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The daily Evening Post one year,
Home and Farm one year,
And a beautiful 1916 Calendar,
And'The Adair County News,
All for only 83.09.
: MpD PAjNtl
n v?2BMMmfeip'T!; f 9J BWk? wfiHIB
A Pee Gee Finish For Every Purpose
Partial List of
Pee Geo
Guaranteed Finishes
Fee Gee Tiatkaatt fcr Interior Wdls
and Ceilingj
Fes Gee CMna Enamel for Interior
Peo Gei S?eciIictioa Varnishes
Pes C'se Floor Wax
Pee Gie Fenetratigg Djstain
Fee Gee Ferck Faint
Fee Gee Scad-Paste Roe! nud Barn
Pee Gee Creo-Stain far Roots
Pee Gee Adamant Floor Faiat
Pee Gee Wagon aid Isplement Paint
Pee Gee Portlanite for Concrete
Pee Gee Blae Ribftea Family Paint
Pee Gee Screes Enamel
If you are intending to build, repaint or redecorate, you should investigate the merits
of Pee Gee Finishes.- Remember the cost of labor is the-same whether you use poor paints
and varnishes or the Pec Gee kind. You want your buildings, inside and outside, to
look attractive. You want to avoid the expense. and trouble of frequent refinishing.
Specify Pee Gee Iiiiisliss ihe kincJ that has stood the test for almost a half, a century.
"The Kind Tiiat Leasts'
"COVERS more surface, lasts longer, loots better
and is more economical than Keg Lead and
Oil, hand mixed paint or ordinary ready mixed
paint. MASTIC PAINT is made of pure White
Lead, re-inforced with Zinc Oxide in the correc
proportions, and pure Linseed Oil. It does not
scale and keeps its color for years. The formula
appears on every can.
Ask us for beautifully illustrated booklet, "Homes and How to Paint Them."
Also for color cards, booklets of any Pee Gee Finish you may desire, or write
for them to PEASLEE-GAULBERT CO., Incorporated, Louisville, Kentucky.
Pearl, the little daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Eldridge Stotts,
has been very sick for the past
few days.
Dr. S. P. Miller, the efficient .
Health Officer, was here again a
few days ago looking after the '
small pox cases. There has
been no new cases of the disease
in this community lately and we
hope that it will soon be effectu
ally eradicated from this com
munity. Arthur Stotts sold fourteen
acres of unimproved land to G.
C. McKinney for one hundred
and twenty-five dollars.
A. D. Stotts sold an aged mule
to Hiram Stotts for $85.
Beatrice, the little daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Claud Stotts has
been very sick for the past few
days. W. A. Janes and J. E. Clay
well have ju3t returned from the
Louisville market where they
bought a large stock of goods
for the spring trade.
I Woodson Lewis
Offers Woven Wire Fence, Galvanized Wire
and Barbed Wire at 20 per cent. less than
Market. Galvanized Roofing, Guaranteed
Rubber Roofing at less than Market. He is
selling a great many articles in these lines
at less than wholesale price. Write for
All Wheat Ground should be Rolled
Before Seeding.
Clod Crushers and Pulverizers at $25.00 and up
This $25 Crusher has always sold at $33.50
Plain Rollers 7 ft, $19.50.
Mason Fruit Jars, Pints 40c. Quarts 45c.
Half Gallons 70c.
International Harvester Company's 8 Disc
Wheat Drill Complete, $60. Manure Spread
ers at 25 per cent, off wholesale prices. I.
H. C. Prices.
International Harvester Company's Disc
Harrows," sizes on hands at 10 per cent. less
than I. H. C. Prices. Prices good while
stock lasts
iWe also sell the Superior Wheat Drills, the
Oliver Chilled Plows the farmers best friend,
'Bellvue Disc Harrows and Walter A. Wood
Smoothing Harrows.
Yours For Your Good Will,
Woodson Lewis,
Dtiigs of the Legislature.
(Continued from page 2.)
To provide for commitments to city
workhouse of prisoners convicted of
petit larceny In police court
To amend statutes relating to Sink
ing Fund of second class cities.
To provide police protection for
State Fair Grounds.
To provide for poll tax in third
class cities.
To repeal charter of Fairview.
To permit taxpayers to pay their
portion of special levy to redeem rail--road
bonds and be exonerated for lia
To require registration in all pre
cincts of Jefferson County.
To permit adjacent counties to main
tain joint high schools.
To permit graded school districts
with endowments to issue 850,000 bond
to maintain high schools.
' To give infants whose land has been
sold for taxes in Louisville one year
after becoming of age in which to re
deem. To provide bookkeeper in State
To provide stenographer for Jeffer
son County Attorney
To permit ass of highways by con
cerns producing electricity.
To authorize water-power electric
companies to exercise right of emi
nent domain
To place twenty-five 'per cent pen
alty on omitted or delinquent proper
ty or holders of State's funds into
back tax reserve-fund
To create county commission in Jef
ferson County.
To repeal charter of Plat Gap.
To appropriate $5,000 for two years
to the Illiteracy Commission.
To regulate terms of Circuit Court
in the Thirteenth District.
Pure seed bill.
To require co-operative or assess
ment life and casualty companies to
have $100,000 guaranty fund before
doing business
To regulate fraternal benefit socie
ties To appropriate $3,500 monthly for
Confederate Home at Pewee Valley
instead of $175 annual per capita.
To prohibit fraudulent advertise
ments To permit appeals from Circuit
Court in annexation proceedings by
fourth class towns.
To regulate assessment and co-operative
fire insurance companies.
To make second violation of local
option law a felony.
To regulate time of holding Cir
cuit Court In Fifth District
To authorize examiners appointed
by Superintendent of County, where
school is located to grant county'
teachers certificates to normal school,
To regulate tall bridges erected
across State boundary navigable
To regulate petition sale of vested
real estate, where one party is of un
sound mind.
Tq provide for three State deposi
tories . To exempt one dog to head of fam
ily To authorize guardian of infants or
committee of idiot or lunatic to lease
mining rights.
To provide for school board of rive
members in fourth class cities.
To regulate control of streets in
fourth class cities
To regulate grading and packing
of apples.
To provide for appointment of di
rector of attendance by School Board
in Louisville.
To provide for collection of delin
quent taxes-in fourth ,claee-eitm;
To provide for progressive tax on
To license itinerant merchants.
To authorize regents of Normal
Schools to issue certificates as teach
ers to pupils under condition of act.
To designate February l2as a legal
holiday in commenoration of Lin
coln's birthday,
To authorize municipal water, and
light plants to supply products to
other cities.
To make initial carrier liable to-
holder of bill of ladisg for cargo.
To amend civil .code relating to en
forcement of liens.
To reauire corporations organized
prior to present constitution upon
After Four Years of Discouraging
Conditions, Mrs. Bollock Gave
Up in Despair. Husband
Came to Rescue.
Catron, Ky. In an Interesting letter
from this place, Mrs. Bertie Bullock
writes as follows : "I suffered for four
years, with womanly troubles, and during
this tune, I could only sit up for a little
while, and could not walk anywhere at
allwAt times, I would have severe pains
in my left side.
The doctor was called in, and his treat
ment relieved me for a while, but I was
soon confined to my bed again. After
But, nothing seemed to do me any good.
I had gotten so weak I could not stand,
and I gave up in despair.
At last, my husband got me a bottle of
Cardui, the woman's tonic, and I com
menced taking it From the very first
dose, I could tell it was helping me. 1
can now walk two miles without its
tiring me, and am doing all my work."
If you are all run down from womanly
troubles, don't give up in despair. Try
Cardui, the woman's tonic It has helped
more than a million women, in its 50
years of continuous success, and should
surely help you, too. Your druggist has
sold Cardui for years. He knows what
it will do. Ask him. He wfll recom
mend it Begin taking Cardui today.
Write to: Chattanooz Meildna Co Ladles
Advisory Dept.. Chattanooga. Term., for Special
Instructions a your case and 64-paze book. Hoiaa
Treatment v Women." sent In plain wrapper. J-6
amending their articles in any way to
pay organization tax.
To require graded districts to main
tain high schools or pay tuition and
to provide for abolishing graded dis
To authorize J. W. Eay to sue State
for fee in tax case.
To appropriate $5,250 for Kentucky
Normal and Industrial Institute.
To prohibit declaring of bank divi
dends until surplus equals ten per
To regulate veterinarians.
To license roving horse traders.
To authorize second class city school
boards to create insurance fund.
To require road contracts to be let
to ldwest and best bidder.
To convey to Hart County State's
interest in Bio Bridge Company.
To permit Louisville to set apart
three cents of levy for support of Uni
versity. To repeal act providing for erection
of school building -in. Hawesville.
To permit vehicle licensed in one
city to operate in another without pay
ing addltionalllcense there.
To regulate fees of County Judges,
Magistrates and Police Judges.
Mew te Prevent Creap.
When the child is subject to attacks
of croup, see to it that he eats a light
evening meal, as an overloaded stom
ach may bring on an attack, also
watch for the first symptom hoarse
ness, and give Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy as soon as the child becomes
hoarse: For sale by Paull 'Drug Co.
C. D. Crenshaw
Special Attnetionto Eyes
FiBtulo, Poll-evil, Spavin or any sur
gical work done at fair prices. 1 am
well fixed to take care of stock. Mon
ey due when work is 'done or stock
removed from stables.
Land Owners 'Attention.
T. C. Faulkner, is prepared to do
Jyour Surveying correctly.
He has thirty-three years
experience. Charges rea
sonable. Phone 74 or .-r
A 'T. C. Faulkner,
lofambfa. Ky.
- -V93

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