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Senatorial Race.
'(Lexington Correspondent Cin-
ri nnati Ena uirer. )
Though former. Congressman
Dave Smith is the only one of the
four gentlemen mentioned who
has formally announced his
candidacy for the Democratic
nomination to the senatorship, I
the other three are quite gener-, unquestionably, has strengthen
ally denominated candidates,' andi ed himself with the people of
they will be regarded as such un- j Kentucky through his work in
.til they make statements other-' the steel corporation investiga
wjse tion, and it appears to be the
vun. fnm rwrnnr .!,
ham at this writing commands
,,. o rf nf fha in
wlLw'S.l&ww -uppuii -rJ- iw ww.i.,
those people to whom the pol
iticians upon occasion are wont
to refer as "the great common
.people." is a generally accepted
fact; but, as no one better un
derstands tharf .does he some
fehine: besides the votes of the
masses is necessary to r5ut hii.. or
&ny other candidate in posesion
of the certificate that will war
rant his going down to the rail
road station and getting aboard
ihe train for Washington and a
in theSenate. Perhaps it is a
desire to have a firmer, grip on
that something than he' had in
1908, when four Democratic
members of the Legislature de
serted him and make -it possible
lor William O'Counell Bradley to
" :go to the Senate the following
year in his stead, that is retard
ing his formal announcement.
The "Beckham press' as the
news papers friendly to interests
of the former Governor are famil
iarly teamed is strong this week
in the declaration that' the Kent
ucky Democracy owes that .the
senatorship to Beckham. They
are saying in stentorian atones
and black type that he was the
rightful owner of the seat which
Bradley is soon to vacate, it was :
stolen from him by the rankest !
-sort of political burglary, and it
is up to the Democrats to make
what amends they can to the
man who was so grievously .
wronged." Some of those news-
. 1 . ... I
1 1
.papers were doubtless inspired!
tG their atterance.b that clever!
political tactician, s rategist and
'organizer, General- Percy Haly,
but Whether that be the case or
.not they are fast winning recruits
to.the cause of Btckham. Wlien
the anti-Beckham fellows pop ud
wifr-h flip miPsrinn "Didn't TJep.k -
,hnm steal the nomination from
McCreary in 1907?" as argument
in jnstification of the action of
the four Democrats who deserted j
mm in rhp. snnce 5dine" session ofi
d.hpT.pintrP.thpRpr.VhnmitPSiQCviffhpnpnnip.nio tw An
.-get 'back with the rejoinder, j
-'Well, we've rioted that wrong!
ijy putting MbOreary into the
jgovernorsmp by a majority or
over 30,000 and now it is up to
you. do the square thing for
Beckham," The state is ap
parently ringing with sentiment.
'Governor. McUreary, ever
cantious in word . and act
seldom committal on any sub
ject until the popular sentiment
is seemingly set, is saying noth-'as aout " PPams lor
,wnfWfl.,Hnn f. th Spnjthell8jQbsare already inthe
, atorship, but many of his move-
-mpnts in one since early sum- -
-mer have indicated that he hasjPost maste.rs have anywhere
snade up his mind to go into' the from one to three years. of their
.August primary and that he is
intending to buna up an organ-1
iizationout of forces
.. ,.
m nis aa-
ministration and through bis ap
Tointees and their friends.
' Priends of Beckham are now
sayiag tliat Qovernor McCreary I
misid the support
ofWhallen influence in Louis-J
ville and elsewhere in the State,
and that they really mean to give
him sufficient of it to keep him in
the race, intending at the last
moment to throw it to Congress
man Owsley Stanley, who is still
assuming the attitude of a will
ing recipient, but nonseekers af-
ter the higher office. Stanley
opinion of a very considerable-!
nuraber of fche reallv wel1 Posted
politicians of the State that the
fight will ultimately narrow down
to Beckeam-and Stanley.
Drives Off H Terror
The chief execuoiouer of death
the wineer and spring months
pneumonia, Its advance agenrs
colds and grip. In any attack by one
of these maladies no time should be
lost in, taking the best medicine ob
tainable to drive it off. Countless
thousands have found this to be Dr.
.Kings !Xew Discovery. "My husband
believes it has kept him from having
pneumonia three qr four times," writes
Mrs. George "W. Place, Eawsonville,
Yt., ''and for coughs, colds and croup
we have never found its equal."
Guaranteed for all bronchial affection
Price 50 cts and $1.00. Trial bottle
free at Paull Drug Co. N
On Second Thought.
(Jay E, Ilouse in Louisvill Times.)
If you save your money you
will be called a "tightwad." If
you scatter it you will be refer
red to. as a "spendthrift."
It is also demanded of a father
that he be frugal and save mon
ey enough to set his sons-in-law
up in business.
An Ohio clergyman says kiss
ing is worse, than wine. Tank
Beverly says the clergyman's
phraseology is inapt. "What he
should have said," Tank main
tains, "is that wine is better
than kissing."
Now it seems pertinent to ask, 1
who put the alum in baking
powder? . ,
No man of fifty feels as young!
. . , , ,
as ever, no matter how much he
,. , . .. .
lies about it.
No man believes the sign
which reads, "This Means You,"
applies to him personally.
A man may admit his wife has
x.uau.u, aumuu .
her aults- but he is always j
I ready to deft:nd his bird dog,
aaainafc anv asnersions that mav
-a -"- -w . --
' cast "upon it.
T A woman will forgive a
j for whipping her, but she hates
tthe one who steps on her skirt to
her dying day.
An Town man line:
written to
not. The women rule. I
when a worthless man does ai
despicable thing he excuses him -
self by saying he
when, it happened.
was drunk
Dismal Prospects.
"There are 118 presidential
postoffices in Kentucky," says
the Warsaw Independent, "and
it must be an all fired popular job,
j 1 1 OOO 1 J -f?
field," and the misfortune of it
is that a lot of these Eepublican
i terms remaining and it is ex-eecl-
ingly likely fhat many of them
: will hp npymitterl to rptvp. nut
their time in power. What a
dismal prospect when the woods
are full of hungry. Democrats
who. haven't been in sicrht of a
m of nie for sixteen lorn? cold a,nd soreness of my lungs.M writes emUhatiinterests file recipient
piece ot pie lor Sixteen long Mi Marl Gerber fSawtelle . Cal . F or' '.:. J '
years. . '
- ' - "-l, J .,
What IS 'Beyond Uealtl.
A sick man turned to his doc
tor, who was leaving the room
after a visit, and said:
"Doctor I want to ask you a
"Yes," he said. "What is it?"
"Am I going to get well?"
The doctor hesitated a moment
and the patient said to him:
' "Don't treat me like a child.
I have a right to know. Tell
Well," he said, "you may
recover this time, but the second
or third attack is pretty sure to
prove fatal."
The sick man caught the doc
tors coat and said to him:
"Doctor, I am afraid to die.
Tell me what lies on the other
Very quietly the doctor said :
"I do not know". '
j. uu xivu xviiuw.
"You' don't know.' You- a
Christian man, do not know
what is on the other side?"
The doctor was holding the
Vmndlonf fV.o Annv nn tho nfhor
side of which came sounds of
cinrfltpliincr and whinino- nnd ns
Scratching and Winning, ana as
he onened the door a doir SDran(?i
. . ., . , ,
imf-A -t-i- vrfcvn nv n nnnni rv iiwi
with every show of gladness.
Turning to the patient, the doc
tor said: '
"Do you notice that dog? He
had never been in this room be
fore. He did not know what
was inside. He knew nothing
exdept that his master was here
and when the door was opened
he sprang in without fear. I
know little of what is on the
other side of death, but I do ! toilet mirror or one of those
know one thing: I know my j Quaint, old-fashioned, gilt affairs,
Master is there and that is I make a very acceptible gift,
enough. And when the doorj I know one bride who ex
is opened I shall pass through - changed a picture which she dis-
with no fear, but with glad -
About Farpi Waes:
. The farmers of Kentucky as a ! wmn atLracLivegi.
rule employ their regular hands If yu like something auaint
by the year, but the wages are ; and a bifc different, see what the
to be paid by the month. Some ' Japanese stores have to offer. j
pay more during the working1 For Inexpensive wedding,
months than during winter, be-1 Present J know of nothin that
.cause the days are longer andi
weather permits of more labor.
wettluei j,miu, ui iiwie wuui.'
Sometimes the contract includes!311 kinas ot aesserts can De
board, and sometine the- labor- iservedin them they are extreme -
1 Pr hnnrH 5 himcplf T?imirp nw
.MWfcvj wwa x iv4 wu w. v 1
given out by Depaatmentof Ag -
'.... j. j.,. .- it
i ricuicure lor tne time oetween
.1866 to 1909. At the former i have enjoyed theirrappe glass
date the wage with board aver-je3 mord than anr other Sift
aee S9.61 ner month, not varvino- i A table mirror f?r the center
I Sreatly f rom tnis until reaching
$11.19 in 1880. In 1909 the &
mount was $15.50. -;
Without board the wage inl8
,66 was. ?16'76' I909' $231
The hiehest monthlv waces in
1 1909 without board was in Utah,
I grg TO
t ' mi -i it
. III.' V ;. J 11.111 lllIIHI .fl V .ll
i . j... .. uB,wu mu.u. t-i.ii.. , iv,
hiffherin the north and north -
west than, in the' south. The
Western group of States gives
highest $47.00. The south cen
tral group lowest $21.85.
It is estimated that Kentuck
y's farm 'labor cost $13;814,358
in 1909. '
California Woman Seriously Alarmed
"A short, time ago I contracted a
severe cold which settled on my lungs
oi1 nnncofl itio a errant: fltn nT finnnir-T
and. caused me a great deal of annoy
ance. I would -have bad coughing
spells. alid my lungs were so sore and
inflamed Ibegan to be seriously alarm
ed. A friend reccomraended Chamber
lain's Cough Kemedy saying slie had
used ib for years, i bought a bottle
and it relieved my cough th6 first
i night, and in a week I was rid of the
- saleibyaliqeaiera;' .
... - f ' I P I. IM . II .1 . . I .-
Suggestions Tor Wedding Presents.
(Ruth Cameron in Louisville Times.)
To the person with a large cir
cle of friends the problem of a
weddiag present often .becomes
almost as acute, both for the
brains and the pocket book, as!
the what-shall-I-give-for-Christ-i
maspUZZlfe, especially in SUCh"J
popular mating times as these
autumn months.
Unfortunately, I "can't help the
pocketbook side of the problem,
but I'm going -to make bold to .
offer a few suggestions for the
mental part-of it.
Since the re-birth' of the fire
place is an important part of the
home, andirons, tongs, bellows
in shorlAany thing-for the fire
place. is likely to be more than
i n wplnnmo trifr anri-nnr o rjrfif:
1 tj "-V f v
, ularly common one.
I' Good reference books, such as
i a dictionary, an encyclopedia, a,
' thesaurus a book of classicaLref-!
erence or of quotations make;
wedding gifts for which the re-
' cioients will nrobablv be (?rate-
... . . . ,
iul to you every time they con-
suit them. .
FlCtureS.are a beautiful gift,
!u.,4. i.:a j n
1 11111. yt 1 1 1 ill- iiHiiiHiiiiis nnwHv
T -w xam, w wmw aaw -- w
er, lify0U gO tO a nrSt-CiaSS piCC-
ure store and trustlyourself to an ,
intelligent clerk and tell him to,
a 1 1 1 ' f
pick OUt SOmething,Safe you Can't
! go very , far astray. You may
, ,N - ., , .1 , ,.
not select One of the bride's fa-
VOrites but VOU won't tret a Diet -
VOOies, DUC you won Z gee a piCl-
ure that will be banished to the
store room and be brought out
oniy for your visit.
Some kind of mirror, a triple
."ked lor a mirror. You get
. ... - ..
i tired of the best pictures," her . dom 5s necessarj' to accomplish resUtu
! , . , , , ' Hon- Tlie delay of more than eighteen
j uiui,nci tsaiu, uuii jruu 11 iicvci
get tired of that." ,
Vases appeal to me as
an es-
11 Li. j "J?i
makes a better showing than
; naf a $oz$n frappe glasses
As j
.. ' . , .
uaeiui, uuu uiiey van ue uuugut,
.Ior a aoen. up.
hriflpc! Imvp tnlrl rrp thnf. thpv
i of the able is another inePen"
I sive but very acceptable present.
Remember that the value of a
gift is practically doubled when
it is
3USt what the recipient
-..,.- m .
! wants- Ana u yoa are suincrent-,
j well acquainted, ask the bride's
I "'"Wicr. ur sibLeis ui liiLiuictLt:
i friprirla few cno'crpd'tinnc!
- . -
- -.
- "Don't be afraid to give some-
thmgthat represents iabor
stead of money, people are do -
inor 1-Vidt- mnrp nnrl' mnrp pvprv
...to .v.- f
year. No' woman can fail to be,
delightevith a piece of em-.1
broider; a very pretty shoe case,
made Of cretonne to match -her
J y f . -
"bedroom hangings, pleased one
hride as much as :'anv thimv- she
Driae as m.uyi db ; any uung fane
had; a dozen tumblers of home-
I made jellyf accompanied -by a
note sdying, Silver and gold
have 1 ndne, but such as I haVe
give I urito thee," deeply touch
ed and pleased another bride.
Truly the price tag isn't the
-only t&ng about a wedding pres-'
cyaic: w mc kuumjt,.
Denver Divines on Right Track, j
Q , Dnecnll
0Q" ' QJ,UI "UwwGiii
No World-Burrlmg -Satan to B
Bound Sin, Sickness a,nd Death to
Be conquered Man to" Be Delivered.
The Power Vested In Messiah His
Kingdom Near How It Will Appear.
Denver, Dec. 1.
This city is stirred!
Seventeen pastors
of all denomina
tions have been
discussing The Sec
ond Advent for a
month. Now comes
Pastor Russell tell
ing us all, that
"The Earth abld
eth forever" that
it will never be de-
ipastoi? ciissfiiII stroyed by literal
a fire. According to
i.i, ji, ,....-.- ,-., n4 rii;oj rv.iv..
in- win bring blessings such as we
"? Hf ems to have the Bible
an(1 ioslc on his side too!
Pastor ! Eusseii declared that false
, TUS!"
view. set forth hi ail orthodox creeds
is that Christ will come again In the
flesh. The resurrection will take place
within twenty-four hours. The saintly
will -rise iu the air to meet the Lord, speakable Girt.
aeu finj AVill coine down trom neav. The scriptures declare that the r.e-
en, and consume the whole earth. Pre-' deemor took the nature of men iu or-
I mUlennlallsts claim that Christ wili.der redeem sinners; but that In Him
rfcm In floshlv clorv a thousand vears t there was no sin. Only a sinless one
tn Moca tiio Hvin?' HMio mjilnritv of
v -- - b ,rfwrf --
Chris, tians
this as
nonsense because thy believe little of
cre or IBib,e- 1n?101 Perceivff
its Inconsistency with the-Bible.
What Bibta siudenu WW
Tuo -f.ro of that day" is symbolical;
nlrofirlv .k-inilllnf in snoiotT. thft file -
1 ;;:; f whioh. Canital and Labor!
... , i.1 c ii -11
are getting hotter. Soon they will
! elt- the, Tb.,1IC?.1, ?art" 7"1 S
consumed with th? "heavens" also, the
I . . ., , r,i. J
ecclesiastical powers, xiieir n , and b tb& worlfl.s Rc3torer. de-
away will usher In a new earth, or ( 1v them from the power of gatan
social order, and "new heavens, the giQ and deatn Whererore," St. Paul
Church In glory. . ga ..God nath hlglliy exalted Him,"
The Second Coining of Christ is as-1 far above ..anelgf principa!ities and
sociated with blessings. Messiah will j powers and cverv name that is narae(i -abolish
the curse and bring in wonder- ,
ful blessings. The Day Of Christ Will ' An Oppos.te Cour3B From Satan s
be "the last Day,"-the great Seventh ' Pas,or 1,lss,e " contrasted tl.e
Thousand-year Day. All humanity will course pursued by Satan with that f j.
be blessed, including the dead who will J lo1 .our onL Meditating a.n
then he awakened. bitlous designs. Satan found an oppo,
m. i. ' o ' tunity in Eden. He beheld in our first
Christ Comes to Reign. , nareats a new onier 0f beings, design
t A.J t..A 1 .LA....Lrb.V'.J 1. .J ....V.mW..T
. f0r man's salvation so Messiah's King-
as me reuempiiou
pic niwAW'irr
centuries is Scrlpturally explained: (1)
God designed Six Great One Thou
sand Year Days to teach mankind the
exceeding sinfulness of sin. He pur
posed that on the Seventh Day the
blessing of Messiah should come. ('2)
An important
since Calvary
work has. been done
An Elect Church has
been gathered out of all nations
saints made perfect through suffering,
a Little Klock. the "Church of the
First-borns.' These are to become the
Bride of Christ at nis Second Adveut.
. The Second Coming of Jesus is to
claim His Bride- class, and to exalt
them. As regards the world, He comes
' to bind Satan, to overthrow sin. and
jOjP-ien umany. st Peter
. .
onu coming or .icsus: "Times ot re-1
freshing shall come from the presence
of the Lord." Acts Hi. 19-21.
Christ's Kingdom to Be Spiritual.
One great mistake we have all made
Is in not uoUeiug that Jesus was hu
man for only thirty-three and a half
years. He was a glorious spirit being
before n- was made flesh; and He
was resur 'ed to a spirit condition
higher tvh Flis original one. How
fooIUti u- . to to think of Jesus as a
man (a lfttle lower than angels) in the
midst of the Heavenly host. He is now
partaker of the Divine nature: His
Church Is to he "changed" and made!
' "like Ilira." As His descent was from
a higher.toa lower, so His ascent Svas
f-- "SSis So'
a higher, "far
rv which "no man hath seen nor can se
1 "which no man can approach uuto.
i ie is iuis jriurmiis iion viin! ivinir-
T. t.ft. t . n . .v.
dom .Is about to" be established! He
iz is mis Kiorious uemg wnoHi iins-
j angels. The appearances of Jesus in
tne uesii 'after Uis resurrection were
'.materializations, to prove: (li that f
materializations, to prove: (1j that
Jesus was no longer dead,: (2) that He'
J" .STZ tw.J"" "1
paroisia, Epiphania, Apokaiupsis.
I Messiah's Kingdom will have earthly
..represontatives-the faithful saints ot
previous ages, raided to human perfec-
' tion .InstantI-v Throusu.these tite m
, visJb,e JIess,nnic KiUj.dom wi,i ,,.
f erate J.esua said. "Ye shall see .Vbra -
jD tije Kingdom
ham, Isaac. Jacob and all the prophets
I The parousia of'.lesus will come first
present but invisible. The world will
continue; with 'the ordinary -affairs or
life while He is gathering the Chuvcui.
as in the days of .Noah,
After the gatheriug of the Church,
there will be an epiphania and an apo
kaiupsis df Jesus. v He will shlqe forth.
He will be revealednot in 'flesh, but,
"In flaming Ore." the trouble of. that
Day,, In twhicb the present order will
be consumed in anarchy,' glyjrig place
to the Kingdom Dispensation.
Salvation Is of God's.LoYB, KGt
oi Justice or Necessity,
Misunderstanding of What Constitutes
the Divine penalty For Sin Has Mis
led Us In Respect to Every Featuro
of God's Program For Our Recovey
From the Penalty.
Kochester, N. Y.,
Nov. 21. Pastor
Russell of Brouk
lyn Is here. We re
port one of his ad
dresses from th.
text, "Thanks h
unto God for I J
unsieakable (Ht
II Corinu
is, l'i.
The Pastor
that in ordf-r '
(PASrOK. gUSSEtLJl appreciate -"
- Scrlptares on .
subjects, we must handle the Wo"'
God honestly. We must recogniz- r
our Lord Jeai's is one person an 1 '
Father anot'irijerson. The o s
between the Father and the Son i- V '
declared by our Master Himself, i,. rf
Ing that lie and the Father are o
in the same scilse that He desires a"
of His disciples to be one in mind, in
purpose, iu will, la effort. (John svi",
Our Lord Jesus Is Gods un
! could cive to God a Kansom for Adaiu.
and thus redeem from destruction. t.jt
only Adam, but all his posterity, in
volved in sin and death through hin
The speaker then showed that God
seT before our Lor ft rea joy, tli
clleerfalJv tUe bitter experiences of Ii'i
! " .... . ,
earthly ure WBjnt,
nave ueen: tw 1S pieasuru iu. uuum
tbe Pather.s wI11. (2) Hj3 priViie-e of
' "bringing many sons to g!ory-the
,,,,., m'oc, ,n ,-n i 1,.
vjuu.v.11, iu; "" ......ou.. .."V. JJ w-
ed to bring into existence a race th:'t
would till the earth. Satan essayed to
be ruler or prince over this human ere
atiou: and by so doing, he not only be
came a rebel against Cod, but brouckt
sin and death into the world.
Our Lord .Jesus pursued an oppoIt -course,
and demonstrated His toy.iIt
and obedience. St. Paul iutimates tha
although the Logos was much higbe"
n was Lucifer, yet He was humble
; aml raeUtateI not a usurpation." a -
the Creek text declares. (Phil L
G.) lie thought not by robbery to l
equal with (Jod On the contrary. o
Lord willingly at-eepted the Divine pr
posal that He should be humbled to tl (.
human plane for a time, in order t.
carry out the Father's Tlan
To the Church. Jesus is Cod's v
speakahle :ift. He is indeed a (J ,'
to the whole world, unspeakable i
value, but He is more to the ClurV
than to tbe world. To nis foots,
followers. He is the "Captain of t!
Salvation." their Bridegroom, t v
'Elder llrother." their great n .
Priest Through Him they are i-r
ileged to be the Royal Prlesthc 1
Through the merit of the sacrifice c
Christ, they are privileged to "pre- ::
their bodies living sacrltices. holy . .t
cei)table unto t!od."
The Pastor tlieu said that Justice 1
the foundation of God's Throne r
the jKit. endeavors to harmonize J
j tice with our great Creator's den!
'with humanity Have Involved :;
! difficulty. We were assured b.v t
prominent, omtis umt i.wl uau K
i "S'y orow:iic uhuikiihi inio exjsr. .
i ulr such miiulitlans that the j.. '
' majority would siwml eternity n t "
ture. We iwrceived no Justice in t -
such arrangement. But while u-n .'
'I ing from, criticising the Creator va
nxa. I.I .. i. ...InnaA .....1. .. ....br .
i v.uuiw hui ihuui.ii- suiu n cuuiat.', i
see it to be In harmony with the r.
if . ." -,
t mo btJ expected of fallen human ie
mgs uiau oi our pertect ureaiorr
F The Scrfptures declare only the cod
secrated Church see the
breadths, heights and depthWof '"it
of God," which passetu unJ"
standing. This class alone is in -n
sense prepared to give thanks to '" 1
novr for His unspeakable- Gift. 'I ' c
thanks, go up. not only in words !; t
also In .actions, which "speak Under
than words." These thanks ascen 1 i-
sweet incense to God.
By and by. "All the blind eyes wi'.
be opeued and all the dearf ears will be
unstopped." Then the whole world of
mankind, including those awakened
from the sleeps of death during Mes
slab's reign, will be in condition to rec
ognize God's unspeakable Gift and ren
der thanks. When .wilful evil doers
shall have been destroyed, then every
creature- in Heaven, on earth and in
the sea shallbe heard saying. "Praise,
glory, "honor, dominion and might he
unto Him that sitteth on the Throne,
and to the- Lamb, forever." through the
unspeakable .Gift
.- " .
. . .
j,--' - .- r.... i c- . .. . . .. j - . v ty .
. . . b m w j ,ic- -;-3-Y'r -r- ' . l -, .
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