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You Need a Tonic
There are times in every woman's life when she
needs a tonic to help her over the hard places.
When that time comes to you, you know what tonic
to take Cardui, the woman's tonic. Cardui is com
posed of purely vegetable ingredients, which act
gently, yet surely, on the weakened womanly organs,
and helps build them back to strength and health.
It has benefited thousands and thousands of weak,
ailing women in its past half century of wonderful
success, and it will do the same for you.
You can't make a mistake in taking
WHfi UUiiunCdd Ur
The Woman's Tonic
Miss Amelia Wilson, R. F. D. No. 4, Alma, Ark.,
says: "I think Cardui is the greatest medicine on earth,
for women. Before I began to take Cardui, I was
so weak and nervous, and had such awful dizzy
spells and a poor appetite. Now I feel as well and
as strong as I ever did, and can eat most anything."
Begin taking Cardui today. Sold by all dealers.
Has Helped Thousands.
Special Notice !
oodson Lewis
Greensburg, Ky.
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We have not taken the War in Europe as an
( Excuse to ask Advance on Anything
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I Lime for this month, only 90c.
Venezuela Suggests Worldwide
Conference In Washington.
k Land Owners Attention,
C. Faulkner, is prepared to do
your Surveying correctly.
He has thirty-three years
experience. Charges rea-
sonable. Phone 74 or
T. . Faulkner,
Otlunihra, Ky.
C. D. Crenshaw
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gical work done at fair prices. 1 am
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nr4. "V W
Minister of Foreign Affairs Andrade Is
Father of Idea Placed Before Pan
American Union's Commission Ap
pointed Recently by All American
Republics Excepting Mexico.
The government of Venezuela has
formally proposed a great internation
al conference in Washington to con
sider and revise the rules of interna
tional law regarding the rights of neu
tral nations in time of war. The Vene
zuelan proposal is one of the biggest
and broadest that has come out of the
feeling among neutral nations gener
ally that the war in Europe points the
need for a definite determination of
neutral rights as affected by the oper
ation of belligerent nations and their
cruisers in a struggle like that now
being fought in Europe.
This proposal was submitted by Ven
ezuela, through its minister in Wash
ington, Dr. Santos A. Dominici, to the
governing board of the Pan-American
union. The governing board will refer
the proposal to the special commission
recently created upon motion of Dr.
Romulo S. Kaon, the ambassador from
Argentina, who acted on Instructions
from his government.
What makes the Venezuelan project
exceedingly important and farreaching
Is the fact that it does not limit the
suggestion for such an international
conference to the twenty-one nations
of North, South and Central America
which have membership in the Pan
American union. The Venezuelan idea
contemplates that the Washington con
ference shall embrace representatives
from every one of the neutral nations,
that all the neutral nations be invited
to participate in the deliberations and
that the work of the Washington con
ference be submitted to a congress of
all the nations. Including not only
those which are neutral, but also those
which are belligerents.
General Andrade Author of Idea.
The author of the suggestion for this
great conference of neutrals is General
Ignacio Andrade, who is now the min
ister of foreign affairs of Venezuela,
who submitted the proposal on behalf
of his government a'fter conferring at
Caracas with the leading statesmen of
that country.
General Andrade was president of
Venezuela twelve years ago and Is a
brother of Don Jose Andrade, who for
some years was minister plenipoten
tiary and envoy extraordinary from
Venezuela in Washington.
The written proposal of the Venezue
lan government is not to be made pub
lic until after It has been submitted to
the special commission of the Pan
American union, which was appointed
several weeks ago by unanimous vote
of every American republic except
Mexico with instructions to consider
problems growing out of the war as
affecting neutrals and to report recom
mendations to the governing board of
the Pan-American union.
Define Neutral Rights.
The proposal points out that neutral
nations appear to be anxious to have
their rights, as well as the new prob
lems affecting those rights, revised and
definitely defined.
Dr. Dominici. the Venezuelan minis
ter here, has been informally consult
ing with the members of the diplomatic
corps from all neutral nations repre
sented In Washington and with those
of neutral European and Asiatic na-
, tions and acquainting them with the
1 details of the Andrade idea for the pro
J posed conference. As a result of these
informal conversations, diplomats rep
I resenting the different European and
other neutral nations have been con
sulting their governments and inform
ing them of the plan.
Although diplomats representing neu-
L trals have only been discussing the mat
ter informally and can take no steps
to bind their governments without in
structions from their foreign offices, the
Venezuelan idea appears to have been
received favorably.
It is not the purpose of the Venezue
lan government to seek to lay down
new rules of international law or a neu
tral made code that would be binding
upon belligerents who were not repre
sented in the conference. The Idea is
that the neutrals shall first bofd their
great conference In Washington 4ind
consider all the problems growing out
of the war that affect them. The idea
then Is to reach an agreement along
definite lines as to what should be dorir
to clearly define the rights of neutrals.
After this has been done and after the
war in Europe Is over, the work of the
Washington conference would b
placed before a congress of nations,
and in this second congress the neutral
c63eofin tenia tibnal 1u V.- representing
the 'digested thought and combined
wisdom of all the neutrals, would be
submitted to the judgment of all na
tionsneutral as well as belligerent.
Had Right Leg Broken Seven Times.
Running on slippery streets to catch
a trolley car, William EI Harmer. forty-eight
years old. a salesman for a
Chestnut street store in Philadelphia,
fell and broke his right leg This is
the seventh time In fourteen years that
Oarmer has broken his right les.
Carrier Pigeons.
Pigeons were employed in early
Egyptian days, navigators taking them
on their galleys and liberating them
when they arrived at their destination
In order to announce their safe arrival
to their friends. The Romans utilized
them In communicating with, each oth
er in wartime.
"Will you marry me. Miss Gussle?"
"No. Mr. Jinks."
"Oh, thank you! I was so afraid
you'd say yes, for, you see, the fellows
were betting no fellow had the nerve
to ask you, and I took it up in spite of
the risk." Baltimore American.
Domestic Discord.
"My husband used to call me his
lovely lute."
"And now?"
"Now he picks on me.M Louisville
Where Truth deigns to come her sis
ter. Liberty, will not be far. Akenside.
Poor Egg!
"Here's a Swiss named Egg who
lives in New York petitioning to have
his name changed."
"Sort of an egg shake, eh I What's
the trouble?"
"He and his family have four chil
dren, and his family is constantly re
ferred to as 'the half dozen Eggs.' He
claims his yolk Is too heavy to ne
"Why doesn't he lay for his tormen
tors?" "It appears that he did once and got
beaten, whipped to a froth. Poor Egg
could barely scramble home." Boston
Holland's Queen Subscribes Million.
Queen Wilhelmina, in signing a bill
for a war loan of 275,000,000 florins
($110,000,000). informed the finance
minister that she would personally un
derwrite 2.500,000 florins ($1,000,000).
of the amount
Notes by the Way.
Dr. James Triplett
Columbia, Ky.
Am permanently located in Co
AH Classes of Dental work clone. Crow
Bridge and Inlay work a Specialty.
All Work Guaranteed
Office over G. W. Lowe's
Shoe Store
J. B. Stoke J. H. Stone
Stone & Stone,
Q Will practice in
this and adjoining counties.
Jamstown, : Kentucky
Ninety-five per cent of the
steel pens manufactured in the
United States are made-at Cam
den, N. J.
What is claimed to be an un
breakable telephone receiver has
a steel skelton within the rub
ber covering.
The same steam engine has
been pumping water out of a
coal mine in England for more
than 100 years,
Successful experiments of Hon
duras indicate that cotton may
become an important production
of that country.
Aluminum foil for wrapping!
purposes is being that is only one
sixth of one hundredth of an
inch thick.
A mixture of slaked lime, lin
seed oil and cotton fiber is used
in some portions of Turkey as a
substitute for cement.
All field guns hereafter built
for the United States army will
be so mounted that they can be
used against aeroplanes.
A fork carried above an aer
oplane has been invented by a
French aviator to enable a ma
chine to alight by clutching a
u. H. JOiiES
Veterinary Surgeon
and Dsntlfct
ears, experience. Special attention
given to Surgical and Dental work.
Office at residence near Graded School
I keep on hands a full stock of
coffins, caskets, and robes. I also keep
Metallic Caskets, and Steel Boxes and
two hearses. Prompt service night or
day. Eesidence Phone 29, office
phone 98.
45-1 yr J. P. Triplett,
Ad, Columbia. Ky.
Wilt Practice in all'the'.Courts
0!!ice:-ln Rollin Hurt'sIOItic
Residence Phone-13 B
Business Pho el3l
Office, Front rooms in Jeffries BTd'g
up Stairs.
Columbia, - Kentucky
Notice to the Public
General Blacksmithing
Buggy, Carriage and Wagon Repairing neatly
(lone. All kinds of Rubber Tires put on. Special
attention to Ilorse Shoeing. Pricc3 right and
satisfaction Guaranteed.
Shop on Depot St. near L. & N. Depot'
Campbellsville, Ky.
Are yon tired? ran down? nerroas?
Is everything you da an effort? Not
it is not laziness. You ar ill. Yoar
system needs a tonio. Yoar Stomach.
Kidneys and Liver need stirring op.
Nothing will do this better thaa
,.50e. sd $1.0 . AM Drcfttkte
, 1.''-.

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