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r l > < i m t bf ann tn ff e bJ Ji d r c
i 51 J dler Saw Out of Jail and
ij I Make their Escape
Wednesday about midnight or early
Thursday morning Charley Dikes and
Ottie Price two burglars and Jas
Cross a whisky peddler made their
escape from the Adair county jail
Dikes and Price are the parties who
recently robbed Green Reynolds store e
at Ozark and who were caught at Cane
Valley and lodged in jail They are
a evidently old offenders and it is said
that before coming to Adair county
they made their escape from the Somt
erset jail and that in Pulaski county
there are seven conuts against one of
the parties
Their escape from this jail was made
by sawing the heads off the bolts that
held the stick iron slide which fastened
the cell door When they reached the
hallway it was easy for them to make
a hole through the brick wall and es
cape It is generally believed that they
had the saws concealed on their persons
when they were placed in jail Right
here we will make a suggestion for fu
ture adoption When professional
tHieves are caught before locking them
in cells have them change clothing
from head to foot Men who can make
their escape from steel cages know
how to conceal their tools
Jas Cross the whisky vendor lives
in Clinton county and was serving out
a sentence and fine
Mr Tarter the Jailer was not at
home when the parties made their es
cape having gone to his farm ten
miles from town the evening before
Blood hounds were ordered from Lin
coin county but the owner of the dogs
reported that they were not in condi
tion to trail and he could not come
Two men it is reported took the V
stage at Coburg about 3 oclock in the I
morning after the delivery and i t
is supposed they were the two burglars
If that is a fact that is the last jjlue of
them Cross it is said passed f the place in I
the lower edge of the county where his I
arrest was made the next day at 12
o clock It is thought he was making
for his home in Clinton county
Valuable Property for Sale
Iwill as Master Commissioner of
the Russell Circuit court sell to the
highest and best bidder on Monday the
13th day of December the Patterson
Hotel property in the town of James
w town and all the lands connected therewith
with The < property will be sold on a
credit of six months with approved
surity R E Lloyd Master Com
A few weeks ago we spoke of the
Y habit of a flock of geese owned by Mrs
W A Hindman their soaring high in
the air and leaving home taking in a
circuit of several miles Last week
Mrs Hindman informed her husband
that the geese needed picking and sug
gested that as they fed with the hogs
at night they be driven to the house
and their feathers removed The geese
were on time and after being fed they
seemed to have premonition that their
feathers were to be removed and at a
signal from the leader they took flight
soaring high and sailed off in the direction
tion of outJ all
night reporting next morning for
V Birthday Dinner
Last Friday was the fiftieth anniver r
sary of Mr J Z Pickett of this place
His daughter Mrs Geo E Wilson
conceived the idea of surprising him
and notified her mother early in the
morning to be at her home and to tell
I her father to report at her house at
the dinner hour In the meantime
about twenty other persons were invit
ed to put in an appearance When Mr
Pickett arrived he was very much sur
prised to see so many friends assembled
but he was very much gratified when
told that his daughter had honored him
with a birthday dinner and that the
friends were present to help him enjoy
it It was a sumptuous affair and the
occasion will long be remembered by
Mr Pickett and those who sat at the
The hunting season opened Monday
aDd will last until the first of January
Those who will npgeinthe sport of
jamil shooting should respect the wish
s of the land owners and not trespass
jtiy but tittle troubkfo ask permission
to 1nfr Dfarmil jtnd theright way is
the b stwa 1
YT 1
fY y
The RairroadMeetihg
The railroad meeting held in the
Courthouse last Saturday afternoon
was fairly well attended and evidence
of interest in the proposition was very
pronunced Several letters were read
from the outside party interested in the
investigation of this section and the
proposed line from Columbia to Greens
burg The money for the preliminary
survey was secured by contribution
through the efforts of the committee
composed of James Garnett L B
Hurt and J H Young Gov J R
Hindman was authorized to inform the
company interested in this movement
to send a repre5r tat Ie ut the earliest
day possible to look over the route and
make a thorough investigation
Within a short time this step will be
taken and then some definite proposi
tion may be expected This being the
first meeting the initiatory step noth
ing more than the above was attempted
It is not out Of order to say that at no
time in the history of Columbia haye
the people more generally realized the
importance of united effort for better
transportation facilities and we pe
lieve that a hearty response will be
forth coming from nearly every citizen
in this section when a fair proposition
is made by the company proposing to
build That stock in the road would
yeild profitable returns is scarcely
doubted by any one that a rapid ad
vance in the price of real estate would
follow and new and profitable avenues
in business open up is not questioned
The conveniences are also worth con
sidering and the people all seem to be
in the proper frame of mind to want all
the above If the people of Greens
burg want to be proffitably connected
with this section we believe the time
has come for action and we trust a
hearty response will be forth coming
At any rate Columbia proposes to make
the best of the situation We want
rapid transit to the L N Railroad
and we mean to direct our energies to
that end
We have called attention many times
to the worth of blood hounds and on
one occasion presented this to the Fis
cal Court only to see it rejected The
recent escape from our jail of three
prisoners again calls attention to the
importance of the county keeping
that the dogs could not be taken as
evidence and while that is probably
amounts to nothing Catch the guilty
party first and apply the evidence later
In the breaking of jail it was not evi
dence wanted but the parties who had
v Thanks
The Danville Advocate of last week
paid this paper the following compli
ment which is duly appreciated
The Adair County News published
by Charles S Harris at Columbia
rounded out the twelfth year of its
usefulness last week Few towns
even twice as large as Columbia can
boast of such a good newspaper The
N ws is one of the few really high
class weeklies in the State
Hon Junius Hancock and G P
Smith respectively County Judge and
County Attorney of Adair county Ky
are notified that I intend making appli
cation to the Kentucky Board of Piison
Commissioners for a parole from my
sentence of confinement in the peniten =
tiary for the crime of manslaughter
rendered in the Circuit court for said
county at its September term 1907
this Nov 10th 1909 Will Ed Jones
Program of the Missionary Society
of the Baptist Church Friday after
noon Nov 26t
Topic Cuba Mexico and Central
Leader Mrs James Garnett j
Bible ReadingKey word Work p
Each member to select a verse con
taining this word and either read or re
cite it
Readings This issue of the Journal
1 Cuba Mrs Walker Bryant 2
Missions in Mexico Alice Walker 3
The Worlds Greatest Canal Mrs
Discussion The Religious needs of
these three countries led by Mrs J J
BigggSongWork I
Song Work jfbr the night ij coming
Business Report tthe Mission
Committee °
arYChain of prayers Led by M t s Page
Judge H C Baker will hold a special
term of court at uNIty beffoninffthe
third Monday in December Jt is to fry
the Thompson damage suit
Illness of Rev W E Thomas
Central Methodi t
Will you please tell the readers of
your paper who live within the Louis
ville Conference that Rev W E Thom
as who was appointed to Korea at our
last session was stricken with appendi
citis in mid ocean and sent a wireless
message to the Mission rooms at Nash
ville that he would have to have an
operation Dr Lambuth cabled the
him know the extent of Brother Thom
as trouble and received an unsigned
message that Brother Thomas would
have to come back to the States Dr
Lambuth immediately informed Broth
er C F Reid to be on the lookout for
him and take good care of him Noth
ing more has been heard from Brother
Thomas We are trusting that this
young man of promise will be restoredju
P SBrother Thomas sailed from
San Francisco on October 20 and ac
cording to schedule of ship was due
beck there the 5th of November
A few years ago young Thomas was
a student in LindseyWilson college
and is very pleasantly remembered by
many friends all of whom will be gladp
to learn of his recovery
The Wood Mosaic Lumber Company
is now cutting the oak timber bought
from Mr J N Murrell near Columbia
This is probably the most valuable
tract of timber within a reasonable dis
tance of this place and has stood the I
test of inviting propositions from stave
men while that business was flourishing
due to the fact that Mr Murrell wouldti
not sell the timber for the purpose of
making barrels for strong drink
E L Sinclair Company sold their re
tail stock of goods adjoining their
wholesale department to Al Sinclair
and Claud Montgomery They will now
wholesale entirely and will add several
new lines of goods at attractive prices
The new firm of Sinclair and Mont I
gomery will keep an uptodate stock
of goods
N Some people are complaining saying
that they can scarcely make a living in
this country Mr James Gilpin sold
his tobacco crop recently which brought
him over 900 an average of 110 per
acre The grounds which grew it Mr
Gilpin paid 3 per acre How is that
for making money One acre brought
him 125
Mr L L Brud Eubank has been
employed by the Reed Hardwar e Com
panyas a salesman He isan exper
ienced man and has many friends over
the county who will be delighted to
trade with him He was in the market
with the firm last week and assisted in
selecting the stock
A Dedication
On Saturday the 20th day of this
month the new Masonic Hall at Har
rodsfork church will be dedicated with
imposing ceremonies The dedicatory
services will either be performed by
the Grand Master of the State or by
some other brother appointed by him
All Masons is good standing are cordial
ly invited to attend There will be din
ner on the ground and everybody is in
vitfed to bring wellfilled baskets It
will be a day of rejoicing and every
Mason who can should put in an ap
pearance 12t
Yowell Sale
heId d I
in Taylor county for a long time will be
7the public sale of the personalty of W
H Yowell decd which will be held at
his farm near Acton on the Manns
vllle Turnpike about 6 miles from
Campbellsville Ky on Tuesday Nov
23rd 1909 This sale will begin at 10
oclock a m
The property consists of alarge herd
of Jerseys consisting of Jersey cows t
heifers yearlings weanlings and fine
Jersey bull Several nice and valuable
horsesand other stock including fine
black Jack A large lot of farming
utinsils over 200 barrels of corn a
large lot of hay and other feed har
ness wagons farming machinery and
implements and a quantity of other
things The property is all firstclass
and the public will do well to attend
the sale
The store at Acton consisting of a
nice clean stock of general merchan
die is for sale privately It is a good
stand witi a good trade and can be
bought at a bargain Persons interest
e lwiU call or address Mrs Amanda W
qwell Executrix of W f H Yowell
deceased RJP D No 1 Campbell
YUle Ky for HR S Robinson Attorney
Campbellsville Ky
f Mx Jo Sandusky a very coBtpetent
I j on c ins < narr a ieisanat 8 atr
I art Ruwiells grocery storer
> i sv
Fljends and Fellow citizens of Adair
f County
1 take this means of extending to myw
many friends over the county who have
so loyally stood by me in the past mypl
most grateful thanks for what they didder
measure because of the fact that if
there ever was a grateful man for fa
vors I believe I am oneand Idesire to
sa y further that if my help is ever
needed for anything by any of myse
call on me I am ever ready and will
ing to assist and will if necessary
make sacrifices in order to help my
friends I want it further understood
that I am still a republican three hun
dred and sixtyfive days in the year
and always expect to bem
The infamous report started to in
jure me in my race that I had a moon
shine still in operation on my farmgo
making liquor I denounce as a lie 365
days in the year and was circulated bya
designing persons solely for the pur
pose of defeating me It was charged
against me as you all know that I used
money and whisky to influence voters
at the primary election I deny to the
bitter end this accusation and the peo
such violation of the sworn obligation
we all entered into before the primary
I have always stood true to my parro
and its nominees and I want it distinct
ly understood that I have never swapfo
pod or traded any of them off for oth
ers in order to gain votes for myself
in an election yet it is plain to me and
all others who understand the situation
that I was traded off to gain the elec
tion of others in my own party but if
members of my own party can withS
good conscience use such unjust means
against one who has always and at all
ly for the success of his party it is altr
right and all I can do is to submit
Thanking you all again for your sup
port bth in primary and the final elec
V A I remain yours truly
ij J A W Tartertr
The many friends and relatives of
the subject of this notice were shocked
last Saturday afternoon when Mr E
W Reed received telepone message +
stating that he was dead The en dr
Read had resided for a number of years
and where he had accumulated hand
some estate The deceased was a son
of H C and Ada Read and was born
andreared in Columbia He was a
graduate of Center College Danville
and was a fine Kentucky gentleman
He is survived by his wife three brotr
ers Judge JF Frank and Henry
Read of FL Smith Ark and one sis
ter Mrs Annie Caldwell Burdick
Taylor county Ky To them this pa
per and all Columbia tenders its deep
est sympathy Mr Read was about 52
years old and was a zealous member ofof
the Presbyterian Church
Editor NewsI come to ask space it
your columns to record the openingp
the Winter Social Season a most en
joyable evening spent by the young
tfolks at the splendid country home of
ThisP so
cial gathering was given by Miss Belle
Butler in honor of Miss Virginia Hunn >
of your city who has charge of Mt
Pleasant school and who is held in very
high este mnot only by the pupils in
her charge t ut by the entire commu
nity The evening was spent in
amusing games and interspersed b y
atsplendid music rendered by Miss Mary
Van Hoy in her usual graceful style It 1
was unanimously agreed by all present
that Miss Belle should slave a prize for
0er elegant manner of entertaining
New Assayer Comes To Webb City
Anewassayer in the tiny mite of
seven and a half pounds arrived in
Webb City last night at the honte of
Mr and Mrs Judson Jones of South
Madison street Mother and son are
doing nicely and the father has suspend
ed business for the morning and with
his friends are smoking to the health
of Graham Starr Jones Webb City
Mo Register
Messrs CM Herriford and Hugh
odRichardson are making preparations to
Campbellt g
vine pike this side of Mr Overstreets
place of business The house will be
11occupied by Messrs Herriford Rich =
ardQQj who will conduct a general
Yfstore The stock of goods at Cob ur g f
owned by Mr Richardson mil be re
moved to Columbia The firm hopes
to Tfae ready for business in a few
w < Bfiicr X 1r coo
tract for putting up the building
H > j
t j X
rYr fir h
Russell Springs Circuit
Central Methodist
I like what I have seen of my new
work here well I have found and
pleached at three of my preaching
places 1 expect to soon hunt the oth
er five up there is nothing to hinder
a man who likes plenty of work from
being satisfied with Russell Springs
Circuit for there is plenty of work here
to be done
We arrived at our new home in Rus
sell Springs Friday 29th about 5 p
m and were agreeably surprised when
we were met at the gate in front of
our new home by some good women
home You may imagine about how
well pleased we were when wesat down
to that large dining table that was al
most groaning under its load of baked
chicken stewed beef honey preserves
pies of different kinds and many other
good things in fact every thing that
5art could wish I feel that I am
among some of the best people in the
For Sale
My house and lot in the town of Co
lumbia It is located on the road lead
ing to the Fair Ground and near thm
tyom house good barn woodshed and
all necessary outbuildings For in
formation call on meat News office
543t E L Feese
The tobacco market in Louisville was
weather the previous week which kept
the tobacco too brittle for stripping
Sales of the new Burley amounted to
350 hogsheads and 15 of the dark In
the last few days there have been good
rains in the tobacco districts and the
trade is expected to be lively this
We were in error last week when we
stated that Joseph E Bertram was the
last Democratic Senator from this dis
trict JuJge James Garnett was elact
ed and served as Senator of the district
after Mr Bertram I
Buyers for the Read Hardware Com I
pany were in the market last week and i
purchased an immense stock for the
trade In this section The new burl
r ess house in the Russell block will be
ready for them the first of January at
which time their goods will be shippeh
from the wholesale market Besides
handling a large stock of hardware they
will carry an attractive line of buggies
the latiest style made
Miss Kate Warriner of Liberty who
recently was a guest ot Mrs T C
Davidson this place has gained quite
a reputation as a singer She is con
templating entering the evangelistic
field as a gospel singer She is also a
skilled pianist and is a great favorite
in her home town A splendid picture
of Miss Warriner appeared in the last
issue of the Liberty News
Mr J H Graham a lawyer of
Greensburg came up last Wednesday
with a very fine salmon fish weighing
whichof he
ofresented to his friend Mr Rollin
Hurt It is said to be the largest sal
mon ever caught out of the river at
The mucn V needed rain came last
week reviving the pastures and put
ting the ground in good condition for
breaking For several weeks it had
been too dusty to be healthy The rain
was also very fine on wheat recently
Bram Scott who is at work at the
Standard sawmill met with quite a
painful accident last Wednesday morn
ing He was off bearing at the saw j
when a splinter flew from a log striking
ing him in the breast It did not enter
very deep but the shock was fearful
YSince the accident Mr Scott has been
serioof us
results are appehended I
Notice d
Notice is hereby given that I will s i t
at mY office at Sano Adair county >
Ky on each day during the time from
the 12th day November 1909 until
the 12th day of February 1910 except
Sundays to receive and hear claims
against the estate of D B White
toSons assigned This November 121 h
sY90 rji < 0 r
F WtBrockman assignee of
l D B W hit xIp r
0 y i i 4n
r > Duputy United States Iarshaljt ini
company with Mr Frank Winfrey ar
Tested Ed Means last Thursday night
on Green Briar BidethillCOU1t jrf
charged with unlawfully selling liquor
He was broughtto Columbie tob tried
b fore Commissioner P R Winfrey
Residence Burned
The residence of Mr S D Cren
shaw two and onehalf miles from Co
lumbia was consumed by fire early
this morning The fire was first dis
covered in the second story anti it is
supposed to have caught from the cook
room flue Only a few of the house
hold goods saved
There were 750 insurance on dwell
ing and contentsV
It is believed that the two burglars
who escaped from jail here stole a
couple of horses from Estes Hays who
lives near Montpelier rode them a con
siderable distance then turned them
loose The horses returned home the
next after they were missed
Mackin Keltner a boy about IT
years old who was employed at the
Grider Morrison Goodman Mill this
place had the misfortune to get the
middle finger on his right hand amputa
ted by the cutoff saw last Saturday
FOR SALEReliable buggy horseI
Georgia R Shelton
Get your gun and dog The bird law
expired last MondayV y
ofe i
mare mules to Altschler Co for o
395 i
Walker Bryant bought a small farm
from D B White near Sano for one >
thousand dollars
Mr Simeon Murrell is making pre
par tions to build a residence on his
farm Columbia
arm near > i
We understand that Mr Dennis Eu
bank has been appointed postmaster atf
Cane Valley this county
Be on the lookout for the Christmas
Bazar to be given by the Ladies Aid
Society of the Baptist Church V
RevGoodman >
Goodman in a series of meetings at >
Libeity Church Cumberland county
fifteen mules in Adair and Russell
counties last week at an average 150
per head
The well in the South corner of the
public square which was kept locked S
efor a week has been cleaned out and 7
the water appears at this time to be
h ealthyV
It is said that Mr R E Lloyd who V
was defeated for County Attorny of
Russell by JN Merdows will contest r
Papers have been prepared as we un
Mr L L Rounds and wife will re
move to Russell Springs this weekI
Mrs Rounds will teach in the Academy
at that place As a music teacher she
has been very successful
Farmers of this county have been
busy for the past week stripping to
bacco There is an unusual crop in
Adair of last years growing and the
quality is said to be generally good
heBraxton Massie lost five yearling cat
tie last week They were in a stalk
field and very likely were poisoened on
the smut on the fodder H B Gar
nett lost two in a simular manner
Opossums and coons are being
caught almost nightly When the
nights are damp the dogseasily follow
the scent and hunters after this char
acter of game are having fine sport
There is some talk of Dr L C Nell
instituting a contest in the Senatorial
race between him and Hon Elzy Bert
ram Up to this writing papers have
nnot been filed but the skirmishing goes
College is to be repainted in handsome
style Messrs Waddle and Gilbert two
skilled workmen of Campbllsville have
the contract and the work will begin
this week
I Jack Thompson the shoe drummer
who was here a short time ago in
company with Geo Wilson waft at
I Finny Barren county last week While
there Young Wilson was kicked in the
Breast by a horse and badly injured
but it is believed that he will recover
IMr Robt Yates who is1 a son of MTVA
Wl W Yates born and reared in this v
county was married a few days ago tos
Miss Inas Norris of Cumberland coup
Jy The ceremony was performed at
Edmonton Mr Yates resides at Mc
Gregor Texasi 1 >
Sam Brock was arrested in KUSM >
county last Sunday bya deputy Unilekv
States marshall charged with s er
wWsky He went bf ere Cpmmissiooer t
Winfrey Monday
> W

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