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Rev. Oscar Capshaw filled his
regujar appointment at Parnell's
Chapel last fourth Sunday.
Mrs. Fannie Tucker and chil
dren visited her father, John
Arnold, from Friday till Sunday.
Harry Perkins, who was se
riously stabbed, is improving
nicely at this writing.
A. C. Wheeler raised a pear
on a two-year old tree that
weighed one pound. Who can
beat that?
Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Bault and
daughter, Ora Mae, spent last
Sunday at W, E. Bryant.
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The relatives and friends of
Mrs. J. R. Pike, who lives in
Russell county, gathered at her
old home place, the 3rd of Octo
ber, and set a dinner in honor of
Mrs. Pike's eightieth birthday.
There was everything good to
eat. There was a large crowd
and everybody reported a nice
time, and we hope Mrs. Pike
may live to see many more birth
days. Several from this place at
tended the spelling at Hovious
schoolhouse last Wednesday J
Married, on the 30th of Sep
tember, Mr. David Irvine to a
Miss Burton.
Ignorance of the Law is no excuse
and disregard of the Law is a crime.
When Laws are so obnoxious as to
afford excuses for non-compliance they
should be changed, and the people
have this right. "If your right hand
offend you, cut it off," was no idle in
junction, but means the offense should
be removed rather than the mutila
tion of the member.
Our Tax Laws are distasteful and
detrimental, but the remedy should be
to amend them instead ol allowing
them to undermine the morals of the
people by openly disregarding them.
The successful evasion of one Law
may encourage the violation of others
and in time breed a contempt for all
While every citizen owes obedience
to the Laws, the Laws should be made
fair and equal to every citizen.
The Tax Laws are neither fair nor
equal and are productive of deceit and
dishonor and if for no other reason
than this should be changed.
Property differs so greatly in char
acter and earning power it has always
been impossible to tax the various
kinds uniformly. Every attempt to
tax movable property the same as im
movable property has failed and will
always fail. "Two wrongs do not
make a right," and when assessors
find it impossible to discover the own
ership of movable property and under
take to square things by lowering the
assessment of immovable property,
there is no right or justice in it and
everybody suffers in mind and matter.
The more stringent the Law to un
cover movable property the faster it
moves and hides, and this fact is so
well established the assessors in most
counties let movable property go by
default. So-called Uniform taxation
Is a delusion and a snare. It may
suffice to fool the ignorant, but the
knowing ones just laugh at it This
is rough on the poor man whose all
is in sight and immovable, and is also
tough on the rich man who defies the
law and hides his wealth from the
assessor, for he knows he is doubly
guilty in saving himself at the ex
pense of his less fortunate neighbor.
The differences in property call for
differences in taxation just as "one
star differs from another," and yet all
the stars and all the property serve
their purposes. The man who puts
his money in Securities issued on
property already taxed and paying
more taxes because of the improve
ments justified by the man's money,
Is just as useful a citizen as the man
who puts his money in lands and
houses; but when the first man ob
jects to giving up the greater part of
the earnings on his securities, issued
on property already taxed, he Is
looked upon as a tax dodger, and the
man with the houses and lands who
cannot so readily escape denounces a
tax system which seems so unfair. Ask
this man to surrender a half to three
fourths of the income from his houses
and lands and there would be another
tale. Tne revenue of the first man
is limited, while that of the other is
unlimited, and yet there are people
who cannot see the distinction. Equit
able taxation is based on the earning
power of all property, in just propor
tion, and if any partiality is shown it
should be in favor of the man who
risks his money to improve houses and
lands owned by others, which may
depreciate, but cannot fly away.
The Tax Amendment was carried
by thirty thousand majority two years
ago, but because the Secretary of
State failed to advertise it ninety in
stead of sixty days before the elec
tion, as the Constitution requires, it
must be voted on again at the Novem
ber Election. The welfare of the
State demands the re-adoption of this
important measure and every fair
minded citizen should vote for it.
A good many things' to place the
Slate in the rank she deserves in the
march of prosperity, but when sifted
down the greatest need of all is a
new Tax System that will attract in
stead of repel Capital, which guaran
tees cheap money for the improve
ment of farms and development of
local industries. Although one of the
oldest States, centrally located and
with marvelous natural advantages,
other and less favored States have out
stripped us, and, as someone has aptly
said, "Kentucky is an Island of com
parative poverty surrounded by a Sea
of industrial prosperity." And why?
The answer is because of our repellent
Tax System. Equitable taxation
means cheap money. Easy money
means improvement and development
Industrial enterprise keeps the people
at home and increases the population.
More people means more consumers
of our home products. Close markets
means good prices, and all of this
has been retarded because some wise
acres borrowed a soalled Unlf
Tax Law from another -State which
had been striving to get rid of it for
forty years and which shows that an
Intolerant politician may not always
be a tolerable patriot, or Kentucky
would not have been throttled in the
way she has been.
. i
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T. J. Rosson had a severe chill
caused by. blood and corruption
in his body last Wednesday night
and is inja critical condition.
Automobiles pass here very
ofcen now.
The schoolsfat this place are
progressing nicely with good at
tendance. EIroy Rupe, of Randolph, Ky.,
has moved into our neighbor
hood. We welcome him into
our midst.
The meeting at this place
closed last Tuesday night with
three conversions and the neigh
borhood, greatly Irevived. There
were nine additions to the church.
They were baptized at this place
Wednesday morning by their
pastor, Rev. Pardue. There was
a large crowd present.
Molassesjmaking is the order
of the day here.
We are having lots of rain
here now.
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Rev. H. T. Jessee preached an
excellent sermon at this place
last Sunday.
H. M. Campbell has returned
from an extended visit to Illinois.
A fine milch cow belonging to
R. G. Murphy died last week.
It is thought that she ate buck
eyes.; R. L, Campbell was at the
Cumbdrland circuit court sever
al days last week.
Every body in this section are
overjoyed to know that our
school took first prize at the
School Rally last Friday, and
there is not a patron in the dis
trict who is not proud of our ex
cellent teachers, and all of the
patrons would be glad to know
that Mr. Strange and Miss Ep
person could be secured as teach
ers for this school next year.
For we are certainly having one
of the best schools ever taught
at old Independence.
Lucky Accidents.
How to make starch from com
meal was discovered accidentally
by Thomas Kingsford, a mechan
ic. One day he threw a me3s of
corn meal into a garbage paiL
His wife emptied some lye into
the same pail, and in the morning:
when he emptied the pail he was
astonished to find a small quan
tity of starch at the bottom.
Thomas Bol30ver, a Sheffield:
mechanic, was mending the han
dle of a knife made of copper
and silver. He saw these matals
fuse together, and the idea of
silver plating was born in his-,
mind. He laid a thin plate of
silver on a heavier one of copper,,
and heated them till the edge of
silver began to melt.
He took them from the fire,.
let them cool slightly, then,
rolled and hammered them to the
desired thickness. This wa3 the
origin of "Sheffield plate," all of
the which was made in this way
until electroplating was invented!
Cornelius Dubbel left a bottle
of aqua regia (a mixture of ni
tric and muriatic acids) on a
shelf. It fell over; the acid ran
down over a window and dropped!
into a bottle containing an ex
tract of cochineal. This turned!
to a vived scarlet. Dubbel found
that the acid had dissolved some
of the tin of the window casing,,
and the combination had pro
duced the new color. A few ex
periments added the most bril
liant color to the list of dyes.
People Ask Us
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Out of the Ordinary.
A skunk strolled into the First
Presbyterian church o f Cam
bridge, O., the other night dur
ing choir practice. The meeting"
was broken up when Thomas M-.
Lloyd, a prominent merchant,
kicked the animal. The auditor
rium has been renovated..
To please the dying woman-,,
two little parrakeets were offi
cially put to death on Staten
Island, N. Y., the other day by
the S. P. C. A., and buried with.
their mistress. When Mrs. Will
iam Furst, after a long illnes3-
.was near death, she asked her
husband to have the birds buried
with her, because she was afraid
the pets would not receive prop
er care after death.
More than 1,100 sheep are deadJ
within a radius of three miles?
from Boyd, Wash., as the result
of eating the white camas weed.
Crazed by the weed, part of the
sheep ran wild through the towm
until they died in convulsias
while hundreds plunged into the
KittJe rivwr and wire drowred- "".

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