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BaaUeace Phone 13 B Badness Phoe IS
Habit Your Slave or Master?
Foxes $1.75 to $2.00 Each.
Coons 75c-to $1 each. Send them to
W. T. Hodgen
Campbellsville, Ky.
Birdseve view ot -our Plant
Office-. Front rooms 'in Jeffries BTd'p,
up stairs.
Columbia, . - Kentucky
J. B. Stone
J. H. Stone
I am prepared to do any kind of Tin
Work, Roofing, Guttering, &c. I
make Sheet Iron Stoves, Galvanized
Tanks, Sand Pumpsand any other
thing mad8 In Tin or Sheet Iron. Call
at my shop if you need anythin6 in my
line or repair wort in tinorsheetiron.
OverL. W. Bennetts's Store.
S. E. B,ridgwaters,
Dr. James Triplet!
Columbia, Ky.
I will drill wells in Adair and
adjoining counties. See me be
fore contracting. Latest im
proved machinery of all kinds.
Pump Repairing Done. Give
me a Call.
Iv. H. Jones
Veterinary Surgeon and Dentist
Eye Specialist
Special attention given Diseases of all
Domestic Animals
Office at Residence, 1 mile of town, on
Jamestown road.
Phone 114 G.
Columbia, Ky.
Stone & Stone,
'J Will 'practice m
this and adjoining wounties.'
Jamstown, :- Kentucky
Land Owners Attention.
T.'C. Faulkner, is prepared to do
- your Surveying correctly.
He has thirty-three years
experience. Charges rea
sonable. Phone 74 or
T. f . Faulkner,
ilumbfa. Ky.
Habit is the greatest friend
and-the greatest enemy of man
kind. Habit is life the very life -of
Habif is the backbone of your
Habit is the basis of ninety
nine per cent, of what you do.
Habit is not second nature;
rather as the Duke of Wellington
said, "It is ten times nature."
Habits are of two kinds; good
and bad.'
Bad habits are vices; good hab
its are virtues.
Bad habits destroy; good hab
its build.
Bad habits enslave you; good
habits make you the master of
The smoking-habit. the krink-ing-habit,
the swearing-habit
all these are chains of slavery.
A mental slave to bad habits
is far worse to a physical slave,
for the Jittle string that binds
him can not be cut with the
sharpest knife that man can de
vise. It can only be broken by
the power of will.
Bad habits keep you from get
ting anywhere in life except in
the narrow circle around the
stone monkey.
The little thinstring that ties
you to bad habits grows stronger
and stronger every day. If you
want to be free, you must deter
mine to break that string now.
Don't postpone postponing is
another bad habit.
Cut that string now!
But don't be afraid of all hab
its. Good habits are to be
Good habits .are the greatest
time savers in your life.
Vou get up in the morning,
you wash, you dress, you eat,
you go to sleey all by habit.
You do these necessary things
automatically good habits give
you the power.
If you dont develop these sim
ple habits, if you had to think
every time before you got p,
before you dressed, before you
ate, you would have no time for
anything else.
Thinking about things you can
do by habits is a waste of time.
Habit is the great short-cut to
Don't be the slave of habit.
Let habit be your slave.
Let habit do the routine things
of life for you.
Let habit give you daily effici
ency, punctuality, exactness and
Det habit give you healthly
exercise every day, deep breath
ing, wholesome food and regu
lar hours.
Let habit give you a pleasant
smile, a warm greeting and joy
in your work.
This will save you time, worry
and energy.
Then you will have room for
the greater things of life think
ing, reading and character-building.
Strong Points.
The Wilson administration de
stroyed the money Trust and the
panic trust.
It achieved preparedness.
It passed the ShipDing Bill and
cast out subsidies.
It enacted a Rural Credit Bill
for the benefit of farmer.
It maintained peace with Eu
rope and with Mexico without
sacrifice of American rights.
It added to the stature and
health of future Americans by
enactment of the Child Labor
It secured prosperity, with
American exports now the great
est in the world.
It destroyed the powerful and
insidious congressional lobby.
"The people know," said Sen
ator James to Wilson, "that you
are unbossed unowned un
afraid." "When peace shall spread her
white wings over a charred and
bloody world, in the quiet of the
chamber of the just historian,
when the din and roar of politi
cal antagonism, and passion of
partisanship shall have died
away, when principle shall actu
ate men and parties rather than
appetite, when ambition shall no
longer lure men and parties to
unjust attack, the historian will
accord to you and your Adminis
tration a foremost place in the
republic's life."
Clear Bad Skin From Within.
Pimply, muddy complexions are due
to impurities in the blood. Clear up
the skin by taking Dr. King's New
Life Pills. Their mild laxative qual
ities remove the poisons from the sys
tem and brighten the eye. A full,
free, non-griping bowel movement in
the morning is the reward of a dose
of Dr. King's New Life Pills the
night before. At Paull Drug Co., 25c,
Do You Know That?
Health is the highest form of
of safety first.
Physical fitnesss is prepared
ness against diseases.
Better health makes better cit
izens and better citizens make a
belter nation.
Rural sanitation is a health
protection to the city dweller.
The full dinner pail, the open
window, the clean well makes
for health.
Every man is the architect of
his own health.
The hand that carries food to
rhe mouth can also carry disease
Keglected adenoids and defec
tive teeth in childhood menance
adult health.
The United States Public
Health Service will send a book
let on flies and disease free to
all applicants. United States
Public Health Service, Washing
ton, D. C.
"Largest in Dixie."
V. J. Hughes & Sons Co.
Louisville, Kentucky.
Windows, Doors, Blinds, Mouldings, Columns,
Stair Work, Brackets, Etc. Write for our Catalog
Rev. J. A Vire entered school
at L. W. T. S., last Monday.
Messrs, Tom and Marvin Finn
were leasing land in this com
munity last week.
Jim McMahan and family, of
Fry, were visiting C. W. Kelt
ner and family Saturday night
and W. S. Pickett's Sunday.
We are glad to note that aunt
Martha Parnell's health is im
proving fast for one of her age.
Mrs. R. 0. Keltner and daugh
ter, Gradyville, spent Saturday
with Mrs. J. H. Vire.
Carl and Blaine Nelson, of
Greensburg, spent several days
of last week with their grand
mother, Mrs. Mary Nelson.
Our school is progressing fine
frith Mr. George Montgomery as
Mrs. Emma Tarter is in very
bad health at this writing.
Rev. Christie delivered a very
interesting discourse at the
schoolhouse Sunday afternoon.
A large crowd was present.
W. H. Burris,- our produce
man, makes his regular trip
through here every Monday.
Clavis Coffey and family were
visiting Mrs. G. L. Vire last
Interesting !
2k n.i
?- .-? u-1
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Pictures in
J "'A '
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tisement and we will mail you free
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trashy. Over 200 striking picture
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copy. Be sura to mention
this advertisement. Addresr:
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. Mjtzcar-. ;
Ta.. ijK.: &.
1 rCCtn'.j &? TwHunJrrt Pfctww
Am permanently located in Co
AH Classes of Dental work done. Crow
de and Inlay work a Specially.
All Work Guaranteed
Office over G. W. Lowe's
Shoe Store
A Splendid
Clubbing Bargain
We Offer
he Adair CounlyNews
The Cincinnati
Weekly Enquirer
Both One
Por Only
Subscription may be
new or renewal
What the Weekly Enquirer is
It Is issued every Thursday, subscrip
tion price $1.00 per year, an d it 13 one of
the best home metropolitan weeklie of to
day. It has all the facilities of the great
DAILY ENQUIRER for obtatning the
world's events, and for that reason can
giue yon all the leading news. It carries
a carries a great omount of vajuable farm
matter, crisp editorirls and reliable up-to-date
market reports. Its numerous de
partments make It a necessity to every
ome, farm or business man.
This grand offer Is limited and we advise
yon to take advantage by suoscrib'ng for
the above combination right now. Call
or mail orders to
The Adair County News, -
v Columbia, Ky.
J. B. Jojstils
Any kind of Coffin or Casket made ready to
send out In a few minutes after receiving
order. No extra charge for hearse. All kinds of
Robes on hand. Over Cumberland Grocery Co
Home Phone 52 A
Special Offer.
For a shore time "will furnish the
daily Evening Post, EouisviUe, Home
and Farm, Kentucky Governor's War
map and the Adair County News,' all
one year for 33.25. The map itself is
worth 1.60, but by accepting this of
er you get it fcr almost nothing.

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