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" z
Every farmer ought to raise some sheep. Had you
ever thought about how much clear money there is in a
bunch ofsheep? They will yield more money than
most any thing else on the farm. We know of some
flocks of sheep that have produced more than 200 per
cent clean cash in less than 12 months. Now,- what
can beat-that? Nothing but more SHEEP. Improve
your sheep until you have the very, very best.
Won't you bring or ship it to us, to be manufact
ured into fine large Blankets, Linsey, Jeans, Yarn, &c. ?
Or we will pay best cash prices for same.
Write us right now, lest you forget, for samples
prices, shipping instructions, and other information.
E. L REESE, Manager, -
Jamestown, Kentucky.
J. F. Pendleton bought here
last week, .a carload of hogs for
May delivery.
J. P. Gilpin and'wife, of Sparks
ville, yisited their daughter, Mrs.
Rose, here one day the . first of
- the week.
Ernest Rodgers, of Roachville,.
spent a day or so here the first
of the week.
Mike Winfrey, Circuit Clerk
of Columbia, was in our midst
one day last week.
Allen Rose J. T. Rodgers and
Dolphus Keltner, of Keltner,
were with uS last Friday.
Dr. and Mrs. L. C. Nell and
"" their son, L. C, are in Louis
ville this week.
G. T. Flowerahas been on the
sick list for several days.
A. W. Tarter, of Columbia,
spent several, days of last week,
on his farm, near this place,
looking after his farming.
We were all very sorry to hear
-of the great loss of Mr. Lewis
Compton, at Portland, last Wed
nesday, when his dwelling and
barn with about all of their con
tents were consumed by fire.
- The fire originated from a de
fective flue.
The-few days of warm sun
shine put some of our people on
the banks of Big creek fishing.
We understand they are having
fine success and there is a great
many fish in the creek, of the
kind we usually have in this part
of Big creek.
W. L. Grady, the well-known
stockman of this part of the
county, is having a fine demand
for his jennets and jacks almost
- receiving orders daily for them
to be shipped to the South.
When a deal of this kind turns
up it means something in dollars
-and cents. He also sold a very
fine Jack to Poke Mitchell, of
Edmonton. Price not known.
The hog cholera has struck
this part of the county. Judge
Moss has lost several and also
Henry Keltner Both living be
low this place on the creek.
Thos. Chastine, who live3 a
few miles down the creek has
sold his farm to W. E. Keltner.
Mr. Chastine will move to Miami
in a very short time to engage in
the blacksmith business.
J. C. Wooten, of Sparksville,
was in our midst a few days ago
and notified us that he was a
candidate for the office of jailer,
subject to the Republican party f
Mr. Wooten was soliciting the
support of his Democratic friends
after the primary only.
-The farmers in this section are
- - progressing nicely with their
arming .for the past week. You
would hare no idea the araeunt
of work that has been done in
such a short time, unless you
was to drop down and take a
bird's eye view for yourself.
They are virtually through sow
ing oats and grass seed and by
the way. there has been over an
average crop of both sown, and
quite a lot of corn ground turned.
We are glad to say that there
was not an idler around our town
during the past week. Eve'ry
body was busy. Quite a number
of gardens were planted.
Strong Hill and wife returned
from Louisville the first of the
week, where they had been- on
the market, buying goods in their
lines for this market. Mr. Hill
informed us that hes bought a
hearse, something- that our un
dertakers have needed here for a
number of year3. From the num
ber of coffins and caskets that
have gone- out from this place
during the last two months, the
hearse would havebeen in use
the most of the time.
Rheumatic Pain Stopped.
The drawing of muscle3,-the sore
ness, stiffness and agonizing pain of
Rheumatism quickly yjield to Sloan's
Liniment. It stimulates circulation
to ttie painful part. Just apply as di
rected to the painful part. Just ap
ply as directed to the sore spots. In
a short time the pain .gives way to a
tingling sensation of comfort and
warmth. Here's proof "I have had
wonderful relief since Tused jour Lin
iment on my knee. To think one ap
plication gave me relief. Sorry I hav
tft "space to tell-you the History.
Thanking you for what your remedy
has done for rrie." James S Fergu
son, Philadelphia, JPa. Sloan's Lini
ment kills pain. 25c at Paull Drug
Co Adv.
From Iowa;
Toledo, March 21, '16.
Editor News:
If .you will" allow me a few
lines in your "valuable paper, I
will try and write you a little of
the news, ,
I reached this place the 15th,
and got a job the 16th, and have
nice place to work. I work 8
miles North of Toledo,, but the
road is just fine, and so it
doesn't take long to drive it in
the Kissel a seven passenger.
There are more cars in this State
than buggies. ' ' .
The weather is- just fine at
present, but I guess before this
is printed, it will be as cold as
blue blazes. There hasn't been
much farming done yet, but I
suppose there will be, quite a bit
done the first of April.
Well, there are quite a iew
Kentucky people in this country,
and. they have treaed me as nice
as I evenwas treated, andl want
to thank them for it.
' If this escapee the waste bas
ket, I will write, again.
Yours truly.
Charles Tucker.
At intervals of a few miles
each, all day can be seeh what
appears to be huge clouds of
gray smoke. These mark the
positions of the moving supply
trains or cavalry patrols, squads
of signal corps men on military
automobiles. On the individual
initiative and skill of the Amer
ican soldier and his" officers de
pends the success of moving sup
piies over these Mexican roads.
Marching or riding the troops
find much of the road uncomfort
able for travel because the
mountain winds drive the sand
into the men's faces with a sting
as sharp as winter sleet.
The body of J; H McKfnney,
the American ranchman killed
by ViIlaoh the Mexican side of
the border the night 'before the
Columbus raid, has been found
by American troops. It was
near the Boca Grande. McKin
ney had been hanged and his
clothing was ripped where he
had been repeatedly stabbed.
While the celebrated ride of
the American cavalrymen, 110
miles in forty-two hours' march
ing time, was heralded through
out the United States, the work
oi the infantry following behind
the cavalry went unnoticed. One
command carrying full infantry
equipment and packs of about
forty-five pounds, marched twenty-six
miles in about eight hours
This wa3 over rocky roads cov
ered with volcanic stone or else
inplaces where the dust drifted
over them like a heavy fog.
Keep Your Skin Clear and Healthy.
There is only one way to have a
clear, healthy complexion and that is
to keep tne bowels active and regulai.
Dr. King,s New Life Pills will make
your complexion healthy and clear,
move the bowels gently, stimulate the
liver, cleanse the system and purify
the blood. A splendid spring medi
cine. 25c at Paull Drug Co. Adv.
W. L. Lemmon, who has been
very, sick with pneumonia, is
some" better.
S. Parsons was thrown from a
mule Sunday, getting one arm
broken and getting bruised up
Rev. W. H. Lemmon has been
very sick with grippe for several
Joe Moore removed from Knif
ley to this place last Saturday.
He will run a blacksmith shop at
this place.
J. 0. Mitchell, of C-yille, who
has been absent for a few weeks,
has returned- to finish turning
thespokes at the spoke factory.
Evert Workman and Wilburn
Ellis Jeft Monday for Illinois.
Mr. and Mrs. D, S. Elljs, two
sons, Ernest and Enoch, who
have had pneumonia, are belter.
W. S. Sinclair made a business
trip to Frankfort last week.
B. Caskey, C-vjJle, was here
two or three days last week look
ing after the spoke business of
the Archibald Wheel Co.
J. D. Lowe called on the mer
chants of this place last week.
. Mr. and Mrs". T. W. Harden,
Campbellsville, visited Mrs. Har
den's father and brother at this
place, who has been" very sick.
Mrs. MaryPellyjs visiting in
Iowa for several months.
Why Constipation Injures.
The bowels are the natural sewerage-system
of the body. When they
become obstructed by constipation a
part of the poisonous matter which
they should1 carry off is absorbed 'into
thesystem, 'making you feel dull' and
stupldt and interfering with the di
gestion and assimiktisa of food. This
condition 1s.oulckly rtlteYsd by Cham
berlain's Tablets Obtainable at
Paull Drug, Co. Adv.
WiH be very helpful to you and your Painter
Contains beautiful illustrations of attractively
painted homes, shows floor plans, gives specifications
how to select the right colors, also information for
painting roofs,-barns, buggies, wagons, implements,
refinishing woodwork and floors, decorating walls.
This valuable Paint Booklet tells all about the merits of
'The Kind
This old reliable paint protects and beautifies your property and
enhances its value. It is just Pure White Lead, Zinc Oxide, and
Genuine Linseed Oil, in the correct proportions, which make it the best
and most economical paint to use.
There's A Pee Gee Finish For Every Purpose
Pee Gee Creo-Stain for Shingle Roofs, Pee .Gee Carriage
and Wagon and Implement Paint, Pee Gee Adamant Floor
Paint, and other popular Pee Gee Paints and Varnishes.
AsIc For Free Color Cards
Columbia, Kentucky.
lgBBBpPjr?. jyriyy 0ssSC3BKmPnTVKBKU
Mogul 8-1 6 Saves Its OwnPrice
In Fuel Bill Reduction
- 'TpHAT'Strue. A Mogul 8-16 kerosene tractor
saves its own price in fuel bill saving, as com
pared with a gasoline tractor.
Until April 1st the price remains at $675 cash
f. o. b. Chicago. Fortunate early purchases of ma
terial still allow you this low figure. After April 1st
the price "will be $725, same terms.
At either price the Mogul 8-16 is by far the most eco
nomical tractor becauseit operates on cheap, common kero
sene or coal oil. Gasoline to run the gasoline tractor costs
over 100 per cent more than the kerosene a Mogul 8-16
will use. Which is best for you?
You know what gasoline costs you, and you know what
you pay for kerosene. Figure it out yourself, or see-your
dealer. This is a saving you can't afford to miss.
International Harvester Company of America
Mogul kerosene
Columbia, Kentucky.
Mr. Robert Willis and wife vis
ited Mr. Silas Woods and family
at Greensburg, last week.
Miss Irene Hendrickson visited
her grandparents, Judge W. T.
Hendrickson and wife at Camp
bellsville, one day last week.
Mr. Bob Lee, of the"Mt. Car
mel section, visited at L. D.
Keen's, Sunday.
Mr. Logan Parker and wife
visited the latter's sister, Mrs
Stanley Wilkerson, in the Lem
on's Bend section-last week.
Mr. Meg Pike and wife, of
Campbellsville, were visiting in
this section the latter part of the
Mr. John R. Keen, better
known as "grandpa, '' has bees
This Free
ari How to Paint Them"
That Lasts
tractors are sold by
on the sick list for the past few
Mr. Owen Hubbard and wife
visited at Mr. W. M. Duiworth's
one day last week.
Mr. L. M. Perkins and family
left for Illinois last week.t
Mr. Alfred Keen, of nearCane
Valley, was visiting his father,
John R. Keen, last week.
Miss Bessie Keen is going into
the millinery business. She has
her spring goods: in.
Mr. Bob Pike happened to a
painful accident last Saturday,
while driving a four horse team.
He lashed the whip and struck
himself in the left eye, and is
suffering- a great deal, but we
hone it will be all right soon.
Mr. Mark Barnett and family,
of Atchison, visited at Mr. Ran
Burnett's Sunday.

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