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Ancient Ethics.
fB? --j 'v ?
Some 2,000 years before the
Christian era, or, to bring it
' - atronger to our minds,. 4,000
5 - years ago Hammurabi wrote a
code of moral laws, upon this
code the laws or decalogue, of the
Hebrews is based. When we
. - read the following code the ques
tion arises: Have we of the
twentieth century anything in
law-making and justice over the
people who lived 4,000 years ago?
Listen to the law:
1 Thou shalt not spread abroad
a false report.
1 Do not enter into conspiracy
with a wicked man to be an up-
righteous witness.
3 Thou shalt not follow the
majority in doing what is wrong.
4 Thou shalt not bear testimo
ny in a case so as to pervert jus-
. tice.
5 Thou shalt not show partial
ity to a poor man in his case.
- , 6 Thou shalt riot prevent jus
" tice being done to the poor in
his cause.
7 Keep aloof from every false
- matter.
8 Do not condemn the inno
cent nor him who has a just
9 Do not vindicate the wicked.
10 Thou shalt take no bribe,
for a bribe blindeth the eyes of
those who see and perverteth the
cause of the righteous. Mason
ic Sun.
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clear, healthy complexion and that is
to keep the bowels active and regulai.
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cine. 25c at Paull Drug Co. Adv.
The average temperature for
February was 33 and a fraction
degrees which was two degrees
- below normal.
$ftj-s 4-
David" W. Black, aged 80, a
brother of Lieutenant Governor
Black, died at his home in Rich
mond Wednesday.
Z& 1S&aIL Storm j
Largest Things
in the
The inheritance tax bill has
passed the House which will
yield the State a revenue from
$100,000 to $500,000 a year.
The earnings of the L. and N.
"railroad for the-last six months
- of 1915 were at the rate of near
v ly 17 per cent, per annum.
': The funeral of Prof. John O.
Fales, was conducted at Danville
'..Wednesday. He was a professor
n Centre College since 1872.
The dry goods store of J. L.
Bryan at Glasgow, was com
pletely destroyed by fire Wed
nesday. He is a couain of W. J.
The largest bank in the world
is in London.
The largest church is in Rome.
The largest stock exchange is
in New York.
The loftiest structure in the
world is in Paris.
The largest suspension bridge
is in New York.
The largest hospital in the
world is in Paris.
The largest stone structure in
the world is in Egypt.
The largest falls in the world
are in Africa,
The larfest public gardens are
in Paris.
The largest-river-is An South
The largest monument is in
The largest lifeinsurance com
panies are in New York.
The greatest stove2 factory is
in Detroit, Michigan.
The largest'jjmatch factory is
in Ohio.
The largestlgunSwqrks inline
world are in Essen.
The largest brewery is .in St.
Fashion Hints.
Stockings are gray,
Ready rig sleeves have arrived.
Silver and gray are much used
Bone brassiersare now reviv
ed. New umbrellas are made of
bright plaid material.
Big ball buttons of velvet fast
en tightfitting coats.
Mercerized glace appears on
many off the newest blouses.
Muff collars on loosely flaring
coats are extremely smart.
Nothing is prettier than a one
piece dress of green veJvet.
Square full collars are seen on
the chiffon nd tulle blouses.
Novelty pockets are very much
liked on blue coat3 and skirts.
Suitsof Jersey cloth are use
ful for both town and country
Rheumatic Pain Stopped.
The drawing of muscles, the sore
ness, stiffness and agonizing pain of
Rheumatism quickly yield to Sloan's
Liniment. It stimulates circulation
to the painful part. Just apply as di
rected to the painful part. Just ap
ply as directed to the sore spots. In
a short time the pain gives way to a
tingling sensation of comfort and
warmth. Here's proof"I have had
wonderf nf relief since I used your Lin
iment on my knee. To think one ap
plication gave me relief. Sorry I hav
n't space to tell you the history.
Thanking you or what your remedy
has done tor me." James S Fergu
son, Philadelphia, Fa. Sloan's Lini
ment kills pain. 25c at Paull Drug
Co. " Adv.
A nation is madejgreat, not by
its fruitful acres, tut by the men
who cultivate them; not by its
great forests, but by the men
who usejthem; not by its mines,
but by the f men who work in
them; not by its railways, but by
the men who build andrunthem.
America was agreat land when
Columbus discovered it; Amer
icans havejmade of it a great Na
tion. In 1776our fathers had a vis
ion oj a new Nation "conceived
in liberty and dedicated to the
proposition that all men are cre
ated equal." Without an army
they fought the greatest of ex
isting world empires that they
might realize this vision. A
third of a century later, without
a navy they fought the greatest
navy in the world that they
might win for their Nation the
freedom of the seas. Half a cen
tury later they fought through
an unparalleled Civil War that
they might establish for all time
on this continent the inalienable
right of life, liberty and the pur
suit of happiness. A third
of a century later thsy fought
to emancipate an oppressed
neighbor, and, victory won, gave
back Cuba to the Cubr.?, sent an
army of schoolmasters to edu
cate forliberty the Filipinos,
asked no war indemnity from
their vanquished " ny, but
paid him liberally for is mop
erty. Meanwhile in,- v offered
land freely to any f aer who
would live upon and z :ivate it,
opened to foreign imrn rants on
equal terms the d f indus
trial opportunity, f
them political equalit
vided by universal t
universal education.
The cynic who car a
history only a theme
tistical satire is no tr
can, whatever bis
whatever his bi
who looks with priu
history which his .
written by their '
who accepts with gr.
inheritance which tl.
queathed to him, an-
ly resolves to pres"
heritance unimpaired .
it on to his descendar
and enriched, is
ican, be his b'irthplat..
entage what it,mav -U
ReaiOur Liberal Paper Ofrefs
d with
and pro
ion for
in this
lis ego-
:e. He
on this
s nave
ide the
ive be
- i high-
his in
. to pass
. hispar-
In the drinilne water
Hakes Heis Lay Amazingly
Cures Roup. Colds, Cholera.
Liraberneck Prevents Sick
ness. One 50c botUe makes 12
gallons of medicine. At drce
gists or by mail postpaid. Valu
able poultry book free.
REMEDY flUuIflgton.lj.
The Living Wage.
It has been said that certain
well to do land owners in this
country pay the men who work
for them on the larm such a
small wages that the man of a
family can hardly buy the nec
essaries of life and as a conse
quence the poor man, his wife
and children enjoy few of the
comforts of life and are often
the victims of diseases brought
on by exposure and the lack of
sufficient substantial food and
proper medicines when needed.
We have in mind no specific
case but it is a matter worth
considering; for besides the fact
that the laborer is worthy of his
hire it is bad business
To thus treat human, beings.
The Golden Rule should be ap
plied. A man who would con
demn a corporation for under
paying overworked shop girls
should not assume a holier than
thau attitude while doing the
same thing in another way.
Live and let live is a good motto.
Every man who does honest
work is entitled to a living wage.
Uniontown Telegram.
Avoid Spring Colds.
Sadden changes, high winds, shift
ing seasons cause colds and lagrippe,
and these spring colds ace . annoying
and dangerous and are likely to tarn
into chronic summer cough. In such
cases take a treatment of Dr. King's
New Discovery, a pleasant Laxative
Tar Syrup. It soothes the cough,
checks the cold and helps break up an
attack of grippe. Its already pre
pared, no mixing or fussing. Just
ask your druggist for a bottle of Dr.
King's New Discovery. Tested and
tried for over 40 years. Paull Drug
Co 'Adv
No use talking, !
war must peter out
and thousands of II
sacrificed and the y
admirals" can nK -glory
to go; arounc -kings,
emperors and
can only tear off t
s,' this
Ti beine
his and
en the
; "fools
-c- skraal
The imminence of war is cast
ing a blight over even" our own
fair, community. Leap year is
in full bloom and the weddings
have hardly commenced to bud.
The merchant wlio wants to
sell good3 to our people must
first let them know that he has
the goods to sell. The moun
tain never goes to Mahomet.
Instead of wearing a' laurel
wreath the modern poet strug
gles along without a haircut.
A woman has the same ambi
tion to get into society as a man
has to keep out of jail.
Frequently a man thinks he k J
charitable becaue'h; girm ak 4$

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