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A Remedy No Family
Should Do Without
Trt Vnottfi VtrtTT hAQltltir O lillmnH
Tjelns may be it is safe to say that
Tiot many months are passed without
some obstruction of the bowels, in other
words, constipation, even if only tem
porary. The bloating, the dull feeling
may start after the evening meal. If a
laxative is not taken that night it is
certain that sleep will not be sound,
and you will awaken unrefreshed.
Hence, it is important for you and for
all the members of your family that a
Kood. reliable laxative be always kept
in the house for just such emergency.
Jt is sure to be needed, and when needed
70U want it at hand. No family that is
careful of its health can do without such
a. remedy. But the question of which
remedy to have on hand is also of vast
The laxative .most highly recom-
-mended by the majority of intelligent
Americans as being best for babies and
Swnups is Dr. Caldwell's Syrup Pep
Bradley vs. Beckham Again.
It may be that the next race
for United States Senator in Ken
tucky will be the old race over
again between W. 0. Bradley
and J. C. W. Beckham. Sena
tor Bradley has announced that
he will be a candidate again for
the Republican nomination. If
he does not change his mind
there can be but little doubt that
he will secure the Republican
nomination in the primary elect
ion next August. With Bradley
as the Republican candidate the
Progressive will certainly have a
candidate, for of all the Repub
licans in the State Bradley is the
most offensive to the Progres
sive party. 0 f course under
these conditions any candidate
nominated b y the Democrats
will have a walk over, Woodrow
Wilson had a plurality of 100,
000 votes with Republican and
Progressive tickets in the field
against him and the Democratic
nominee for United States Sen
ator under the same conditions
would have eqvally as large a
plurality. In the event that the
Progressive party goes to pieces
before next year, aup there are
some signs of that, at least half
of the progressive would vote
for a progressive Democrat be
fore they would for Bradley.
Just now every one realizes that
Eq-Governor Beckham is the
probable nominee among the
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i.d$ EMiimtiMHHiif
sin. It Is a liquid laxative-tonic, mild,
and never gripes, is effective on robust
people and can be given with safety to
an infant. Children like it because of
these gentle qualities and because it is
pleasant to the taste.
It is the best all-around remedy you
can have in the house for any disorder
of the stomach, liver and bowels, and
many people like R. H. Morgan, Price,
Tenn., and Mrs. H. C. Davidson, "Wart
race, Tenn., say they would as soon be
without th nonessitips .ns tvltJimit Up
Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin.
Anyone wishing to make a trial of this
remedy before buying it In the regular
way of a druggist at fifty cents or one
dollar a large bottle (family size) can
have a sample bottle sent to the home
free of charge by simply addressing Dr.
Monticello, 111. Your name and address
on a postal card will do.
Democratic aspirants. If it
should be Beckham vs. Bradley
the elebtion of Bradley six years
rgo would be the acute issue and
Beckham would win by 50,090.
Nothing would give the friends
of 'Gov. Beckham greater pleas
ure than to have Senator Brad
ley nominated for re-e.ection.
He will be nominated certainly
if he wants it and he says he
does. His candidscy for the
nomination will materially
strengthen the chances .of Beck
ham for the Democratic nomina
tion as the people of Kentucky
only need a chance to put the
stampjof their disapproval on the
way Bradley was elected over
Beckham the last time by the
Kentucky Legislature. This
time the election will be the peo
ple's and the McNutt's and
Charlton's and Lillard's will cut
no ice. E-town News.
Strengthen WeaH Kidneys.
Don't suffer longer with weak kid
neys. You can get prompt relief by
taking Electric Bitters that wonder
ful remedy praised by whmen every
where. Start with a bottle to-day,
you will soon feel like a new woman
with ambition to work, without fear
of pain. Mr. John Dowling, of San
Francisco, writes: "Gratitude for
the wonderful effect of Electric Bit
ters prompts me to write. It cured
my wife when all else failed." Good
for the liver as well. Nothing better
for indigestion or biliousness. Price
50c. and $100, at Paull Drug Co. Ad
. tfA t n m mr m
Making the Little I
Farm Pay 1
X-frfr fr fr x 3H$M$tiM$MtH.t $ fr fr $ 'Swninfry
Small irtnts pa3'
well and afford
great pleasure to
the family on a little
farm. They are ideal
products where the
place is small and sit
uated near a city, so
that they may be sold
to families or hotels and restaurants.
Much waste and loss of profit will be
avoided by delivering to private cus
tomers. An advantage in raising berries
comes from the quick growth as well
as from the small acreage required.
It takes only a year to get started
with small fruits. They can be grown
in an orchard and will return a large
amount of money in the years when
peach and apple trees are coming to
maturity. The more this orchard
ground is stirred the better, and the
cultivation of berries is of actual bene
fit to the large fruits. A fair yield of
strawberries will bring $200 to $300 an
acre, according to market conditions.
Raspberries return 30 to 50 per cent
Small fruit requires a rich, well
drained soil. A light, deep loam is
best, and an abundance of well rotted
barnyard fertilizer should be plowed
in. Soggy land is not favorable to any
kind of fruits, but nevertheless mois
ture is needed, and unless rain is plen
tiful it will pay to carry water or con
vey it by means of hose.
Plant at the proper time in hills or
hedges and keep the soil loose with
hoe or cultivator. Pinch off all blos
soms the first season. Mulch with
straw and manure in the fall. Straw
berries are hardy and prolific, but skill
ed attention will pay in extent and
quality of production. With a view to
successful marketing both early and
late varieties should be cultivated.
Raspberries are next in importance.
There is not so much tedious work con
nected with growing raspberries as
strawberries, and the profits are not
quite so large. Set the plants in the
spring in rows six feet apart and three
feet apart in the rows. This gives
plenty of room for cultivating, which
must be done thoroughly throughout
the growing season. Some experts do
not stake raspberries, as is the custom
with most growers. When the tips are
about two feet high they are pinched
back. This causes laterals to be sent
out along the stems. In the spring at
trimming time these laterals are cut
back so as to leave about six inches,
and they hold up all the berries they
can properly mature.
The red varieties do not need the
summer pruning, but are pruned back
to about eighteen inches in the spring.
Currants and gooseberries require
almost the same treatment and can be
considered together. One or two year
old plants are best and should be set
In rows four feet apart jeach way so j
that they may be cultivated both ways.
This method insures thorough and
easy cultivation. They should be cul
tivated frequently so as to have a good
soil mulch during the growing season
It is best to grow the plants in bush
form and trim out very little, only the
surplus and deadwood.
It is very important to kill all cur
rant worms with some poisonous spray
as soon as they appear. If this is neg
lected the bushes will soon be de
stroyed. When a producer has established a
reputation for having a good quality
of fruit and giving full measure there
will be no difficulty in securing cus
tomers. If the product exceeds the de
mand of private patrons it is always
possible to ship to stores or commis
sion houses. Bear in mind, however,
that the selling end of the business is
important and try to arrange In ad
vance for private customers or retail
merchants to take the whole output
Convenient Chicken Roost.
Select two four inch pieces six feet
long. Lay them parallel and nail five
crosspieces, three feet long and three
inches wide, to these. The legs may
be made of 2 by 4 stuff the desired
length. By means of long spikes se
cure them to the parallel pieces. Place
this in roosting quarters for chickens
and they will soon be perching upon
It at night Iowa Homestead.
When we plant a tree we are
doing what we can to make our
planet a more wholesome and
happier dwelling place for those
who come after us, if not for our
selves. Oliver Wendell Holmes.
Fall Plowing Kills Cutworms.
Fall plowing of field areas will oftai
be of service In controlling cutwormp
that are affecting field crops.
Not all blowhards are to be de
spised. There is the silage blow
er, for instance.
Make your farm look like
yours. 'Twill be worth money
to you to have a farm that's un
like every one else's in the right
The best thing to bring home
from the country fair besides a
blue ribbon is the determination
to win one.
There's quite some variety of
poor judgments. Some farmers
always take care to keep their jf
horses fresh asd never knock j
off themselves for a good time, st
and some are always knocking off
themselves, but never rest up
their horses. Robert W. Neal in J
Farm and Fireside.
Green Herbs Should Be Gathered Be
fore Day Becomes Very Warm.
Green herbs if freshly and properly
gathered are richest In flavoririg sub
stances and when added to sauces,
fricassees, stews, etc., reveal their
freshness by their particles as well as
by their decidedly finer flavor. In sal
ads they almost entirely supplant both
the dried and the decocted herbs since
their fresh colors are pleasing to the
eye and their- crispness to the palate,
whereas the specks of the dried herbs
would be objectionable, and both these
and the decoctions impart a somewhat
inferior flavor to such dishes.
No matter in what condition or for
what purpose they are to be used the
flavors of foliage herbs are invariably
best in well developed leaves and
shoots still in full vigor of growth.
With respect to the plant as a whole
these flavors are most abundant and
pleasant just before the flowers ap
pear. Since they are generally due to
essential oils which are quickly dissi
pated by heat they are more abundant
In the morning than after" the sun has
reached the zenith.
As a general rule, therefore, best re
sults with foliage herbs, especially
those to be used for drying and infus
ing, may be secured when the plants
seem ready to flower, the harvest be
ing made as soon as the dew has dried
and before the day has become very
warm. The leaves of parsley, how
ever, may be gathered as soon as they
attain that deep green characteristic
of the mature leaf. Since the leaves
are produced continuously for many
weeks the mature ones may be re
moved every week or so, a process
which encourages the further produc
tion of foliage and postpones the ap
pearance of the flowering stem. Amer
ican Agriculturist.
Simple Directions For Putting Togeth
er Cheap Vet Substantial Affair.
A cheap and substantial gate can be
recommended for almost any situation
where a swing gate is needed. Use
the usual round sapling for the back
end of the gate, fastened in a ring
above and hinged below. Then use
five small saplings the proper length
and three other small ones the proper
From American Agriculturist.
width for the front, end and center.
The whole affair is securely put to
gether with three-eighth inch bolts.
The crosspieces and long saplings are
flattened where they are bolted togeth
er. The large upright at the back end
of the gate should be flattened on one
side and also sawed in a little for each
slat, then a crosspiece put over and
bolted like the rest of the frame.
The whole thing should be peeled
and then painted, unless one desires to
use cedar, which would be rustic and
perhaps more enduring. Brace with
good strong wires to keep in shape,
and give further strength by going
from the top of the long upright to the
top of front crosspiece and then from
that point to the bottom of rear of the
gate. American Agriculturist
Patching For Tar Roofs.
Occasionally there is a place on the
farm where it is necessary to use a tar
or tarred .paper roof. These roofs are
likely to develop holes in weak places
or where the laps come. For patching
these holes and cracks nothing is bet
ter than a piece of fairly heavy cloth
from an overall or jacket cut a little
bigger than the hole. Cover entire
patch and the roof around the hole
with tar. It will make a serviceable
patch and is easily put on. Farm and
Kills the Chewing Insects.
Hellebore is used in place of paris
green and other preparations where
there is danger of the poison remain
ing on the plants that are to be eaten.
It should be dusted on the leaves, care
being used that the under side of the
leaves are thoroughly reached. Do this
when the dew is on, or first sprinkle
the plants so the "preparation will stick.
If you use as a solution mix one ounce
In one to three gallons of water and
spray the plants. Rural Farmer.
'q II
fyJ 'i
New Bdd of Scallops. gf&
Trie demand for sea food is a
persistent and increasing one, so
much so that id some lines the
supply is threatening with ex
tinction. This i s particularly
true of the lobster, which is ev
ery year becoming scarcer and
consequently dearer, and even
the succulent clam is not found
in its former abundance in those
haunts to which it once gave
fame. But the scallop is a good
substitute, and the report just
made to the secretary of com
merce that a bed of the giant va
riety, thirty miles wide and ex
tending from Rhode Island to the
Virgitia capjes, has been found,
is very reassuring. The common
kind are plenty enough, but they
are only half as large as the gi
ant variety, and not accounted
helf so great a delicacy. This
new source of supply is regarded
as practically inexhaustible, and
it is not likely to have an im
mediately lowering effect upon
the price of a hotel order.
Do You fear Consumption?
Xo matterjhow chronic your cough
oj how severe your throat or lung ail
ment is, Dr. King's !New Discovery
will surely help you: it may save your
life. Stillman Green, of Malichite,
Col., writes: "Two doctors said I had
cousumptian and could not live two
years. loused Dr. King's Xew Dis
covery and am'alive and well." Your
money refunded if it fails to benefit
50U. The best home remedy for
coughs, colds, throat and-lung troubles
Price 50c. and $1.00. Guaranteed by
Paull Drug Co.
Soldies Debt-Proof.
Although Tommy Atkins is an
honorable person, and is not in
the habit of repudiating his just
debts to civilians, still he i s not
compelled to discharge them if
thlyamount to less than a cer
tain sum. This is because by
British military law he cannot be
sued for any debt or damages
under 5150 value.E Accordingly,
if Private Atkins lean persuade
a confiding tradesman or stock
broker, or perhaps an accommo
dating! financier,L"to give him
credit up to $145 there is no le
gal machinery that will recove
the money.!! It cannot be stop
ped from his" pay or deducted
fromlhis pension.
In order to protect 'civilians
fromjpossible loss by "giving
tick" to soldiers, a system is in
force of "crying down credit."
Whenever a regiment arrives in
a fresh station the commanding
officer haslto issue a public pro
clamation to the effect that any
body who permits the trops to
run upIbilkTwill do so at his own
As it has been some time since
Isaw a letter in the Newsfrom
this placejl will try to write a
few items.
Times are very hard and the
weather is very hot and dry.
Crops are just about ruined
for the want of rain. It looks
almost like autumn.
Mr. J. H. Branham says he
has one of the!! finest crops of
tobacco that he ever raised.
PMr. ElbertrWfibb, of Glens
fork, is teaching our school this
year and he is one of the best
teachers in this country.
Miss Mary Smith is sick at this
There are several cases of
scarlet fever in this community. I
left me with a frightful cough and
very weak. I had spells when I could
hardly breathe or speak for 10 to 20
minutes. My doctor could not help
me, but I was completely cured by
New Discovery
Mrs. J. E. CoxK Joliet, 111.
C. D. Crenshaw
Special Attnetin to Eyes
Fistulo, Poll-evil, Spavin or any sur
gical work done at fair prices. 1 am
well fixed to take care of stock. Mon
ey due when work is done or Btock
removed from stables.
Joseph H. Stone,
3 Will practice in
this and adjoining counties.
Jamstown, : Kentucky
We Can Furnish You
The Adair County New
and the
Both One Year
For $1.50
We can also give libera)
combination rate with Daily
or Sunday Courier Journal.
Write Courier-Journal Com
pany, Louisville. Ky., for
free sample copy of edition
you desire, but be sure to
send your subscription order
to this paper NOT to the
Courier Journal.
Made A New HSan Of Winn.
"I was suffering from pain in my
stomach, head ai.d hne!r ' nrriies h.
T. Alston. Raleiirh. 2?. i,. "a&d EY
liver and kidneys did not work right, j
but lour Dottle ot iiJectnc Hitters
made me fee ' "Tjo a new man.
4ca23 i
1 fiL,
. i.

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