
term and be afterwards found out
what the man wanted was what he
would call will run His ecperlence
here as well as in many other cases
was impressive of the acid of some
ts o I
what constitutes n certain stave
Mr Lllburn Phelps County Attor
Hey of Russell and Mr Arthur Baugb e
County Court Cleri two popular Re
dpublicans made some speeches in their
liberty At onepf their appcilntments
they dwelt long upon the prosperity f
the country and attributed the happy
condition of their fellowmau to the
administration of Republican
adoseatte The speakers werQuivun
closeattcntlon by their headers fifteen
or twenty lu nurnncr and closed at a
late bour Pursuing their way home
wand Lilburn said
Arthur do you know who we were
preaching prosperity to tonight c
No said Af tout >
Well nearly every QUO of the vo
ters were Inmates of thopourhouse JI
Is that sop said Arthur
Well we will say nothing about
this speaking untilaf terthe election t +
keThey kept the agreement and did
not tell the Joke until the returns were
Mr W R Dohoney one of Adair
countys most popular citizens was In
ngColumbia last Saturday poking in
uan po p
blurt apd he Is not t B town often pout
when he cope everybody likes to look
into hja f ape and receive the warm
grasp qf hjs hand Born and reared in
Adair county having the good will of
his fellowmen from youth to old age
brought about by Christian character
and strict honesty Is a priceless heri
tage His influence for uod Is not
only known in his Immedjatc neigh
borhood 1 fa µ t throughout the county
Would to God toot the same could be
said of all mep
Mr Henry C Lewis a gentleman
who was well kaown in Columbia died
suddenly at Vanceburg Lewis county
last Thursday He was born andre af
ed in Greensburg For many years he
had been a traveling Falesraaa fur fit
fercnt wholesale houses and at UM
ttie of his death was roprcjWBtlBjra
Louisville firm Mr Lewis leaves a
wife and two bright little girl The
Internment tookplace at Green biirg
itDIrArt Hurt a raercbanfcatCiay
Crate this county rout with ascrlolis
loss last Wednesday flight His store
CShouse and all lu cwteotsj were con
sumed by tire No Insuniuqe TbjS
L rpiligothtt11wu1kllx wasdlstini t ll
fern CoIoMiLky it MitabM of six
Mr J D Sharp of Amandaville
was in town last Saturday and inform
ed us tbat he had 30 fat hogs for sale
and that a car load could be bought fn
his neighborhood Traders take notice
Wanted 200 barrels sound
corn shucked at 200 por
barrel in exchange for goods
Come on with your corn
Col John Alden an old citizen of
Greensburg died Tuesday the 13th
inst The deceasedwas seventy three
years old and was wellknown to quite
a number of our citizens He wasa
widower without children He left a
small estate
Married at Campbellsville on the
14th Inst Mr A N Wells of Shelby
City to Mrs America S Kemper Mr
Wells is known to quite a number of
Adair county people he having made
frequent trips here In the insurance
Paid subscribers since our last isue
Robt Reynolds J W Thompson Mrs
M G Sale G A Bryant Jas Smith
J R Royse Mrs Pattie C Johnson
D K PellyvDJcle Evans W R Ows
ley A J Combest W P Dunbar A
BCoxCR Royse W C Yate H
Rev John Shouses meeting at the
Christian church continues Large
congregations hear him nightly and
preaching He is an able man a teach
er of the Bible and those who listen
are bound to receive intelligence con
cerning the C teachings of the Great
A dispatch from Indianapolis dated
Saturday the 17th inst says that a
group of men hailing from Adair
County Kentucky had called on W
S Taylor He did not know them
They stated that thev called to express
sympathy We know of no citizens of
Adair County who would likely have
been in Indianopolis at that time
It is impossible for us to publish this
week an obituary of the death of Mr
Luther Squires who was killed by the
kick of a mule last week but we take
from it these expressions He was 36
years old an excellent citizen and
provided well for his wife and two
children He was a consistent mem
ber of the church and was popular I
with all his neighbors
Mrs Nannie Scalf carried her three
children to the Methodist Orphans
Home Louisville last week She will
probably accept a position and remain I
close to her children This institution I
Is a splendid home for children and we
friends succeeded in placing these lit
tie oneswhere they will be educated
and prepared for the battle of lIre
A horse driven by Mr W D Jones
took a sudden notion to skin tbe
wind one day last week He started
on his rapid gait near the residence of
Mr James Naylor on the Somerset
road Before checking his speed Dave
came in contact with mother earth J
and when the buggy was brought in it
looked like it had tackled a cyclone and
had gotten badly worsted
The population of Adair county ac I
cording to the olliclal count at the reo
turns of the last census Is 11883 an in
crease of over 1000 since 1890 Casey
bas a population of 15141 Clinton
7871 Cumberland 8962 Green 12255
Metcalfe 9988 Russell OG95 Taylor I
11075 Wayne 14892 All the above
count itshave increased their popula
tlou sine 1890
Last Wednesday morning as invited
guests were assembling at the residence
of Mr Logan Dunbar Russell county
to witness the marriage of his daugh
ter the residence in which he lived
was discovered to be on fire All et
forts to extinguish tbe flames were un
availing The intended bride and
groom solemnly witnessed the burning
then went to the home of a neighbor
where the happy event was solemnized
The population of the town of Co
lumbla is 676 The corporate limits
extend only ont half mile each way
from the courthouse and many farm
lies who are town people to all intents
and purposes arc not counted The
enumerators say that It the corporate
limits were extended tho population
would reach over one thousand An
agrecmcnt vas reached several years
ago to extend the limits but some lit
tIe trouble arose and it was never car
ried Into effect Try it again
Dnwyoter u
terwill be compelled to have shoes and
Child rcns I heavy buttob shoes 60
Childrens1 heavy lace shoes 75
Boy sjheavy lace shoes 75
t Youths heavy lace shoes 100
Boys heavy brogans 75
Woracns1 shoes New line otttfar
gain rack Cot4e = outfits they last This
is the last lot of barpajti shoes tor the
season prices can not be upllcated or
afeven imitated WL WALKER
The Col mbtlnd reorganized last
Friday nHtVt aH A several new me asIll
bers wijlt toe stock The Band will
be incorporated0 > a teacher employ
ed A new setwf bylaws will be adop
t and tbeorKaQlzatVotfput upon firm
basis A good band fa the life of a
community and the young pea should
be encouraged la their effort to please
the public The band comprises souse
of our best inung mejf 4 rtig item to
jeel a deeper Jt1 rest tbpretofo re I
beaee la a few weeks B of Co
toalbia mat expect U UftIi
edeltde ijhttnl
A New StoreI
You can save from 25 to 50 = per cent on Goods by buying
sells will find a price list on a few of the many articles which he
Mens Saddles 8250 and up
Check Lines ° 150 to 8250
Back Bands with buckles lOc
Collar Pads 25c
names 25c
Tacks any kind 2 boxes for 5c
Two dozen Brass Rivets 5c
Tinware lOc per gallon
Cross CutSaws good ones 8110
1000 matches for 5c
Bacon lOc
Lard lOc
W L GRADY Proprietor
The condition of Mrs G F Jones
Jamestown remains about the same
Last Friday she had a sinking spell
and for a while it was thought she
could not survive it but she rallied
and has been resting fairly well since
that time
Mr George W Spillman of Green
county has bought from Mr RT
McCaffree the farm known as the Dr
two miles from Columbia paying for
same 81000 Mr Spillnian is a good
citizen and we welcome him to our
county He will move in the near
Miss Miry Lane McFall of Wesley
Russell County departed this fife last
Tuesday the 13th The cause of her
death being typhoid fever There is
an epidemic of typhoid fever in that
vicinity and this is the third death in
the family in the last thirty
days Miss McFall was a most excel
lent lady and had reached the age of 39
The News extends its sympathy to
Mr Joel C Nelson who has lost his
brother his wife and sister inlaw in
the last thirty days
Last Friday afternoon as Messrs J
L McLean and T C Davidson warL
turningfrom birdhunting descend
ing the hill beyond the residence of
Mr R C Eubank their horse became
frightened and started in full speed
The boyskept their seats un til the bug
gy landed against a tree in frontof Rev 5
T F Waltons home where they werew
violently dashed to the ground Mr
Davidson received some bruises about
the face and his right hip was consid
erably hurt Mr McLean was not in
Last week Mr Clint Woodrum came
very near losing his life while hunting
birds Geo Coffey W T Price and
Clint Woodrum were bird hunting Jit
happened that they wcrusomedis
tance apart when birds Hew up nea r
M r Coffey being a quick shot he
whd o
was in range of the shot not more than
30 yards distance Woodrum saw Coffey
at the time and dropped to the ground
andpnly one shot entered the top of
his head It was the drop that saved
him This should be a warning to al
who hunt that theres danger in it
The young people of Columbia have
commenced planing for the holiday
festivities and they are looking for
ward with happy anticipations tor a
glorious time in this pleasant and de
lightful old town Sweet Auburn
of which Goldsmith so bcautlfully de
scribes is not a circumstance to Co
lumbia when the buys and girls under
etake tu bring out her brightness so
ciability etc Besides many visitors
have expressed a willingness to be here
and mingle with the happy throngs as
they meet from place to place in their
iunoceut amusements
Lust Wednesday evenipg at the
Christ tu church Cane Valley Mr
Willhim Van Day was married to Miss
ZfllaFaije Atteqdants Mr Lucien
Ilcndrickson and Miss Euie Dohoney
The ceremony which was beautiful
and Impressive was rendered by Rev
T F Vilton pastor of the Prssbyte
clan Ohiirvb this city The church
was liiiuilsnmuly decorated and many
friends of tie contracting parties wit
heaccd the nuptial tie The young
couple received many easeful presents
and the congratulations of their au
iuerous friends for long lives of unbro
ken happiness
Clmmborlaias Congh Remedy In
Jltegeu > Urustbe popular South
ldhide druggists corner 66th street and
Wentwprth avenae seer We sell a
great delftat ChamberlalLs Cough
Remedy and find that It gives the
most satisfactory result i especially
atnoBg children for Vtiwi aM
erte t Tftyr sate by jt < Cravens
1 t >
Granulated Sugar ii
Coffey 15c
Two pounds Soda 5c
Red Top Seed TOc per bushel
Trace Chains 50c per pair
Wire Nails 3Jc
Claw Hammers I5c
Door Knob Lock 25c
Two Horse Turning Plows SG50 to8750
Sheet Iron Stoves 8250
I will pay the highest market price for
all kinds of produce Give me a call
All kinds Hardware cheap
Qov Hindman Receives a Letter Upon
the all Important Subject
I am in receipt of a letter from J
a gentleman who has recently pur
chased the Chesapeake b Nashville
Railroad from Scottsville to Gal
intends to begin the extention of
that Road North in a very short
time <
Ve have an excellent chance to
get the Road through this county
and with the proper effort on the
part of all we can can get it I
think This will bo our chance
and it is hoped that every one will <
do all in his power to forward the
movementS t
Very truly Ii
Just now there is much talk about
the amount of liquor that is being sold
m this town and some men are undu
y censured so far as our obserratiun
uois There is not a doubt in our
iiiud but three or four darkies are
regularly peddling whisky in this com
munity We havehot bought from
my one but we catiscc and form an
pinion from movement Further
more there is st arcely a night but
whisky is shipped iu jugs to Columbia
from Lebanon and other points We
do uot propose to uphold any man be
lie druggist or not a druggist but no
person sbould bu held accountable for
the acts of others
Mrs Mary Baugbof Jamestown visi
ited relatives here last week
Misses Isa Dowell and Lula Miller
Jf Lula visited here last Thursday
Mr J D McFarland sold to James
atYarriner ut Seventy Six a nice lot cf
bogs at 400 per hundred
Miss ZuJa Connor has the flux bvt
isthought to be out of danger now
1Misses Lora Snow and Cora Graham
visited Miss Ethel Patterson Jame
town last week
Mr Cleo Purdue one of our popular
young men will leave for Texas next
Mr Homer Long has gone to India
na for a short stay
Several of the young people attend
ed the singing given at Mr Jack
Vaughans last Saturday night
Miss Ada Grader has returned to her
home ut Albany
Mr Jas Warrinuer was in this com
munity jast Sunday
The society will hold its next meet
ing on the night of the 26th
Bub Wilson the hustling pro
duce man has purchased a large
drove of Turkeys for the Louis
n1villa market They will all be
consumed o rt the 2UthThanks
The wheat crop in the vicinity
of the Vallej is needing rain bad
The merchants of this piece
hav been doing a good bndnew J
for the past two weeks r
Timber meu iare been tnthie
locality recently and itkrlijK > rt J < J
ed they have rmrchasaA Iy1ia tees f r
hoff several tracts of kaif If the A I
report is correct a 3fc th fcg wiail
aWill be started soon i
ThtiwuB 1eojle at ieoo a
mnnity sate l lOllin to G
O ride e auHijiiag I iItt
i = r
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