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Cray Craft.
rni. i ii.u r ii.: :.,.
a. ne iieaim 01 mis cuiiiuiuuit
Mr. Joe Calhoun was visiting
Mr. Luther Grider Saturday
night and Sunday.
Master Mack Grider who has
been spending last mouth with
relatives in Lcuisville hss re
turned home.
1 Mr. J. A. Watson and wife, of
Neatsburg, visited at Mr. E. A.
McKinleys Christmas day
Mr. Jesse L. Murrell, Jr., who
has been in tire north for the last!
fiwyMSip.it Xbm with his
fen,,, u. n ir,.Mnu
iStUCl Ot.. LI. Xi.. MJ-WAACil. I
Mr. Carl and Dudley Hayes
have returned from Illinois
where they spent the summer.
Misses Lena and Elna Murrell
spent Saturday mght ana Sun -,
day with Misses Mabel and Irene.
Mr. J. N. .Murrell sold a mare
a abort time ago to Mr. Bud
Bryant for one hundred and ten
Mr. Jesse and Anderson Mur-
rii visited their sister. Mrs.
MRMnU..r,riin Thnrs.
n.w.. -wrf v--f .
- :j.
dy nigttt.
Mr Felix and Ores Royse
visited Mr. Waiter and Garrett
Murrell last Sunday.
Oak Grove and Ccncord euch
giive an entertainme; t at the
close of the school Everybody
reported an enjo able time.
Mr. Felix Reynolds and wife
visited at Mr. H. A. Murrell Fri
day. Mr. W. 0 Murreli and sister,
Susan, visited Mr. Rhue and
Mary Squire near Columbia, Sat
urday night and Snnday.
Mr. Chas Campbell is at home
again having been some time in
Russell Springs.
Mr. Gordon Thurston has re
turned to his post as pilot on
Str. Rowena.
Mr. Frank Campbell has gone
to Nashville pilot on Str. Dudley,
Elmer Herlan Dallton left last
week for Georgia to be gone
several months.
Miss Ressie Campbell and Will
Mariner were in Rowena visiting
relatives last week.
Mrs. J. D. Irvin, and Mrs.
Edna Buster were in Russell
Springs last week with Mrs.
Rayburn who is very sick with
pneumonia fever.
Our Christmas tree was a sue- j
cess, one long to be remembered,
Old Santa gave presents to many,
making little hearts glad and
every body happy.
Mr. Homer Allen and Miss
Morjorie Buster, of this place,
are in school at the Lindsey
Wilson. The young ladies and gentle
men enjoyed a watch meeting
last Tuesday night at the resi
dence of Mrs. R. A. Self, those
present were, Misses Ira Bledsoe,
Etta Rosve, Ada Williams, Mat
tie L Grider, Maud Keeton,
Alice Keeton, Bessie Campbell,
Effie Armstrong, Ida Black,
Hulda Miller and Emma Black.
Messrs. Joe Miller, John Wells,
Charley Wells, Otho Miller, Chas.
Perryman, Alva McFarland.
Wood Wheat, Will Allen. J. B.
Higginbottom, G. H. Bledsoe, T.
Jackman, Ernest Ross, Miller
Beck, Non Beck, Orley Grider,
Bob Miller, Vernon Daiton, Ed
Black. John Irwin, Tom Wells,
i Preston
Wells and Richard ,
NewParcels Post.
The new parcels post iaw
which went into effect. Wed
nesday is not as yet generally
understood and it will
be some
time before the system will be
workincr smoothly. The Courier
Journal on Friday published the
following statement issued by j
Postmaster R. E. Woods, of
'Many inquiries are being
made conceding the official par-i
ceis nost maD issuea oy tne
i 1 I j-1-
Post-office department. For the
oeneutoi tne puouc tne mior-
mation is given that an official
parcels post map and a parcels
post guide, together with a copy I
. . , ,i.; i
of the parcels post regulations, !
effective January 1. 1913, may i
be purchased from the post-offlce j
department. Any person desir-
ious of this information should j
iviTiiii a moHftv flrdpr for seventy, i
1 71. . "J, wris are superior to ooys asi ,u -
five cents )7oc) to the chief ,practM fafmerb says the de.tainty of facing it intheboud ....
cierK, Pcst-Office Department, i nar, ! f ....u.... l.0iL.. rinnMmtHPn.i.
Washington D C for which hei;Vv T It '
S? f"l 1 .! -!,! J! the land! .
win receive tue iuau auu guiuc
, . , . ..;
.andaeony of the regulations."
'Inquiries have been made as j
to whether the map and the J
Butucnm.v u iuxwCu P-j
irately. It is sufficient to say j
that the map without the guide j
wuuiu im ui iiu uae, a'u jso wuuiu ,
the guide without the map, and
without copy of the regulations
it is impossible to determine the
classification of the particular j
article or articles which may be,
..;, u .. A !
ucaitcu w ltc acm viiiuc "ici
provisions of the act " I
It is not necessary to have
these maps and regulations to
send parcels post package," said
the postmaster. The informa
tion wili be furnished at any of
the substations or at the main
office. But those who will have
a considerable parcels post busi.
nesstodo might find it more j
. , , ., j4. ,
convenient to have them. It
should be remembered that in- j
dividual stamps will be necessary j
nm nankairps should not he nail-,
ed in street boxe3.
Blue-eyed men, says a Kansas
expert, make very poor husbands.
They had 326 cases of wife aban-!
donment in Kansas this year, and
in almost every case the offender ,
was a man with blue eyes. Upon i
the other hand, blue-eyed men '
make excellent Presidents, and
our own republic has scarcely
ooked anyw ere else. The only ;
dark-eyed President we ever had ;
was William Henry Harrison. He I
took one eood look at the nrob-
lems ahead of him and died in of-!
fice, leaving John Tyler, a blue
eved man. to work it all out.
" ---
Moreover, blue-eyed men have t
always been the world's cham- j
pion marksmen, and but for theni
tyrants had not been overthrown,
slavery had net been put down.
and there would be no liberty.
Dark-eyed men are brave, but
they never hit anything. This
is borne out every time there is
an international shooting match.
It is proven over and over a-
gain in the occurrence of great
wing shots like Crosby and Spen
cer. Chamberlgin's Cough Remedy.
This Remedy has no superior for
coughs and colds. It is pleasant to
take. It contains no opium or other
naicotic. It always cures. For sale
by Paull Drug Co.
Short Stops.
The American people consume I
120,000 gallons of ice cream a j
year. j
. It is his own fault if the lover
of pumpkin pie is not happy now.
It must make a man feel
mighty small these days to hide
behind a woman's skirts. 1
A Boston minister says that afcne circulation of certain styles ;
couple can marry or. $lo a- weeK.
Still we advise them not to. '
Needless to sav that the worn-
an who threw her shoes at the
judge's head did not hit him.
Chafing dishes have been found
i t-U. ...4.-.. ,f UnmnA
m tc ruiuo wi i. uuiHcu.
..... .
dently I.fe in Borne wasn t all
A western woman has lost two
husbands by lightning. Evident-
ly neither of them was a con- i
.. !
Qozch Haughton gets $10,00 a
year for teaching Parvard how
pjay football. He earns the
-. . .
... . . , ,
A California girl retused to
i marry a man oecause ne wore a
mustache. Escaped matrimony
hv hair as it were
A cus.ums exoert has decided
that a hen M not a bird At th
price ci eggs a nen is a
.u mj
Gum chewing has been barred
ia court by a New York mi; ''
trate. There is sufficient rag
chewing without it.
. .
Supreme court of Illinois is
Uijrillu t,J uowuc " u-
is labor or a pastime. With lots
. ... . ,
. . . . . i
A Knfrm mntrfin anviRPR mr s i
, , , "
to dance in order to keep young.
j Turkey trot, or grizzly bear, or
: just the chicken flip?
When refused permission to
make speeches, New York suf-
f raettes talk by signs' But'
then, nobody believes in signs.
' J to
Edit0n savs that in a few
years women everywhere will be
cooking by wire. Suppose the
wires get crossed.
A deputy marshal chased 70
miles after three men who sold
whisk to Indians. He must
have had an awful thirst.
Announces a dispatch that two
physicians received $2,000 from
"'the estate of a patient for sav
ing bis life." Odd, isn.'t it?
Pins were first manufactured
to machinery in 1324. But the
inventor of hatpins has luckily
managed to keep his identity
hidden to the present.
Parisian dandies refuse to !
leave their beds and stand in the
rain to witness a duel. From
what we have read of Parisian i
duels we don't blame them,
A snow plow smashed a street
car in Buffalo recently. Too bad
snow plows are not run in sum-1
mer when the auto speeder
at the height of his glory,
A San 1 rancisco actress was
jailed because she sent photo -
graphs of herself in the altogeth
er through mails. She should
have claimed to be a Salome
dancer. '
Four armed and masked men
who robbed a postofnee near
Paris, France, left behind a cap
on which was pinned a small A
merican flag. Some of our pa
triotic yeggmen are sojourning
Germany has already produced
synthetic milk and synthetic rub-; The recent New Year's cele
ber, and the synthetic cow can-! brations in various parts of the
not be far away. Then artificial '
beefsteak shali usher in an era
of good feeling and artificial I
" '
teeth. j
! A New York modiste thinks j
'she has discovered a law en-
abiing her to copyright styles, j
Simce such a law would restrict
I ..- -.4.; ,.! . i.
u wwuuhimuoh ubv-uuhj w,w ine xate iauu icy pern aps ne j
be wished. may he influential in having his
Ojectkm to the appointment of dear friend Ballinger appointed j
a wornaa oy ywand director professor of conservation j
IU ouu,u ls uiaue ou Lue shmiu
Why not take a vote of
the married men on that ques
tlOn i
The skin of a skye ferrier has
been grafted on fche arm of a
New York woman Now let the
mice beware
. . '
A -soldier who deserted two
months ago to be mimed has
surrendered and askd to be re-
(turned to his post. Evidently
; he prefers the chance of facing
:u.m).ft, ga .u --
' ax " Z Z a ,
adelpnla the other day and a-
greed that examinations are f
little use. rapiis are certainly
i justified in wondering of what
use education h when a lot of
; "dve lu "ulu tt bU,cliia
conference to discover such an
obvious truth.
Virginia is again showing u
: how. a real mother of presidents
I shouid celebrate the occasion
.Ttif t rmrVtilutMVu Vio fiatiii-af
"S" .
tor the present generation
Grant's picture will be on the
. A
n6W 51UUU Di!IS
Mr. Mellen is discovering that
even the sacred Massachusetts
cod-fish will turn it prodded per-
I The blocking of railroad sig-1
j nals by English' suffragettes is
another blow to. the cause of
"Votes for women."
And now the. fascinating wo-
man bandit has come to show
that Chicago is firmly in the mili
tant suffragette ranks.
A St. Louis minister calls
Americans a nation of liars, but
as he is an American himself,
can you believe him?
The Federal government's war
on "get-rich-quick" schemes has
not yet included the New York
Police department.
English insularity again forges
to the front when a great parlia
mentary leader defends the
"right to get drunk."
If you want to become a mil
lionaire over night cultivate a
copper-riveted character that will
appeal to J. Pierpont Morgan.
Colorado has adopted the re-, Canal Act of 1912 and the Hay
call of judicial decisions, and PauneefotG Treatv. the new
there is no state in the Union,
outside New York, that needs it'idential and Primary election rt
more j turns, Polar discoveries, Pop-
it cost Morgan 5o,uuu m iaw -
yer's fees before he was able to
tell a waiting and exptctant
couritry that there was no Mon
i ey trust.
The young man who gave his
j best girl a box of No. 9 gloves
! marked "No. 7" has a plenti-
tude of thai tact which makes
matrimony a success.
The reactonary Democratic
! press continues to throw hysteri
cal spasms in fear that
Bryan may really become a mem
ber of Wilson's cabinet.
If prices keep on the way they
are headed the dictionary of the
not distant future will define
beef as a strange and unidenti
fied food of the- ancient.
country demonstrated anew that
we still have the feeble-minded ,
with us as in the past.
-V'ilson frowns upon the tradi-
tional presideutiai handshake.
if be can kill this absurd institu-
"on nis lame is secure rathe
annals of American history.
When Taft becomes a member I
I' l- XT 1 t t tl
ine pressing prooiem oi tne j
Wie par'tv going to service'
; with Bailey out of the Senate?'
Th rftnuHtntiinn will tint- Ka h
, onJy moarn8r j
Wilson's warning that under!
rrin niimef.o v, -..m i
cicti iui aiumjiiiuub giuuun in
Wail street has already won
popular fame as a gem amonp
tht short sayings 6f preat nn.n.
The convicts in the Fecle -u'1
prison at Atlanta were given a
r aba net show on Christmas. If
hh keeps on peaittetiary
-., ... ....
wnc" UI Sn TC I00Ke3 uPa
8S rewards instead of punish-
A. Boston woman warns nus
oands tnat lf they want u
thf affections of their wtves to
cdi. .aem "dear" once in a
whifc Aad k 3Jjjo n
happens that they are dear at
any price.
The Filipinos have made Eng
lish the lansruaae of the court-.
, injs 0 courst) naturally follows I
u ,. . , . .,,.
- nriX p , lft , u rr,.r v
, poplar island spc-"t. N
, tut. luiiuuuuitufi ui ic.st;uai a
as a
coulii possibly root for the hoaie
i team satisfactorily in Spanish or
The 1913 World Almanac.
!.0G ?acrs a Figur es-Severa'
I uunoreG iv ana special
Our readers will be surprised
at the vast amount of valuable
information, covering c multi
i tude of subjects, at the useful
g3nerai knowledge and the im
portant new historical data con-
tained in the 1913 edition of The
j World Almanac. Almost 1,000
pages are devoted to up-to-date
facts and figures of every day
interest to everybody. Here is
a compact and complete library,
indispensable to every business
man, merchant, farmer, me
chanic, housewife, business
woman, uool teacher, school
boy and si- i ol girl,
In it ycu will find, also, accu
rate particulars of the Panama
Pension Laws of 1912. Pres-
' uiation figures. Snorting records
Marine disasters. Important
events of 1912. Historical
j events. Income tax, Trusts in the
! U. S , death roll of 1 912. Negro
j disfranchisement, Forts in the
U. S., growth of the U. S. Navy,
prices paid for rare American
Loins. Oimps nnri PpH-ip
I Methods o.f Punishment for Mur-
i derers, armies and navies of the
world, banking, money, taxes,
insurance, political parties, se
cret societies, births, marriages
and deaths, woman suffrage and
10,000 Other Facts and Figures
Up-to-Date. Price 2oc. (West
of Buffalo and Pittsburg, 30c.)
By mail, 35c. Address, The
New York World, New York.
In the Barfaary States It Is "Womn,
Take Thy Goods ar.d Go."
Always over the her.u -f the Arab
woman hangs the slutoV.i ot divorce.
Nowhere ia tht' world (k:s the law
facilitate the eaiatio: of man :: I
wife as in tlioe? laad so tttt'.n, v
oaiuwl the l'.arbarj states.
If an Arab grows tired of bis v. :: a
looks or her actions or hr dress, it
he wishes to replncv br sviU; aaoi.ief
or if he is weary of married Uf ; l
does not wih an; wife at all he d .-a
not netd to so to tlu- trouble or aoi..l
nal expense ot dlrorcin her. bat seta
rid of her instead by :Le simple proc
ess or "repudiation." wbkh coosistf, In
saving to her. -Woman, get tbee benfe
take thy thing aud go.
For the man this Is a cue ot "Le :
I wlb. tails you lose." for, ib.o?h h,
five to marry again, tbe wot-iau is
and can obtain a legal rdaa oc!y
returning to blm tfcs monc .vhicb
paid tor her.
Wituotit bei hn.4baud' ro nt i -man
tan obtain a divon p I....T If
Die prove soni ut- :
ont suQcient prov :kt
fuses ber fc-jd. clrtu..
she diworers a r'i'v
f :it ber 1 1
i iheirji
i rol"r
v a previ
ber bnsLacl
betrothals -thotiirii
the .
ground5, tv
part, f r
Tern f
i JYA1
L i : -.
le'. ; t t
Cat It Z-:
urirt-: h
oiec- :i:
ar "i ' i
- Napcle-
i- -ewii
pred -
of C:
s J -..;;..
nt f :
pl,. ,
.;.r.! -:
, r..i .
iliV ':
Wit i :'.
It fca 1
thor t!'t x
tbtt Cr'.n:(
Britain l ,
eelTed Ic
bis sojoui -.i
might ba'.t
iaderer.de. ;
Loi' 1
that h
'?U "."'. "
, th- r
I tho i
was t'.-e s!!.;',t to vti
Jecteti ;? '
las 1
as era;i.TOr .
as M -..!'
ami.- This
czar i
on !
o:n !
l lv :
K t- .
, rtT "
M. !....
ion - - .
optt ' '
overplus w!:fn .
of republics. N-
stood the liar's ni.' .
At the N'etr Yp- mi
diplorafitk' tody he- i
Ki.-s;w, th Ruswlan auu... :
akl to trim:
-1 bave recetrcd a !rw f-
wvwelgn wMcb ti.m.r nit
H writes to me. "Mon gr.-.u
On 'hoes tjj fih-r.O ht-
i'boise his brothers "
Origin of English Royal Acadsmy.
The yearly "s!kw" of works by 8v
fn? artists which is held at the Bog
lisb Itoyal academy from the 8rsl
Monday Id May to the first Mooday la
Anjnist owes its existence to x meet
lug of painters which was held at ti
Turk's Head. Foho. oa Nov. 12. 173&
The kniphts of the brr.sh and pltt
resoived that "once a year, on a day ia
the second week in April, at a pJac
that should be appointed by a commit
tee for carrying the design into execu
tion, to be chosen annually, every
painter, sculptor, engraver. cha.er.
seal cutter and medalist may exhibit
their several performances.' It was
also resolved that "the sum of 1 shil
ling be taken daily oi each persow
who may come to visit the said per
formances." Oscar Fricnet in National
A Difference In Numerals.
Great Britain clings to its own nu
merical system and regards a billion
as a million times a millou. But Auier
ca differs, a billion in the United States
being only a thousand million. This is
perhaps the only instance in which a
thing is bigger In the old country than
In the new. One has to go only a little
way from England to Calais to find
the billion lessened, for France digni
fies a thousand million with the name
of billion. They are wasting a word
in France in this connection, however.
Inasmuch as there is already a word,
milliard, to designate this number.
Detroit Free Press.
Filled With Wonder.
"I was once a passenger on a train
that was held up by a lone bandit"
"Didn't it make you feel rather
cheap to have to hold up your bands
and stand there helpless while he
went through your pockets";"
"No; J wasn't thinking of that. My
wife was with me. aud I was so busy
watching her while she was at last
being compelled to do as a man told
her to do that I had no time for any
thing else." Chicago Record-nerald.
. "1 heard the missus talking about
us." said the cook.
"What did she say?" inquired the
."She said we was neither of us any
"Ain't it terrible the way ladles talk
about one another nowadays!" Wash
ington Star.
Taxing His Resources.
Old Jones Can you give my daugh
ter the luxuries to which she has been
accustomed? Cholly (engaged) Not
much longer. That's why I want to"
get married. Chicago News.
Hard Work.
"Plodder is looking pale. He's Jim
killing himself with hard work."
"What's be engaged at?"
inventing a labor saving machine."
V f 1
? .
&?& rtC-Vl',?
t. ti

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