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I Ir rC1 Moore Who Lived at His
Country Home Near CoIunV >
S bia Passes Away
List Sunday night Dr C D Moore
who xvasone of the bestknown men in
the Green River section of Kentucky
died at his country home near this
place Had he lived until the 17th of
next April he would have been eighty
five years old He was a native of
k Greensburg but for many years a citi
zen of Adair county
He was a very interlectual man and
at onetime a very eminent physician
and surgeon j
When the Mexican war broke out he
J 1 enlisted in Capt Squires Company and
served until peace was declared Re
turning he joined a company of
Fortyniners went to California on a
gold hunting expedition After mining
for several years he returned to his na
tive home Greensburg Ky took up
the study of medicine subsequently
graduating from several different in
stitutions He successfully practiced
his profession in his home town until
the civil war broke out He espoused
the cause of the union enlisted as a
surgeon in Hobsons regiment and
served until hostilities ceased
He also made aoplication to raise a
company for the SpanishAmerican
It is related by an old soldier that in
a hotly contested battle in the South
and while Dr Moore was dressing the
wounds of disabled soldiers smoking a
pipe a pall struck his pipe knocking it
from his mouth The doctor remarked
that was a very poor marksman
and continued his surgeory as though
nothing had happened
He was twice married his first wife
being a Miss Spencer a sister of Mes
dames Bettie Atkins M D Baker and
was born of the first union Mr W R
f Moore of Lampasas Texas wio visit S
ed hjafther a few week ago His last
wife and five or six children also sur
VW1m <
fThe interment was at Cane Valley
4 this county this morning at ten oclock
S many friends being present
The John B Stetson Hat for sale at
fMillinery Opening
Mesdames Staples Stults have just
returned from St Louis and Louisville
where they have purchased a very at
tractive line of millinery for this mar
ketoAll the latest style hats and bon
nets fin fact every thing in the milli
nery line They have secured the ser
vices of Miss Julia Eubank the well
known trimmer Their opening will be
next Friday and Saturday If you
want to see the handsomest display
every put on exhibition in Columbia
be at our apartments at Russell Gos
store on the days mentioned
Staples Stults
FOE SALEA good work horse good <
saddler and drives well
Bruce Montgomery
Hesekiah Harmon amanabout72
years old was convicted in the Adair
circuit court some tiraeago for knowing
a female under sixteen years old and
given ten years in the penitentiary The
case was appealed and last week the
Court of Appeals sustained the Judg
ment of the lower couitf While the
case was pending Harmon remained in
S jail here
Be at the LindseyWilson grounds
next Saturday afternoon An interest
ing game of base ball Russell county
against Adair county Admission 15
cents ladies free
The acorn mast in the Harmony pre
duet is very heavy Mr ItM Hurt
J efj at tjiis ffice last week a number
Of chestnut oak acorns many of them
as large as pullet eggs stating that the
trees in that precinct were hanging
I lam located in the little brick in east
Corner of the square and am ready toI
J w repair watches and clocks I guarantee
S iDlY work i L E Young
S l Attention Of the voters in the KniftfY
S precinct and East Columbia precinct is
called vto the election notices published
in this paper The elections ire the
8th day of November
S 300pftir of Sample Shoee forgale ata
S bargain price at Sinclairi
city1abenI 1
appointed ldy principal of tie South t
t em OT Gritioa C lege 1v PoUlt r
fEii 4swoEu4yzb I
S 1i irllLrV 1 f > JC t fy 10 V J
4 4fS4SS
S f t St S 1 j
DrR D Hovious Dead
A few weeks ago the subject of this
notice returned to Knifley this county
after having been absent for several
years Upon his return he reported
that he had been living in Tennessee
and that he had returned home to die
He was in very poor health when he
reached his old neighborhood and grad
ually grew worse until Saturday night
of last week when the end came He
w s about sixtyfour years old and had
practiced medicine in many diffrent
places His last location before going
to Tennessee was Russell Springs
He was a manof considerable infor
mation and the year before he left
Russell county was a Republican caI diJ
date for and almost I
County Judge won
the nomination
In his young days he was an ardent
Southern sympathizer and when his
first son was born he named him J
Wilkes Booth x
The deceased leaves a number of
brothers and several sisters in this
Death at ThurlowT
Mattie Guthrie the beloved wife of
Rev J P5 Van Hoy died at Thurlow
Green county last Friday morning The
funeral services and interment were at
Cane Valley this county last Satur
day The funeral discourse was preach
ed by Presiding Elder T L Hulse of j
this city The deceased was born and
reared in Cumberland county and was
an excellent Christian woman The
many friends of the surviving husband
in Adair county tender their profound
est sympathy
Eighteen Months i
John Robert Carter charged with
chicken stealing was tried in the Adair
circuit courtlast Wednesday The jury 1
rendered a verdict of guilty and fixed
his punishment at eighteen months in
the penitentiary
Remember the big sale of Jersey
cows in this place October 5 S
Rev D H Howerton who has been
pastor of the Baptist Church Burnside
has accepted a call from the Church
this place and will arrive in time to
preach the first Sunday in November
People who know Mr HoWerton say
that he is an able minister and an ex
cellent pastor The nembtrs of the
Church here are urged to be present at
his first meeting as it will be an im
portant one and the general public is S
invited Mr Howerton has a wife and
several children and will reside at the
parsonage on Greensburgstreet
Thshow will exhibit on Mr Scott
Montgomerys lot it can be reached
by concrete
Dr Sam Botts who was a native of
Adair county born and reared in the
Flat Woods country died in Glasgow
last week He was a brother of Mrs
Sallie Walker of this place and was a
skilled surgeon and physician He was
sixtyeight years old and for a number J
of years was a resident of Barren coun
ty He had been in declining health
for several years and had spent thous
ands of dollars visiting eminent spec
It is not every year that the people
of Adair county have an opportunity to
see a big show but the opportunitywill
be afforded on the 4th of October M
L Clark Sons great overland shows
will exhibit in Columbia giving two
performances afternoon and evening
Be sure and come in and see the great
collection of animals
Mesdames Nannie Scalf and L C
Hurt have opened a rooming and board
ing house Third Street near Chestnut
Louisville Rooms are elegantly fur
nished and the table supplied with the
best the market affords Friends from
Columbia and Adair county solicited
The No of the house i624 Third
Avenue S 472 1
A troupe of trained ponies and iv
clowns that are clowns are with M LI
Clark Sons shows Will exhibit inl
Columbia Tuesday October 4 I
We renorted last week that Mr Jas
T Page purchased Mrs Mollie Hud
sons property for 2200 After the
perwasjaut we were told that there
was no sale that Mr Pages bid was
for the owner of tht property j
Will the person who through misfl I
take exchanged umbrella with Willie
return it and get theirs
Priscilla fc W Ddhonev I
Mr Frank Sinclair andMr < GL Wl
DUlon will commence the erection Of
tiitir brick bu in ii house on the square J
thii week
Be sure and attod b n musl reit < Iv
It te Pzsthyta cthurotoai A
roirjflht Wd4iy
L t i c
< f S4j k
Work of Local Ministers
Editor New
It may be of interest to your readers
who are interested in the progress of
the cause of Christ if I give you a brief
account of my work for the past year
The territory over which I travel com
prises nine whole counties and parts of
five others contains twentythree cir
cuits and about one hundred and twen
ty churches It is traversed by both
Green and Cumberland rivers with their
numberous tributaries making it ex j
ceeding difficult to travel especially
during the winter season On account of
bad roads and impassable streams
Iyear i
year that is closing I alyepiew f
quarterly meetings pre he jnjiMirty
250 times and traveled 360W iiie p is
is about an average years work >
The preachers in the district have
been faithful and the minutes will show
that this has been one of the most sue
cessful years in our history With a
few exceptions the financial reports
from the various circuits will show a
decided advance over any previousyear
Tne partial report irhand justify the
statement that not less than 1000 peo
pIe have been converted and added to
the church during the year
At this rate it seems that we would
soon be able to make a better showing
in this field than we do at present and
many wonder why we remain in many
places comparatively weak This con
diti n of continued weakness is explain
ed by the fact that this is a shifting S
population We are unable to keep the
young people here after they are saved
The ambitious young people go to oth
er fields where they can find remunera
tive employment Thus the church
here is losing her life but is constantly
enriching the life of the Church abroad
This district hasa membership of
7951 and contributed fast yearif r min
i terial support 961010 for niisssions
164665 and for all purposes 20l7744
S 4 t I
The following is from Rev B M
Currie pastor of the Methodist Church
this place and Tabor It will doubt
less read with interest
Additions to the church during year
Number Sunday School pupils during
year 238
Organized Epworth League and en
rolled members 33
Increase in membership of Womans j
Missionary Societies 7
Married couples
Baptized 12 adults and 2 infants
Conducted and assisted in G funeials
Made over 800 pastoral visits at the
homes of the people
Raised and used fop relief of local
poor 3550
Raised for missions about 12500
Raised for furnishing parsonage 97
Raised for repairs on Tabor church
11500 S
Raised for all purposes bvthe church
es about 81800 i S
Rev R L Tally who is the Evange
list for the Columbia district has also
been very successful in his years work
and when he reaches Conference he
will have a very satisfactory report to
make He has been evangelizing in
seven counties and has assisted in
many very successful meetings During I
ing the year he preached 223 sermons
witnessed 149 conversions one hundred
of whom joined the Methodist Church
He collected for missions 734 92 Rev
Tally does not know whether or not he
will be return d to this field but should
he come he will be gladly receded If
he goes elsewhere the people will soon
know that they have an earnest minis
ter in their midst
S Listen Farmers
Did you know the most valuable thing
on your farm was the manure for pro
duce The only way to handle it is
with a manure spreader I sell thje < best
makes on the market Call or write
eat Columbia Ky xHugh M Noe
Miss Nettie Clark this ityWhC has
been seriously afflicted for the past
year submitted to an operation at
Elizabeth Infirmary Lebanon last
Wednesday Dr C M Russell her
brOtheriniaw returned from Lebanon
Thursday stating that the operation
was successful and that he left the
patient getting > along nicely l °
ilr Henry Altcher will be in COlumn >
lia next Monday to buy mules frOm 4
Ito 7 jrears Old Bring themjh
IR eiiCouty will plly Adair Coumty
next Sat11rdUtIon oe Lidaey
Wjlson camp Ttegame will be c1
d at3Q QqkiJ S
v n J4i jv
r LU t Lii
r J e 1
rhe M >
Lfij JfSiMr
5 I 1t >
Large Audience Greeted Misses
Hatcher and MacGavock at
On Friday evening the large auditori
um of Lindsey Wilson was completely
filled long before the hour for the exer
cises to begin the occasion being the
Y recital given by the music and
expression teacherr who are Misses
Ethel Lee Hatcher and Louise MacGav
ock Never in the history of this in
stitution has an audience been more
highly entertained From the first
number whichwasLiszts Nocturne so
beautifully rendered by Miss Hatcher
until the last the audience never tired
Each number of the musical part was
splendid and the vocal solo Mighty
Lak a Rose by Nevin was especially
received The duet given by Misses
Hatcher and Milliken played by Mrs
C M Russell was also an interesting
As a reader we feel that Miss Mac
Gayock has few superiors She was
heartily encored after each selee
tiorijand she kept the audience in a
continual roar of laughter by her im
personations The readings entitled
Heard on the Beach and 4The Swan
Song were among the best and Ten
nysons The First Quarrel brought
down the house
Columbia feels justly proud of these
two young ladies and we look forward
to many more like occasions during
their stay with us They both proved
to the many who beard them that they
were well qualified for the places they
S J55 for SIe
A sixroom cottage with Ii acre lot
good young orchard and outbuildings
474t JoE Flowers
While in Somerset last week Mr N
M Tuttmet Mr J Mack Fraser who
informed him that there was a baby at
his house two mouths old and that his
wife who had been an invalid for ten
or twelve years was getting well and
that he expected in a very short time
tft announce that her Health had been
fully recovered Mr Frazer was in a
very happy state of mind and this unex
pected recovery of Mrs Frazer after so
long a spell of illness will be gladly re
ceived by her many friends here When
the baby was born two months ago it
weigHed 3 pounds It now weighs 13
Reward of 100 for recovery of white
and black spotted hound pup seven
months old Lucian Thomas
472t Gradyville Ky
Mr J W Hurt has rented his pro
perty in this place and he and his wife
will become residents of Birmingham
Ala where they have a son and daugh
ter living Mr Hurt will make some
kind of business in Birminghamr They
expect to leave Columbia next Monday
May success attend them is the wish of
a host of friends
Attend J B Barbees big sale of
Jersey cows Oct 5th
Take a day of rest and recreation and
visit the cleanest and brightest show
you have ever witnessed Enjoy a
moral refined performance of skilled
Artists Remember we do not claim
to have the largest show in the World
but we honestly claim one of the best
now before the public M L Clark
Sons At Columbia October 4th
The Cemetery Committee announce
that the public is invited to inspect
the grounds and see the improvements
Those interested are requested to have
their lots trimmed as they have been
mowed and we did not contract with
the sexton to trim the lots He will do
that for a small extra All persons
havinirock or other debris
there are requested to move same or
use it as seems proper October being
the last month in the year in which
any work will be done until spring we
wish to perfect everything Will those
haying wire stretched around their lots
please remove and curb or indicate
with coroner Stones as wire is very
much in the way in mowing and rak
ing Cemetery Committee
See the digpay advertisement of Mv
L Clark Sons shows published in
todays paper
Reports of this years work of Pre
siding Elder T L HufceT Rev B M
Chirrie and Bey 1L TUy are pub
lished in the News today Thee gen
tlemen M their repeats will show
bare been very successful in their re
spective worV They are popuar aJin
esandItishOpe4ithatt1y will be
returned ReVwtJttrrie pMtor 0 Co
lumbia Chureh exeeedkiff rjr sociable
iIi 0otitiom mad hw iMtIKt Muid
ikwks will brised wbtle C is lt
t sda Cfsro
7GW0j 5C I
The Revival Continues
The Evangelistic meetings at the
Union Presbyterian Church near Gra
dyville have taken the proportions of
the old time revivals for which this
church was famous in other days The
attendance has been good from the be
ginning but on Sunday the capacity of
the large house was taxed to the limit
notwithstanding the constant rain Bpth
preaching and singing are of an unusu
ally high standard and together with
the excellent work done by interested
church members all churches being
represented the best of results are but
natural Up to this writing there have
been some twentyfive or thirty public
professions of Christ with ten additions
to the membership of the Presbyterian
church The meetings will probably
continue throughout the present week
Three services are held each day with
dinner on the grounds
Cane Valley Bank Closed
The Farmers Deposit Bank which
has been doing business at Cane Valley
this c9untyfor three or four years sus S
pended payment last Saturday The
bank has a heasy debt out and on ac
ount of the scarcity of money tie
Directors met and decided to temporari S
ly suspend business until col ections
could be made
Come in October 4and see M L
Clark Sons big show All kinds of
wild animals
To Christen The New Organ
There will be rendered at the Presby
terian church an interesting musical
prog m on Wednesday evening Sept
28 at 8 oclock The occasion will fit
tingly celebrate the installment of the
new organ recently purchased for the
use of the church The program will
consist of instrumental solo and chorus
selections The citys best musical tal
ent wilt assist in the rendition of the
Mr Presley Clark Bowling Green
I will be the efficient director while Miss
I Alice Walker the churchs excellent I
organist will preside at the new instru
ment The public is cordially invited I
to spend a pleasant evening with the
Presbyterians and partake of their enI
joyment over this latest addition to
their eqiuppment for better worship
No addmissipn fee
S LosTA gold brooch pin with dia
mond in center Will reward the finder I
Mrs Jo Coffey Jr
Work of the Grand Jury
The grand jury finished its Work last
Saturday Fortytwo indictments were
returned classified as follows
Chicken stealing 1
Liquors unlawfully v 4
False swearing r > i 1
Malicious cutting < 11
Flourishing a weapon 1
Common Public nuisance < 1
Obtaining property by falsepre
ierise 1
House breaking t 1
Detaining a woman S 1
Carnally knowing a female under 16 1
Furnishing liquor on election day 1
Liquor to minor S 1
Fornication 9
Breach of peace 8
A Gaming vV 6 >
Weapons J > A T 1
Disturbing worship V t 3
< 1J > <
5 42
Wolford Bros Casey Creek who
handle several very fine horses had a
colt show at their barn in Roley this
county on the 17th There were about
15 Royal Peacocks to enter the contest
and they were aU beauties Thirty dol I
lars had been offered by the Messrs
Wolford in premiums for first second I
and third choice and it proved a con
test hard to decide The Judges were
Mr Ben Shreves of Taylor count and
rJo Campbell of Casey county
wholly disinterested men and they had
something to do After carefully ex
amining all the colts they decided as
follow First choice Jake Rich Sec
ond choice Thos Drake Third John
Itnifley The decisions were perfectly
Mr A D Gilbert the We1 k own
painter is now engaged in putting the I
finishing touches on Mr J F Cabells i
residence Miami Green county The
outside has been finished and for tie S
next ten day he will be engaged on the 1
inside The floors are to be hardwood
fimAedV By the first of October llx
Gilbert hopes to reach Columbia and
rcloM up several coatracts here
S Sheriff A D Pattesoit and Preeton
Mi1r ooavt rohn Robert Qarter
Silas Spoo W rs to
Sidney jiarmon Dead jt
The Death Angel late yesterday af
ternoon visited the Harman home aVc
few miles west of Jackson and claim
ed the husband and father of that fam
ily She spirit of Sidney Harmon a v
quiet modest and unassuming inanfrJ
but a most worthy upright and honorl
able citizen took its flight at 530 to Wt
that bourne where suffering is no more
and peace and rest eternal V
U S Harmon was a native of Ken
tucky but came to Mississippi some
eighteen years ago his brother Rev
M F Harmon having preceeded himif
here some little while In connection i
with his brother he engager in the <
printing bbsinessin this city and was
active in that pursuit until a year or so
ago when his health failing he put
chased him a country home near Van
Winkle and in the quiet of country
life to a large extent regained his lost
vigorf Mr Harmon was a sufferer
from kidney troubles lor the past three
or four years but was apparently in his
usual health until a few days goI
when the disease took an alarming Ji
form and realizing that the end was
near a telegram was sent his oldest
daughter who only two weeks ago had
gone to West Point to attend the fe
male college at that place She ar
rived home about one hour before her
father breathed his last completing
the family circle by whom he was sur
rounded when the end came
About 16 years ago Mr Harmon was
united in marriage to Miss Virginia
Stovall of this city who with four
children survive to mourn the death of
a kind and devoted husband and a lov
ing and indulgent f Ettner
The funeral ceremonies will be held
at 4 oclock this afternoon at the West
End Christian church of which he was
a consistent member after which the
interment will take place at Cedar
Lawn cemetery Daily larion Ledger
Jackson Miss Wednsday morning
Sept 21 1010 5
MeL Clark Sons great overland
shows will exhibit in Columbia Tues
day October 4 The show is bigger and
better > than ever There will be a
grand street parade
Masonic Election
Columbia Chapter No 7 Royal VArch
Masons elected the following officers
for the ensuing year last Friday night
Walker Bryant H P
S Jo Russell
0 King S
GT Flowers C oft t
L V Hall P S JS Jtl
T S r i S
J R Garnett R Ar cf Y7
S C Neat M 3d V t
B M Currie M 1st V
Sam Lewis entinelI
R F Paull Treas
Horace Jeffries Secy
S A brilliant and unparalled Colossal S
show M L Clark Sons comprising a
troupe of Autocratic Champions whose
supremacy as artists no one will dispute
Artistic acts and exploits introduced by
the best troupe of lady and gentlemen <
Acrobats Gymnasts EquilidristsLeapS
S ers Tumblers Jugglers Vaulters
Posturers Clowns and Highwire Per
formers in the profession At Colum
bia Oct 4 5
We are authorized to state that the
Board of Health of this county met <
last Monday night and decided that on
account of diptheria being prevalent in
this section it was to the best interest
of the people for Clarks show not to
exhibit at any point in Adair county
George Moore a colored man of > tins
county diedon the 18th > A
AttentIon is called to the adof it
E Hill in todays paper
JI 5
Born to the wife of James GarnettV S
September 261910 asonJames Gar
nett Jr P
S t 1
An infant child of rsJ W Coffey
died last Saturday night and wasburied
Sunday afternoon
Bring your mules from 4 to 7 years
old to Columbia next Monday Henry
Altcher will be hereto buy i
There will be services at the Meth > I
odiat church next Sunday conducted by
> J S
I have 200 000 pounds of fertilizer
ready for the market Place of busii
ness back of Russell Co
472t CE Young
TheiGemetery Association Committee
Will meet kt the Hancock H tcirSatur li < S
dayaftsfnooi ata wclock
nrW B olJb hO t
ul yagaste thji at Uisioewm 7fi S
1scb t he PrNbtiait iure 1
Tc Xold7itt 11
5 S S S
7j J k
j Jtev
x W

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