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t I
< j
I dfi J < < r > of i < v Jt Y > 1tiE ADAIR CQUNT Y NEWS I 7 f
r 1irj Prayer c
JHjeavenly Father we thank
theeHfpr making clear in thy
word the blessedness of service
Teach us the supremacy of our I
allegiance to these as above all
claim of earthly profit Help us
to count all things but loss to
gain Christ and the joy of thy
i salvation As ws walk by the
quiet paths or the rugged ways
of our earthly life give us to be
I a friend to many and to bring
others into the joy of friendship
with Christ Put heart into us
0Lord for our days work and
use our weakness to teach us thy
power limitless and everlasting
that saveth to the uttermost all
who trust in thee
Babushka Littie Grandmother
In the spring of 1906 I travel
edsdeep into the interior of one
of the most central provinces of
Russia writes Kellogg Durland
I in the Womans Home Compan
ion In a remote village many
leagues from the nearest railroad
I learned of a woman who in
many respects is one of the most
remarkable personalties in Rus
sia in a generation Her name
is the key to thousands of hearts
Her life has been the inspiration
of millions No personman or
woman has been more constant 1
ly sought by the police than she I
For years a price of many thous I
and rubies was on her head Yet
she is one pf the sweetest
the purest the most loving and i
most lovable souls it has ever
been my privilege to meet j
I For thirty years this woman i
has been a leader of the move i
ment for liberty in Russia Back j
in the year 1878 she was arrested j
and exiled to the mines of Kara
in central Siberia and there she j
t spent no less then twentythree f
long years
The name of this remarkable i
personality is Catherine Breshj
kovsky From nearest Russia to j
farthest Siberia she is known i
revered and loved Not only
does every one in the great em
pire of the Czar know her by her
i own name but also by the word j
of familiar endearment which j
in Russian means Little Grand j
mother Babushka Any be
loved old lady may be a babush j
ka but there is only one whom j
every Russian instantly thinks I
of when reference is make to i
Babushea It is almost like the j
I i
Little Corporal or the Widow of i
Windsor I know this because j
I have asked about Babushka in
St Petersburg and Moscow in i
south Russia in the Caucasus in I
north Russia on the Volga on
the Don and in distant Sib ria
arid never once was I called up 1 I
V i
Sifeto explain whom I meant i
j of
4 l i
Vl < let Us Take Time 1
< I
T z4
JBet If us take time for the good
bye kissi We shall go to the
day work with a sweeter spirit
I Jorjjfc >
i Let us take time for the eveP i
niig prayer Our sleep will be
more restful if we have claimed
> I
r Ihefgiiardianship with GodI
I ft Let us take J1
< iv7 et foolish words to those we
> r
Pqy T Byandbyj when they
J fciivno longer hear us our fool
ishiiess will seem more wise than
our ibest wisdom
VV <
1 illus take time to read our
jjjkp Itr ltre2t reswillJt
4j nwe sh ll have ceased to
t 1 f ° theWar ofpohticzl part
flind rises and fall of stock or
t J1 K f t
t f 3 p j i
1fftJ1fi r fO tli I b I
sir f 0 i 11 S
1J1 to
S 1
7 S
the petty happenings of the day
Let us take time to be pleas
ant The small court siesWhich
we of ten omit because they are
small will some day look larger
to us than the wealth which we
covet or the fame for which we
Let us take time to get ac
quainted with our families The
wealth you are accumulating
I burdened father maybe a doubt
ful blessing to the son who is a
stranger to you Your beauti
fully kept house busy mother
can never be aI home to the
daughter whom you have no
I time to carpcc
Model Young Man
Henrv Scott who came to Dan
vine some weeks ago and posed
as a model man secured employ
ment with Mr J D Holderman
the electrician Scott is an ex
I pert at the business and Mr
I Holderman has placed considera
I ble confidence in him He had a
strong testimonial from an electrical
trical firm in Salt Lake City
l Utah where he claimed to have
I been working He brought mon
I ey with him to Danville and
I showed considerable flourish
Fe did not drink smoke nor
chew and all with whom he came
r in contact considered him a valu
able acquisition Mr Holderman
secured a large contract in Som
I erset and returned day before
yesterday having completed the
I work During his absence it is
alleged that Scott took possession
of Mr Holdermans accounts aid
collected over 200 from differ
ent Danvillians for whom Mr
Holderman had been working
When the money was collected
Scott is alleged to have skipped
out Police in Louisville and
other places have been notified
to arrest him Mr Holderman
claims that he had given Scott
no authority to collect his bills
Danville Advocate
Editor vs Millionaire
The editor of the Russell Dem
ocrat is responsible for the follow
ing Idrather be a country editor
and chase around for news be
Fore Fd be a millionaire with
wealth I could not use Fd
rather be a printer with patches
on my breeches than be a mas
ter of finance with all of my
thoughts on riches Id rather
eat my modest meals digest the
same with ease than sit down to
a royal feast with stomachache
like John Ds To imp and
frolic with my kids around our
cheerful hearth with theirmoth
er for the audience to help enjoy
the mirth is better than to move
I about in high society where
I dress and jewels make life a
Inock ryris true the printers
cash gets short and duns comes
in a hurry but the happy fellow
I does not fret he lets the dun
I ner worry He always has a
conscience of disposition sunny
he knows that life has always
I joy besides the chaser moneyi
For the moulder of opinion is a
happier man by far than the
man who owns a palace a yacht
and a private car And when
he goes to his reward he knows
that all is well while them
who makes his wealth rhis I 0bd
may some day wake irli i t
r Jf 0J
f Ap9ny and db1e barnes1for a1e
TIe idiivj li i ds4ible 1
i Ploi I 1 lf1f j
4 JA i 1t TCOIb4Z Ky
h J y4Sr5 j t iii1
I i S 1 4 fx fj J
1 rp f I Li
r The Sailors Hands
A visitor who prides binteelf on his
knowledge of uautical aCfairs wus
charib with a friend outside the Flaf
iron buiidlng tS5eethat man com
ing he asked Can you tell whni
he is by the way he yalksV
Why no replied the New Yorker
who was with limo
Hes u sailoniuin of some sort
Look at his hands No iandsman ever
walked that way A sailor always
walks with the palms of his hands
turned behind him and the backs
turned forward the way he is walk
Ing Look p that landsman over there
He swings his arms with the palms
of the bands turned toward his body
and the backs out You can always1
detect a man who is accustomed to tbp
sea that ways
Whats the explanation inquired
the other
otherWhy there isnt any that 1 u w
It may be because the sailor gets tb >
habit of balancing himself in rough
weather by the use of his arms but i
doflt believe thats the reason Its
just one of those things you cans
account forNew York Press
The Spinning Machine of a Spider
The spinning machine is situated un
der the hinder part of the spiders
body It takes the form of a slight de
pression which a close inspection
shows to consist of six small bodies re
sembling tubes Four of these contain
an immense number of minute open
ings as many as a thousand can be
counted in each and from every one
of these openings a viscous fluid is
suet which hardens on exposure to
the atmosphere The whole 4000
threads are united into one line which
is sometimes so fine that 4000000
twisted together would not have a
combined diameter greater than that
of an ordinary hair from the human
head It is impossible to conceive the
excessive slenderness of one of the
4000 threads which compose such a
line The bare statement that each
one has a thickness only one sixteen
thousand millionth of that of a human
hair does not in any way convey the
impression of its wonderful fineness
The mind can no more grasp the
meaning of such figures than it can
understand the immense distance of
which astronomers talk so glibly
S Kelvin as Damocles
A characteristic always of Lord Kel
vin was his absolute faith in figures
and this ruling passion once led to his
experiment as a Damocles When he
once solved a problem in mathematics
be was willing to stake upon its cor
rectness not only his reputation but if
necessary his life Taking an im
mense heavy cannon ball be calculat
ed with the utmost accuracy the size
of the smallest wire which would bear
the weight of the load of ironS
then procured a length of wire of just
I the requisite strength and to prove tbt
truth of his figuring had the cannonball
ball suspended over his lecturing plat
form at the very spot where it would
be most likely to strike and crush him
should the wire give way and it re
main d there for weeks
The Last Ditch
A dignified origin can be given to
the expression To die In the last
ditch On the death of De Witt the
Prince of Orange was made head of
the Dutch republic Despite his youth
he displayed the ourage and tenacity
of his race Do you not see your
country is lost asked the Duke of
Buckingham who had been sent to ne
gotiate at The Hague There is a
sure way never to see it lost replied
William and that is to die In the
last ditch
He Got Married
Our cook said the family man had
a beau who callrd on her often but
finally his visits ceased 1 asked her
one day what bad become of her for
mer attentive beau and she said be
had got married
Since he got married said she
lie dont come around any more
Married said I surprised Vhy
I thought be would marry you
So he did said the cook Brown
ings Magazine
Always Picking
An amusing story is told of the an
swer given by a London waif to a Sal
vation Army captain The zealous offi
cer had asked the boy what work be
did to provide him with food etc and
the reply was 1 pick strawberries in
the summer I pick bops in the au
tumn I pick pockets in the whiter and
oakum for the rest of the year
Why Puss you people here dont
know anything about fruit Out in
Oregon we raise apples as big as your
Do you raise peaches as big as I
am Uncle Phil
v Why er ah nChieago tribune
Progress impeded
First Member Mrs De Streak didnt
have her way at the dress reform meet
log this afternoon did she Second
MemberNo her gown fitted rso
tightly that she couldnt make a mo
tion Puck
Blbbbs What egotittlcaLvfellot
Talkalot IsWben you are wlthbic
he expects you to be all cars Slpbbs
tel and you find him to be all liV I
Philadelphia Itecord
c Never judffe a town by the size 6t
the typ with which its Drpe Is print <
td on tke map of a rallrod that doeap 1
IHUHB through it Chicaf o Record He
aid <
i iit you otl 4roverb
ttE 4 f
i t t 0Q S
i q
11 t
i r
r NEWS NOTES i = l
fMJcoffi retiredrneri
M D Coffield a retired mer
chant of Birdsville Livingston
county dropped dead at Smith
A freight engine exploded on
the Coal and Coke railway at
Yankee Dam W Va killing
five men
I The lumber yard of W J
Hughes Co Louisville was
destroyed byfire causing a 100
I 000 loss
H F Grant driving an Alco
car won the 278mile automabile
classic at Long Island in 4 hour
hours 25 minutes and 52 seconds
W s Q Adams until a few
I Owensboro Inquirer died after
a prolonged illness at his home
in Owensboro
The inability of the steam
boats to keep up with the sche
dule is badly disarranging the I
plans made for President Tafts
trip down the Father of Waters
Following a steeet fight in
which 25 shots were fired John
Hamilton a farmer was shot
from his horse while riding
through the main street of
Brooksville I
Attorney General Breathitt
has authorized the bringing of
I legal proceedings to prevent the
merger of the Frankfort and
Cincinnati and the Louisville and
Nashville railroads
A new record for longdis
tance target shooting was es
tablished at the State rifle range
at Frankfort by Col McLean
Moffat who made 49 out of a
possible 50 bullseyes at 1000
i Judge Bethshares aged 79
I years one of Paducatis most
1 prominent and wealthy citizens I
was fatally injured when struck
by an automobile driven by C I
I Smith owner of Smiths Greater
t ShowsS
I ShowsArmed men made a raid on the I
I Jackson Deposit Bank and forCil
I bly removed the ballots printed
printedI j
I followed the men but with
I drew when confronted with weap
ons in order to prevent bloodshed j
John Eagles charged with a
criminal assault upon Blanche
Wise the 11yearold daughter
of City Councilman Wise was
taken before thgirl and her
child companions at Washington t
I t Ind and identified as the assail
Iant Hawley who is forging j
I to the front in the rrilroad world
t is negotiating for a loan of worldj
000000 or more to be spent on I
improvement for his roads He
Ii is planning to double track the
main line of theChesapeake and t
Imam railroad 0 y
I J vital statistics r the first six j
months of the present yeaKshow J
Tan excess of deaths over births j
in France of 28205 In 1908 the i
J excess of deaths was 10508 and t
this growing discrepancy has =
I raised again a cry of alarm for
t the future of French race
Game Warden Scales and the
II police at Latonia took from an
I accommodation train 15 sacks
five boxes and several barrels
containing in all over 1000 rab 11
ilh1ts They were being shipped
from various points in Kentucky
Iti Cincinnati Violation of the
giamelaws is alleged p1 u < jfiif11
i i 1c jI
Foxes wa i
x wantfive rdagryfoxe JVN
1pyl00 t o 250 snd tiN L cltr J ell
46tf i wSTHoden
14Gtf Bo 232 Cam pb 3ilk Ky 1
S iii > 1 5 i
< 5 4
5 5
3 Worn Women
Women worn and tired from overwork need a
tonic That feeling of weakness or helplessness will
Cardui that effectual remedy for the ailments and
weaknesses of women Thousands of women have
tried Oardui and write enthusiasticallwof the great
benefit it has been to them Try itdont experiment
use this reliable ofttried medicine
S 333The
Mrs Rena Hare of Pierce Fla tried Cardui and afterward
wrote I was a sufferer from all sorts of female trouble had
I suffered for years until my husband insisted on my trying
Cardui mi c r i AJI J P
The first bottle gave me relief and now Iam almost well
L a
A serious fault with some po
tato raisers is that they allow
weeds to take poseession of the
soil and sap the moisture and vi
tality of the plants at the most
critical time of their growth at
the last act so to speak It tells
on the production keenly and in
the book accounts The success
ful potato cropper must be a
close student of nature and of
the best printed informatiOn
Kills Her Poe of 20 Years
The most merciless enemy I had for
20 years7 declares Mrs James Duncan
of Haynesville Me was Dyspepsia
I suffered intensely after eating or
drinking and could scarcely sleep
After many remedies had failed and
several doctors gave me up I tried
Electric Bitters which cured me com
pletely Now Ican eat anything I
am 70 years old and am overjoyed to
get my health and strength back again 17
For Indigestion Loss of Appetite
Kidney Trouble Lame Back Female
Complaints its unequaled Onlo 50c at
Paull Drag Co
At the recent meeting of the
American Poultry Association
at Niagara Falls one of its most
prominent members was expelled
and another suspended because of
charges of faking or dishonest
practices We are not advised of
the specific charges but under
stand that one charge was the
artificial coloring of a feather to
I make the bird come up to the re
quirements of the Standard of
Perfect ioni
Terrible New Disease
There is a new disease pella
gra which comes from eating
corn affected by mold This
mold is the deadly poison thatj
kills its victims by slow degrees
and in grest agony It tortures
the skin undermines thestrength
weakens the mind converts its
victim into a gibbering idiot and
finally brings death
Pellagra has probably existed
in the United States for many
years although this fact has not
been defini tel y establishedl
American physicians knew noth
ing of the disease andas yet
know little of it The public
health and marine hospital ser
vice has at last awakened to its
existence and is making inquiry
about it in the light of what is
known of the disease in Europe
The disease is in no way conta
gious or infectious There is
nothing about it that needs alarm
any community in which it is
found It may be cured and it
can as assuredly be prevented S
X8XiC CYX gXg >
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