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Three Birthdays.
The village of Cane Valley is not very
large, asmany readers of the News
know, but it is large enough to have
three persons dwelling in its midst,
whose birthdays areupon the same day,
the first of December. These persons
are: Misses Julia Moo re, Pinkie Callison
and little Miss Mary Martha Hutch
inson. This bright little Miss is but
two years of age. The writer also has
testimony as to to the ages of the
other two, but as they are a might old
er than a youug bride of the village,
the writer holds her peace.
Because of these young ladies and
this little Miss having birthdays on
the very same day, the hospitable
home of Mr. "Will Smith was thrown
open and his daughter, Mrs. Charity
Moore, entertained in honor of them.
Mrs. Moore was assisted by Mrs. Wil
Jie Hutchinson and Mrs. Susie Page.
These ladies served to forty-one
guests, one of the most sumptuous
dinners One of the kind one reads
about, and the mouth fairly waters for
some of the savory dishes. So a de
scription will be withheld, having
much pity for those who could not
partake of the bounties which Mrs.
Moore prepared.
Each of the young ladies received
jiice presents
December the first was upon Sun
day. The young people went to Sun
day School and attended church serv
ices, then went to the home of Mr. I
.Smith. While the writer connot ap
2rovo of making the First day a day of
visiting and banqueting, yet she was
much pleased at the quiet, sincere en
joyment of the company and with
their becoming behavior on this .day.
The day was ideal. The affair a most
enjoyable one.
Mrs. '. T. V7.
Uettie Rupe&cPlffs.,
vs v.
Ivizzie Mary Rupe &c Dfls.,
The above styled action having been
referred to me to advertise for and
take proof of claims against the es
tate of A. K. Rupe, deceased. I will
receive claims and take proof of same
atmyonicem Columbia, Ky., from)
tne4tiiday of December. 1912, to
the :51st day of December, 1912. All
persons having claims are directed to
present the same properly proven.
W. A. Coffey, Master Com.. Adair
Circuit Court.
Neyv Patent.
Mr. S. F. Eubank will leave to-day
for Indianapolis. Tud., where he will '
contract with a manufacturer to put
his recently patented water pump on
the market. It is one of the simplest
contrivances ever invented. It has
about double the speed of any other
patent and it works without friction.
A small child will be able to operate
it with ease. Tt is generally believed
that it will be a source of much re
venue to Mr. Eubank.
fit His Case Exactly.
''"When father was sick about six
years ago he read an wivertisement of
Chamberlain's Tablets in the papers
that lit his case exactly," writes Miss
Margaret Campbell of Ft. Emith, Ark.
"He purchased a box of them and he
has not been sick since. My sister eaa
stomach trouble and was also benefit
ed by them.'' For sale by all dealers.
The Rev. O. P. Bush, of Lancaster,
will preach at the Baptist church the
3rd Sunday in this month at 11 o'clock
and in the evening at 15:30 O'clock.
Everybody is cordially invited to be
present at these services The official
boards of Zion aud Cane Valley are
requested to be present also.
The remains of Capt. W. C. Turk,
buried at Union graveyard ten or
twelve years ago. were disinterred last
Wednesday and brought to Columbia
and buried in a private lot in the city
cemetary. Mr. John W. Flowers
.superintended the removal by direc
tions of the surviving members of
the family.
For Sale.
My farm of 121 acres, good land, 1
mile West of Gadberry on Pettit's
.Fork. For particulars address,
' L. Y, Gabbert,
4-lmo , Gadberry, Ky.
If. A. McKinley purchased of Theo
dore Powell, a mare mule, 2 years old,
for $150. He also purchased from
isame party a jack for $200,
Rev. J R. Crawford and a number
of friends were delighttujly entertain
ed at the home of Mr.. and Mrs. W H.
JFJower?, last Tuesday. .
Mrs. Margaret Burton Dead.
Last Thursday night atu o'clock,
Mrs. Margaret Burton, who was the
wife of Mr. Clem Burton, died at her
late home, near Yester, this county.
She was about :0 years old, was a
daughter of the late Gideon Burton,
and was born and reared in the com
munity where she died. She left be
sides her husband, three or four chil
dren and a large number of relatives.
She was a sister of J. E. and Frank
Burton. The funeral was largely at
tended, every body being in sprapathy
with the bereaved husband and moth
erless children.
We have time and again called the
attention of the Louisville dailies to
certain correspondents in this section
of the country who make it a business
to send specials to said papers, palm
ing them off on the public as News.
They take items which have appeared
in this paper, change the phraseology,
hold them several days, sometimes as
long as two weeks, then wire them in
as news. The Courier-Journal, Times,
Post and Herald are represented in
this town, and when anything occurs
worth reading the local correspond
ents wire the news at once. Some fel
lows who want to add to their string
are hogging the dailies.
Attempted Suicide.
We learn irom liusseti county par
ties that a man named Simpson, who
lived this side of the Russell Springs,
attempted, last Thursday to take his
own life by cutting his throat with a
pocket knife. Dr. Com best, who lives
at the Springs, was called, sewed up
the gash, and the latest report is the
man will recover.
Mr. J. A. Webb, who was here from
Russell county, last Wednesday, re
ported that the news had reached his
place that air. A. II. Holt, proprietor.
oi one oi cue nocejs, Jamestown, naci
met with a stroke of paralysis. He
further stated that it was hot a se
vere attack, and that it was generally
believed that he would recover. Mr.
Holt is one of the best known men in
Russell county, popular with every
body, and his friends are anxious con
cerning his condition.
Foxes Wanted. '
Grey Foxes $2.50, Red Foxes 5.00;
Minks S6.00 to SS.00 each: Coons $1.23,
and express. Send name of your ex
press otllce in first letter.
V. T. Hodgen.
Box 232 Campbellsville, Ky.
Itobert Thurman, who shot and
killed Bud McCandless in Edmonton,
sometime ago, has beeu indicted for
murder in the Metcalfe circuit court.
The circumstances which led to the
killing is well-known to our readers.
Thurman was arrested, his bail being
fixed at $:,000 A motion for a change
of venue prevailed and the case goes
to Barren county andNwill be called
next March.
The Lindsey-Wilson Basket ball
team played the Russell Springs boys
in the Lindsey-Wilson gymnasium
Saturday night, Dec 7th. The result
was a victory for the home boj's with
a score of 20 to 13 Both teams did
gcod work and the game was interest
ing from start to finish. A large
crowd witnessed the contest.
The show windows about town
have become very attractive in the
last few days. There are so many
nice articles on display the purchasers
will have some difficulty in making a
selection In our judgment some
thing useful would-be the most desir
able Christmas present.
Taken up as Estray.
There is a black yearling steer on
my place. Been there since July. The
owner can have by paying expenses.
Jerry Cravens,
5-2b Dunville Ky.
I have a nice selection of goods suit
able for Christmas presents, that will
be here this week. Call and see them.
Prices will be reasonable.
Geo. E. Wilson.
I keep on hands a full stock of
coffins and "caskets, also robes; 2
hearses. Prompt service night or day.
Phone 2Q.
45-1 yr J. F. Triptett,
Columbia, Ky.
Born, to the wife of Leslie Tapman,
in the Cane Valley section, December
6th, a ten pound son.
Public Sale of BooKs.
At the sale of Rev. J. It. Crawford's
household furniture on Saturday.
Dec, 14, at 10 o'clock a. m., many val
uable books will be offered for sale,
among which will be found;
Masterpieces of Eloquence 24 Vol.
Charles Dickens Complete 15 Vol.
Leading Facts in English Ilistory.
Memoriess of Prentiss 2 Vol.
The Worlds Congress of Religion.
Ilistory of Home Illustrated 2 Vol,
Grams Universal Atlas
Shakespears Plays 3 Vol.
Prince of India 2 Vol.
Ilistory of the Reformation.
In Darkest Africa . 2 Vol.
Historical Lights.
Mosheims Ecclesiastical Ilistory
and nearly 100 other books from a se
lect library.
Death of a WellKnown Man.
Last Friday morning Mr. Robert A.
Groves, who was born and reared in
Green county, well-known to many
citizens of Adair county, died at Cane
Valley. He was buried at his old
home place, in Green county. There
were but few better known men in
Green county than "Bob" Grdves, as
he was famliarly called. He was
jovial, at one time in comfortable cir
cumstances. His funeral was largely
attended. He will be greatly missed,
as he was one of the land marks of
that part of Green county known a?t
Engagement Announced.
Dr. and' Mr&. W. K. .Richardson, of
this city, to-day announced the en
gagement of their daughter, miss
Tabitlm, to Mr. Tim B. Cravens, of
Columbia, Ivy. Their marriage will
taicpYiauC TiacSmber 2G, at the home
of the intended bride, this city-
Tompkinsville News
Cured of Liver Complaint
was suffering with liver com-
plaint," says Iva Smitn of Point
Blank, Texas, "and decided to try a
25c box of Chamberlain's Tablets, aud
am happy to say that I am completely
cured and can reccommend them to
every one.' For sale by all dealers.
Lest you forget, Christmas is com
ing and you will wane a supply of
good things to eat. Don't forget, that
I have these good things, and will sell
them to you right. I have the goods
you want, and-can deliver them to you
on short notice. N
Geo. E. Wilson.
The Superintendent's otllce will be
closed on the 21st day of this month
and will not again be opened until
the first day of January, 1913. Teach
ers will please take notice.
Lost, near Coburg: a purse contain
ing money. The finder will be re
warded. A. A. Cowherd,
v Coburg, Ky.
Wanted: Peafowls, $1.50 each.
W. T. Hodgen,
Box 232, Campbellsville, Ky.
Adair county was blessed with re
freshing rains last week. They did
not come too boon, as wheat and all
other vegetation were needing .mois
ture. Found.
Two calves one black aud one
The owner will please call on .1.
The truck car which will be run
. , , -, i ii -n
lufipuoii Hiic nl:iffi nun f!sminnml;villp.
is due to arrive in a few days.
The recent rains greatly revived the
growing crop of wheat and at this
time it is looking well throughout the
Born, to the wife of John Lee Wal
ker, December 4, 1912, a son John
Ritchey. Mother and baby doing
For Christmas supp.ies, go to Xell
& Taylor. They have a large stock
of candies, toys, etc Prices close.
Nell & Taylor pay the highest
'market price for eggs andbutter cash
or goods
Read the bank statements in to
days paper... .,
See Mr. Walter Ingram's 'Ja'd"
to-day's News. " .
'TiiirteentUvvft ntiiil Chrlslrrmi.
NO. 6769.
OF BUSINESS NOV., 2(i 1912.
Loans and discounts
Overdrafts, secured and unsecur
ed U. S. Bonds to secure circulation
Other Rond to Secure Postal
Bonds, securities, etc
Banking house, furniture, and
100 942 31
2 097-15
25 000 00
2 012 00
50 225 9S
3 400 CO
910 52
i Duo from National Bank-, (not
reserved ascnk)
Due frotn State and Private
Banks and Bankers, Trust
Companies and Savings
Due from approved reserve
Checks and other cash items....
Notes of other National Banks
Fractional paper currency.nick
els, and cents
Lawful money reserved in bank,
viz: Specie 7 0W
Legal-tender note 1 JuO
Redemption fund with U. S.
Treasurer (1 per cent, of cir
culation) 23 7S3 5.'!
827 78
too 00
155 44
1 250 00
Total ,
2QG 5m 01
Capital stock paid in
Undivided profits, less expenses
and taxes paid
National Bank notes outstanding
Due to ot'n National Banks
Due to Stato and Private lianU
and Bankers
Dividends unpaid
individual deposSb supjwt to
Postal Savings Deposits
U5 000 00
22 500 00
2 oir u
25 C0Q DQ
" 51
131 9:4 2,
35 10
Total 59W3WW
State of Kextccev,
couxty of adah.
I. E. II. Hughes, Cashier of the above
named bank, do solemnly swear that the aboe
statement h. true to the beat of my knowledge
awl belief. E. II. Ilucnrs. Cashier.
Subscribed and sworn to before tne this 5th
dav of Due, 1312.
G. I Smyths. N. P- A. C
Coinmtsaloii Expires, Jan. 21,1914.
ConRECT Attest:
Iln.VXTOX Massie. Director
J. t StONTGOMKItY. Director.
tlENHY N. Miller Director.
Notice H. W. of A.
A meeting of Columbia Camp No.
12302 M. W. of A, has been called for
Friday night Dec. 13, 1912, for degree
work and other business. All inemb
ers in good standing are requested to
be present
Doing Business at Town of Colum
bia, County of Adair, State of
At the Close of Business
2Gth Day of Nov. 191
ON the
137 'Jc: 23
3 4S3 93
9 C'i 37
."-; IS) '.6
11 41V. 03
Loans and Discounts
Overdrafts Secured and Unsecured
Stock. Bonds and other Securities
Due .from Banks
CubIi on hand
Checks and other cash
items...... .......
Banking house. Furniture and
C17 06
'J OOt) 00
250 GIG:
Capital -stock paid in, in
Surplus, Funds
Undivided 1'rofits. less ex
penses and taves paid
Deposits subject to check
Keserve for taxes
$30 000 00
50 000 00
G 943 41
182 920 CO
747 -"G
230 Olti 27
i&tatk of Kentucky, iSct
County or Adair, Jocl
i .. ... .... . . ...
We W. V. Jones and Jno W. Rowers. l're-.i-
dent and Cashier of the aborc named Bank, do
solemnly swear that the above statement is
true to the best of our knowledge and belief.
W. W. Jones. President.
Jno. W. Flowers. Cashier
Subscribed and sworn to before me this 10th
day of December 19UI.
My Com mission expires Feb., 19th. 191G.
Jo S. Knillcy. Notary TuMic.
Drives Off R Terror
The chief execuoioner of death
the wineer and spring months
uneuraonia. Its advance agenrs
colds and grip. In any attack by one
of these maladies no time should be
losu in taking the best medicine ob
tainable to drive' iti-olL Countless
thousands have found this to be Dr.
King's New Discovery. "My husband
believes it has kept him from having
pneumonia three or four times," writes
Mrs. George W. Place, Rawsonville,
Yt., "and for coughs, colds and croup
we have never found its equal."
Guaranteed for all bronchial affection
Prlce50 cts and Sl.OOI Trial bottle
fiee at L'aull KrugXo.
We are having plenty
of rain this.
J. D. Lowe the well-known shoemau,
of Columbia, was here last Saturday.
Our farmers put in last week strip
ping tobacco.
.1 F. Pendleton was at Greensburg
Friday and Saturday.
Quite a number of our citizens at
tended county court at Columbia last
Miss Mollie Flowers is spending this
week in Columbia.
Miss Sallie Diddle, of Columbia,
spent last week in town.
Master George Diddle who has been
confined to his room for the past few
days with fever, is better at this time.
Uncle JOhn Moore, one of our oldest
citizens has been in a critical condi -
tion for the past week or so.
Rev. Payne is holding a series o
meeting at Jay Bird school house afc !
this time. The prospects are Hatter-1
lug for a good meeting. I
Mr. J. D. Walker, of Columbia, spent)
.. r..- i.,.t nni.icfrm nni.. ii iicf . t
ll list l.lbja ULl llk3 tutut tl.tfcl tiVll MUV ft
llrs. Lou Flowers who has been
visiting her relatives and friends in
jthis community for the past week
will return to her home in Logan coun-.
ty in a few days. '
Our Sunday School children will all
receive their Christmas treat at the
Baptist church next Sunday, the 3rd,
anu at the Methodist church on the
5th Sunday. All the Sunday Scliool
children are invited to both places.
Mrs. Mary L. Dulin, who has been
an invalid almost for the past three
or four years with a complication of j
diseases, is in a ery critical condition !
at this time, and if there is nob a
change she cannot last bu& a. fv days.
Elmer Cook sold last Mtfriday a ?ef?
valuable span of work mules in Co
lumbia to A. ITonn for S3"0. Mr.
Cook also bought a span of young
mules from J. A. Diddle for $235.00
Josh Taylor a well known and res-1
pected colojed man of this community '
is in a very low stage of health at j
this time. Josh has been onthede-j
dining list for the past year, and at
this time is confined to his room. Iti
is feared that he will not be with us
but a short time.
We had no services in our town last
Sunday on account of Rev. W. G.
Pangburn and his wife taken violently
sick very suddently one evening last
week. Their physician was summon
ed at once and it wa thought for a
while it would be impossible for them
to recover. Their sudden attack was
caused from eating canned fruit and
they were poisoned. We are glatl to
note that they are both improving at
this time, and will be up again in a
fow days lro. Pangburn will fill iiis
appointment here on the 5th Sunday.
Every body invited to attend.
Mrs. Z. T. Williams has been very
sick for several days.
Mr. W. 1. Ingram was in the Louis-
ville market last week.
I liken, Bess Shannon, Ethel Crockett,
Mr. Jeff Henry, of the Greensburg j pi0sc Heyd, Xettie Clark, Lydia West,
bar, was here Monday. j Mary Chandler, Kate and Ida Hogard,
Dr. D. V. Hallou, of Uowena, was'Katc Murrell and Mrs. G. W. Staples.
here Thursday morning.
Mr. W. E. Clark, Greensburg,
here the first of the week.
Mr. Sam Lewis made a business
trip to Louisville last week.
Mr. W. It. Iloskins, Campbellsville,
spent Sunday in Columbia.
Mr. A. C. Hill, called to see our
hardware merchants last week.
Messrs. B. II. Gilpin snd Robert
Borders were here last Thursday.
Mr. It. A. Thompson, of Lebanon,
was here a day or two of last week.
Dr.W. O. Keene, of Burkesville, !lf I began to be seriously alarm
.i , ,. .M 'nwmnnii, I l- A " reccomraended Chamber-
Oo llUlu iuou ncrnj jfi.uAcooiu"tij
Mr. Oscar McBeath, of Boyle coun
ty, is spending a few days in Colum
bia. f
Judge J. C. Carter, of Tompkins
ville, was h6re Wednesday, enroute to
Mr. Lincoln Denton, of Somerset,
spent several das of last week in Co
lumbia. "Mr, L. E. Young, who is in St.
Josephs Infirmary, Louisville, is re
ported as doing nicely.'
Mr. A. S. Chewning is now a resi
dent of Ashland, Ky., and is employed
by a large coal company. ,
' M r. Zach Samuel, of Glenville, who
J has been in Elida, N. M., for several
j weeks, returned home last Friday
Mrs. Charlie Traylor and daughter
Miss Eula, of Becks Store, Cumberland
county, were in Columbia several days
last week, visiting friends.
Mr. Elmo Strange will be in Camp
bellsville for several weeks, assisting:
the management of the Inquirer in
the publication of that paper.
Mr. W. T. Hale, of Russell Springs,
who has been employed near Bloom
ington, 111., for some time, returned
home the first of the week. f
Mr. and Mrs. S. M. Burdette, arriv
ed in Columbia last Saturday afterVj
noon and were lovingly recieved by
Mrs. Lena Paull. mother of Mrs. Bur
dette and other friends. They wiH
leave to-day for their Marion county
Messrs. J. C. Popplewell, L. C. Mc-
1 Kmley, M. F. Upton and J. W. Toils,
members of Russell Springs Lodge of
Odd-Fellows were in this place last
rhuKday n.ght and assisted Columbia
Lod?e' N730' "l herring degrees
ou S!X "Plants.
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. It, Miller, will
leave for their home in Louisville tO-
i aaJ ine V,S1C just enuea is tne tirst 1
.urs. Jiiner ever macie to uoi;urabia
She authorizes The NeT3 en faf-A
era co stato
that she has had a, mpj delightful
visit pnavsba h 'charmed with our
little city, and is exceedingly pleased
with the many friends of her husband
i With whom she has met. She expects
to return during the summer of next
year, her stay being more extended,
Mrs. C M. Barnett, returned from
EnsYlle Monday afternoon.
Dr. JR. Y. IliiKtaMu is spe!i.;.r j ;:
few days in Louisville
Officers Elected,
The following officer were electe I
for Columbia Camp No. 13502 M. "W. .
of A. last Monday night, to serve
thiough the coming jear.
W. T. Ottley, Consul.
Finis Eosenbaum, Advisor.
J. C. Strange, Clerk.
S. G. D.euney, Banker.
II. T. Walker, Past Consul.
Herbert Sminh, Escort.
W. E. Willis, Watchman.
Clint Smith, Centry.
Henry Hurt and Dan Clark, Hoard
of Managers.
Drs. Russell and Flowers, Physi
cians. Christmas
Recitals at
Fridai afternoon, December VJ, 2:30
o'clock, recital by pupils of music and
! expression departments
Tuesday evening, December 17, 7: JO
o'clock, recital by pupils of" music de
partment. Admission lOcts.
Wednesday evening, December 15,
7:30 o'clock, an evenig of plays by pu -
pils of expression department. Ad-
l mission 10 aud 1.1 cts.
I Monday evening Mrs. J. O. Russell
entertained a few ladies very enjoy
ably. Very delightful refreshments
were served, and the time most pleas-
antl-v sPet
riie following were pres-
j ent: Misses Mattie Elliot, Ruth Mil-
Mr. S. W. English died at Smith's
Grove. Ky., last Friday. He was a
cousin of Mr. J. A. English, this place,
and he left a number of relatives, who
live in Russell county, a brother-in-law
Russell Springs. The deceased
was a man of high Christian charac-
California VC'omanSeriousIy Alarmed
"A short time ago I contracted a
evere cold which settled on my lungs
and caused me a great deal of annoy
ance. I would have bad coughing
spells and my lungs were so sore and
Iain's Cough Remedy saying she had
used it for years, i bought a bottle
and it relieved my cough the first
night, and in a week I was rid of the
cold and soreness of my lungs," writes
Miss Marie Gerber, Sawtelle, Cal. For
sale by all dealers
At a conference of Republican
Governprs, held in Washington,
Tl IT. lnsr. frririnv. if. was rion-iH '
ed that it would do no good fe?
this time to attempt to reorgJaiJ
ize the old party. A natiooaftM
convention is planed for vhe year
19 13
Ji: .

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