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Of The
Fourth District Convention
Of The
Christian Church '
Which will Convene at Jamestown, , r
, . '
v on Friday Evening, June v
4th, at 7:30.
7:30Devotional, W. L. Smith
7:50 Some Present and Pressing Needs of Rural Churches.
.Open discussion led by Z. T. Williams, followed by" C.
W. Harrison, F. J. Barger and others. '
8:50 Appointment of Committees.
Saturday Morning Bible School Session
9:00 Song Service, led by W. E. Frazee.
9:10 Bible Reading and Devotional, led by Roy K. Roadruck.
9:20 "What Shall we Teach the Child?" Mrs. J. A. Asbury,
Roy K. Roadruck.
9:40 "Linking the Youth and the Church, C. W. Harrison, F.
J. Barger.
10:00 "Symposium Training the Leadership for the Church and
(a) Through the Training Class Mrs. J. A. Asbury, Henry
(c) Educational Period of the Workers Conference, Roy K.
(d) The School of Methods. W. E. Frazee. "
10:40 Should the Sunday Morning Unified Program be Generally
Adopted. H. W. Elliott, Luther Young.
11:10 Address by J. Q. Montgomery, alternate, Bro. Todd.
Dedication of Life to Christian Service.
11:50 Special Music.
11:55 Appointment of Committees.
1 2:00 Adjournment.
Saturday Aternoon Session -1
:15 Bible Reading and Devotional, C. W. Harrison.
1:25 Reports from the Schools and Churches.
1 :40 Reports of Evangelists.
1:50 Report of District Secretary.
2:00 The Church and the Home Cooperating in Christian Edu
cation, W. L. Smith, C. C. Lloyd.
2;25 The Needs and Opportunity of the Church and Bible
School Fourth District, J. F. King, J. Daniel.
2:50 Shall Kentucky Recapture the National Front Rank Ban
ner, W. E. Frazee, H. B. Guynn.
3:30 The Election of Officers for the Ensuing Year.
3:40 Reports of Committees.
3:50 Adjourned.
Saturday Evening Session
7:30 Bible Reading and Devotional, J. F. King.
7:45 Address H. B. Guinn. The Promise of Christian Union
in the Signs of the Times. Alternate, M. R. Gabbert.
8:30 Address, Tobias Huffaker. "Victor in Sight." Alertnate,
J. Q. Montgomery.
9:2 0 Adjournment.
Sunday Morning Session.
9:00 Bible School Session, Conducted by W. E. Frazee.
10:20 Address on Christion Education by University Man.
1 1:00 Sermon by State Evangelist.
1 1 :40 Communion service.
12:00 Adjourned for Dinner.
Afternoon Session, C. VV. B. M. Program.
1 :30 Devotional, Miss Mary Lucy Lowe.
1:45 Foreign Missions, "The Beginning; the Success" Miss
Victoria Hughes.
1:55 "Historical Sketch of theC. W.B.M." Mrs. Silas Denney.
2:05 Song, by the Children.
' 2:10 "The Childrens Work in the C. W. B. M." Mrs. B. E.
2:20 "The Circle Work in the C. W. B. M." Miss Kate Gill.
2:30 "Women and World Peace," Mrs. R. F. Rowe.
2:40-So!o, Mrs. W. M. Wilson.
2:45 "Our Literature", Mrs. Josephine Rowe.
2:55 "Is Belief in and Working for Missions, Essential to our Fi
nal Salvation." Mrs. Maggie Ruperts.
3: 1 0 Address by State Secretary, Mrs. Louise Loos Campbell.
3:45 Address, Mrs. Z. T. Williams.
Sunday Evening Session
7:30 Address by Returned Missionary.
Huerta has decided to make
his home in this country.
jMany PeopJeln This Town.
never really enjoyed a meal until
twe advisedfliein to take a imwf
before and after each meal!. Sold OjJy,
IjjyjuB 25c a box, ' , , jm .
Paull Drug Co.
Henderson is preparing to in
crease her tax rate. And with
river bridge, too.
A. whole battery of subma
rines were posted along the sea
lane to cut off the escape of the
Warning io Women
Do not neglect Nature's Warn
ing Signals.
If you suffer from headache, ner
vousness, sick stomach, constipa
tion, palpitation, hysterics, or a dull
heavy feeling in the head, TAKE
HEED for nature is saying to you
as plainly as if the words were
spoken, ,rI NEED HELP."
The tissues, muscles and mem
branes supporting your womanly
organs need strengthening need
a tonic, need FOOD.
STEIXA-VITAE wfll supply what is
needed, will supply it in the form that will
bring quickest and most lasting results.
STELLA-VITAE, tested and approved
by specialists, has been PROVEN TO BE
nature's Great Restorer of strength to the
womanly organs. For THIRTY YEARS
it has been helping suffering women.
No matter how many remedies you have
tried, no matter how many doctors have
failed to help you you owe IT TO YOUR
SELF to try this great medicine for the
ailments of women.
ING unless you are benefited.
We have authorized YOUR dealer to sell
you ONE bottle on our positive, binding
GUARANTEE of "money back if NOT
HELPED." AFTER YOU are satisfied
lie will sell you six bottles for $5.00.
Go or send this very day, this very hour,
and get that ONE bottle and be convinced
that you have at last set your feet firmly
on the road to perfect health and strength
Thacher Medicine Company
Chattanooga Tenfe
Wise and Otherwise.
In rest there are always two
elements tranquility and ener
gy; otherwise it is mere stagna
tion. Few of the men who are will
ing to give you a recommenda
tion would give you a job.
It is the law of influence that
we become like those whom we
habitually admire.
The man who has a jolt com
ing to him seldom realizes it un
til he strikes out.
Really big men are measured
by what they do, not by what
they do, not by what they say.
It is easy to find a man who is
willing to grunt while you lift.
Touchiness is self-love inflam
ed; it is conceit with a hair trig
ger. The genuine woman never but
tons anything that she can pin.
Friendship is the nearest thing
we know to what religion is.
The highest ambition of some
thieves is a chicken roost.
The more a man knows the
less he thinks he knows.
Love may be blind, but alimony
is an expert oculist.
The Bible is a product of re
ligion, not a cause of it.
The latest ruling by Attorney
General Garnett in regard to the
funds raised for road improve
ment through the issue of bonds
and derivable from the state ib
another important reason why
every taxpayer should vote for
a bond issue.
Warnings were sent to the
Lusitania from London and it is
surprising that after she receiv
edthem the steamer did take
the mid channel course.
This is the "Thornhill" Wagon
the Wagon that Must Make Good
The best known materials the labor
of master workmen the aid of the most
ingenious modern machinery have been
employed to make the Thornhill wagon.
The wheels are made with excessive
care. For the spokes the manufacturers
use the finest hickory machine driven
to insure trie right dish. The hubs are
of oak "thoroughly seasoned and banded
'vith double refined sable iron.
r The bolsters are of the best white oak.
They have an iron plate at top and bot
tom, riveted through and through mul
tiplying their strength.
The "Thornhill" has a malleable front
hound plate that is braced to the hounds
at all points. This is an exclusive
"Thornhill" feature. It prevents the
gears from ever getting out of line and
causing hard pulling.
"Thornhill" wagons are equipped with."
long sleeve malleable non-breakable?
skeins that insure light running, and out
last any other skein. Each skein is
fitted to its axle with a Defiance ma
chine infallibly accurate. This machine:
insures the right pitch and tuck, makes
light draft a certainty.
The axles are of toughest nickory
the steel axles of the best refined stecL
The sides of "Thornhill" beds are
made of poplar. It costs the makers
more but it holds paint better and gives
better service.
Come in and see this wagon sold
under a binding guarantee.
The Thornhill Wagon is not the lowest priced but the best, and in the end the cheapest
AsphaltjGrave!, Rubber, Galvanized
and Printed.
Also Elwood and American Fence..
Steel Fence Posts
112-116 Eaat Mather street' Set ween first and Brook;
Louisville, Ky.
Birdseve view ot our Plant
. gmmmmmk
. j sj- ----- . i i r v
" . .. ';"
vA?'1 ""seCN
.flC j& - "gv-rrrv-gagftgak-,
Largest in Dixie"
y. J. Hughes 8" Sons Co.
Louisville, Kentucky.
UinHnwc Dnnrs FUinric lUnnlHInn-r ri-.....
TV 1UUVTTWI arwwAwa arm mmm w II &WUILI 1 I I V ftil I I I M M - I
Stair Work, Brackets, Etc. Write for our Catalog '
r i
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wear . A
' fc

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