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Agricultural Extension.
Seasonable Suggestions on Seed
Just at this time
important that the
it is highly
attention of
all farmers be directed to the
necessity of looking now for a
supply of seed corn for next sea
son. If you have a reasonable good
variety of corn on your own farm
the place to look for seed is in
your own field but in case vour
neighbor has a Getter strain ot
corn than you have, it would be
wise to bargain with him to let
you go into his field and select
sufficient seed for next year's
The seed corn test next winter
or early spring will be an opera
tion that you cannot afford to
neglect, but it will merely be a
sad disappointment if you de
pend upon selecting your seed
corn fron the crib, through the
winter, since it will merely re
veal the fact thtt very little if
any of it is fit for seed.
There are many things to take
into consideration in selecting
seed corn. These points concern
not only the ear itself but also
the stalk upon which it grows
hence another reason for the de
sirability of selecting seed corn
from the field, before the corn is
Seed corn should be selected in
the fall just as it is coming to
maturity. Select well developed
ears growing upon well developed
and vigorous stalks, and of the
same maturity. Mark them and
allow to mature. Do not select
large ears from stalks that have
grown in hills by themselves,
that have been extremely favor
ed in the way or rich spots or
have been favored in regard to
moisture present, but prefer those
that have produced most heavily
when growing under average
conditions. Other things being
equal, select ears from short
thick stalks rather from tall
slender ones, as the latter are
more likely to be blown down.
Never select an ear that is ex
tremely long shanks, but rather
select one of a medium shank
with the tip pointing downward
at an angle of about 45 degrees.
Prefer ears that do not have a
gross, coarse, heavy husk.
The vitality of seed corn is
greatly injured if not destroyed
by severe freezing while the
grain contains a large percentage
of moisture. This reminds us
of the necessity not only of se
lecting in in the early fall but
also of drying the ears carefully
before freezing weather.
This can be easily accomplished
in many ways but pehaps no
easier or safer method could be
suggested than that of tying
several ears one above the other
in loops in a piece of binder twine
and hanging the whole row in a
well ventilated loft or attic. Care
must be taken to provide safety
from rats and mice.
This careful selection of seed
corn will not do way with the
necessity of testing the sorn next
spring, but operation will then,
in all probability, reveal morel
gratifying facts.
Remember that within the
next few days we will largely
deteamine the fate of next year's
corn crop.
T. R. Bryant, Head of Exten
sion Department.
Kentucky Agricultural Ex
periment Station.
Lexington, Kentucky.
Life Insurance.
It is not an investment, but protec
tion against death. At the same time
the money you pay into an old line
company is as safe were it invested in
a government bond. Every man owes
it to his family to protect itagainst
death. The Connecticut Mutual pays
a larger dividend than any other com
pany. See
J. E. Murrell.
Inexhaustable Graft.
It is said that some of the ex
press companies have feathered
their nest so richly at the ex
pense of the long-suffering Amer
ican public that even if they
were put entirely out of buis
ness by the parcel-post they
would still be able to pay their
stockholders good dividends out
of their investments of surplus.
There is no good reason therefore
for treating these concerns quite
so tenderly. The fact is the ex
press buisness in this country
has always been an inexcusable
graft, for which unlucky citizen
has had to pay both going and
Woman Who Get Dizziy
Every woman who is troubled with
fainting and dizzy spells, backache,
headache, weakness, debility and con
stipation or kidney troubles should
use Electric Bitters. They give relief
when nothing else will, improve the
health, adding strength and vigorfroai
the -first dose. Mrs. Laura Gaines, of
Avoca,La, says: Four doctors had give
me up and my children and all of my
friends were looking for me to die,
when my son insisted that I use Elec
tric Bitters. I did so, they have done
me a world of good " Just try them
50c. and $1.00 at all druggists or by
mail. H. E. BUCKLEN & CO.,
The Right Spirit.
The explanation of the delay
in issuing the iast number of the
Spencer Courier sheds light on
the pluck and courage of that
office force.
Almost exterminated they "hired
another ha'l," and under the
mo3t exasperating difficulties
they succeeded in getting out a
very creditable sheet. The phi
losophical editor also cheerfully
notified his patrons that he was
determined to serve them with
their weekly news ration as he
had in the past A show of
spirit of this increases the name
and fame of the town wherein
it is founded.
Eczema and Itching Cured
The soothing.healing medication
MENT penetrates every tiny pore of
the skiu.clears it of all impurities-
stops itching instantly. Dr.Hobson's
Eczema Ointment guaranteed to speed
ily heal eczema, rashes, ringworm,
tetter and other unsightly eruptions.
Eczema Ointment is a 'doctor's pre
scription, not an experiment. Alldrug
giest or by mail, 50c. Pfeiffer Chem
ical Co., Philadelphia and St. Lewis.
Words of Wisdom.
There is no better capital for a
poor man than civility.
I slept and dreamed that life
was beauty, I woke and found
that life was duty.
Kind, unselfish things we Lnc
done are the only ones that v, ill
bring us a bit of comfort when
life slips to its .sundown.
Kindness creates kindness;
love attract's love; hope inspires
hopefulness, and courage begets
more courage. Jn all things
what we give we get and what
we feel we find, and as we influ
ence others, will others influence
I us again. Kam's Horn.
What's a Suffragette?
Here are some prize-winning
descriDtive eDferams submitted
in a recent advertising contest
in which short definitions a suf
fragette were asked for:
A suffragette is a woman who
thinks she has been devoted long
Not satisfied with the last
word, she also wants the first.
She is a woman who needs
the "poll" for her vaulting am
bition. A suffragett is a sting of beau
ty and jawer forever.
A woman who would rather
break windows than clean them.
One who spends more time air
ing her views than her heirs.
A woman who will spare no
panes to get her rights
A woman who would rather
rock the country than the cradle.
Philadelphia Record,
The Adair County Medical Society
will meet in Columbia on Thursday,
October 9, 1913, at 10 a. m., when the
following program will be rendered:
Diptheria S. P. Miller; Heart Fail-
ureW. B. Grissom; The Financial
Problem B. J. Bolin. The discussion
on this suqject led by W. F. Cart
wright, and followed by all the mem
bers of the society.
All the members are expected to be
present and take an active part in the
S. P. Miller, Pres., U. L. Taylor, Sec.
Wise Child-
The little daughter of a prom
inent divine, whom it would be
cruel to name, was recently tak
en to her faher's church for the
first time. She was, ofcourse
intensely interested in all that
went on.
A true little Yankee, her first
remark on coming out was:
"Do .'all those little boys in
nighties get paid for sinking?
"Yes, I suppose so," replied
her mother.
"And does father get paid too?
"Well, I should't think they'd
have to pay him much, for he
does noting but talk, and he just
loves to do that. Judge.
The Orphan Brigade.
At the Confederate Home at
Pewee Valley there met last
Week what was left of the fa
mous old Orphan Brigade. It
was the 50th anniversary of the
battle of Chicamaugua where its
beloved commander, Gen. Ben
Hardin Helm, of Elizabethtown,
was killed while leading his men
in a fierce attack upon the Fed-
eral position.
This brigade had
three commanders,
Gen. Roger
Hanson, Gen. Ben Hardin Helm
and Gen. Joseph Lewis. They
were the bravest of the brave
and they commanded as intrepid
soldiers as ever faced a foe or
charged a fort. No more bril
liant page in Kentucky history
was ever written than by the
Orphan Brigade. Their
ranks are woefully thinned now
that the boys of the sixties are
iow all gray headed and old men.
In but a few years none of them
will be left, but their deeds and
their heroism will be long after
the sod has closed over the last
of these old veterans. E. Town
They Make You feel Good.
The pleasant purgative effect
duced by Chamberlain's Tablets and
the healthy condition of mind and
body which they create- make one feel
joyful. For sale by Paulh Drug Co.
Get No Pay for institute' WeeK.
An unwelcome surprise was
sprung in the closing hours of
the Shelby County Teachers' In
stitute, heldlat Shelby ville. Here
tofore it has been the custom for j
the teachers to draw the same
salary for the week they are in
attendance on the institute as
they would receive if actually at
work in the schoolroom, and they
naturally expected to do the
same this year. In this, how
ever, they were disappointed.
Superintendent Money read a
letter from State Superintendent
Barkesdale Hamlet in which it
was stated that "the depart
ment rules that no teacher can
count the time of the institute
when the school and the insti
tute are set to begin on the same
day. The above must actually
begin, andjmusthave been taught
for one or more full days before
you can pay teachers for such
time." As only a very small
percentage of the schools had ac
tually opened, the large majori
ty of the teachers will lose the
week's salary on which they had
counted to defray the expenses
incurred during the five days
spent in town.
Avoid Sedative COugh Medicines.
If you want to contribute directly
to the occurrence of capillary bronchi
tis and pneumonia use cough med
icines that contain codine, morphine,
heroin and other sedatives when you
have a cough or cold. An expectorant
like Chamberlain's Cough Remedy is
what is needed. That cleans out the
culture beds or breeding places for
the germs of pneumonia and other
germ diseases. That is why pneumo
nia never results from a cold when
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy is used.
It has a world wide reputation for its
cures. It contains no morphine or
other sedative. For sale by Paull
Drug Co.
Luke McLuKe Says.
There are lots of contented
people in the world, but they
never leave the cemeteries.
When a man tries to play Hide
and Seek with a woman he is It
all the time.
There are two kinds of male
jelly fish in the world. One
breed blames it on a woman and
the other species blames it on
bad company.
Tho older a girl gets the less
she thinks of the picture for
which she posed in a washbowl.
The children used to disap
point their parents when they
grew up. But nowadays it is
the other way around.
Rube Mars says he likes a girl
who wears freckles, because he
knows she didn't paint them on.
It takes a woman who hasn't
any children to know how to
raise them properly.
It is all right to sit down and
wait for inspiration, but the rent
collector doesn't know what the
word means.
If she is bow-legged she can't
help it. But if she wears green
stockings it is her own fault.
When you see a girl acting as
though every one else is wearing
rags, you'IL know that she is
wearing a new dress.
A man never hesitates about
accepting a pretty girl at her
face value.
The man who is getting soused
because he didn't get the girl of
his choice, will often run into
her husband, who is getting
soused because he got her.
When daughter was a little
All Persons Who Are Behind
One Year on our Subscrip
tion Books
Will have to Come off, Under
the Law, if not Paid at once
The Government
Will Not carry Papers in the
Mail for Parties who Owe
More than one Year
tot she used to hunt father's
slippers and put them on his feet
when he got home. Now that
she has grown up she throws fa
ther's slippers out in the back
yard dvery time she stumbles
over them. '
She always says she has, but a
girl who is out of town on a visit
vever has any better clothes than
those she brings with her.
The family Cough Medicine.
In every home there should be ft
bottle of Dr.King's New Discovery,
ready for immediate use when any
member of the family contracts a
cold or a cough.Prompt use will stop
the spread of sickness. S.A.Stid.of
Mason, Mich., writes;"My whole famS
ily depends upon Dr King's New dis
covery as the best cough and cold med
icine in the worl. The world. Two
50c. bottles cured me of pneumonia."
Thousands of other famlies have been
equally benefited and depend entirely
upon Dr. King's New Discover to
cure their coughs, colds, throat and
lung troubles. Every dose helps. Price
5oc.and S1.00. All druggists.II.E Buck
len & Co. Philadelphia or St. Louis.
Out in the State.
A campaign against hookworm
has been inaugurated in Harri
son county.
The construction of a $450,000
hotel at Grayson Springs will be
gin in October.
A new rural mail route will be
established February 1 st between
Elizabethtown and Glendale.
It is reported that a school of
journalism will be established at
the State University, Lexington.
A suit attacking the constitu?
tionality of the act forming Mc
Creary county has been filed in
the Whitley Circuit Court.
A strict quarantine has been
established at Winchester to pre
vent the spread of contagious
diseases among children.
The five-year-old child of Mr.
Richard White, of Mercer coun
ty, was bitten by a rat last week
and for a while its life was des
paired of.
Governor McCreary has ap
pointed Caswell E. Crossland
Judge of the Police Court at Pa
ducah to succeed the late Judge
David Cross.
If the drouth continues a few
days longer, seventeen country
schools in Clark county will have
to close on account of a water
Preparations are being made
by several newly formed com
panies to drill a number of test
wells in Meade county with the
hope of finding oil.
The best informed politicans in
the Eighth Congressional Dis
trict pick John W. Hughes, of
Harrodsburg, as the next Col
lector of the District.
A number or leases on several
thousand acres of land have been
taken recently along fyluldraugh's
hill in Hardin county, with the
view of drilling for oil.
On account of the short corn
crop many farmers in Hardin
county have built silos and are
filling them with fodder to feed
during the winter.
Gen. S. B. Buckner, who wa3
reported quite ill at his home at
Glen Lily, Hart county, last week
is much improved. He is 90 years
of age.
Judge A. J. Kirk, of Mt.
Sterling, has rendered a decis
ion that colored persons can vote
in election of trustees for white
schools and vice versa.
Sam F. King, the first Demo
cratic postmaster at Winchester
in years, has received his com
mission and assumed the duties
of the office.
The Covington City Council
will be asked to adopt an ordi
nance reducing the number of
saloons in that city from one to
every 250 inhabitants, to one to
every 500.
The new Bardstown Garage,
situated near the south-west cor
ner of the Court Square, is now
nearly complete and is one of
the handsomest new business
places in that city.
Governor McCreary is said to
be in favor of the next Legisla
ture creating a commission with
power to assess the tangible
and intangible property of all
railroads in the State.
Charging that one-third of the
voters of Clark county would sell
their votes, Judge Benton has in
structed the Clark county grand
jury to inquire .into bribery at
the August primary.
Assistnnt Attorney General M.
M. Logan i3 being urged by his
friends to become a candidate
for Congress in the Third Dis
trict to succeed R. Y. Thomas,
the present incumbent.
A proposition to bond the city
to the amount of $25,000 for
water works and $20,000 for a
sewerage system will be voted
upon at ths fall election by the
people of Marion, Ky.
Eastern capitalists are being
interested in the construction of
a street car system at Middles
boro, which Will connect the city
with all the mine3 in that dis
trict as well as Pineville, the
county seat.
m m
I am now ready to receive your tax
for 1913. Pay promptly and save the
per cent.
A. D. Pattesou, Sheriff.
" s
a. 'jlfc
N j,

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