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At Highland View Stock Farm,
Near Lebanon, Ky.
Wednesday, October 20, 1915.
There will be 22 head of Horses, some of the best bred
In Kentucky. 20 head of Mules. These Mules are in
fine condition and of good size. 32 Duroc Jersey Hogs.
20 head of Black Poll Angus Cattle, Calves, Heifers and
Steers. Hay, Corn, Oats and Straw. House -and
Building Lots in Lebanon.
Terms: Sums of $20. and under, Cash. Over that
Amount, Twelve months time and Bankable note.
Cordial invitation extended to all.
Lebanon, Ky.
Qood Rooms for
Fine Dining Room, Excellent Service, Low Prices.
Free Auto-Bus Meets Trains Turkish and Electric Baths
Write For Reservations,
Asphalt, Gravel, Rubber, Galvanized
and Printed.
Also -Elwood and American Fence.
Steel Fence Posts
1 1 2-1 16 Eaat Matfcet Street Between First and Brooh
Louisville, Ky.
Birdseve view
"Largest m Dixie"
V. J. Hughes & Sons Co.
Louisville, - Kentucky.
Windows, Doors, Blinds, Mouldings, Columns,
Stair Work, Brackets, Etc. Write for our Catalog
i - '" ' r i iii
Read Our Liberal Paper Offers
$1.00 per Day.
'of our Plant
Chills and Fever, or Malaria, are caused
by a germ. Millions"of these germs are
soon multiplied from the few that first find
foothold in the blood of their victim.
To RID YOURSELF of these germs
you must PURIFY your blood, strengthen
the vital organs, and make yourself so
robust, vigorous and healthy that they
will be CAST OUT to STAY OUT. '
Liver and Blood Syrup
has been widely known for many years as
the "Best Chill Tonic." It has earned this
reputation by helping countless THOU
SANDS of people, many of them living
in the malarial sections of this country,
to CLEANSE their blood and BUILD UP
their strength so that the fever germs
would be cast out of their bodies.
A vast multitude of people take Dr.
Thacher'js Liver & Blood Syrup to pre
vent Fever and Chills from attacking
them. It is a wise and profitable precau
tion. It PAYS to fortify yourself against
malaria. And if it happens that you neg
lected to do that, and are now afflicted, it
will surely pay you to take instant action
and get this reliable remedy working for
you at once.
TRY IT AND PROVE that relief is'at
hand. 50-cent and S1.00 bottles.
Chattanooga, Tennessee.1'
For Sale By Page & -Taylor.
The new skirts in black and
white stripes, of cloth and silk,
are made so that the black stripe
overlaps the white and at the
hip3 only the black shows. Low
er, where the stripes open out,
the white is visible.
Many People In This Town
never really enjoyed a meal until
we advised them to take a
fySCOxX Tablet
before and after each meal. Sold only
by us 25c a box.
Paul! Drug C.
There are to be some petticoats
with jersey tops, and these, of
course, wear far better than the
petticoat that is all taffeta, for a
new flounce can easily be put in
place of the first one when that
becomes worn.
Take a
Tonight l
It will act as a laxative in the
Paull Drug Co.
Big Quaker collars are made
in many materials. First of or
gandie or other plain, sheer
white fabric, they are now made
of white or colored mull, and
even of lace or all-over embroid
ery. m
Our Advice Is:
When you feel out of sorts from consti-,
pation, let us say that if &?
do not relieve you, ceo & physician,
because no other homo remedy will.
Bold only by us, 10 cents.
Paull Drug Co.
Cretonne flowers are cut out
and glued on the crowns and
.brims of white hats. They make
effective trimmings and, of
course, when they fade or be
come tiresome, they can easily
be removed with the aid of ar lit
tle water.
Latest Fashion Notes.
A white silk Tam O'Shanter
hat shows a worsted cord and
tassel as its only decoration.
Jersey scarfs, in wide stripes,
are used about the neck as gir
dles with white morning frocks.
Scotch plaids in silk will be
used to trim the return petti
coats which women find neces
sary with the fashionable full
Velvet parasols have followed
velvet hats into popularity. One
is made of black velvet, with a
plain bright green silk center. '
Sleeves on some of the new
evening frocks are no more than
Jittle ruffles, sometimes of tulle
edged with beads, and some
times held out with a flexible
wire at the lower edge.
People Say To Us
"I cannot eat this or that food, it does
not agree with me.'i Our advice to'
all of them is to take a gjwr-
JPSSmmmSk jTgbjet
beforeand aftereach meaL"25cabox;
Paull Drug Co.
How Editors Get
A great many persons have
wondered bow editors all get
rich so quickly with such small
effort. One of them who has
grown rich has at last told the
secret of it. He outlines it as
"Nursery firm will send us a
25c rosebud for only 55 worth of
"For running a six-inch adver
tisement for year, we can get a
gross of pills.
"About one dozen firms are
wanting to give up shares of
gold mines for advertising.
"For $40 worth of advertising
and $25 cash we can own a bi
cycle. The wheels sell at just
"A fellow out west wants us
to run a lot of advertising for
him for nothing, and if it brings
results he may become a custo
mer. "For running $12 worth of
locals we can get two tickets ad
mitting us to a circus in the city
and pay our own fare on the
"Gun firm wants us to run
$19 worth of advertising and
then send $10 in exchange for a
shotgun. Such a gun would re
tail at about $6."
"Justice in taxation can only he at
tained by strict compliance with the
law. This is proven by universal ex
perience. There Is no other way. With
rare exceptions, when an assessor vio
lates the law and sets up a standard of
his own he either inflicts an injury
upon some individual taxpayer or else
he does injustice to every other tax
payer in the State. As a general rule,
every step he takes outside the
straight and 'narrow path provided by
law leads to greater and more glaring
Inequalities, and in many cases
degenerates into, a mere travesty on
"There are two reasons why the
general property tax has failed ini
operation. First, because under mod
ern conditions it cannot be enforced!
effectively. Secondly, because of a
more or less conscious recognition or
the fact that strict enforcement would;
result In a still greater injustice tham
now prevails."
"The attempt to tax all property at"
a uniform standard of valuation andl
at the same rate, regardless of its spe
cial characteristics, earning power on
the benefits derived from the expendi
tures of government, violates the pri
mary rules of just taxation and offends
the natural sense of justice."
Whenever there is any talk aboutt
a lower rate of taxes on Intangible
personal property a great howl goes;
up from the owners of tangible prop
erty, who affect to believe it a gross
injustice. Intangible personalty con
sists mostly of Stocks, Bonds, Notes,.
Cash, Accounts, Mortgages, and other
such evidences of enterprise, all of!
which are limited by law or custom to
a certain percent of earnings. No other
kind of property has the limits of Its
profits fixed by Law. A man may law
fully earn all he can in his store, his;
shop or on his farm. He may charges
what he pleases for his professional!
services, for his manufactued wares,,
for his cattle, his hogs and his corn,,
wheat and tobacco, but when he comes
to lending money, which the invest
ment in Securities includes, he Is;
strictly limited to a gross income
never exceeding six per cent, and is
it fair to exact half or more of his
income for taxes when others get off"
wKh perhaps one-tenth of their earn
ings from other kinds of invested
property, farming, professions and'
business? The argument Is aU in
favor of the money lender, as his capi
tal is essential to all industrial im
provement and cheap money greases
the wheels of progress and prosperity,.
The Tax Amendment to be again
voted on at the November Election
will, if adopted, authorize the Legis
lature to enact a new Tax Law that
will subject the enormous amount o-V.
personal property in the shape of"
Stocks, Bonds, Notes and accounts
now escaping taxation to a fair share
of the burden and reduce the taxes
on Land and Improve--n:ts. Every
taxpayer should vote for it. as any
Law enacted under i provisions
must be ratified by the people before-
it can be enforced and this guaran
tees a fair Law.
The Amendment.
"The General Assembly shall pro
vide by law an annual tax, which, with'
other resources, shall be sufficient to
defray the estimated expenses of the
Commonwealth for each fiscal" year.
Taxes shall be levied and collected'
for public purposes only and shall be
uniform upon all property of the same
class subject to taxation within the
territorial limits of the authority levy
ing the tax; and all taxes shall he
levied and collected by general laws.
"The General Assembly shall have
power to divide property into classes
and to determine what class or classes
of property shall be subject to local
taxation. Bonds of the State and of.'
Counties, municipalities, taxing- and1
school districts shall not be subject to
"Any law passed or enacted by the
General Assembly pursuant to the pro
visions of or under this amendment
or amended section of the constitu
tion, classifying property and provid
ing a lower rate of taxation on per
sonal property, tangible or intangible,,
than that upon real estate, shall be
subject to the referendum power or
the people."
This amendment was ratified by an:
enormous majority at the election ini
1912, but was pronounced invalid by
the Court of Appeals because it hadT
been advertised only sixty, instead ofT
ninety, days as the Constitution pro
vides. It has been advertised in legal forma"
and In time for this year's election
and should receive a larger majority
than before, as Tax paying voters have
had time to study the question -andl
discover the faults in the present Tax;
A Hint For Auto Driver?.
The forward gear on an antoaiBBlfir
should never be engaged after revers
ing until the car Is practically stanA-tesstHL

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