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: Saved Girl's Life !
5 MI want to tell you what wonderful benefit I have re- W
J ceived from the use of Thedford's Black-Draught," writes W
ff Mrs. Sylvania Woods, of Clifton Mills, Ky. J
ff "It certainly has no equal for la grippe, bad colds, J
5 liver and stomach troubles. I firmly believe Black-Draught W
j saved my little girl's life. When she had the measles, J
W ihey went in on her, but one good dose of Thedford's W
J Black-Draught made them break out, and she has had no jP
J more trouble. I shall never be without J
frfeft - THEDFORD'S ..,-
J in my home." For constipation, indigestion, headache, dizzi- J
a ness, malaria, chills and fever, biliousness, and all similar J5,
gi ailments, Thedford's Black-Draught has proved itself a safe,
jgl reliable, gentle and valuable remedy. i
ft If you suffer from any of these complaints, try Black-
J Draught It is a medicine of known merit Seventy-five J
J years of splendid success proves its value. Good for J
a young and old. For sale everywhere. Price 25 cents.
s - szr wt r j
Greensburg, Ky.
Has eight or ten Cars of Farm Machinery and Imple
ments that he is now offering at old prices, no ad
vance. Plows at last years prices. The Oliver Chill
ed Plow, the Genuine Chilled that all Thrifty and
Prosperous Farmers use, the Soil Conserver and
Crop Maker.
A Full Stock of Tobacco Fertilizers, Old Style, Rich, t
Prices are Reasonable: but buy now.
Four Car Loads of Wire Fence at very reasonable
prices. Clod Crushers and Land Rollers actually at
less money than last year.
' Four Clover Leaf Manure Spreaders, the I. H. C.
Best Make, New, for $60.00 each. First Come, First
Served. These are the I. H. C. $135.00 Spreaders.
Also Four I. H. C. Best Make Eight Disc Wheat
Drills, for $57.50.
Genuine Asphalt Roofing at Reasonable Prices.
Every article named above has advanced wholesale
from 15 to 500 per cent. We are selling practically
the whole list while stock lasts for way below pres
ent cost.
We are selling the Best Buggy "Ever" Made at the
price of a cheap buggy. A Fact: it is built with an
A. Grade Whith Hickory Wheel. If a wheel breaks
within one year of purchase I will give a new whell
to replace broken one. Mind you I do not say I will
have broken wheel repaired. I will replace "with
new wheel and immediately." No losing your temp
er and cussing while you wait six weeks for your
wheel to be returned.
This line has advanced 20 per cent, or say Ten Dol
lars a Wagon. We will sell you the best and lightest
running Wagon made at no advance at all. Buy now.
We cannot control the whole thing always.
They say that Fruit Jars will be out of reach, tops
cost now, more than Jars did last year. We can
make prices within the reach of all. Buy now. We
can't control the whole thing all summer. Special
prices to merchants, Now.
Missionary dealer in everything the
Farmer and-the Farmer's wife
and family needs.
j r 55
nHftvc. I Cumb. Main 9 141
PH0JiE:fHome City 2291
Hotel Watkins
"In.the Heart of LouI5viHe"
Chestnut Bet. 4th and 5th Louisville, Ky.
Face the Truth.
By force of habit, doubtless,
the theory seems to survive
among many Republican spokes
men that President Wilson's ad
ministration can be discredited
by misrepresentation. One evi
dence lies in the effort being
made to arouse sentiment in the
business community by dwelling
in every advertising medium
they can reach upon the in
creases of imports under the
Underwood Tariff Law, notwith
standing the European War. The
effort is bound tofail for a very
simple reason the facts riddle
In their "tariff publicity," the
Republican partisans ignore the
enormous increases of exports
because these show the unpre
cedented prosperity of the coun
try. Also, they do not analyze
the imports. If they did both,
they would discover the increase
of imports is wholly due to the
fact that the U. S. is drawing
upon all parts of the earth to se
cure the materials from which to
manufacture the vast -quantities
of supplies of all sorts which oth
er nations, both belligerents and
neutrals, need at this time. Huge
though it be, the domestic sup
ply of many of these raw mater
ials is not adequate to supply the
demand, and hence foreign raw
materials are being brought in
to augment the domestic supply.
That such is the situation clear
ly appears from new statistics
on the subject just issued by the
Department of Commerce. By
reducing or removing entirely
the tariffs on many essential raw
materials tae Underwood Tariff
Act greatly aided American man
ufacturers in meeting the new
foreign demands upon them.
Thus millions upon millions of
dollars have been drawn into
this country in payment of the
service rendered by American
labor and capital in manufactur
ing these imported raw mater
ials into articles desperately
needed by the outside world.
rne conclusion ousmess men
will draw is obvious: The tariff
should not be changed unless
conditions change, and then
should be readjusted only upon
the advice of experts. The lat
ter contingency is provided
against by President Wilson's
recommendation for the creation
of a tariff commission.
I keep on hands a full stock of
coffins, caskets, and robes. I also keep
Metallic Caskets, and Steel Boxes and
two hearses. Prompt service night or
day. Residence Phone 29, office
phone 98.
45V1 yr J. F. Trip'tett,'
. Columbia,, Ey
Rates 50-75-1.00
How Justice is Perverted.
''It's a d-d good thing I played
crazy for I saved my life by do
ing it," were the first words
spoken since May 11 by David
Edwards' who was tried and
found guilty of the murder of
Willis Combs last week by a
Perry county jury and sentenced
to life imprisonment.
The killing took place May 10.
The next day Edward's wife
visited him in the jail and from
that day to the hour the jury
found him guilty Edwards had
not spoken a word either to fel
low prisoners in jail or to any of
the officers in charge of him.
His attorneys pleaded insanity
and several physicians pro
nounced him insane and declar
ed that his organs of speech
were paralyzed. When the ver
dict was returned his voice sud
denly was restored he gave ut
terance to the remark above
A Doctor's Remedy for Coughs.
As a cure for coughs and colds Dr.
Bell's Pine-Tar-Honey combines these
remedies in just the right proportion
to do the most good for summer coughs
or colds. A trial will prove the value
of this splendid cough medicine. Dr.
Bell's Pine-Tar-Honey soothes the ir
ritation, stops your cough, kills the
cold germs and does you a world of
good. A 25c. bottle will more than
convince you it will stop your cough.
At Paull Drug Co. Adv
Mob Threatened Pastor.
A mob of 2,500 angry men and
women in the Italian quarter of
Denver, Col., surrounded the
Methodist Italian mission and
threatened to lynch the Rev.
Francesco P. Sulmonetti, who is
alleged to have stated that the
inhabitants of the Italian quarter
of Denver live in sdualor equal to
that of the Eastsiders of New
York. For four hours the pas
tor was barricaded in his church
while the angry crowd circulated
outside, armed with clubs, and
provided with a rope with which
they threatened to hang the di
vine. The Rev. Mr. Sulmonetti was
finally rescued by a squad of po
liceman and a committee of Ital
ians. The women in the crowd
are said to have been more rabid
than the men. They were more
outspoken and were all armed
with clubs and rocks.
Taking Big Chances.
It is a great risk to travel without a
bottle of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera
and Diarrhoea Kemedy, as this prep
aration cannot be obtained on the
trains or steamships. Attacks of bow.
el complaint are often sudden and
very severe, and everyone should go
prepared for them. Obtainable at?
Paull Drug Co. &dv.
How the Flag Was Hade.
The making of the first nation
al flag was under the personal di
rection of Congress. Mrs. Bet
tie Ross was carrying on an up
holstering business in Philadel
phia, and to her went Washing
ton and the committee. They
asked her if she could make a
flag according to a pencil draw
ing made by Gen. Washington.
She answered that she was will
ing to try. The stars in the
drawing made by Washington
had six points, after the English
fashion. Mrs. Ross suggested
that stars with five points would
be more symmetrical and more
pleasing to the eye, and she
showed the committee how such
a star could be made by folding
a piece of paper and making the
pattern by a single cut of the
shears. Her suggestion was ac
cepted and the flag was finished
the next day. From that time
to the present the stars on all
American flags have been five
pointed stars, while the stars on
the United States coins have six
Will Sloan's Liniment Relieve Pain?
Try it and see one application will
prove more than a column of claims.
James S. Ferguson, Phila., Pa. writes:
"I have had wonderful relief since I
used Sloan's Liniment on my knees.
To think after all these years of pain
one application gave me relief. Many
thanks for what your remedy has done
for me." Don't keep on suffering, ap
ply Sloan's Liniment where your pain
is and notice how quick you get relief.
Penetrates without rubbing. Buy it
at Paull Drug Co. Adv.
East Fork.
The farmers of our section are
harvesting wheat this week.
Miss Martha Boston, who has
been confined to her bed since
X-mas, is slowly improving.
The quarterly meeting at this
this place was largely attended
Saturday and Sunday.
Miss Grace Mack is spending a
few weeks with her grandfather
in Green county.
Master Freemon Coffey, who
is carrying the mail from Kelt
ner to Edmonton, is certainly a
fine mail boy, and a fine tenor
Misses Nannie, Bertha and
Maggie Pendleton, Mattie Pearl
Blades and brother, Elzy, and
Master Lucien Price, were the
guests of Miss Pricy Coffey and
brothers, Walter and Freemon,
Wednesday hight. They had a
fine time and plenty of music.
Warfield, the little son of Mr.
and Mrs. Edd Shirley is very ill
at this writing.
Mr. Walter Coffey had a fine
horse to get its ankle sprained
last week.
The Sunday School at this place
is progressing nicely with W. A.
B 1 0 y d s superintendent. We
have fine singing every Sunday
evening after Sunday School.
Miss Pricy Coffey was the
guest of Misses Liner and Bes
sie Moss last Saturday.
The French by surprise at
tacks have re-captured a good
deal of lost ground in the vicin
fty of Verdim.

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