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iSafeuard Other People's Ihik
-e dren.
"Whenever it is necessary, for
the welfare of the children, to
insist that one or more families
be quarantined," says the July
Woman's Home Companion, "it
is astonishing how frequently
this is taken as a personal insult
by the parents. It seems to be
considered as an infringement
upon the family rights and not
for one moment to be tolerated."
This editorial has to do with a
widespread evil. It says further:
"A. striking instance came to
notice recently in a suburban
town. For some weeks sporadic
cases of diphtheria had been ap
pearing. Every care was taken
to find out the source of the
trouble but all to no avail.
There were carriers at large, and
no one knew who was responsi
ble. So it was decided to make
a systematic examination of the
throats of the school children,
and to send cultures of all sus-picous-looking
cases to the lab
oratory. It was found that
twenty-five per cent of these cul
tures gave a positive reaction,
so, of course, these children were
promptly banished, and quaran
tine ordered by the board of
health. The nature of the work
and the necessity for these pre
cautions were explained to the
parents in every instance; nev
ertheless, some of these same
parents were very angry, and
tried various devices to break
the quarantine- One of the
mothers threatened a law suit
unless her child was promptly
taken back to school and the sign
put on her house by order of the
board of health immediately re
moved! "Another mother entirely ig
nored the notice sent to her, and
flatly refused to keep her child
in the house, though she knew
he was not well when she sent
him to school. It was several
hours after this child had been
sent home before the mother
could be brought to terms. Mean
while, to spite the authorities
who had perpetrated this out
rage upon her family by barring
her boy out of school, she sent
him over to one of her neighbors
to play with the children. Two
of these children promptly con
tracted diphtheria, and the
younger one, scarcely more than
a baby, developed a malignant
type and died in two days. It
would certainly be using a harsh
expression to say that the child
was murdered, and yet if he had
been neatly shot he would have
suffered far less."
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy.
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should keep this preparation at hand
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mer months. Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy is
worth many times its cost when need
ed and is almost certain to be needed
before the summer is over. It has no
superior for the purpose for which it
is intended. Buy it now. Obtainable
at Paull Drug Co. Adv.
This Free Paint Book
"Holes aid How to Paint Them"
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Contains beautiful illustrations of
attractively painted homes, shows
floor plans, sives specifications Low to se
lect the right colors, also information for
painting roofs, barns, buggies, wagons,
implements, refinishing woodwork and
floors, decorating walls. Tells all about
the merits of
Mastic Paint
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percentage ol ZINC. 2
Columbia, Kentucky.
Why "Swap Horsss?"
The Democratic ticket has been
nominated, the platform has
been made, and the organization
for the campaign soon will be
perfected. It is a good ticket?
There is nonhing doubtful about
it. No one has to guess where
Woodrow Wilson stands on any
of the great issues now before
the American people. The rec
ord of his administration has
demonstrated his signal ability
to direct the affairs of the Na
tion. He has been confronted by
many complex problems, but has
met them all with courage and
with a high sense of national
honor. He has given the coun
try a safe and sane administra
tion. As Senator Ollie James
quotes from the homely language
of Abraham Lincoln: "Why
should we swap horses while
crossing a stream?" State Jour
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Memorial services in honor of
the memory of Senacor W. 0.
Bradley were held by the Unit
ed States Senate Saturday.
Oct wis gV VJ v
13 Cents jy TH
Kentucky Fair Dates.
The following are the dates
fixed for holding the Kentucky
Fairs, for 1916 as far as reported
to this office. Officers of fairs
are requested to report to us any
omissions or corrections.
Taylorsville. August 1 4 days.
Henderson, August 15 days.
Danville, August 23 days.
Berea, August 2 3 days.
Blue Grass Fair, Lexington,
August 76 days.
Uniontown, August 35 days.
Fern Greek Fair, Buechel, Au
gust 94 days.
Mt. Vernon, August 93 days.
Burkesville, August 94 days.
Perryville, August 9 3 days.
Lawrenceburg, August 1 5 4
Shepherdsville, August 15 4
Broadhead, August 16 4 days.
Owensboro, August 155 days.
Tri-County Fair, Sanders, Au
gust 16 4 days.
Ewing, August 173 days.
Knights of Pythias Fair, Stan
ford, August 233 days.
Columbia, August 224 days.
Frankfort, August 29 4 days.
Bardstown, August 294 days.
Nicholasville, August 293
Pennyroyal Fair, Hopkinsville
August 29 5 days.
Elizabethtown, August 29 3
Barboursville, August 303
"'The most sensible covering
ever made for the feet," says
Dr. Arthur R. Reynolds in the
July American Magazine, "is the
moccasin of the American Indian
worn without a stocking. San
dals also, are good. The sneak
ers of children and tennis shoes
with pliable rubber soles are
next best. The shoes generally
on the market for young children
are without heel; there is a level
sole for the thread and the toes
are wide, but it is usually made
of hard, unyielding leather."
Constipation and Indigestion.
"I have used Chamberlain's Tablets
and must say they are the best I have
ever used for constipation and indi
gestion. My wife also used thera for
indigestion and they did her good,"
writes Eugene S. Knight, Wilmington
N. C. Chamberlain's Tablets are
mild and gentle in their action Give
them a trial. You are certain to be
pleased with the agreeable laxative
effect which they produce. Obtain
able at Paull Drug Co. Adv.
The, Federal Court of New
York has ordered the dissolution
of Corn Products Refining Co.,
for acting in restraint of trade.
The jury has been secured to
try in London Sir Robert Case
ment for treason.
:-of r
In the drinking vr&ttt
Hakes Heis Lay Amazingly
Cores Roup, Colds, Cholera,
Limberneck Prevents Sick
ness. One 50c bottle makes 12
gallons ol medicine. At drae
eistcorbrxaailDOStDaid. Valu-
H able poultry book free.
The Flag on the Seas.
During fifty years of Dem
ocratic freedom of the seas and
of commerce following Thomas
Jefferson, 80 percent., of Amer
ican commerce on the high seas
was carried in American ships.
During fifty years of Republican
high tariffs and hide-bound sea
traffic, our merchant marine
dwindled until only 8 per cent. ,
of American commerce was car
ried in American bottoms. Un
der the Democratic ship registry
act of 1914 both the number of
merchantmen carrying the
American flag and the per
centage of commerce carried in
American bottoms have more
than doubled. Moreover, under
Democratic tariff and shipping
laws, the United States in 1916
has become both the leading
commercial nation and the lead
ing ship building country of the
earth. All this country required,
the facts show, was to cut loose
from its Republican swaddling
clothes. State Journal.
Peucil Thrusts.
A West Virginia woman, who
has used tobacco for 87 years,
died the other day at the age of
101. Served her right.
One sure thing about wild oats
they never fail to grow.
Never fear, July of on the
We wonder if the Republican
candidate "Hughes to the line?"
What irony of fate! Silver is
going up but Bryan is going
The month of May, 1916, pro
duced a greater volume of wage
increases than any preceding 12
months of Americad history.
Against this wall of prosperity,
Republican spell-binders will
make little progress in trying to
stampede American workingmen
into voting a return to Republi
can conditions.
The Italians are continuing
their victories over the Austrians.
In the battle of Carrizal there
were 700 Mexicans against 84
For the first time in ten months
wheat sold in Chicago, below $he
dollar mark.
The Italians have sunk two
Austrian transports loaded with
troops and ammunition.
Trigg county voted in favor
of a bonded debt to build roads
by a majority of 82 votes.
At Milton, Ky., Bert Leather-
iman, a blacksmith, shot and
killed his wife and then killed
Allen Messer, the sheriff of
Knox county, was shot and kill
ed at the church on Sinking
Mrs. Edmonia Long, the wid
ow of John S. Long, of Louis
ville, died Saturday at an ad
vanced age,
The slowness of enlistment in
the Kentucky Guards is quite a
disappointment to the officers of
the different regiments.
The Story of a Famous Hymn.
The famous hymn beginning
"God moves in a mysterious
way," known as "Cowper's
Hymn," had its origin as fol
lows: Cowper was all his life the
victim of melancholia and more
than once attempted suicide.
One day, bent upo.i destroying
himself, he got into a cab and
ordered the driver to taKe him to
a certain point on the river
where he intended to drown him
self. The cabman, noticing his
strange appearance and feeling
that all might not be right with
him, drove him about the city
and finally stopped in front of
the poets door. Stepping out
and recognizing the old familiar
surroundings and shocked at the
thought of , his narrow escape,
Cowper exclaimed, "God moves
in a mysterious way his wonders
to perform," and, rushing in,
immediately composed the im
mortal hymn.
The Government has recently
been advised by a correspondent
in California that a variety of
wheat is being advertised under
the name of "Titantic." The
assertion is made that it is a new
variety of wheat discovered in
England about four years ago,
and that a small quantity of seed
was brought to the United States
by one of the survivors of the
ill-fated Titanic. The wheat is
represented as having extremely
high yielding power, the returns
reaching as high as 7,000-fold.
A photograph sent by this cor
respondent shows a head identi
cal in appearance with the wide
ly exploited "Alaska" wheat.
Five acres of the wheat are said
to be growing in the State of
Washington, and the seed, it is
believed, will be offered at high
prices after harvest. The de
partment has no further or more
definite information concerning
this variety, but farmers and
dealers are cautioned to be on
their guard concerning this new
It is understood that in return
for Rooseyelt's support of
Hughes the Republicans wiJl
nominate the Colonel for the
Senate from New York, and
make Gen. Wood Secretary of
Roosevelt has declined the
Progressive nomination and asks
the members of his party -to sup
port Hughes. Six members of
the National Committee voted
against the endorsement of any
candidate and nine refused to
Peter Lee Atherton, at Hod
genville, agreed to construct a
road section in Larue county and
keep it in repair if the county
would agree to construct- and
keep in repair another section.
William T. Underwood, a broth
er of Senator Oscar Underwood,
of Alabama, is dead. He former
ly lived in. Louisville.

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