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Published Every Wednesday
- BY THE - -
Adair County News Company.
( Incorporated.)
Democratic newspaper devoted to the ln
eret of the City of Columbia and the people
Adair and adjacent counties.
Entered at the Columbia Post-office as sec
nd class mail matter.
(VED. JAN., 29. 1918
For County Judge.
We are authorized to announce
that TANKER OTTLFAT is a candi
date for Judge of the Adair County
Court, subject to the expression of
Democrats at the August prima,
"We are authorized to announce Dr.
If. M. HANCOCK, of Cane Valley, a
candidate for Judge of the Adair
County Court, subject to the Demo
cratic voters who will express their
choice at the August primary.
We are authorized tc announce S. H
MITCHELL a candidate for sheriff,
of Adair count', subject to the action
of the Democratic voters of said
county, expressed at the August pri
mary. 191.).
We are authorized to announce A A
MILLER a candidate for Sheriff of
Adair county, subject to the Demo
cratic primary to be held in August.
To the Democrats of Adair County,
1 hereby announce my candidacy for
Jailer of AdairlCounty subject to the
action of Democrats in the August
primary. If nominated, I will use all
honorable means in my power to ad
vance the interest of my associates
and if elected will discharge the
duties of the otlice impartially, I ask
your support.
Yours truly S. fi. Denny.
We are authorized to announce
didate for Superintendent of Public
Schools of Adair county, at the No
vember election.
wu i-mfiLliiwi ii
The announcements of several
candidates appear in this issue
and we trust that due considera
tion will be given each one by
those who receive the paper.
Adhering to past policy The
News will keep in the middle of
the road. It is the medium
through which all aspirants for
office may speak on the same
footiug, whether they be Jew
or Gentile, Democrats, Republi
cans. Progressives or Prohibi
tionists. The announcement fee
of $5.00 is the consideration on
the part of The News while its
broad publicity is the returns to
the candidate. We see no rea
son for any one to longer with
hold his announcement if his
mind is made to enter the race.
If you want the support of those
who read The News present
your claims in its columns as
soon a? possible. It's a -matter
of business with every aspirant.
The attention of the Demo
crats of Adair county is called to
the announcement of Mr. Tan
ner Ottley, who is a candi
date for County Court Judge,
subject to the action of expres
sions of Democrats at the polls
at the August primary. Mr.
Ottley is a practicing attorney
and has been for ten or twelve
years, receiving his law diploma
from the Law Department of the
Virgina University. He also
studied law under the late Jus
tice John M, Harlan. Mr. Ot
tley resided at Burkesville be
fore coming to Columbia. At
the former place he was super-
intendent of The Life State Oil
Company and also practiced his
profession at the Bukersville
bar. Mr. Ottley is a genial cour
teous gentleman, possessing fine
ability and is in every way quali
fied for county Judge. He has
an extensive acquaintance m
Adair county, but before the pri
mary he will canvass all the vot
ing districts and will make an
effort to meet all the'voters of
the county, and especially those
with whom he is not now per
sonally known. Should he be
nominated andelected, ha promi
ses to. make: a faithful servant
for the people
The announcement of Dr. N.
M. Hancock, of Cane Valley, for
the Democratic nomination for
County Judge, appears in the
proper colum of this paper. For
several yearsTmany Democrats
have solicited the Doctor to ac
cept the responsibility of head
ing the Democratic ticket in this
county, but in every campaign
were disappointed. Under the
pressure of many solicitous Dem
ocrats and prompted by a desire
to render good service to his
party and his county he enters
the race subject to the action of
Democratic voters in the Au
gust primary. Dr. Hancock is
too well-known by the substan
tial people of this county to need
any introduction from us. He
served this county as deputy
clerk in early manhood and lat
er, by appointment, gave two
years time as'sheriff. His knowl
edge of county affairs, his (splen
did ability and impartial way of
honest investigation point him
out as a man amply able to dis
charge the duties of the office he
seeks in a highly creditable man
ner. As a Democrat he has
been consistentand unwavering,
always ready and willing to aid
his party by any honorable means
within his power. True to par
ty, courageous and faithful to
party and public duty we leave
his claims with the Democrats
of this county.
In the proper column it will be
observed that Mr. S. H. Mitchell
is a candidate for sheriff of
Adair county, subject to the ex
pression of the Democratic vot
ers of said county, at the Au
gust primary, 1913. Mr. Mitchell
needs no introduction to the
Democratic voters of this county,
as he is one of the best known
men in its boundary. He has
served the county as jailer, mak
ing a most efficient officer and
has also done a great deal of rid
ing for the sheriffs, hence his
name i3 familiar throughout the
county. There is not a doubt
but he would make a very ac-
ceptaDie snerirt. ne is a man
of honor and courage, full of en
ergy, and before the primary he
expects to see every Democratic
voter in Adair county, and per
sonally give his reasons why he
should be supported for said po
sition. In another column will be
found the announcement of Mr
A. A. Miller, who seeks the Dem
ocratic nomination for sheriff of
Adair county. Born and reared
in this county, interested in its
welfare and possessing the qual-:
ifications necessary for the posi
tion he seeks. The News intro
duces him to the many Dem
ocrats who may not be intimate
ly acquainted, as a Democrat of
sterling worth, worthy of the
confidence of h;s most ardent
Have You Paid Your Notes
And Accounts Due Us?
S r3K eSmCi
friends. For several years he
has been engaged in business in
Columbia, and we all know him
as strictly straight, energetic
and competent. Further, no
party emergency requiring mon
ey or time has ever been discard
ed, but active and ready to re
spond at every call, he has borne
j the brunt of many hard-fought
battles in his precinct when the
hope of personal reward was on
ly a dim twinkle of a turning of
the tide in the unfathomed fu
ture A Democrat from princi
ple, a gentleman by birth, but
recognizing the uncertainty of
hope and aspirations, he will con
duct an honest, honorable fight
for the position he seeks. Should
the Democrats of this county
give him the nomination he
would be a strong man to go
against the opposition. Should
another be selected he will do
his duty without murmuring as
he has done in the past.
By reference to our announce
ment column you will find Mr.S.
G. Denny seeks the Democratic
commissions to. become Jailor of
this county. To these vho know
him he needs no indorsement but
to many who have never grasped
his hand we can cheerfully make
j the following statement. A man
of good natural ability, genial ;
disposition, active and courage
ous, he is well fitted for the po
sition he seeks. Few, if any
men, have more friends in the
bonds of acquaintance, which
besneak much as a gentleman
who directs weli his conduct as
a good citizen. As a Democrat
a consistent, persistent party
worker, who believes in on open
honest fight, both in an out his
party, he merits tho confidence
and esteem of all. He authorizes
us to state that he hopes to see
every Democrat in this county
before the August primary and
trusts that the party will give
him the nomination, but should
events place this honor on some
one else he will neither sulk nor
sullen but will do his duty bv
the entire ticket faithfully, hon
estly and courageously.
In another column will be seen
the formal announcement of
Prof. Huffaker for Superintend
ent of Public Schools of this
county subject-to. the November
election. This announcement
precludes the action of .any polit-
1912 is Cone 1913 is Here.
We Need The Money.
The Jeffries Hardware
ical organization and submits the
selection of Superintendent to
the entire voters of the county
unhampered by partyl-lties. As
to the fitness of Mr. Huffaker
for this important position no
one will question. He has been
a teacher for many years, not
alone in the school room, but in
every avenue that pertains to
the welfare of good . citizenship.
and upright living. A man
splendid natural capacity, supple
mented by a liberal education
nyi1 r.vnnrtn"nnrl Itt moniT ,rnovn r-
uuu uiuaucucu uj mauji jfcaia vfi.
arduous work in educational ad- j
vancement he needs no further
endorsement to those who read
the News.
Casey CreeR.
Prof. R. 0. Cabell, vas in our
midst Sunday.
The singing at Knifley Sunday
night conducted by J. N. Wol
ford, and R.O.Cabell was largely
The school at this place, being
conducted by Prof. Strange is
progressing nicely. Several new
I pupils entered this week making
about thirty-five pupils in at
tendance. We are having a very interest
ing Sunday school at Roley.
There seems to be more interest
manifested than in days gone by.
Miss Gertrude Gabbert has
gone to Florida, where she will
be engaged in teaching school
for a few months.
Mrs. Stevie Knifley, of Knifley
met with a very serious accident
a few days ago. She started
on horss back to visit her daugh
ter, Mrs. Lora Simpson, who
lives on S toner Creek. W.n
she had gotten well along on her
way, her hore took fright --nd
threw her. Her shoulder was
dislocated and her collar bone
J. M. Wolford bought a milch
cow, from Mr. Wyley Ashbrook,
Campbellsville, for $50.
Mrs. George Beard and son,
are visiting the former's aunt,
Mrs. Charles Overstreet.of Peck,
Casey Co.
Wolford Bros, made a business
trip to Lebanon Thursday.
Mrs. Van Dunbar, who has
been in a very delicate state of
health for some time, is no better.
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