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Big Educational Rally, Columbia Oct. 30, 1914,
Everybody is Going You Come
School Parade All the School Childeren of the '
County who are present at the rally. Each teach
er having charge of the pupils of his or her School.
Each school should have a penant designating the
name of the school. Parade will start at the court
house and march tolhe Fair Grounds.)
American Flag to the School having the greatest
percent of pupils and patrons present at the rally.
Attendance will be based on the census reports of
the districts. Russell & Co.
American Flag to the district having the second
highest percent in attendance. Calculated same
as above. W. I. Ingram.
Spelling contest (Written) Bible Joe Pattesoo
Declamatory contest for boys, any age $ 1 .00
Dr. Triplett.
Recitation for girls, any age. Valuable Book
Page & Taylor's Drug Store.
Best Essay on "Why Eradicate Illiteracy in Ken
tucky?" Valuable Book.
Mrs. Cora Wilson Stewart.
Best exhibit or display of work from any rural
American Flag First National Bank.
Best reader of First grade, who has entered school
is year,
flO Best Apple Pie. $1.00
d 1 Best Loaf Light Bread.
U2 Best h doz Biscuit $1.00
baum. Representing
'3. 3 Best doz Corn Muffins.
Valuable Book
Tobias Huffaker.
Dr. Cartwright.
Box Candy.
Winfrey & Co.
Taylor & Rosen
Gowby & Co.
One Box Stationery
Dr. Murrell
4 Best J doz ears corn not more than two entries
from each division (Corn must have been grown
on farm of boys exhibiting same.) $2.00
Jeffries Hardware Store.
Jfl 5 Best o doz Irish potatoes. Good Knife
Reed & Miller.
$ 6 Best glass of Apple Jelly, made by any school girl
Bar Pin, value $2.00. Paull Drug Co.
1 7 Neatest patch on calico (by school girl any age)
$1.00. Dr. Grissom.
18 Best made gingham apron (by school girl any age)
Valuable Bar Pin ' Murray Ball.
1 9 Best specimen of manual training work (to be
judged from workmanship and difficulty in making)
$2.00 Columbia Bank.
20 Best Embroidored shirt waist (made by girl any
age) Gravy Ladle Gill & Waggener.
21 Best Ladies crochet collar (made by girl any age)
Shirt waist pattern Walker's Store.
22 Pole vault (Boys any age) . Box of Fruit & Candy
Garrison Bros.
23 Sack Race. Boys any age and any number may
enter. Good knife C. R. Hutchison.
24 One-half mile race. Qne teacher from each edu
cational division may enter. Box Whitman's
Candy. Flowers & Beck.
25 1 00. yds dash. Boys any age. $ 1 .00
W. H. Wilson.
26 100 yds dash. Boys 1 4 and under. Knife.
Moss & Wilson.
27 Running Broad Jump. $ 1 .00. Goff Bros.
28 h mile race. Boys any age. $ 1 .00.
Hancock- Hotel.
29 Potato Race, l3oys 1 4 and under. $ 1 .00
Bennett .& Smith.
30 Wheel Barrow race. Girls 15 and over. Not
more than two entries from each educational Di
vision. Box Fruits and Candies.
Nell & McCandless.
Relay Race. Four boys from each Educational
Division. I doz Photos made of boys together
while at the Rally. Buford Montgomery.
Girls 14 and Under. $1.00
Dr. Hndman.
32 Egg 'Race.
53 Highest number of points won by any Educatioal
x Division, American Flag. Two Schools in Co
lumbia. (Flag to go to the school of that division
winning the greatest number of points).
School pupils taking part in the contests must be in
school age and must have entered school by Aug
ust 24 and have been in regular attendance since
that time.
The regular rules governing all athletic events will
be used on this occasion.
The first winner in each event counts three points,
the second two and the third one, in deciding
.which Edmcational Division and sub-district has
won the greatest number of points; though no sec
ond and third prizes are offered,
No admission will be charged for entrance to the
Fair grounds or to the addresses of the day or ev
ening. Everything is free
The Fair Association has given all stand privileges
to the two Columbia schools.
The judges for the various events are to be select
ed by Profs. Moss & Wilson from the town of
Columbio, and from the facultier and pupils of the
'two schools. The decisions of these judges are
We urge that avery rural teacher drill their child
ren at school to march in the order that they wish
ihem to march at the county rally, at Columbia.
Train children to march in line and pay strict at
tention to orders.
Rules and Regulations Governing the Rally
The district winning first school penant, given by
Russell & Co., will march in front, the School win
ning second penant given by W. I. Ingram will
have second place in line of march. Other rural
schools will occupy any convenient positiol in line
of march. The Columbia Schols will march in
the rear.
9 Let teachers from each district report the number
of students and patrons present from their sub-district,
and the number of miles from school house to
Columbia, by 9:30 Friday morning of the rally, at
the County Superintendents office. We urge the
rural teachers to be exact in reporting the mileage
and number present from their sub-district.
10 Only school pupils are wanted in the line of march.
1 1 Place of delivering premiums will be announced
. on the morning of the Rally.
.1 2 Contentants in Domestic Science and Mannual
Training must present specimens of work made by
13 The President and Secretary of the "Rally Com
mittee" desire to express to the Adair County
News their thanks for these posters (which are do
nated by the News) and their co-orporation in ad
vertising the Rally through the colums of the News.
Dates and Places of Division Rallies
Fisrt Division Mt. Pleasant, 3rd Friday in Oct.
Second Division Antioch, 2nd Friday in Oct.
Third Division Zion, 1 st Friday in Oct.
Fourth Division Little Cake, Last Friday in Sept.
PUBLIC SPEAKING: We hope to have with us on this occasion some of the States
greatest Educators, who will make addresses.
An Aggressive Policy.
The demand or the British peo-
less England's naval supremacy
is to be put to a test which may
destroy it before it so much as
pie that the aggressive be taken comes in contact with the full
by their fleet because of the de
struction of three British cruis
ers by German submarines is in
small danger of being complied
with. One reason therefor is
vthat the Germans would ask
, nothing better. They have with-
drawn their fleet into a fortified
ijharbor -on the North Sea from
'which the Kiel Canal leads to
another fortified harbor on the
.Baltic. -The approach to both is
.- served with mines. The German
lleet is thus in a position to say
'to both the .English and the Rus
sians thus far and no farther.
'The German fleet has been pre
served being and the English
muit:perferce stand guard un-
of the enemy
The strategy so far pursued
by Admiral Jellicoe has been to
keep the German men-of-war
bottled up, while English cruis
ers have swept the sea for Ger
man merchantmen. In the two
encounters that have occurred
the English suffered -but little if
any of the worst of it. They
have lost three obsolete cruisers
and some 2,000 men from a sub
marine attack, but the Germans
suffered no less heavily when
the squadron under Admiral
Beatty tolled five of their cruis-.
ers out to sea to be sunk under
the guns of battleships. On the
whole honors are easy in this re
gard and England has retained
the essential advantage of being
able to land its troops at will in
Belgium or France, to protect its
own ships of commerce and to
harass those of the enemy.
It is annoying, of course, to
discover that British cruisers are
not immune against submarine
attack. It might be more costly
to make a wholesale experiment
of their ability to withstand
It would seem that what is
sauce for the goose might be
served on the gander. The
British submarines are supposed
ly greater in numbers and supe
rior efficincy than those of the
Germans. In the matter of ae
rial craft, both sides are well
equipped. So far, however, if
any offensive use has been made
of airships it has not escaped the
Be fore the war was thought
of outside of the chancelloriess, a
British Admiral asserted that the
dreadnought-and the superdread
naught were so much wasted
steel and armanent. On the
open sea or in the landlocked
harbor, he declared that not one
of them would be safe. The Ger
mans have demonstrated that
this theory will work on a small
scale. What is to prevent its be
ing tried out by the British? It
would seem to be a Jess hazard
ous experiment than the "ag
gressive policy" which the Brit
ish public demands. Louisville
Apply Sloan's freely for Lumbago.
Your attacks of Lumbag6 are not
nearly so hopeless as they seem. You
can relieve them almost instantly by
a simple application of Sloan's Lini
ment on the back and loins. Lumba
go is a form of rheumatism, and yields
perfectly to Sloan's, which penetrates
quickly all in through the sore, ten
der musles, limber up the back and
makes it feel fine. Get a bottle of
Sloan's Liniment for 25 cents of any
druggist and have it in the house
against colds, sore and swollen joints,
rheumatism, neuralgia, sciatica and
like ailments Your money back if
not satisfied, but it does give almost
instant relief. Sold by Paull Drug
Co. s Ad
Why They Go.
Ail Persons Who Are Behind
One Year on our Subscrip
tion Books
Will have to Come off, Under
the Law, if not Paid at once
The Government
Will Not carry Papers in the
Mail for Parties who Owe
More than one Year
EnzooJic Opihalmia.
Someone has well said that the
reason why so many boys and
girls are leaving the farm is be
cause they are in a large meas
ure ignorant of the possibilities
of the life they are leaving and
the life to which they are going.
It would apper on reflection that
agricultural education, consider
ed in its border aspects, could
hardly have a more useful or
more worthy object than mak
ing very clear to the minds of
boys and girls in rural commun
ities the real facts as well as
possibilities of both city and
country life. Such education
ought to set forth the dignity
and worth of agriculture and its
allied lines, and to make clear
that while there are opportun
ities in the city, they are by no
means what they seem to be at
distance and seldom give one an
opportunity to acquire a position
of independence.
The Experiment Station has
been repeatedly called upon to
answer inquiries concerning an
outbreak of contagious opthalmia
which is at present prevalent
over the entire State of Kentuc
ky. This condition is sometimes i ContQKious Opthalmia is us
Prevention. Whenever this
condition appears in the herd
tha healthy animals should
be immediately removed to a
new pasture, given a 'laxative
diet and provided with fresh
drinking water.
Your Fall Cold Needs Attention. .
No use to fuss and try to wear it
out. It will wear you out instead.
Take Dr. King's Kew Discovery, re
lief follows quickly. It checks your
Cold aud Soothes your Cough away.
Pleasant, Antiseptic and Healing.
Children like it. Get a 50cc. bottle
of Dr. King's New Discovery and
keep it in the house. "Our family
Cough and Cold roctor' writes Lewis
Chamberlain, Manchester, Ohio.
Money back if not satisfied, but it
nearly always helps. Sold by Paul
Drug Co. Ad
It is as much a duty of the
country pastor to exhort us to
own a home while on earth as it
is to inspire us, to build a man
sion in the skies.
The rural press, the pulpit and
the school are a trinity of power
ful influences v that the farmer
must utilize to his fullest capac
ity before .he can occupy a com
manding position in public affairs
known as "pink eye," and at
tacks in rapid succession a large
portion of the herd. It is dis
tinctly a contagious disease and
may originate by the purchase
of a new animal which is already
affected, and from that animal
it may be spread to all the re
maining cattle ia the herd. The
condition is more prevalent in
the hot summer months, espec
ially during a period of drought
similar to the one experienced
throughout the entire State this
Symptoms. The condition is
usually first noticed by a profuse
discharge of tears from both
eyes, which constantly keeps
both sides of the face moist. The
eye-lids are swollen, painful to
pressure, and invariably closed,
especially so in intense sunlight.
These symptoms are usually ac
companied by a slight elevation
in tempperature, loss of appetite
and a diminution in the flow of
milk- If the condition is left to
go untreated the discharge from
the eyes assumes a purulent form
usually accompanied by a slight
cloudiness of the cornea.
Treatment. Affected ammsls
should be isolated in a cool, dark
portion of the, barn and given
from one to one and one-half
pounds Glaubers' salts asadrench
and one tableapoonful potassium
nitrate added to each six gallons
of drinking water. In addition,
the eye symptons are best treat
ed by washing the eyes out twice
each day with a four per cent,
solution of boric acid, but this
may be substituted by a 1 to 100
solution of silver nitrate once a
day. In severe sase3 where the
lesions of the cornea are present
this latter treatment is to be
ually not a severe disease when
properly treated and the above
recommendations, if properly ap
plied, should soon bring the out
break to a close.
Robert Graham, D. V. 1VI.,
Experiment Station, Lexington,
Hopeless Lung Troubln Cured.
Many recoveries from Lung Troubles
ijre due to Dr Cell's Pine-Tar-Honey.
It strengthens the Lungs, checks the
Cough and gives relief at once Mr.
W. S Wilkins, Gates, :sT. C , writes.
"I used Dr. Bell's Piue-Tar-Honey in
a case given up as hopeless and it ef
fected a complete cure " Get a bottle
of Dr. Bell's Pine-Tar-Honey If
your cough is dry and hacking let it
trickle down the throat, you will sure
ly get relief. Only 25c. at Paull Drug
Do. Ad
Democratic Platform.
We declare our faith in the
wisdom and patriotism of Wood
row Wilson and pledge him our
support in discharging the grave
duties and solving the complex
problems imposed upon him by
the high office to which he was
called by the people.
With singular fortitude and
patience our President has stayed
the impulsive spirit of war and
translated for all mankind the
meaning of a Republic intent on
liberty and peace. In dealing
with the'painful problems of the
stricken Republic of Mexico he
has won and 'deserves the un
stinted approval of his fellow
countrymen. -
We indorse the Democratic ad
ministration of the affairs of the
Federal government, an admin
istration cleaving to the line of
party progress and keenly sen
sitive to the settled will of the
country. New York Democrat
ic Declaration.
if-i .
ato- s
! ..
i J,
--' i

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