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0 An Episode cm: . 1
It was about 1850 that Arnold Dal
maitre, a cotton factor of New Or
leans, went to New York on business.
In the office of a cotton broker In
New York was a boy named Alec Tra
cy, whose health was very delicate.
Indeed, the doctors had given him but
a short time to live. Tracy, who was
trtit fifteen years old, was assigned to
Dalmaitre to perform certain clerical
duties and carry messages during the
tatter's stay In New York. Dalmaitre
.was one of those men generous, sensi
tive to their honor, that were typical
of the south at that time. He took
pity on the boy and, suggesting that a
southern climate and a change of scene
might restore him to health, offered to
take him to New Orleans and give bim
a position In his office there.
Dalmaitre was a bachelor about forty
years old and soon after his return
from New York married a woman half
his age, celebrated for her beauty.
Gay society is usually encumbered
with men who consider women a legit
imate prey, though the standard of
honor in this respect Is doubtless high
er than it was. A scion of a noble
French bouse. Albert Durier, whose
father had left France during the revo
lution to escape the guillotine, was at
that time prominent socially in New
Orleans and became devoted to jlme.
Dalmaitre. It was not long before his
attentions were the subject of remark.
Dalmaitre was not himself socially
inclined, and bis wife went about a
good deal without bim. For this rea
son he did not observe Durier being so
much with his wife, and there was no
one to caution him except Tracy. The
young northerner was conscious of the
fact that he owed his life to his bene
factor and idolized bim. When, there
fore, be noticed that Dalmaitre needed
a friend to warn him of tbe danger In
which his wife was being placed be
considered how lie could do so with tbe
least damage to all concerned.
But the more be thought about it
the more clearly be saw tbe difficulties
In the way. Not a word could be spo
ken without bringing on a rupture in
Dalmaitre's domestic relations. Tracy
believed that the wife was innocent,
but imprudent; that she needed to be
cautioned, possibly to be withdrawn
from the influence of ber admirer.
This plan, too, be cast aside. Finally
he determined to settle the matter with
Durier, but in such a way that It would
not appear to pertain in any way to tbe
Meeting Durier at a ball. Tracy,
While both were dancing. Durier with
Mme. Dalmaitre, purposely shoved bim.
Durier cast an irritated glance at bim,
hut paid no further attention to tbe
matter. Tracy guided his partner
again near Durier and brought about
another collision. This time be scowl
ed at Durier. as if to accuse him ot
being at fault in the matter.
As soon as the music stopped the
two men went to another room, where
each accused tbe other of purposely
running against him in the dance. Tra
cy was coolly abusive, tantalizing bis
enemy into a passion. Finally the lat
ter at a contemptuous remark of Tra
cy's turned on his heels with the.
:words "You shall bear from me" and,
Seeking a friend, sent n challenge by
him. The episode was witnessed by
several persons, who gave tbe cause
as it appeared on tbe surface.
Dueling at that time was the ac
knowledged method among gentlemen,
especially In the south, of settling dis
putes, and there was a grove not far
from the Crescent City where the duels
took place. It was arranged that at
sunrise the next morning the parties
should meet at this grove and settle at
the pistol's mouth which of the two
men had joggled the other in the dnnce.
Whether Durier suspected the real
cause did not appear.
But there was one person who saw
througU Tracy's act and had learned
the consequences shortly after the
words that passed between the two
men. Tracy was living In bachelor
rooms at the time, and he had scarcely
got home from the ball when who
should appear but Mme. Dalmaitre.
"This affair between you and Mr.
Durier must not take place. Why did
you not make your demands on me in
stead of picking this quarrel with
"I do not understand you, madame."
She looked at him keenly for a time,
then said. "What do you wish me to
"My eyes have been opened. 1 assure
yon T am perfectly innocent. I will
agree never to receive "your enemy
again. Apologize to him and end tbe
matter between you and him."
'"Are you aware that such a course
.would cause me to be cut by every
fries! I hare?'
"Oh, heavens!"
Te fear tkat the real cause of tbe
-CNrral will be learned by the TrerKL"
i TrywU: 1 will mdu o6kwr
1m.tmitie,Wei&.'y&s --,
-She aelxed Bis band and kissed it
then, turning, left bi.
The next day Tracy told bis bene
factor that he had determined to re
turn to New York3 Dalmaitre endeav
ored to dissuade bim, but without ef
fect He departed soon after the epi
sode to escape tbe .contempt of the
entire social set of New Orleans. Mme.
Dalmaitre gave up many of her social
ties and devoted herself to feer bos-band.
On the estate of Lucien Marivaud, in
France, lived a poor man named Sou
bise and bis wife. Marie, tbe couple
having a little son, Francois. M. Mari
vaud had extensive vineyards, from
the product of irhk-h he manufactured
wine. Soubise bad charge of the grape
growing, and Marivaud not only val
ued his services highly, but was very
fond of him. Soubise's wife died, and
be soon followed ber, leaving little
Francois without a home.
M. Marivaud had a son, Victor, about
Francois age. Wbin the latter was
left an orphan heN was taken to the
chateau and became a playmate of
Victor. There was a brother of Vic
tor, Louis, much younger than either
of these two boys
When Victor was eighteen he enter
ed the military school and became an
army officer. Upon graduating he was
ordered to join bis regiment In Ton
kin. Francois was anxious to see serv
ice and. enlisting in tbe same regi
ment, went out with Victor, who
agreed to interest himself In his pro
motion that lie might become an offi
cer. A year later after a fight Lieutenant
Marivaud was reported missing. This
meant that he had fallen into the
bands of the Chinese, in which case it
was quite likely that he bad been mur
dered. When nothing was beard from
him for several years he was given up
by bis family, and when his brother,
Louis, came of age be inherited the
family patrimony, his father having
died without a will. M. Marivaud had
purposely omitted to make one because
he never ceased to hope that his son
would one day turn, out to be among
the living.
Ten years after the departure of Vic
tor Marivaud, when there was no mem
ber of the family living, Louis, who
had for some time possessed and man
aged the wine business, became engag
ed to Hortense Villaret, the daughter
of a neighbor. Mile. Villaret belonged
to an aristocratic family, but the es
tate had been confiscated during one
of the many changes In the sovereign
ty of France, and she was very poor.
She and Louis were much in love1 with
each other, and ber father favored the
match because Louis was wealthy and
could enable Hortense to return to the
style of living to which the family had
formerly been accustomed.
All went happily for the lovers till a
few weeks before the day set for the
wedding. Then one day a man appear
ed at the chateau claiming to be Vic
tor Marivaud. Louis was but twelve
years old when his brother left home,
and, granting that this man was Vic
tor, he would not have remembered
Mm. There was no other person at
Hand who had been familiar with Vic
tor to identify him.
. But the claimant was able to tell of
many incidents that had happened on
the estate, which went far to prove
that he was what he claimed to be. He
explained his long absence in this wise:
During the fight In which he was re
ported missing he was knocked on the
head by the butt of a musket in the
bands of a Chinaman and stunned.
When he came to himself he remem
bered nothing of the past, not even his
name. The dead were lying about him;
the wounded had been removed. He
arose and walked till he came to a
city, where he eventually entered the
service of a French merchant. After
passing through various vicissitudes he
was taken suddenly ill and was remov
ed to a hospital. After having been de
lirious on returning to his former con
dition he had exclaimed, "You rascally
Chinaman, take that for yours!" But
seeing a nurse before him Instead of
a Chinaman he appeared much sur
prised. He had returned to a normal
state, remembering that he was Vic
tor Marivaud.
His appearance was a terrible blow
to the lovers, for, according to the
French law of inheritance, Victor Ma
rivaud was the owner of the estate, in
cluding the wine business. He told
Louis so many things that had occur
red during tbe tatter's childhood that
Louis became convinced that the stran
ger was bis brother. Nevertheless it
,was not to be expected that' he would
be pleased to see a brother of whom
he had no remembrance and who
would dispossess, him of his property.
Bat the severest blow was that It Vil
laret immediately withdrew his cea-
W'aa'lpear.H-h " '
There was an old blind' woman lir
lag on tbe place, wbo, on bearing ot
tbe claimant, desired that he be
brought to her. She asked him a few
questions, which seemed to trouble
him, though he answered them cor
rectly. Then the old woman directed
that be be uncovered to the waist.
This was done, and her hand was
guided to his chest She slid her hand
around to his side under bis right arm.
and It rested on a small lump tbe size
of a pea.
"This is Francois Soubise," she said
"I lived with his mother when he was
a little boy and often dressed and un
dressed him. 1 know bim by this
lump." '
That ended the pretense.
LouIh Marivaud after this attempt to
impose on him went to Tonkin and
made a search for bis brother, Victor
But, although he spent much time on
tbe matter, he failed to obtain any in
formation whatever. Victor never re
Highest Court to Sit In Full For Sec
ond Time on Georgia Murder Case.
What amounts to a stay of execu
tion in tbe case of Leo M. Frank of
Atlanta. Ua- who was found guilty of
the murder of fourteen-year-old Mary
Pbagan. an employee of the pencil
factory ot which Frank was superin
tendent, was issued by Associate Jus
tice Jonepb R. Lamar of the United
States supreme court He granted an
appeal which for a second time brings
tbe case before the highest court in
the land. Following is a chronological
history of tbe case:
May 24. 1913. Leo Frank indicted for the
murder of Mary Phagan. a girl who work
ed in a pencil factory In Atlanta. James
Conley. sweeper In the factory, alao held.
Aug. 4. Trial begins to Atlanta. James
Conley testifies against Frank. Aug. 26.
Frank found guilty of the murder of
Mary Phagan.
Feb. 17. 1914. Conviction affirmed by tbe
supreme court of Georgia. Feb. 23. A.
McKnlght. negro, makes an affidavit that
his evidence against Frank was false.
March 4. George Eppes, another witness
who testified against Frank, repudiates
bis testimony. March 7. Frank is resen
tenced to deaths April 12. Lawyers for
Frank assert that his conviction was in
valid In view of the fact that he was not
in court when sentence of death was pass
ed on him. April 19. A. McKnlght recants
his repudiation of testimony. April 21
Lawyers for Frank try to show that
James Conley is guilty of murdering Mary
Phagan. April 23. Frank is examined to
determine if he is sane and Is found to
be normal. May 10.' A motion is made to
annul the verdict against Frank. Nov. 14.
New trial is denied Frank and his con
viction Is sustained. Nor. 20. Supreme
court of Georgia denies a writ ot error to
Frank. Nov. 2L Application Is made to
the supreme court of the United States
for writ of error. Dec 7. The supreme
court refuses a writ to review the Frank
case. Dec. 9. Frank addresses court In
Atiamta and asserts his innocence; is
again sentenced to death. Dec. 21. Ap
peal for certificate of "probable cause"
for appeal denied by Judge Newman in
Atlanta. Dec. 28. United States supreme
court grants an appeal.
Red Cross Reports That Hundreds of
Thousands Are In Need.
Hundreds of thousands of people in
Mexico are starving, according to ad
vices which reached this country.
From Monterey Consul General Han
na reported a condition of serious fam
ine. It developed that the American
Red Cross and private citizens are now
doing relief work in Mexico on a large
scale and that the continuance of rev
olution has had a much more 6erious
effect than had been realized in this
Thla is a new phase of the Mexican
situation and indicates most impres
sively the general demoralization of
the country. It is expected that hun
ger will play an Increasingly impor
tant part in Mexico from now on and
that these conditions will add to the
confusion and anarchy. The Red Cross
gave out the following message from
Consul General Hanna:
"After four years of war this whole
country is short of food. 1 will make
ull supplies and money go as far as
How Hadley Proposed.
The way President Arthur Twlnina
Hadley, according to a Yale legend,
asked his prospective father-in-law for
permission to marry his daughter was
characteristic. At the time this gentle
man,, Luzon B. Morris, occupied an an
omalous political position. He had re
cently been elected governor of Con
necticut but his claim was disputed,
and the state was in a political turmoil.
"Mr. Morris," was the way Mr. Had
ley approached tbe subject of bis call,
"I hope that I at least may be per
mitted to to cjU you governor."
World Work.
"Why did you insist on having your
new servant arrive on Saturday?" ask
ed the neighbor.
There's no train back till Monday,"
replied' Mrs. Crosslots. "We wanted
to be sure of having help for oar Sun
day dinner." Washington 'Star.-
dfim)I915 Model
17 SKfewTeatures
Powerful fast unusually graceful
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comfortable and completely equipped
with Top, Windshield, Speedometer,
and anti-skid tires on rear, the 1915
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world here is the greatest all around hill
climbing car in the world. Here is an auto
mobile to be really proud of.
Holds the road at 50 miles an hour
With Electric Starter and Electric Lights
$55 extra.
D'sWhuf nrs for Taylor, Green and Adair Counties.
w- I
There's nothing like Hanna's
Lustro-Finish for turning dingy
.floors into bright and beautiful
ones. No matter .how. worn
they are
makes them like new. Get a
can and try it yourself. Stains
and varnishes at one application.
Makes old furniture new and
For Sale by ?
Jeffries Hardware Store Columbia Ky.
Give bb aa JntaraatioBal Bind to
lentaai, a iBtornatioaal kart 4t
foL-WfiUw D. B.
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