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Newspaper Situation.
The paper situation is getting
worse. Some grades of paper
have gone up 100 per cent, in a
little more than sixty days, and
many grades from 50 to 75 per
cent and still going.
The newspapers were among
the last to feel the effects, but
now that the thing m has struck
them, it has hit them like a cy
clone. And the enormous in
crease in the price of paper is
only one item. The Review or
Reviews aptly sums up the situa
tion: The newspaper publisher is, in
deed, hard hit by war conditions
in many other items of supplies
besides the basic one of paper
stock. Practically everything go
ing into the manufacture of a
daily newspaper has increased in J
price from 10 to 50 per cent ;
inks, owing to the advance in the
cost of acids and dyes, from 300
to 3,000 per cent, f type, owing to
the higher cost of lead, tin and
antimony; eyen the rubber and
felt, blankets wrapped around the
press rollers add their quota to
the increased "cost of living" of
the newspaper.
The most serious feature of
the whole situation is, however,
that there is danger of a paper
famine. One of the chief factors
in the recent discontinuance of
the London Daily Standard, after
a career of sixty years, was the
higher price of paper stock and
the difficulty of obtaining it at
all in England. E-Town News.
A Symbol of Health,
The Pythagorians of Ancient Greece
ate simple food, practiced temperance
and purity. As a badge they used the
five pointed star which they regarded
as a symbol of health. A red five
pointed star appears on each package
of Chamberlain's Tablets, and still
fulfills its ancient mission as a symbol
of health. If you are troubled with
indigestion, -billiousness, or constipa
tion, get a package of these tablets
from your druggist. You will be sur
prised at the quick relief which they
afford. Obtainable at Paull Drug Co.
Champion Fly-Maker.
The world's champion artificial
fly-maker is claimed by Miss Alice
Sherwin Coleman, of New York.
For more than a decade she has
been making flies for anglers.
Some idea of her reputation
among the disciples of Izaak
Walton may be gathered from
the fact that she and her assist
ants make $400,000 worth of fles
for fishing enthusiasts every
Miss Coleman make3 300 dif
ferent varieties of flies regularly
summer and winter, special
order bringing the number up to
1,500 varieties altogether; for
Buch is Miss Coleman's reputa
tion that exacting fishermen in
the wilds of America sometimes
catch strange flies that hover
over particular streams and send
them alive in a ventilated bottle
so that she may study and re
produce them accurately.
It is a curious fact that Miss
Coleman has had no training
whatever in making flies for
fishing.She is articularly self
taught, and relied for knowledge
on a few hints and some vivid
descriptions given by vetpran
anglers.. The rest she has shad
to work out for herself.
One reason for the big advance
in all lines of manufactured prod
ucts in the United States is that
the factories cannot produce up
to the demand.
R. I. Blagg, ex-postmaster at
Benton, plead guilty yesterday
in Federal court to .embezzle?
Catarrh and
0h V V
IOldS y To Be Rid'
Relieved catarrh
Is a erreat achievement.
rMost people would be well
and happy were it not for ca
tarrh. It is worth ten years of
any one's life to learn how to
get rid of catarrh.
will show you, much quicker
than any one could tell you,
how to get rid of catarrh.
THE FERUNA CO., Colurabw, Obio
Mrs. Emma Gannon, 107 B.
South St, Kewanee, Ills., writes:
"For fifteen years I had .catarrh of
the head and stomach. I could
hardly walk. My attention was
called to 'The Ills of Life.' I read
It through. Then bought a bottle
of Peruna. I am entirely well now."
Facts Worth Knowing.
A solution of paraffin in ben
zine will preserve autumn leaves
in their natural colors.
A factory is to be opened in
the Azores for the manufacture
of alchohol from sweet potatoes
An implement has been patent
ed by a New York man to en
able a blind person to thread a
New hosiery is made in "rights"
and "lefts" to fit the feet and
ankles more snugly.
Less. than one-fifth of Spain's
coal mines are officially recorded
as productive.
A specially prepared
flour is being used by
doctors as a tonic,
The record is made on wax
The citizens of Clevelen, O.,
are supplied with electicity at
the rate of three cents per kilo
watt hour, since the new munici
pal plant has been installed.
Fashion Fads.
Plain gold bracelets still have
f-a fair amount of popularity.
Slippers of gold or silver are
worn with frocks of any color.
The round Granny circular
cloaks are reminiscent of coach
ing days.
Sleeves tight-fitting to the el
bow are finished with deep falls
of ;lace.
There is a growing demand
for the long, old-fashioned guard
Never has the large cloak been
so important as at the present
"Good embroidery is more and
more used for decorating under-"
An extremely smart street
snoe is often Russia leather or
kid, with a white upper.
Black silk braidings form a
very smart finish for some of the
newest morning frocks.
A cunning style for a little
girl's dress is a rather short
Eton jacket over a plain, full
Some of the new hats are like
pokes; others have drooping
brims with hanging edge3 or
While many hats are trimmed
with high bows of ribbon, an
equal number are fashionable
with flat trimming.
Some of the extreme coat suits
have long vests buttoning all the
way down from the high collar,
after the Louis XV, fashion.
American troops will be with
drawn from Mexico according to
Washington dispatches, if the
report of Villa's death is con
One Result of the War.
A delightful old lady of a little
town in Nebraska was discover
ed one morning in the act of
killing a chicken.
"Why, Mrs. Brown, I thought
that you were afraid to kill a
chicken," said a neighbor in sur
prise "Yes, deary, I did uster be,
but since the war broke out I've
done it right smart."
"I don't just understand you;
what does the war have to do
with it?"
"Well, you see, it's this way:
I uster think that bloodshed was
an awful thing, but since I've
been readin' about all them men
killin's in Europe, I just get a
rooster by the feet, lay his Jhead
on the block and say to myself,
'Now, Sarah, 'tain't near so bad
as killin'a man. Where's your
nerve?' And then I just shut my
eyes and whack." The Youth's
Does everything look sort of dark and
gloomy to you? Do you have the "blues?
Does it take supreme effort for you to go
about your daily work and keep yourself
half-way cheerful?
This feeling of discouragement, despon
dency and gloom is the result of a slug
gish Liver. Just plain Liver trouble
makes a big pile of unhappiness makes
life look hardly worth living, sometimes.
Get your Liver in perfect working order,
by taking Dr. Thacher's Liver & Blood
Syrup, and you'll soon feel like a different
person. The sun will shine brighter.
People you meet will seem more agreeable.
You'll get keen ENJOYMENT out of life.
You'll tackle your work and your food
with relish. You'll feel TWENTY
YEARS YOUNGER. You'll find
yourself possessed of the courage and hope
fulness oX youth.
Liver and Blood Syrup
acts as a tonic and strtngthener to the
Liver. It encourages and helps that im
portant organ to do its work easily and
more successfully. THEN the stomach
and bowels, .and every organ of the body
is also able to do its work right, for "King
Liver rules them all" and when your Liver
is right YOU are WELL.
Hope, happiness, courage, success
these are yours when your Liver is active
and strong. If you haven't got a bottle
of Dr. Thachers Liver & Blood Syrup
"it hand now, go or send for it AT ONCE,
fr..'d give your Liver the help it is calling
for. THEN you'll see the sun break
through the clouds and you'll be hopeful,
happy, WELL. All dealers sell 50c and
$1.00 bottles.
L Chattanooga, Tennessee.
For Sa'e By Page & Hamilton.
Towns Named for Boys
and Girls.
In Kentucky there are many
towns named for boy3 and girls
- There is Constance, in Boone;
Jane, in Harlan; Jennie, in Bar
ren; Josephine, in Scott; Katie,
in Garter; Lavenia, in Jessamine;
Lula, in Russell; Mabel, in Ful
ton; Grace, in Clay; Hettie, in
Adair; Ida, in Clinton, Inez, in
Martin; Irma, in Crittenden;
Ethel, in Jackson; Eunice, in
Adair? Flora, in Nicholas; Flor
ence, in Hancock; Gertrude, in
Bracken; Cora, in Anderson;
Delia, in Grant; Edith, in Adair;
Edna, in Magoffin; Eliza, in
Johnson; Elizabeth, in Bourbon;
Eloise, in Lawrence; Elvira, in
Clay; Emma, in Magoffin; Stella,
in Calloway Susie, in Wayne;
Tillie, in Letcher, and others.
On the other side, there is
Matthew, in Morgan; Ned, in
Breathitt; Carl, in Christian;
Charley, in Lawrence; Clyde, in
Wayne; Jasper, in Casey; Jay,
in Morgan; Herbert, in Mont
gomery; Felix, in Russell; Fritz,
in Johnson; Ray, in Logan, etc-E-Town
The appropriation for the navy
n the bill reported amounts to
Iffs Here-Come fa-See ft
The New
Fairbanks -Morse .
For Farms, Mills or Shops.
3 horse power $60.00; 6 horse power $110.00 and oth
ers in proportion, all F. O. B. Factory. They use
cheap grade of Coal Oil or Gasoline if you prefer.
Why use gasoline when oil is so cheap. See one in
operation on CHEAP OIL in The News Of
fice. If you want an Engine call on
AH parties wishing Engines can get them at the
above prices until May 1st after which the following
advance in price will be nade: h H. P. $$38.50; 3
H. P. $66.00; 6 H. P. $119 00.
Seal excels.
you good
Ten Commandments
Clean City.
Thou shalt locate, report and
abate all public nuisances.
Thou shalt provide a covered
receptacle for all manner of
house and stable refuse.
Thou shalt remember that
filth breeds flies and that flies
make funerals.
Thou shalt gather and burn all
sorts of combustible rubbish.
Thou shalt wage continual war
fare on weeds, dandelions and
un trimmed trees.
Thou shalt whitewash, or
paint thy buddings and keep thy
premises constantly clean.
Thou shalt not spit on side
walks, or in any public place or
Thou shaJt not sweep thy aiue-
Type "Z
and every ounce "good paint"
Hanna's Green Seal Paint gives
you good, honest full weight, without
any cheap adulterants being added
to merely make it seem "heavy."
The real test of any paint's value is
in its ability to cover large surfaces
well, and right there is where Green
It is made conscientiously to give '
" V "-"-
walk in the business section af
ter 7:3 0 a. m.
Thou shalt not throw tin cans,
or rubbish in any back yard, va
cant lot or alley.
Thou shalt-strictly obey these
precepts that our name and fame
may be the foremost of the cities
of the land.
la thedrfnktacwater
Wakes Hens Lay Amazingly
Cures Roup, Colds, Cholera,
Limberneck Prevents Sick
Bess. One 50c bottle makc3 12
gallons of medicine. At drcsr-
EistsorDymaupostpaia. valu
able poultry book free.
wmm reheby ccLmagtsa, kj.
Twenty-five women farm dem
onstrators held a conference in
-3? I

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