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Making the f
t? . I..... .V..,..t,.V..lVllll'.l'..V..tMV,t
THE actual
money mak
ing on a
farm comes when
we are above the
average in qual
ity and produc
tion. f Those who
stand on the com
mon level will
get a living, hut
not much more.
Farming needs
individuality of
character and purpose just as running
a fctore or a factory does.
If the usual profit in a flock of hens
is 1 each above 'the cost of food the
aim should be to increase egg pro
duction and the sale of broilers or
other kinds of fancy poultry so that
there will be a profit of ?2 for each
hen kept. This is to be accomplished
by selecting pullets from the best lay
ing mothers and by bi ceding up with
full blooded males.
If the cows hi a dairy herd are pay
ing an average of S100 a year, make
an effort to raise it to 200. Perhaps
the quickest way to gain this end is
by discarding all animals that fail to
give five gallons of milk per day for
the greater part of the year. The stock
may be gradually improved, by selec
tion and breeding. It may be possible
also to sell a part of the milk or cream
to private customers who will pay
double the wholesale rate.
It is not necessary that the farmer
should replace all of his grade cows
with high priced, pure bred Ilolsteins.
Jerse3"s. Guernseys or Ayrshiros
However, for successful and profitable
dairying it is absolutely necessary tiiat
lie realize the remarkable difference in
productive capacity of the individual
cows in the same herd, though these
cows are cared for by the same man
and are consuming practically the
same amount of feed.
Recently a herd of hogs from the
northwest was sold in one of the cen
tral markets for SS.oO per 100 pounds
A herd of similar size from a so called
corn belt state sold in the same mar
kct on the same day for $7.05 The
northwestern hogs were fed a variety,
including barley, a liberal amount of
alfalfa, a little ground wheat, some
corn and some sugar beet sirup. The
other herd of hogs was fattened al
most exclusively on corn.
Not only did iue northwestern hogs
bring a higher price per 100 pounds,
but they put uti flesh more rapidly and
economically than the others and were
in every way more satisfactory. With
the present knowledge of alfalfa grow
ing no farmer, even in the strictly
corn states, can find a reasonable ex
cuse for not having some of this to
feed his hogs
. Ilogs need to run at large in a field
where there is forage. This may be
clover, alfalfa, rape or artichokes. In
this way they attain growth and put
on flesh better than they will if pen
ned up. If they can have whey or
skimmed milk once a day this will as
sist the economical production of meat.
The aim must be to bring the hog up
to 200 or 300 pounds at such a mod
eratc cost that there will be a liberal
profit when it is marketed.
With an abundance of hay and corn
there ought to be a good profit in fat
tening beef animals, few or many, ac
cording to the bize ot the farm. It
would appear that with the judicious
selection of feeders, with the careful
handling "of the animals while in the
feed lot and with an even break on
other conditions, cattle feeding ought
to be fairly profitable.
Farmers have come to realize the
value of maintaining soil fertility and
are using manure as liberally as pos
sible. Land, to be made a source of
continuous profit, must be kept fertile.
The proper rotation of crops combined
with the raising of live stock, will con
tribute largely in the maintenance of
soil fertility
, v
r Intelligent, painstaking effort j
based upon the teachings of sci-
ence, is the price of many farm-
? ers' success. 4
A Humane Check Strap.
Take a good, strong elastic band
twelve inches long and double it Sew
strap loops at each end. Fasten to
check strap. This little article wi?i
prevent stumbling, and the bit will be
much easier on the horse's mouth.
Care of Plants In Winter.
Look to the dahlia and canna tubers
stored in the cellar. If too damp,
mold will have formed and cause de
cay If not removed. Spread the tubers
out where the air is dry and separate
the perfectly good roots from those
touched with mold. If, on the con
trary, the roots look shriveled. put
them near the floor In a damp corner
of the cellar. Ventilation must be giv
en the cellar during the winter to
keep it dry.
Be very sure that there are no
rncks or loose window panes to let
in draft and frost-
Silage fed stock require one
third loss grain than cattle fed
dry fodder and produce beef
more economically.
Few- facts in agriculture have
been more -.clearly and conclu
sively established than that the
silo is a necessity to the stock
Combining the cost of grow
ing the corn crop and the cost of
siloing and adding 50 cents per
ton for depreciation, the cost of
producing silage amounts to $2.2."
per ton.
Silage, whether ' it be corn.
Kaffir or cane, has a palatability
and a succulence which other
feeds do not possess and which
are absolutely essential in mak
ing up a suitable ration for the
milking cow.
The cow will not tire of silage
as she will of other feeds. The
cow will eat silage the year
around if she has opportunity.
I x
Method of Procedure When This Com-
mon Accident Occurs.
A "cast" horse is one that gets down
in the stall and is unable to rise. This
is a common and often fatal accident
that might in many instances be pre
vented, says Dr. A. S. Alexander in
the Iiural New Yorker.
When a horse is found cast in his
stall do not become "rattled," as often
occurs. Many a horse has been shot as
paralyzed that would get up in time if
sensibly treated. Remember that when
a horse has been cast for a lon time
the hind '"g on the tinder side tends to
become i lb or cramped from lack of
circulation e blood. In this condition
it is useless to the horse. Pull the
horse out of the stall, if that is found
possible. Never try to make him iret
up when it is seen that he is cast. He
has tried his best to rise and failed
If he cannot be pulled into the run
way at the rear of the stall pull down
the partition against which he is i-ast:
then roll the horse over and examine
the legs that he has been lying upon
One of them may be broken. That
often is found to be the case and usual-
The only practical way we have
to improve live stock is by the use
of good pure bred sires. It should
need no argument to convince any
man that as long as scrub sires are
used by farmers the quality of the
live stock on farms will improve
slowly "if at all. The undesirable
male animal must not be allowed
to perpetuate his bad qualities.
There is no need that he should,
and it is only because farmers do
not fully realize the truth of their
own assertion that, we need better
live stock that they tolerate these
scrubs in the land. The pure bred
Pereheron stallion shown is the
Icind that produces topnotch draft
ly necessitates the destruction of the
animal. If the legs are found intact
proceed to move them thoroughly and
massage the muscles to stimulate nor
mal circulation of blood. A stimulating
liniment rubbed upon the muscles will
more quickly induce the circulation.
After the extremities have become
warm and sensitive encourage the
horse to rise. If he cannot do so have
several men assist him, if necessary
helping to lift him by means of a fold
ed canvas sheet or even a wide plank
passed under his belly.
Before shooting a cast horse that is
unable to rise, although his leg is not
broken, have the veterinarian use the
catheter to draw off the urine. Azo
turia often is brought on by the strug
gles of, a cast horse that has bee i
standing idle in the stable. The urine
in such a case will be found dark red
brown in color or like strong coffee.
The disease may prove curable by the
intelligent treatment of a qualified vet
erinarian. Money In Swine.
Swine raising is one "way to utilize
the surplus grain and the waste acres
as pasture. Swine consume an enor
mous amount of food, but they make
rapid gain, usually mature quickly
as compared to other animals and are
among that class of animals that re
produce the species rapidly. Money in
vested in swine should bring dividends
sooner, as a rule, than when invested
in cattle or sheep. Every farm should
have enough swine to supply the man
ager's family with pork and bacon.
Farm and Ranch.
Pure Breds Pay.
A litter of eight good pigs from a
pure bred boar mated with a choice
sow will require less feed and when
grown will produce fifty pounds of
meat per pig more than scrubby ones.
Mi'is makinc 400 pounds of additional
Meat. without additional expense.
Nicholson Is Designer of the
Shamrock IV.
Great interest has been aroused by '
the statement that the Shamrock IV..
the new challenger for the America's
cup. will have a centerboard. The use
of this distinctly American contrivance
will indicate that the yacht will have a
hiuM of light draft.
C. E. Nicholson, the well known Eng
lish yachting expert, is the designer of
the Shamrock IV.
As to Roimh Hockev. !
The players on our American hockey
teams may get a little too frisky at
times, but we should be thankful that i
they are not as bloodthirsty as our
friends across the border.
A man was nearly killed in a game
at Montreal recently, moving a local
newspaper to publish across two col
umns in large type the following
"The almost fatal accident to La
londe again emphasizes the dangers of
hockey and the necessity on the part
of the team managers to keep down
the temper of the men.
"It would be a great pity if any of
our rinks should be shut up through
popular clamor as a result of what the
law must .call at least sporting man
slaughter. "Hockey oflicials and hockey rules,
no matter how strict either of them
are. cannot prevent rough play.
"It is all in the hands of the team
"Let them use the power they pos
sess over the players under their con
trol wisely and well lest the public be
compelled to look to the criminal col
umus of the newspapers, where coro
ners' courts and prison cells are fea
tured for the latest hockey news in
stead of on the sporting page."
"Will Be Game's Best Year."
Connie .Mack, manager of the world's
champion Athletics, does ,not agree
with Ban Johnson, president of the
American league, who recently in a
Chicago interview said the year 191J
would be most disastrous for baseball
On the other hand, the master mind
of the game in a forecast said it would
be baseball's best season. Manager
Mack said:
"I'm not predicting any pennants at
this time, but I feel confident that the
Athletics will be able to hold their own
in 1014. We must have our strongest
team, for the other clubs, especially
those that finished in the second divi
sion, will be greatly strengthened. I
look for a much harder race than last
year, because all of the clubs will be
more evenly balanced. The fans will
see better baseball this year, which I
have every reason to believe will be
the game's most successful in every
N. A. A. O. Meeting.
The annual meeting of the Natioual
Association of Amateur Oarsmen will
be held at the New York Athletic club
on March 21. At this session the date
and place for the 1014 national regatta
will be arranged. According to an offi
cial of the national body, Philadelphia
will probably get the big event, al
though several western cities are aft
er it.
Philadelphia has not had the event
for several years, and since the Quak
ers' course on the Schuylkill is one of
the best in the country the chances are
the National Association of Amateur
Oarsmen will vote favorably for Phila
delphia. Baltimore and Detroit also
are after the date.
Harry Lewis Quits Ring.
Harry Besterman. better known to
ring followers as Harry Lewis, who
is slowly improving at his home from
the injuries he received last October,
when he was knocked out in the fifth
round of a bout with Joe Borrell. an
Indianapolis middleweight, declared he
will never again don a glove. He says
that an injury he sustained in an auto
mobile accident in London a few years
ago, is the real cause of his condition.
The former Gghter made his reputa
tion In the lightweight class and was
lit one time the sensation of Paris.
Pirate Holdouts.
The Pittsburgh Pirates have two
holdouts on their hands. Claude Hen
driclc. the pitcher, says h will not
play with the Pirates unless he is giv
en an increase in salary. He demands
$7,500 arid says that if Dreyfuss re
fuses vto give it to him t he will jump
to the Federals. Max Carey is hold-
Ing the Pirates up for a SG.500 salary.
President Dreyfuss refuses to discus
the question, but tt is thought that he
will make some sort of compromise.
Hie Perfect
For Elderly People
Ago has its attractions no less than
youth in a more serene and quieter life.
Rut it is this very life of rest without
sufficient exercise that brings with it
tliose disorders that arise from In
activity. Chief of these are a chronic.
4 persistent constipation.
.Most eiueriy people are troubled in
this way, with accompanying symptoms
of belching, drowsiness after eating,
headaches and general lassitude. Fre
quently there is difficulty of digesting
even light food. Much mental trouble
ensues, as it is hard to find a suitable
remedy. First of all the advice may be
uiven that elderly people should not use
salts, cathartic pills or powders, waters
or any of the more violent purgatives.
What they need, women as well as men.
Is a. mild 1n.jrn.tivn tonic nnf that is
' pleasant to take and yet acts without
The remedy that fills all these re
' auirements, and has in addition tonic
jThe Kentucky Derby.
The New .Louisville Jocky Club
has decided to make the Ken
tucky Derby worth about $12,000
to the winner, or about three
times what it has been worth.
This will doubtless stimulate the
interest of Kentucky turfmen in
breeding probable Derby win-
ners, but the more modest stae
has never failed to interest Ken
tucky breeders and trainers more
actively than even greater East
ern stakes did in "the palmy
days." To win the Kentucky
Derby has been the ambition of
every Kentucky owner of thor
oughbreds since the institution
of the race. The glory and the
advertising for the horse have
been regarded as worth more
than the money. Be it $4,000
or $40,000 the "blue ribbon
event" of the Kentucky turf will
always excite the ambition of
every man in the racing game
in this part of the world. Frank
fort Journal.
Birdseve view
"feSESst ''. t-risy -TV X t ? frsftJTF.
S. X. ' -
-- :.j5&c-.i? &.
W. J. Hughes & Sons Co.,
, Incorporated
Louisville, Kentucky.
; Windows, -Doors, Blinds, Mouldings, Columns,
Stair Work, Brackets,
Asphalt, Gravel, Rubber, Galvanized
and Printed.
Also Elwood and American Fence.
. Steel Fence Posts
- Incorporated
112-116 Eaat rCalkef Street, Del ween Firsthand Brook'
Louisyille, Ky.
properties that strengthen the stomach,
liver and bowels, is Dr. Caldwell's Syrup
Pepsin, which thousands of elderly peo
ple use, to the exclusion of all other
remedies. Trustworthy people like A, B.
Tigrett, Oaklawn Farm, Newborn, Tenn.,
and Mrs. Lizzie S. Brooks, Paris. Ky
say they take it at regular inter
vals and in that wav not onlv main
tain general good health, but that they ' j
nave not in years felt as good as tney
do now. You will do well to always
have a bottle of it in the house. It is
good for all the family.
Anvone wishing to make a trial of this
remedy before buying it in the regular
wav of a druggist at fifty cents or ono j
dollar a large bottle (family size) can j
have a sample bottle sent to the home
free of charge by simply addressing Dr. '
W. B. Caldwell. 405 "Washington St.,
Monticello, 111. Your name and address
'on a postal card will do.
We would be pleased to send the
Daily State Journal, Frankfort, from
now until the first of April foroOcents.
Or better still we will furnish the
Adair County'News, one year and the I
Daily State Journal until April 1st
for 31.23. If you want to keep in
in touch with the doings at Frank- J
fort while the Legislature is in session,
you should have the State Journal
How is Your Boiler?
It has been stated that a man's
stomach is his boiler, his body is his
engine and his mouth the lire box. Is
your boiler (stomach) in good working
order or is it so weak that it will not
stand a full load and not able to sup
ply the needed energy to your engine
(body)? If you have any trouble with
our stomach, Chamberlain's Tablets
will do jou good. They strengthen and
invigorate the stomach and enable it
to do its work naturally. Many very
remarkable cures of stomach trouble
have been effected by them. For sale
by Paull Drug Co. Ad.
Public Sale.
On Saturday, the 21st of February,
we will sell at public outcry at our
barn in Roley, the following: Five
mule teams, wagons and harness, two
heavy horse teams, two good jacks,
three good jennetts, one stallion, two
cows to be fresh in the spring, a pair
of coming yearling mules, two good
brood mares heavy in foal. Also saw
mill, hay bailer, binder, reaper, wheat
drill, double seated vehicle and many
other things not here given. This sale
is for the purpose of terminating a
partnership business and the property
will be sold. Terms: eight months
time with interest from date, note to
be properly secured.
Wolford Bros,
Casey Creek.
ot our Plant
in Dixie"
Etc. Write forjjour Catalog
left me with a frightful cough and ;
very weak. J had spells when I could
hardly breathe or speak for 10 to 20
minutes. My doctor could not help
me, but I was completely cured by
Mrs. J. E. Cox, Joliet, 111.
D. Crenshaw
Special Altnetin to E)s.
Fistulo, Poll-evil, Spavin or any sur
gical work done at fair prices. 1 am
well fixed to take care of stock. Mon
ey due when work is done or stock
removed from stables.
Joseph H. Stone;
1$ Will pradtice in
this and adjoining counties.
Jamstown, : Kentucky
A Splendid
Clubbing (Bargain
Wo Offer
The Adair County
The Cincinnati
Weekly Enquirer
Both One
For Only
Subscription, may be
new or renewal
What The Weekly Enquirer Is
It is issued every Thursday, Subacriptio pries
per year, and it is one of the beat harae met
ropolitan weeklies of to-day. Itfcosal the facili
ties of the creat DAILY ENQUIRER fee obtain
ing the World's events, and for that reasen caa
give you all the leJ'ng news. It curries a great
amount of valuable farm matter, crwpt editorials
and reliable up-to-date market repe-rta. Its nu
merous departments make a necessity to ever?
home, farm or business ma
Tnis grand offer is limited ami we advise you to
take advantage by subscribing for the above com
bination right now. Call or mail orders to,
Made A New Man Of Kim-
"I was suffering from paiuio Hi; j
stomach, head and hack. ' writes H.
T. Alston. Saleich. .N. O. "and my i
liver andkidneys did not work right, j
but four bottles ot .Electric Jiitters i
made me feeJ ke a new man.
X keepUon hands a full stock of
coffins, caskets, and robes. I also keep
Metallic Caskets, and Steel Boxes and
two hearses. Prompt service night or
day. Residence Phone 29, office
Phone 98.
45-1 yr t J. F. Triptett,
Ad Columbia, Ky..
cV" "
It t 51 f3 iai' '-J2s fi

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