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the adair;countynews
Kentucky Fair Dates.
Italy Accusing Germany.
Tb be Sick?
Let's forget about all the disagreeable
and painful part of sickness, and ask our
selves if it PAYS to be sick
Perhaps you are only HALF sick
maybe you are dragging yourself around,
with a "dead tired" feeling. Perhaps you
wake up in the morning with a heavily
coated tongue, a bad taste in your mouth,
and hardly any appetite. Quite likely
you are bilious. Maybe you have dull
aches and pains, CONSTIPATION, head
aches. You go about your daily duties. You
tell yourself you will feel better to-morrow
but when to-morrow comes you feel just
about the same. You try this and that
remedy, without getting real relief. Or
if you get some relief, it doesn't LAST!
You soon feel just as bad as you did before.
DOES IT PAY to let yourself stay in
this half-sick condition? Think of all the
ENJOYMENT of life you are missing!
You can't enjoy your food, or the society
of your family and friends. You cant
enjoy anything as you should, because
your senses are dulled and your brain
oppressed by the effects of a SLUGGISH
Say, friend, does it PAY you to lug
around that sluggish liver when you can
promptly make ft ACTIVE and so get rid
of all those depressing, disagreeable symp
toms by letting
Liver and Blood Syrup
take hold and give your Liver the help it
Don't delay. Don't procrastinate. Don t
say "I'll do it to-morrow." Get a bottle of
this time-tried and PROVEN remedy
right now. The four bits you pay for lfc
will be one of the BEST INVESTMENTS
- Chattanoofta, Tennessee.
For Sale By Page & Hamilton.
Wise or Otherwis.
It is to laugh when fortune
When a man falls he never
seems to hit the bottom.
The chap who is buried in 'ob
livion is also a dead one.
Kisses are the coupons clipped
from the bonds of love.
However, there are many fair
singers who are not blonds.
Ready money is seldom ready
when you want to borrow some.
An oculist cannot remedy the
shortsightedness of a selfish
He is an exceptional man who
knows more than he thinks he
Few people to whom you are
introduced really care to know
Many a man of small ' caliber
thinks he's a big gun when he
is loaded.
It's the iron grip of poverty
that make a man's clothes look
Just about the time a man suc
ceeds in developing a theory it
A remarkable man is one. who
does a remarkable thing and
doesn't talk about it.
The man who makes light of
other people's troubles usually
swears at his own.
Large hopes from small ideas
Many a woman has a fine car
riage who never owned a horse.
A Hacking Cough Weakens the
Don't suffer with a hacking cough
that has weakened your system get a
bottle of Dr. King's New Discovery
in use over 40 years, and benefiting
all who use it, the soothing pine bal
sam with tar heal the irritated air
passages soothes the raw spots, loos
ens the mucous and prevents racking
the body with coughing. Dr. King's
New Discovery induces -natural sleep
and aids nature to cure you. Sold by
Paull Drug Co.
Russian Proverbs.
The cynical humor of the Rus
sian is admirably illustrated in
their proverbs. Here are some:
A fool shoots; God guides the
If you are not caught you are
no theif.
When money speaks truth
keeps silence.
The spoken word can not be
Dogs bark and the wind car
ries it away.
It is a stupid mouse that knows
only one hole.
You cannot sew buttons on
your neighbor's mouth.
It is a bad soldier that does
not aspire to be a general.
A woman laughs when she can
and cries when she wishes.
Where God builds a church
there the devil has his chapel.
The greatest king must at last
be put to bed with a shovel.
The czar is generous, but his
generosity aasses through the
ministerial sieve.
If you go to war, if you go on
a sea journey, pray twice; out
pray three times when you are
going to be married.
Even in hell the peasant will
have to serve the landlord, for,
while the latter is boiling in a
cauldron, the former will have to
put the wood under it.
Hot Weathes Rules for Horses.
1. Load lightly and drive slow
2. . Stop in the shade if possible.
3. Water your horses as often
as possible. So long as a horse
is working, water in small quan
tities will not hurt him. But let
him drink only a few swallows,
if he is going to stand still.
Don't forget to water him at
night after he has eaten his hay.
4. When he comes in after
work, sponge off the harness
marks and sweat, his eyes, his
hose and mouth and the dock.
Wash his feet but not his legs.
5. If the thermometer is 75 de-
grees or nigner, wipe mm an
over with a damp sponge. Do
not turn the hose on him.
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"The following are the dates
fixed for holding the Kentucky
Fairs for 1916 as far as reported
to this office. Officers of fairs
are requested to report to us any
omissions or corrections.
Taylorsville. August 14 days.
Henderson, August 15 days.
Danville, August 23 days.
Berea, August 23 days.
Blue Grass Fair, Lexington,
August 76 days.
Uniontown, August 35 days.
Fern Creek Fair, Buechel, Au
gust 9 4 days.
Mt. Vernon, August 93 days.
Burkesville.fAugust 94 days.
Perryville.f August 93 days.
Lawrenceburg, AugUBt 154
Shepherdsville, August 154
Broadhead, August 164 days.
Owensboro, August 155 days.
Tri-County Fair, Sanders, Au
gust 16 4 days.
Ewing, August 173 days.
Knights of Pythias Fair, Stan
ford, August 233 days.
Columbia, August 154 days.
Frankfort, August 29 4 days.
Bardstown, August 294 days.
Nicholasville, August 293
Pennyroyal Fair, Hopkinsville
August 29 5 days.
Elizabethtown, August 293
Barboursville, August 303
6. Saturday night, give a bran
mash, lukewarm; and add a ta
blespoonful of saltpetre.
7. Do not use a horse hat, un
less it is a canopy-top hat. The
ordinary bell-shaped hat does
more harm than good.
8. A sponge on top of the head
or even a dry cloth if kept wet.
If dry it is worse than nothing.
Lovers Reunited by War.
Tobias Boskuhl, an officer of
an interned German vessel lying
at New Orleans, has just mar
ried Miss Albertine Dehner, a
girl of Steelton, Pa., for whom
he had been searching 14 years.
Voskuhl met the girl of his
dreams when she was 18 and he
was a petty officer on a liner ply
ing between Germany and the
United States. The girl, whose
mother had died, was on the way
to Steelton to live with her un
cle, Otto Dehner, a brewer.
The boy and girl became en
gaged, but the stern old German
uncle refused to countenance the
match and wheu his niece insist
ed that she would wed Voskuhl,
he sent her to other relatives in
Germany and refused to give the
young officer her address.
Believing Miss Dehner's love
affair dead, the uncle sent for
her again and she has been vi
ing with him for ten years. Re
cently she saw her lover's name
and wrote to him. The wedding
John D. Rockefeller's estate is
now estimated at one billion dol
lars according to recent figures
given out which makes him the
richest man in the world.
A strong demand has arisen in
the press and among the public
of Italy for cancellation of the
agreement between 'Italy and
Germany, whereby the rights of
citizens of each country within
the other's domain were to be
respected. Violation of the
agreement by the Germans is al
leged in Rome. The situation is
such that the relations between
the two nations have reached a
greater tension than at any time
since the war begun.
No state of war exists be
tween Germany and Italy and
the agreement negotiated by
Prince Von Buelow still is in
force. Italy, according to offi
cial opinion, has faithfully ob
served the agreement, refrain
ing from touching German prop
erty and freely all owing subjects
of the German empire to reside
On the other hand, Germany
is accused, unofficially, of violat
ing the agreement in depriving
Italians in Germany of their lib
erty of action, preventing Ital
ians of military age residing in
Belgium from leaving the coun
try, suspending payments due
Italians and treating them as
subjects of a hostile power. Ac
cordingly a demand is now being
voiced for abrogation of the
Short Stops.
A man may boast of his an
cestors because he has nothing
to look forward to.
It is easier to acquire a repu
tation for greatness than it is to
make good.
One of the ambitions of the
average man is to do those he
has been done by.
Many a woman who doesn't
know her own mind gives her
husband pieces of it.
Nothing is gained by abusing
those whose opinions differ from
your own.
Money you bet on the mare
doesn't always push her under
the wire first.
Don't be in a hurry to accept
a bald head as an official badge
of wisdom.
You can soon fill your purse
by adding a little more than you
take out.
Many a man who thinks he's
brilliant is not even ordinarily
People will have a good opin
ion of you if you agree with
If a girl in love becomes thin
ner it is a case of loved and
It takes a spinster to give
motherly advice to a young
Better not try it on the dog
unless you are sure of your dog.
Most people are too polite to
speak the truth on all occasions.
In Harrison county seven men
at a threshing machine were
knocked down by a bolt of light
ning and several of them were
unconscious for some time.
Dirigo, '
G. A. Bradshaw, Montpelier,
and W. B. Yates, Fairplay, were
here a day or so last week buy
ing sheep. Mr. Bradshaw bought
a number of sheep from various
parties at from $5.00 to $10.00
per head.
Gilliam H. Fields has been ap
pointed postmaster at Picnic
He will doubtless assume the
duties of the office about August
R. L. Campbell attended Cir
cuit Court at Burkesville last
A protracted meeting is in
progress at Hogard's Chapel,
near here, conducted by Revs.
Vance and Lee. Quite a number
of conversions have already been
reported and much interest is
being manifested.
Ace Pelston and family have
returned from a two weeks visit
to Mrs. Pelston's parents at
Bliss, and while there Mr. Pel
ston cul a number of meadows
for different parties.
J. C. Wooten and family, of
Sparksville, visited Mr. Wooten's
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Matthew
Wooten, at this place last Sun
day. G. C. McKinney sold fourteen
acres of land to Mrs. Martha A.
Stotts and sons for $175, posses
sion to be given January 1st.
The wheat of this section has
been threshed during the past
few days and the yield is much
better than was expected.
Marion Janes, an ex-Federal
soldier, who resides with his
son, Lafe Janes, near here, has
been very sick for the past few
J. G. Campbell, of this place,
has been employed by the con
tractor, W. R. Royse, formerly
of Breeding, to carry the United
States mails from Glasgow to
Edmonton. He is now on duty
and will doubtless remove his
family to Glasgow within the
next few weeks.
G. C. McKinney bought a cow
and calf from T. R. Furkin for
$50.00 and a calf from Arthur
Royse for $25.00.
A little child of Mr. and Mrs,
Eulus Marlow has been very sick
for the past few days.
All the soft drink stands in
Middlesboro were raided by po
lice and whiskey and beer siezed
in each of them.
The Kentucky brigade at Ft.
Thomas will not be sent to the
border unless it is recruited up to
the full quota of men.
Estill county is now producing
over 5,000 barrels of oil a day and
the pipe line is inadequate to car
ry the supply.
Former United States Senator
Thomas Patterson, of Colorado,
died Sunday leaving an estate
estimated at several million.
Special Offer.
For a shore time will furnish the
daily Evening Post, Louisville, Home
and Farm, Kentucky Governor's War
map and the Adair County News, al)
one year for $3.25. The map itself is
worth $1.50, but by accepting this of
fer jou get it fcr almost nothing.

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