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The Adair County news. (Columbia, Ky.) 1897-1987, December 12, 1900, Image 3

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1 > II < < 9 iIIJ = w i > 1 I 1
d 1 k < < ltl vv iIIJK bt 9 t tib DfJ E ID Jr l M E R fRI E c
t < < i > < 1 t <
tOo h > 0 l + t itONNN 1 i0NA 4 A1N800 0 44 A6 b0b09OO400n0900A44AAA00A t k f lr J
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r 41 t1f 0011 1 Si f M Y oJ h > > r + 1
i t iI l J
hY 4 Ci c r
i a ttI ti v
1 rr vt Jtir +
e r i f I4J 1 t < I I t j <
All Wool Suits 3 styles 500 worth
AllWoolSults 4 styles 8650 worth
v 8800All
= Aft Wool Suits 8 styles to select
from 81000 w
AJorealnfceassortment of suits 1n
double breasted coats and double
breasted vests 810 11 and 31200 nice
as tailor made
Boys all wool suits 230 and up no
shoddy i
Children iuit 100 to 350 some
thing nice N
Mens buckeyepants 150 td 500
1 positively will not rip
Heavy corduroy pants 8150 to 250 1
i p
r j >
Itenls 6dd coats 8L25to 350 4 I
Men j zs + oola trubbet hued dude
coats 90c to 150
Qlhave a nice line of Jleris wooTand
cotton faced MackIDtoshesWh hLwUl
sell at less than It cost to m9kg them
Blacktoat with cape all sizes 8115
Black coat with capeall wool 200
Light tan box coat strictly water
proof 225
Light tan box coatj tJI tly water
proof 225I
All wool box coat velvet collar no
cape 500 farmer price 750
No 90L The be s t Mackintoshes
madelfci8 heavy guaranteed 650
formerprice 950
Good Calico 4c per yard Percals 36 incheowJde 8c per yard Fancy and Plain Flannelette 5 8i And ids yard I
Outing Clo h 7i 8ianiaiOcperyard w it1 more money Ladles Woolen Dress Patterns pob to 6750 per pattern
all new styles plain and fancy Ladles WrtJPattcrn GOc to SGOO come apd see them Ready made Skirjalnlanre
varieties 8100 to 8500 Ladles lllQr madeguits all wool gqods8660 Full line Mercerized Skirtings 15c all
pcJlors Full line Mercerized Satteens25c per yard less than competitors prices Heavy Brown Domestic full 36
inches wide S per yard Bleached Domestic full yard wide 1 c per yard Heavy checked Cotton 5 and 61 former
17 sold Of and 71 Heavy cotton Sblrt ° gs 7 > and l cper yard Cnntou Flannel 0 7i 81 and lOc per yard
Heavy Cotton Blankets 60c 75 and 90 per pair All Wool Blankets 250 per pair Heavy Comforts 75 90 and 100
Heavy Wool lap Rugs Sl5O Good cashmere 20 to50c per yard I Gtioa Jeans 12J to 33c per yard Ladies Under
shirts 20 and 25c Misses Undershirts 15 and 20c Misses Undershirf 16 to 2415c each Ladies Union Sujts all
sizes 25 and 40c per pair Fleeced or Woolen EOtt10 15 nod 206 per tmlh T adrs lard Fascinators 2025 aud40
Ladles Yarn Mittens 10 15 und 25c Chlldren Yarn Mittens 10c Misses Woolen irngered Gloves l0and l5cx
tea value BabIesYarp hod Eiderdown Sack 5 and 50c Metis bfl fdyWorkld Glocc 2ac and up 3len Heavy
Cotton Sox 5 and lOci tIens heavy Woolen Sox lOc pair cheap Gaelics aH wool wrap good length 15c Ladles
plush capes 81 25 to 500 all trimm in silk braid and fur Childrens Jackets IAO to 350 in all colors v
1 J
0 J
f Shoes Etc 1
I I Pico llnechildren shoes JOc pair
Nice line Misses and Boys shoes 75
kfttiit per pair
Niceline women shoes 75c and up
I have just received direct from
manufacturer > a joblot of Mens Wo
mens and Childrens shoes which go
I have a lot of Men sand buys hea
vy boots that I will close at cost for
cash do not wait but come while I
I have just received an entire new
line of rocking chairs hat racks chit
dren high chairs fancy tables also
plain chairs and some very handsomel
rockers I am just opening anew line
ruirsgll sizes and kind will give prices
later I have quite a variety of IInel
ble and single barrel shot guns
1 low prices in grocer
111 and you will en mo
t ifld rtei colt e l2lc
Monarch roasted cofTeel8c
Kail potash 5c
Hominy 2o j
lace 5c
Nails 3ic
Large mackerel 5c each
175 test coal oil 15c gallon
Polkls 3 Ib tomatoes lOc can
caaCarty v
White path peaches 18c can
Yellow peiich iiiio lfc i
I Ih pie peaches lOc lain
13 Ib apples lOc can
Heal nice goblet 20c set
Heal nice tumbles 15c set
am still buying corn
p Libertytbls
fMI Minnie Triplett is visiting in
MissFannteSlults isvisiting in Jet
Mrs J 0 Russell was quite sick last
Mr Jo Bussell Sr reached Columbia
last Saturday
Mf Jo Sparks contemplates locating
in Louisville 1
Mr RT Joneso Jiggellyton was in
town May
Rev W P Gordan v atIn Campbells
Ms Tin Bradhhaw was quite sick
lasti week r t J
Mr Juhn Turpen is in aver critic
111 condition
Mr WFJeffries is on a bu ilfrIp J
to NashvilleI 1
Mr J M Traylcr Sr Breeding was
W1S19town i
Mr J M Traylor Jr is visiting In
Boyle County this week
Mr J W Slatsman Lebanon was
in Columbia last week
Mr D W Myers Horse Cave was
Mr Jas Garnett Jr returned from
Louisville last Friday
iMlss Haidee Rowe of Jamestown is
visiting Miss Marietta Rowe
Mr 1i1 R Winfrey attended jLhe
Clinton Circuit Court last week
Mr W B Wcaren Stanford va s
4 here on business a few days ago
rctOrncdtroLouisville > m V
Louisville the first of the week My
Mr D T CurdCave Citywas in C61
umbla the first of the week <
Mr J P Strader Grecnsburg mini
led with our merchants last week
4 I
Mrs G W Redman Caujpbellsville J
4visited Mrs J O Russell last week I
Miss Sallle Rey Marcum visited
r friends in Campbellsvllle last week J
Miss Sarah Hardin returned from a
visit to Green county a few daysflgu
r Mr WB Patteson left on a bust
tless trip to Cincinnati last Saturday
Iit Mr J H Judd who has been quite
sick for two weekS has about recovered
Mr WRXyon and MrVWT codtp
er Campbellsville were here Saturday
Mr G W Grasbam the broom nJati
ufacturer made a delivery here Fri
Mr H C Walker and Mr Charles
Hindman were in this city a few flays
f agoMr
> > < Mr W E Bradshaw and vplfeirc
f turned from a visit to Burksvllle last
Mr C H Yates a prominent Gra
7 I dyyille farmer was in Columbia last
Mrs jj R Grissom e nd Miss Ger
trader Grady are vJsitlng at Breeding
this week <
Inr j
call ed to see our merchantsthe firs tt of
the w < ek
Kr5 J A Brld > ewater und 0 wen
Hardesly were in Adair last week look
Mr JoHill returned hofce last Satur
day He states tbatba had atyaY gl i
trade during biS pie I p fZ
Mr Holland Simpson and his jilsteiv
Miss Lyda were visiting the7fiiitfly ttf
Mrs J R Smith jiBd hlh tint
> CanipoeHsville visited plf < iCiiHli
Hurbseveral days dl kst week +
y Mr J N Coffey of this eltavstnd
Mr John Diddle GradyvllI arsrin
T Kas prospecting for lapS A l1tfj
i Mr Sam H Mitchell andVlfe who 1
> tot r tcCtiB et0i11f ti1 WhOj
J l
1 I
a v
Mr Henry Turner wife and little I
son Campbellsville were littleII
the vlcirittp of Columbia last weep
Mr T R Garnott who Ins boon
malting his Ii KIIJ in ArkiiiiMis Ir file
pastryear returned to Columbia Mast
week vv
Mr Anderson Holladay who has
been trading in the South returned
home last week He reports that be
did well with his mules
Misers H P and Talmagc Smith j
tobacco men Louisville are here
for thepurpose of buying and prizing I
twopr threehundred thousanjljiouDds
WANTED A good experienced Bandr
Teacher Write LrcHuuT
Columbia Ky
> jtv
Born to the wife of C S Harris
December 619001 a daughterV Hllzaho
Notice the change in theadvertjse
mentot the Male and Female High
It you want something real nfieeor S i
a Christmas present call atDr 4 JiN
Pages drug store V
A nice line of books toilet sets col
lar boxes fancy lamps dollar etc etc
at Dr J N Papers i
my cyw a da road wagoiYr 4
Mr R M Hurt is the general agent
foralat tiertalixrr house located in
Qhio > He has nine counties and ap
r irheri jou viSlti OLouisville stop at
ithVNew I hoe nrx Hotel Firstclass
utrphjridwtll located corner t > f 7th and
Jlaik etStrects ly
Rev TF Walton wife and little
or a aurgbcr ot vait ablc and ugef i l
p > esentj from thc Board of Home
Missions A 1
ausually thcbqusictl talIntofj5olum
btu announccK tin entertainment foe
i + hplldilylii forethls IefW lit
the matter SChose wb nerallytake
1 t
The sir CkboldersAtthe AdatiCbu t
ty News must not forget that there
wlll + bean important meeting held In
tuVoflace next Saturday afternoon at
1 oclock
Mr M Cravens has removed bisj
stock of drugs to the building formerly
occupied bv Mr TJ H Butler and Mr I
Butler Is occupying the building vaC4j
ed by IrCralns1
Mr Walker Bryant ann family will
wove to Columbia in a few days and
assBrypnt will enter the Mi Jr F I
High School He has rented Mr J iI
Traylors property oJ 5
4 The suspension bridge cGVady v IHe
went down last Saturday night whTlpj
a bu bertf yofinRj peoRl were cross
f ng tlg Creek No serious daniugo t I
buLtiltjotaduCkqgA J
wenMessrs Simeon and Alfred ilufrelU
havoadded = gcetitiyw the appeara ace
of their residence by puttiBgnpBira a L
I1inda W 2 htjyrrell this city did
0wOIC c Ispl + n i job
The Directors of the Adair County
fNews Company tannest dyjryftock
hvkIcr Jn said cOinptfaf4rnji9LJii the
TtefrfBxA S tart atlDer J5th at
It 1 DUqtyfIp Llte el t a tK
Sate Treasurer IaH y sent out
cat eks ljfrft SalurdayV tiggi ling
tfS3 D 15i Ip payment of tSefourth
20 per cent dr the school per capita
12 j tA C4It that Fth 11Y1r Oft1i ty 1
f i I r
Irvine Bottom Visits tlie
Home of AsureDamrpn
Raises a Difficulty A
+ P t
And Meets Death ntthe H ndsof 1
v the Latter VVfio Was Forced
c 1I
< I
r est Mo Oay uftehJobF vf rvfie
this cOU1 Wand who wan consid
ered a dupgerous mau visited the
horpeff Mil Aeure amiolJ1o
resides ou Greeu > v river twevyago
miles from Columbia He stated
that he was frpui tun Russell
Springs and was iu fine spirits
but wasrrot driuking The afteser
hobu was passed pleasantly aud
Air Damron had no thought ofi
trouble as he and Bottom wet °
friends i
Justnt dark Shelby Cowen wbd
iatmployed on thofaruif ud wha
was feeding stock was attifcked
by Bottom who threatened to whipt
him Mr Damroiillitferferred and
asked Bottom not to raise aiioise
that his wfe wa sick abed and hebe
di 4 jot want her disturbed At thief
juncture Bottom drew hisJtnife
went upAo Asure eayiug iJMix
you1 A Ir runt hQ was prea
e1tnu dertookto carry Bottom off
but before he could start Batty m
wiped his knife eeveral times
across Diuir6tiB face Mr Ma
thew BuHdn oamouP arid tout1
mhold of Auaure uudaVtbeBame
time Mrs Damron put hjer op
pdniutfej liudrtuking her btisbundV
arm thewtbree started toward lthu
house They hud gotten biit ifevv
st ops wen Bottom jerked loose
from Grant and with knife opc
was advancing rapidly upon Damn
fqufwb6 Beeingjird danger polled
frbjmhis wife and Mr Burton and
acebot three times in rapid succes
Bion Theballs entered Bottoms
b iyAud be died t iustantly lit a
Bhortr ime Aftfjt tlfe s netting the
Ibddydf tho dead man was tau led
Ito ails late home and iir Antn hot
came to Columbia and gave ins
self up 1 he e UJJiijitJg Yrin1 wil
Sitturdund i
I >
I There Is a great dear of difference in
It young men and some occasionally gds
be11fe ttpt
treatment When poll see a yo > g
I tnati with a free and andopon coy rite
nancebutadictQd to sotuewildbabits
1 b 1 taiyYaps truthful Jji hispxpresSions
and aeverdebyiudf icts lu JUs own ute
Vyoif need not eafrdiJ ui him lie has
been rearcdiip lJiOOd mother wbodb
llkesthe lof ulness of his llfebut 1 etch
him for humanly prlBcplcs lair the
< inrJahHeap8whodo theuiIsidilefV
find who at all times should be give u a
wide birth
l jiL
r r
It was generally runderstood jtwHt
wceksaito AuV the KrtloA I I IIXI
wc kgJ Q qou1bl 1 akr
Miliaiibeenjild to parties Tivryto
fore1 men Uooed ih rtlfs pVPtr Itfls
now our iBformailon that There was
a hllchifcthe trader agd that bust
neiw vylil fee conducted brtlie present
owners It Is yijrypaylop property
pru1ta o 4 nt1
nttbelif uprioPs bttiaailiij r1 dlo
lgainl for ac ptl5mI to Seth
> > it
Coffey Bros bought two good mules
last week for 11L
An infant child of Frank Gadburry
tvusbutiedlust 5uudtc ° J
Mr IkV Ingram Fancy Prairie 111
lnolsrcamOtoAdalr last week
New and stylish visiting cards just
recctvedat this offlce = the very latest
neighborhood last week buying poor
ltss 1llrelrtnnt a serif ut meethrRS
church following the weekpf prayer
IMr Anderson Uqlladay making au
effort to buy dllutl curluud of muleS
for tao Soutbiru mrirXet He would
lotse x
r Nat Brown the celebrated sad
dC r recently purchased f a Cumber
land county by Mr R Ih Price this
clty arrlved in Columbia a few dapTil
ago < 4
111d TpblasHulIakcr will preach at I
Grady lne the 5th Sunday at Up dock
He will also preach at night The
services will be held in the Baptist I
MrTate Turpeir t ho lias been liv
ilng injilr CS Harris property vuii
thehlllhas removed to ihu cottage
u n College Avenue owned 6y MrW
t Walker 5 = 4 1
iJJcvbvoJ3 Foskeiia y icjdviiiu
pt Luuisvilji wlll jjreauh at flit IicI
odislvhurcn next Thursday nllitno
is hop t thlft a large congregation will
be prdseuty t
t rl
Mr W G Simpson Is bbing irguslder
ed as receiver fur the f lIcp iiiiiiiiv
al baukat Soliicrs Diriuiuu Is
cashier of the lb UhtJfjlf Lanka rill
bas strung backluir J w
v > t
From unto un tiU lie tirstuf January
1D01 tilt Adair COuiitf JTewfsaud
icured < fyr jfo per cart A terfhuC
date thetCjuurecJuuroaI wjllpe loO
P Jcl f t c
JudF 1Y w4Jlll M7nltJ U ilIId
his work fur iliiHXiurur6r the Liberty
OIlIt will nowlhitJu dretttbintpn ellj
blstiext court being theJnu hold ID
Adair brgiupinltbp third Monday jp
anuaryetc + L
Sccretaryotled the
Band received a letter from a teacher
tiunktdeYcuV anti doUbtless a contract
WMlOD made and Hits11 teacher here in
a tew da ys
As Is her custom once or twice a
eurisliss Emma tlu lD theloimi La
blc and popular young lady with every
body fltd tl number other friends to
ruikeutUFJcy uuc juakn with her
oho lay last week
r 1ijsucj lhi IntolucpeL ifesu o
extend their heartfelt thanks tu the
many citizens of Columbiafpr their
yn tiring kindness during the illness
theirloted be
loved daughter
iS daughter 9
Muryfcntcrtalned quite a number
of tI ulrtrleudjj at dinner last Tuesday
AbojiVojiejdozen Jadlss were present
pronouncrDg itan elegant and blgbly
enji kbltJ aJfalrl
euaDlrtTt B l Jj ganeTrir IUJto cob t
basrerited pV S jljtarris rbpcrt Yiper
sere in a shirt fiat ills Vct in
t11aklilKlbulI1V istitacc bl d ell
dregip ltgotdbcluri <
jI t
DtthutUeJ sfre lorNtern than kbip
theoiidpeopleif thTlrrau + vntin rla IA
eseutciultytarr the ruatiy jprussiiNH a of
klgdue s tips for alit aUi gitiedf herd
lotfie recent sleknes > s uud + death of
ilttleteurubuth5Id3 + nr whoriqi
death octiitrca fast feuwlay uioriili j
The White Substituted for the Black
Last Friday morning thtfcdltor of
this paper met with a great surprise gg
hisarrlval Iri lOn As innouuctd else
j vattcbgfuiti b
beXoru and therefore btiUg lua happy
mood a few friends decided to play a
pr ctiablo joke tvUld > was curried out
without a bobble Mr
M JhMjtrcum
tuut a gentleman at the Marcum Ho
lei desired to sea thj editor Going
> ilh him to his Hotel uud onto roam
No 2 where he gently knocked on the
door which immediately opened and
the intended victim was ushered into
the presence of Dr J H Grady Jb B
Hurt Wm F Jeffries Samuel Lewis
J W Hurt T R Stults WJ3 Pact °
sson Gordon Montgomery
nudErdesd L
Willis and the door was closed and
stoutly manned Seeing etch auias
semblyand barred from exit l was
BHurt was elected chafrmanaodbuaiv
ness was rushed throllgh at 2 Ogal t
Til e chair stated the ugje t uC thcou
meeting was to ascertain whether the
Rumor that a girl had been tbeI
the wife of the aturrautti
atoraW fdjUir was
true and if irua to take sucli action as
they decIDed proper Dr Grady was I
placed ou the bland and testified to
the corrcctuess of theTuuior and hAd
further stated that ip was the custom
lu ills practice to burn the fathers hat
i + hen flit birth ot Chtr yTrl Iiiia been
preceded by live hoos tJiiou tails tothi
Lnuouy aiiUftUiiciiieut jb two jtciUctt
Iu Jury tjict lui ajltiiiJol umc hatctref
I lu tile iiaiiiuS A touir
1rulctal to bua nets Gal Mev nStuf L
and Willis ioukUitKeVs mauu > each
11escorted him Ib Uu > MnMur
rellci story burr + lieudedi IiuluwcUion
te eutiru erywcl wliupluivjPiipoubi >
dead U new white stetssi i auii llieu
oddc uliu go Iu peace i + iu 11 asa
rilltout that v iji nuytr in iiiu ajeiUorieS
oLull wjio looic part iui cVeiit well
worth tljie wit aud troUorc rUe uu =
Wte crovvU VYS oveillowiui witii go adcu
fiuujor all Iriuuds ali > aiij > aud thus
the News luau was OiCAactl ludiup A
a + uct gin Uaby aud a uuwptjbduiuat
IdiiVcJ tta out a coil pu occurrence
Cur tl1uarurcsald party tuu dupes but
thiS lliuu ho was iMU hb CaUgllbby
fnciuj hubiulued ln > u < u child and
her My tcu ers tits AnjU will to th use
Vhopafucipaleil iu uaakiijgtho eveut
1nUt liiorutliauordluaovuutat tllehaiin
time riot breatbiug trrfeats would
kindly cull to remembrance dfs6me
who kartigipatedtiiut tberlcouiea
tlmesumts day
Mr Colmabus White 1 farmer well
knowucitigeu of Ado r county is at
pre eut cujojiiug the hospitality bib
oltV Udtllc left ibiscounty tuir
1k15e drpLwere
yistttotbehouicof his birthM
Beathyi tlj3rj a njaa with soul ao Ut ad
This iw my u vfj my oa Io lad1
ilr Wtyte isauoiitortaluiugcuuver
saLjutialist Ui tJ his Ifienilv CIKVSO
dut lug his lung UUMUCV lie is c tow
oeycity = theft years oljvaud fur tut
heftpast twelve years he has resided Iu
Mpntaqa 1he tInt years of bis west
eru life were fpent in Kausas Mr
White stated to the Newsman that
his coming brought both Rid and pleas
ant memories Many that LIe lit pen
to see had lung tote liuisued tbeir
vxork aud lad li last dovcr the river ul
Death and while their faces were
ghlyvividly uud kiudly 1 ewewbtircdw
lueuiories crecptd upou ninli Uow
theircob sonsthe
auU daughters UDq lokuow jliaOFatn
L11cUJMr w ii
hitst hOD
ayil will be lu Adalrttiunty uuoutfour
DldMO tJwiug the pubuIaryUuug
YdaPf uks
tit ce ledh calljrruMii church atJvaut <
won lysas where he sSlll K 11 tote rCi4 S
uiembersfalii and pays a salary bffeUO
tir wore TQj a ftieutls tfttJitr 1
JSwing M1UonNI hero VwpjWy gl lartUrI i
I 3 +
tt A1
All persons subscribing for the Adair
County News and Courter Journal be4
tweed now ar d the first of January i
will got them for 125 per year The
price of Courier luurnul will bead
vancedaf ter that date
It has been
stated here that a paper
will sobri start at the llussell Springs
lobe called the herald11c have no
information as to who is at the head
ot thfc4enterprlse but understand that
Mr C R lurrell formerly of Horse
Representative Rnreing has asked
for the appuuweal < if O E Nell as
postmaijter at rlradyvilluIlduir c < mu
cnuS iChu
C m > des at Grirti villir
and Miss liattle Montgomery were
mairletl in this
city The ceremony
wa performed by Rev Icfsc L flu r
rell at the district parsonage 11 1ethe
cuuplc wen seated in their bug 11
etour u the rites were solemnized
a number of friends witnessed the u tot
Iltn I
asJlt A S Stapieton who lives uui lie
Gadberry farm Green river is one uttmI
Adair countys best tobaccutatecr I
nat otv
on hand He has left a sample at the I
Xuws ollice the
leaves measuring
abeauUcd ful
cdtc1t color and SoOO all rouud baS been
utused for the crop
On tilts fourth Sunday in this mouth I
BevT F Walton will preach to the
y nag people of Columbia and vicinity I
ion it is hoped that
mm At night sainij BUDdy there
vat Ou union services held lu the I
LVcsbyteriau church This arratge
meutr has been brought about by the
different churches iu town We tike
it that a number of
topics will be dis I
Ella Garuett an cstiuiablu youug Ldy
of this county to Mr J McMillan
at the residence of the indented bridea
mother Mrs Vlctora Garuett ll edyuu
ues lay afternoon December 20 WCcJl
teClue couple will reside in ParIs re sust
aud will be at their bomu after XUIiI
Mr G1W Coulter sheriff of B oylehas
rburt clerk of same county were in Co
linubJa fistrweek on a hunting expc
irwanly catalog lu at nights They
were accompanied over the fields bytick
Messrs Geo Coffey and J L McL canay
iml during their stay tbe party killed
ciuhtyfivu birds and Messrs Cuu terpt
and Price made many friends
UItIU suUcrlbersKinco our last i ti ue
11 0 tt < Wi > Cleti Thomas E urentti
MouroGA Cundiff yC ama 1
C L Crow A O Bales MJ Wllkiu
Shawd G A
MrG11 Cadbury W C RubarLs W Gettt t
F Epperson CHYa esJQo Rli
Aunt Sallle Judd an old woman
who is welikuowti thrcIUtholltl 1 dateg
uiwcounty has a reputation as u healer of
the afflicted She has been practfcK S
atumedicUc using > s allouelJier 1i t
more than titty ytuh 1i
uoaadhe trequelij ilygges eight atid vi le
InnrmflerWSte iattents
A preut many i
curs Ise < powers of her prepamtlons c
and prefer her to a regular practicing
praU61uks c1ut K
uksilltjhlcan DuViiiij her
long reign asa tJ
c1JlCtlr he hilt > bein present at in t si
mjiiHth of three hundred uud sixty dve
sixtyihifunrs a
lmriins tbe jccDrd kept by beta how t
aidlr tl
1lu1 will ptylMlly
Cjiitaiwill ttIYJlJsw1r luaByiuqri b
UsiHs iMjiroru gnidg Into tut KTrcmt fit
yuntl + r I >
11 it
Miss Ollie Turpen Dead
ber 4 1900 at tbe hour of 4 oclock
ter of Mr and Mrs rate Turpen this
clltcut to God who gave it She
was twenty years of age the llth day
of last May and
a victim of con
room about
> eight months
hoping and
believing that she would regain her
health until a few days before the end
came She was a vorite of the tam
fly and though her parents brother
uud sister
r knew that It
short time until this
day of sep
up She was a member of tbe Baptist
Church but in the absence of her pas
lur the funeral services were conduct
ed Iy Rev Goidou of the Methodist
Church At the
of the ser
remains were borne to the
city cemetery and there deposited to
the balm of Giiuadheal
the surviving members of the family
News was In Liberty the first day of
circuit court A large crowd was iu
town and
business was fairly good
Judge Jones
grand jurybutlittlrhuslaesswasdoue
in the afuruoou time real business of
the term coiunuuciug Tuesday morn
lug the docket being an average out
Judge Deqton and J
Jllryan Stone alI
torneys from a distance put in an at
rday There are sui
itriu The mercauts and hotels were
doing a good business and some stock
changed hands The two new church
ct Baptist and Methodist are about
completed aud several other bandsomu
few months The
with bundsouiu articles suitable for
Christmas present and tbe
pi rpc are looking forward to a merry
time during tbu holidays Miss Julia
Stauii who is leiichlug music at Hus r
toLiViIIu and Ms Amanda Stone who
is a pupil inthelluuservawr
willblJn Christmas at
htiiiic They are very popular young
laUS and
J andart
you i g society topic Miss Lucille
Ixjwmau a loularyoung
viit in Columbia
during the hol
Ida s She will be a guest of Miss
Annie Eubank Mrs Geo E Stone
who has been iu very delicate health
has Improved wonderfully in the last
few weeks Jo Wilkerson and his dolls
wf ru in town when our representative
The pupil of Mrs Nona Oabelis
tick tOl gave uu
Vllluv evening acquitting themselves
liedudmirabl It was the closing of the
USCUD session anti notwithstanding
it wai a very llsagrreable night the r
< ljonl room was will filled with par
program was rendrivil faultlessly and
all the children were highly compll 0
mented You never attend an enter
peQlaJly striking If MK Juntas PIck
ettx children continue to cultivate
their voices they wIll make stars and
Rltklns nt a jpersonator
deserves cspiuiulii tion t The Tea
Party Wis thrn toimusing exercise
women brim
ing down the house f
sue says Thr Adair County News
kesthe liberty 1it say + Following
6h1w is an arUt from this paper
swordwithout t osi tent
1hbtfentTr1mau firtalb tat in
his utetisni4 a Hither
tltr ut B6b
or our Art
CItWH urrect Our ntbrmaUon wli I
the trillan l who iald netilaT
slblYharttllilf l ininl I
dvelt ing
say fcxyUrU of the case Tlae fNiiqa i J
tetIlkfltAdalt ttutt3ty 1I11
bcfni wthH b1fJ 1l ik
vr rill 4llr txiw tl1fi
t n t
j to

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