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After Four Tears of Discouraging
Conditions, Mrs. Bollock Cave
-i Up in Despair. Husband
Came to Rescue.
Catron, Ky. In an interesting letter
from this place, Mrs. Bettie Bullock
writes as follows: "I.suffered for four
years, with womanly troubles, and during
this time, I could only sit up for a little
while, and could not walk anywhere at
all. At times, I would have severe pains
In my left side.
The doctor was called in, and his treat
ment relieved me for a while, but I was
Boon confined to my bed again. After
that, nothing seemed to do me any good.
Special Notice !
Woodson Lewis
Greensburg, Ky.
Economy Woven Wire Fence is a light durable Fence
A long felt want for farmers who want a cheap, quick
and satisfactory fence.
Economy Wire Fence 7 Wires 9 in. Stays 26 in. high Price 15c
Square Deal Fence in all sizes at fair prices.
Buyjnow before the advance. We have 30,000 rods
subject to your orders. Satisfaction guaranteed as
to Quality and Price.
A full, Complete stock of the Celebrated ThornhiM
Wagons. 'Satisfaction, or your money back."
Don'tjforget our immense stock of Shoes and Cloth
ing, both at old prices.
We have not taken the War in Europe as an
Excuse to ask Advance on Anything
Salt. Big Barrels $1.75. Salt Pure and Barrels Full.
Lime for this month, only 90c.
Land Owners Attention.
rt&-j, rau.in.uei., io yLcpaitu w
- N wAiir RnrvAvino" correctly.
He has thirty-three years
experience. Charges rea
ionable. Phone 74 or
-- write
T; C. Faulkner,;
Columbia, Ky.
I had gotten so weak I could not stand,
and I gave up in despair.
At last, my husband got me a bottle of
Cardui, the woman's tonic, and I com
menced taking it. From the very first
dose, I could tell it was helping me. I
can . now walk two miles without its
tiring me, and am doing all my work."
If you are all run down from womanly
troubles, don't give up in despair. Try
Cardui, the woman'stonic. It has helped
more than a million women, in its 50
years of continuous success, and should
surely help you, too. Your druggist has
sold Cardui for years. He knows what
it will do. Ask him. He will recom
mend it Begin taking Cardui today.
Write to: Chattanooga Medicine Co.. Ladles'
Advisory JDept.. Chattanooga. Term., for Special
Instructions on your case and 64-page book. Home
Treatment for Women." sent in plain wrapper. i
" 7. " 6 " " 26 " " " 18t
" 8 " 6 " " 32 " " " 20c
" 8 " 9 " " 32 " " " 18c
"9-6 " " 39 " " " 22c
" 9 " 9 " " 39 " " " 20c
C. D. Crenshaw
Special Attnetin to Eyes
FiBtuIo, Poll-evil, Sparta or any sar
gical work done at zairprices. 1 a
well fixed to take care of atock. Hon
due when work is done or stock
removed from atablea.
A Splendid Offer.
For the next thirty days we will
furnish The Adair County News one
year, the Cincinnati Weekly Enquir
er, one year, Boy's Magazine, monthly,
one year, Farm and Fireside, semi
monthly, one year; To-day's Maga
zine, monthly, one year; and Poultry
Pointers, monthly, one year, all for
81.65. This is the best offer ever made
by this office, and all who want read
ing matter should send their subscrip
tions to this office at once.
Kentucky Fair Dates.
The following are the dates fixed
for holding the Kentucky Fairs for
1915, as far as reported. Officers of
fairs are requested to report to us any
omissions or corrections of dates:
Danville, July 213 days. ,
Mt. Sterling, July 214 days.
Harrodsburg, July 27 1 days
Winchester, July 284 days
Blue Grass Fair, Lexington, Aug.
26 days
Taylorsville, Aug. 3 1 days.
Burkesville, Aug. 104 days.
Yanceburg, Aug. 114 days.
Broadhead, Aug. 113 days
Perryville, Aug. 113 days
Fern Creek, Aug. 114 days
Sanders, Tri-County Fair, Aug. 11
4 days
Shepherdsyille, Aug. 17 4 days
Lawrenceburg, Aug. 174 days
Columbia, Aug. 17 4 days
Stanford, Aug. 183 days
Eminence, Aug. 193 days
Ewing, Aug. 193 days
London, Aug. 24 4 days
Nicholasville, Aug. 243 days
Elizabethtown, Aug. 243 days
Shelbyville, Aug. 244 days
Germantown, Aug. 254 days
Florence, Aug. 263 days
Alexandria, Aug. 315 days
Somerset, Aug. 31 1 days
Grayson, Sept. I--4 days
Barbourville, Sept. 13 days
Hodgenville, Sept. 73 days
Henderson, Sept 7 5 'days
Kentucky State Fair, Louisville,
Sept. 136 days
Owensboro, Sept. 215 days
Horse Cave, Sept. 224 days
Pennyroyal-Hopkinsville, Sept. 27
6 days.
Glasgow, Sept. 294 days
Adairville, Sept. 303 days
Cave City, Oct. 4-6 days
Murray, Oct. 64 days.
Constipation Cured Overnight
A small dose of Po-Do-Lax tonight
and you enjoy a full, free, easy bowel
movement in rhe morning. No grip
ing, for Po-Do-Lax is Podophyllin
(May Apple) without the gripe. Po-Do-Lax
corrects the cause of Consti
pation by arousing the Liver, increas
ing the flow of bile, Bile is Nature's
antiseptic in the bowels. With prop
er amount of, digestion in bowels is
perfect. No gas, no fermentation,no
Constipation. Don't be sick, nervous,
irritable. Get a bottle of Po-Do-Lax
from your Druggist now and cure your
Constspation overnight. Ad
It is possible for a man to be
so eager in his endeavor to build
up his reputation as to lose his
To be successful a man must
be like a postage stamp stick
to one thing till he gets there.
There must be something in
Christian Science, so called. Mrs.
Eddy left a million and a half
of dollars.
Most people believe in the total
depravity of somebody else.
Consciousness of weakness,
shortsightness and sin in our
selves ought to beget charity for
our fellowmen.
When you have to stop to think
whether a thing is right or wrong
you may be pretty sure it is
Some folks think that repen
tance is a dertermination not to
be caught again. .
An Easo Pleasant Laxative
One or two Dr. King's New Life
Pills with a tumbler of water at night.
No bad, nauseating taste; no belching
gas. Go right to bed. Wake up in
the morning, enjoy a free, easy bowel
movement, and feel fine all day. Dr,
King's New Life Pills are sold by all
Druggist, 36 in an original package,
for 25c. Get a bottle to-day enjoy
this easy, pleasant laxative. For sale
by Paull Drug Co. Ad
Snap Shots.
The man who has learned to
keep his mouth never has to eat
Many people take as much
comfort in bragging of their mis
fortunes as other do of their good
The worst of madmen is a
saint run mad.
To select well among old things
is almost equal to inventing new
The best substitute for wisdom
yet discovered is silence and lots
of it.
People who blow their own
horn sometimes play dreadfully
out of tune.
We cannot all be wise as Sol
omon, but we can stop pretend
ing to be so.
Age brings wisdom, but the
misery of it is that it doesn't
leave much time to use it.
We are the architects of our
own fortunes, but it is lucky for
some of us that the building in
spector doesn't come around.
If you can't have what you
like make a desperate effort to
like what you have
When you borrow trouble you
must put up your peace of mind
as collateral.
To avoid the appearance of
evil does not mean that you are
to cover up your rascality.
The mind cure doesn't require
any faith, and the faith cure
doesn't require any mind at
least, not much-
Chills and Fever, or Malaria, are caused
by a germ. Millions of these germs are
soon multiplied from the few that first find
foothold in the blood of their victim.
To RID YOURSELF of these germs
you must PURIFY your blood, strengthen
the vital organs, and make yourself so
robust, vigorous and healthy that they
will be CAST OUT to STAY OUT.
Liver and Blood Syrup
has been widely known for many years as
the "Best Chill Tonic." It has earned thi3
reputation by helping countless THOU
SANDS of people, many of them living
in the malarial sections of this country,
to CLEANSE their blood and BUILD UP
their strength so that the fever germs
would be cast out of their bodies.
A vast multitude of people take Dr.
Thacher'js Liver & Blood Syrup to pre
vent Fever and Chills from attacking
them. It is a wise and profitable precau
tion. It PAYS to fortify yourself against
malaria. And if it happens that you neg
lected to do that, and are now afflicted, it
will surely pay you to take instant action
and get this reliable remedy 'working for
you at once. ,
y TRY IT AND PROVE that relief is at
hand. 50-cent and SL00 bottles. (
Chattanooga, Tennessee. r
Sold: by Page & Taylor.
Dr. James Triplett
Columbia, Ky.
oftige: fhoni
Am permanently located in Co
All Classes of Dental work done. Crow
BrWe and Inlay work a Specialty.
All Work Guaranteed
Office over G. W. Lowe's
Shoe Store
J. B. Stone
J. H. Stone
Stone & Stone,
Q Will pradticejin
this and adjoining counties.
Jamstown, : Kentucky
li. H. JOflES
Veterinary Surgeon
and Dentist
ears experience. Special attention
given to Surgical and Dental work.
Office at residence near Graded School
Residence Phone-13 B Business Pho e 13!
Office, Front rooms in Jeffries BTd'g
up Stairs.
Columbia, - Kentucky
Notice to the Public
General BlacKsmithlng
Bussrr. Carriage and Wagon Repalrine neatly
done. All kinds of Rubber Tires put on. Specia
attention to Horse Shoeing. Prices right and
satisfaction Guaranteed.
Shop on Depot St. near L. & N. Depot
Campbellsville, Ky
mmmm s si
Springfield, Mass., now has a
woman prohibition officer.
Over 1,000,000 of the 2,750,000
women in New York are foreign
A Cough Remedy That Relieves
It's prepared from thejhealing Pine
Balsam, Tar and Honey all mixed in
a pleasant, soothing Cough Syrup
called Dr. Bell's Pine-Tar-Honey.
Thousands have been benefitted by its
no need of your enduring that annoy
ing Cough or risking a dangerous Cold
Go to your dealer, ask for a 25c origi
nal bottle Dr. Bell's Pine-Tar-Honey,
start using at once and get rid of your
Cough and Cold. For sale by Paull
Drug Co. Ad
There are sixty-two police
women in the United States at
the present time. Russia fur
nishes more women fighters in
the war time than any other na
tion. Watch Your ChHdrtn ,
Often children do not let parents know
they are constipated. . They fear some
thing distarttful. They wiU like Rexall
Orderlies- mild laxative that tattas
lika Ncar.t)Sold ouj by w, 10
7 Paull Druf C. .

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