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Published Every;Wednesday
Adair County News Company.
( Incorporated.)
Jew and Gentile alike hold in
high.venerationljthe broad free
dom permitted by our constitu
tion. Those who seek to arouse
their fellows and array one
against the other; who want the
fire of passion i n full blaze
against those ot different con
viction are too often the victim
of misgaidedsconception.
Democratic newspaper devoted to the in--C8t
of the City of Columbia and the people
Adair and ad jacent counties.
Entered at the Columbia Post-office as sec
fid class mall matter.
NEB. JUNE 4, 1913.
Extremism has wrought
havoc in ail ages and in all causes
and while many are inclined to
think its devastating force a
thing of the distant past, yet its
blighting power is swepting on
to-day as it has not been felt for
the last quarter of a century. In
the political world he who es
pouses a cause appealing to sen
timent.and passion builds up his
contention on the flimsy and
dangerous foundation of extrem
ism and we see its bad results
shaping the actions of the great
body of people. Under the lead
ership of Mrs. Parkhurst and a
few other women England is pay
ing tribute, in treasury and dis
ruption of society, to that small
band of extremist that may yet
lead to very serious ends. In
this country more moderate
methods are being used to ob
tain the same results sought by
the English suffragists, and un
less the cranky extremists takes
the lead its adjustment will
doubtless be founded on the best
judgment of the people and no
harm come to society. In the re
ligious life of this country the
ear marks of the extremist are
beginning to appear. There are
a few publications that are do
ing all that can be done to arouse
the Protestants against the
Catholics and the devotees of
such publications are appearing
in various partsof the country.
Tom Watson, editor of The Jef
sersonian, brilliant and enter
taining in his writings, devotes
much time to arotfsing preju
dice against Catholics and yet,
the dire calamity he predicts
comes largely from his own im
aginations. This same Mr. Wat
soa, extreme against Catholicism,
has been and is now extreme in
every position he takes. Hp. op
poses foreign missions with all
his power; he sees no good in any
public official. He is a critic, not
a reformer, anti he and his kind
wherever found whether in po
litical or religious life, public or
civil, create more trouble and
produce less genuine good than
any other class of citizens claim
ing to have the good of the coun
try at heart. The people of this
country should allow their judg
ment to lead and not be swayed
by passion or prejudice. We take
no stock in persecution; do not
believe the best results come
from following extremists in any
line. This is a country in which
we alt have the privilege of wor
shiping as our conscience dic
tates and no crank or set of
cranks have yet seriously dis
turbed. Tom Watson and other!
publicists who claim to be giving
general news and fighting for
the advancement of our country
should look on the bright side of
conditions as well as the dark.
So fars we are able to deter
mine patriotism is not confined
to any political party nor safe
guarded by any one religious
body. Protestants and Catholics
In,to-day's issue of the News
Mr. Lilburn Phelps, of James
town, announces his candidacy
to represent Russell and Casey
counties in the next Legislature
of Kentucky. His candidacy is
subject to the action of the Re
publicanSvoters, expressed at the
August primary. Mr. Phelps'
fitness for the honor is so well
known that what we may say-
wouldbe a repetition of express
ions heard every day in the two
counties composing the district
He is a lawyer of recognized
ability, and a gentleman of char
acter and standing, a man who
would not be embarrassed in a
Legislative Hall, one who would
do his duty be watchful of the
people's interest, and at all times
would be at his post of duty.
We believe that good lawyers
make the most satisfactory rep
resentatives from the fact that
they know the laws now contain
ed in the statutes, and if bills
should be introduced conflicting
with existing laws, the error
would at once be discovered and
time saved. A gentleman of
education, of good moral stand
ing, well versed in the needs of
the people, we believe Mr. Phelps
would make an ideal represent
ative. He has every assurance
of his nomination and election,
but he is anxoius for every friend
to be at the polls and vote for
him in the primary, assuring
them that their confidence would J
be appreciated, and he promises
that he would, if elected, endeav
or to repay them by assisting in
the enactment of laws that
would redown to the benefit of
the entire district.
It your Mower or Binder needs repairs, give us thev;T
number of the piece and make of Machine, so that we can have
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The Jeffries Hardware Co.
icSaVgi m SMS &fai
acter of Pulaski county, shot and !
killed his wife last Friday. They
were separated. Meece had to '
be hurried to Danville jail as
there were evidences of a mobi
forming. The woman was shot '
down without warning. The
murderer gave as his excuse for '
the terrible crime, whisky and i
bad women. '
In this day of development
and expanding commerce, it
seems strange that such a fertile
and resourceful section as South
Central Kentucky, embracing
eight counties should be without
a railroad, but so it is and so it
may be for many years yet un
less the enterprising citizens
within the isolated territory
unite in effort and means
and work to this particular pur
pose. Talk of a railroad to Co
lumbia has often been indulged
in, but every effort to build has
passed like a phantom, and this
county is the same distance from
railroads as it was thirty years
ago. Within the eight counties
much mineral and timber wealth
exist, and in addition to this
their agricultural products are
far from an inviting market. In
The amentment to the consti- j
tution has been signed by Secre-'
tary of State, William J. Bryan,
and hereafter United States Sen- j
ators will be elected by the pop- j
ular vote of the people.
Japan seems to be taking the
California dope with some degree
of moderation.
Cane Valley.
Crops are looking real well in
this vicinity.
Little Alma Kelley has been
quite sick for several days.
Mr. and Mrs. I. G Vaughan,
of Campbellsville, are visising
their parents at this place.
Miss Pink Callison visited in
Campbellsville several days last
Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Cundiff,
who have been making their
home here for several months,
left for Indiana last Tuesday.
Mr. Jim Vaughan visited in
Campbellsville one day last week.
Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Wilson en
tertained v quite a number of
young people last Wednesday
evening in honor of Mrs .Wil
son's sister, Miss Callie Feese.
Last Wednesday the 2$th, was
Mrs. M. T. Bumgarner's birth
day, she being sixty-six years of
age. About the noon hour her
children ani several friends
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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
whooping cough in this commu
nity. Dimple, the little daughter of i
Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Curry, has
been very sick for several days, !
Mrs. Sallie England, of Nell,
visited relatives at this place,
last week.
Zed Akin and family vistted at,
Gradyville, Saturday and Sun-"'
Rev. I. M. Grimsley's third
term in music closed Saturday
night. He certainly taught a
good school, and we highly rec-'
ommend him as a fine teacher
and a gentleman in every re
spect, and gladly welcome him
any time to teach us another
singing school.
Taylor and Adjoining' Counties
For Sale
Also Nice Resident Property
Jn Campbellsville
See N. W. MILLER'S RealBEstate Agency
Campbellsville, Ky.,
Before buying.
Don't Miss
the face of bad roads, remote gathered in and surprised her
from boat or train, we are not with a magnificent dinner. The
worrying over what is or may be day was 3uit;e n enjoyable one.
in store for this section.
Death stalked in the midst of
the cheery throng of old Confed
erates just as the re-union closed
at Chattanooga last Thursday.
Robert Nolen fell down the steps
at the auditorium, breaking his
neck. B. F. Mooe, of Fuqua,
Texas, was injured by a fall and
died in a few minutes. G. W.
Mullinix, of Lindale, Ga., who
entered a restaurant, suddenly
dropped dead.
Lee Meece, a well-known char-
down a chick's throat cures
fapes. A few drops In the
rlnklng water cures and
prevents cholera, diarrhoea.
tana other chick diseases. One
60c bottle makes 12 gallons of
medicine At all druggists.
Sample and booklet on "Dis
eases oi -fowls" sent FREE.
Bourbon Remedy Co. Islington, ijr,
J. T. Rose and wife visited
Nell Friday night.
A large crowd attended the
singing at Antioch Sunday. The
class certainly rendered fine mu
sic. The song by Misses Mary
Corbin, Orine Akin and Master
Sam Baker was fine.
at W
2 1 J
eyes hae
Died on the 16th of May, Mrs.
Hyla Preston, wife of Mr. J. H.
Preston. She had been afflicted
18 years, but her afflictions were
borne with gentle patience! 7 7T
. inenus to
"t Many a precious pair of
been mined with about thirty cents wort.u
of window glass, advertised as $5.0C
value for only $ 1 .00. Something that
can be had for nothing is worth nothing
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by which you obtain all the benefits possible to be derived from glasses. IT IS
j THE EXAMINATION. Nb matter how well glasses arc made and tilted,
the best results do not ensue unless it has first been intelligently determined what
the eyes actually need. We make a specialty of eye examination for rhe need ot
glasses and maice them to order according to prescription. Consult us about
We will remain one more week at Page & Taylor's Drug Store.
Drs. E. I. Alper and A. H. Jacobstein,
Optical Specialists of the
Louisville Optical Co.
There are several cases of
known only to those who walk
with God. The summons found
her ready and willing to move
upward and onward with fuller
knowledge and greater happi
ness. The deceased was a mem
ber of the Methodist church.
She leaves a husband and three
children, three sisters and two
brothers besides a large circle of
mourn her loss. Mrs.
Preston's unspoken creed of use
fulness could be well written in
these words; "I shall go
through this life but once, and
every good thing that I can do,
or any kindness that I can show
let me do it now let me not de
fer it or neglect it', for I shall not
pass this way but once." Mr.
Preston and the children have
the sympathy of the entire
Miss Sophia Wheeler visited
relatives at Toria last week.
Miss Nannie Rowe is spend
ing a few days with, her sister,
Mrs. L. Akin.
Why not expand the antl
nosse crusade so as to include
the checkerboard suit?

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