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Mansfield, Ky., Dec. 2, 1914.
The Buchanan Lyon Co., Campbellsville, Ky.
Gentlemen: I am pleased to tell you that my Princess b the best stove
I ever used. I have cooked biscuits in it in three minutes. It burns less
wood and cooks quicker than any stove I have ever seen. If there ever
was a stove perfect, it is a Princess.
If I had to buy 25 stoves I would want them all Princess. I have nev
er "seen any stove that I would give my Princess for. It is a perfect stove
in every respect.
Hoping that what I have said will be the cause of you selling a good
many stoves and wishing you success, I remain a friend to the Princess.
Mac, Ky., Dec. 7,1914.
The Buchanan Lyon Co., Campbellsville, Ky.
Gentlemen: The Allen Princess stove is the best I ever used. It gives
satisfaction in every way. It develops heat more quickly, with .less fuel,
tHan any other stove. It means well cooked food, served on time. Food
placed in the warming chest will not dry out but stays moist and fresh, and
the stove is so easy cleaned; no cracks and corners for dust and grease to
The reservoir is so nice; water never gets cold in it from one meal
another and it is easy cleaned.
I would not exchange my stove for twice what I gave for it.
Yours truly, ADA PEPPER
Campbellsville, Ky., Dec. 3, 1914.
The Buchanan Lyon Co., Campbellsville, Ky.,
Dear Sirs: I am certainly well pleased with my Allen Princess Stove.
It bakes so nice. You do not haye to move your victuals from top to bot
tom of stove to bake. You can put your biscuit in top part of oven and
when done, will be as nice brown on bottom as on top. Then the reser
voir and warming closet are such conveniences. I think it requires less
wood and will heat up just as quick as other and smaller stoves.
I have been using your range eleven months and it has proven entirely
satisfactory in every way. I will advise anyone, who is going to buy a
stove, to get an Allen Princess Range. Your friend,
Hatcher, Ky.. Dec 3, 1914.
The Buchanan Lyon Co., Campbellsville, Ky.
Dear Sirs: I feel gratified to express my appreciation of the Princess
"Range. For econemy in fuel, convenience and quick heating I do not
think it can be excelled.
I have been using the Princess Range for 18 months and am willing to
give it the praise every opportunity 1 have. Yours truly,
Saloma, Ky., Dec. 7, 1914.
The Buchanan Lyon Co., Campbellsville, Ky.
Dear Sirs: We have used an Allen Princess Range for two years, and
advise anyone, who needs a stove, to get this range, for it will burn either
wood or coal. This range is worth its weight in gold to any woman in.
her kitchen. Yours truly,
Merrimac, Ky., Dec. 3, 1914.
The Buchanan Lyon Co., Campbellsville, Ky.
Gentlemen: I am writing to tell you how well pleased I am with my
Allen Princess Range. I wouldn't give it for any stove I ever saw. It
.cooks better than any stove I ever used, and the victuals are better. I
wouldn't have it taken out of my kitchen, and risk the chance of getting
another that would cook as good, for $75,00. Oh! I am well pleased.
Copper Bearing Iron Ranges
For Grace of Design, Fuel Econemy, Kitchen Comfort
and Cooking Superiority, the PRINCESS is Unique. It's
Exclusive and Patented Features Make it not Only Su
perior in It's Cooking Qualities but Durable, Dependa
ble and Cleanly as Well.
"It Has Ended
All My Kitchen
J) "V
You, too, can be
freed from the
slavery of kitchen
drudgery from
xnents and failures which
0 make cooking seem so hard.
All these go to the junk
nile with the old otove
when you put in one of
H& fcg) iif j ggsMM
fN3 dTJF fl,0
For more than 20 years now these famous ranges have
been making Southern homes happier and brighter by
ending all the kitchen worries. It bakes quickly and
thoroughly without even requiring the pans to be turned, because superior
Princess construction radiates heat evenly throughout the oven.
Triple asbestos-lined walls that retain heat, save fuel and
prevent body of the range from burning out. The heavy
sectional fire-box linings cannot warp, and last years. Any woman who is
still worrying along with the old style ranges should come in and let us
tell her about the many time-, money-, and work-saving features of Allen's
Princess Ranges. We're always glad to show you
Write us at once for Price.
Campbellsville, Ky., Dec 3, 1914.
The Buchanan Lyon Co., Campbellsville, Ky.
Gentlemen: Have not been using the Allen Princess Range very long,
but in cooking 1 find that it takes less fuel and cooks much quicker than any
other range I have ever tried and the reservoir is the only one I have had
that the water would get even warm.
I think this range the most economical in every way.
Campbellsville, Ky., Nov. 30, 1914.
The Buchanan Lyon Co., Campbellsville, Ky.
Gentlemen: Some time ago I bought of you an Allen
It has proved very satisfactory both in cooking and baking,
the damper to bake! Youre truly,
MRS. G. V.
Princess Range.
I seldom raise
Roachville, Ky,
The Buchanan Lyon Co., Campbellsville, Ky.
Sirs: I have been using, for the past two years, one
Princess Stoves, which I am very much pleased with
house-keeper would be very much delighted tc possess an
Range. Respectfully, MRS. D. E.
., Dec. 3, 1914.
of your Allen
and am sure any
Allen Princess
tu R u i o , ,, ,9amPbellsville, Ky., Dec. 7, 1914
1 he Buchanan Lyon Co., Campbellsville, Ky.
Dear Sirs: I will write you and let youknow how well pleased I -am
with my.new Princess Range, which my father bought me a few days ago.
It is sure a fine stove. I believe it is without a fault. 1 think it is as near
perfect as a stove could be made.
It is so easily kept clean and such an even baking stove. Will bum any
kind fuel. Wood that our old stove would not burn at all just simply roars
in this stove. And last, but not least, it is the cheapest and best looking
stove on the market, and anyone wanting a range could not do better than
buy a Princess Range.
Wishing you success with your Princess stove, I beg to remain,
Yours truly, MRS. GEO. RIEDEL.
L f , Coburg. Ky., Dec. 9, 1914.
The Bucanan Lyon Co., Campbellsviile, Ky.
Gentlemen: I wish to recommend the Allen Princess Range to any
lady desiring to buy a stove. I think it one of the best and most beautiful
stoves I have ever seen. Its cooking is so even and nice and requires less
fuel than any stove I ever saw.
Anyone desiring to buy a range; I think, will make no mistake in buying
the Allen Princess Range. MRS. W. T. STUBBS.
, , Mardis. Ky., Dec 10. 1914.
The Buchanan Lyon Co., Campbellsville, Ky.
Gentlemen. 1 purchased one of your Allen Princess Ranges about four
teen months ago, and I cannot explain to you how well I am pleased with it.
It is fine for any kind of cooking and will burn any kind of wood and
takes less than any other stove. It is plain and easy to keep clean. I can
not recommend it high enough. Yours respectfully,
Gampbellsville, Ky Dec 5, 1914-
The Buchanan Lyon Co., Campbellsville, Ky.
Gentlemen: The Allen Princess Range we think the best to be found
on the market. It take less fuel, making more heat, heats up in a short
time.bakes quicker than any we ever had.
It is easy to keep clean, being plain; no wavy places for dirt to collect. I
can bake a batch of bread in forty minutes, the nicest brown. The warm
ing closet keeps food warm and moist, while so many others dry up the food.
Willowtown, Ky.' Dec: 8, 1914
The Buchanan Lyon Co.. Campbellsville, Ky.
Gentlemen: I can highly recommend the Alletf Princess Range, bought
from the Buchauan Lyon Co. I have used it for over two years and it is
as good as it was the day I bonght it.
I have used several different kind of renges. Have also cooked on the
Home Comfort, and say the Allen Princess Range is the best.
No one will ever regret buying the Allen Princess Range.
Yours respectfully, MRS. W. H: YOUNG. ' "
Campbellsville, Ky., Dec 7, 1914.
The Buchanan Lyon Co., Campbelisville, Ky.
Dear Sirs: I am glad I have the opportunity of telling you how well I
am pleased with the Allen Princess Range. I have used it for two 'years
and have found no fault, at all. It heats so quick, bakes so even, and is
excellent for all kinds of baking. Then the leservoir keeps water" warm
over night. It is plain and easy to keep clean.
I only wish every housekeeper had an Allen Princess Range.
Yours respectfully, MRS. INGRAM CAULKS
Campbellsville, Ky., Dec 5, 1914.
The Buchanan Lyon Co., Campbellsville, Ky.
Dear sirs: I wish to compliment the Princess Range, bought of you. It
heats quick and bakes so evenly and nice. It doesn't take any more, if as
much, wood as a box stoves It is made so plain, makes it esy to keep
clean. It is my choice of any range I ever saw.
Respectfully, MRS. JOHN ROBERTS.
Nfk P 1 P P Twenty years of range building has perfected these features. They mean both money and convenience to you. Study
OtC tu6 HXClUSlVC X nilC6SS 1 OHltSI them. Materials the best. Workmanship the most skilled. Design the most attractive. Prices no higher than the
average range. With a PEINCESS in your kitchen, you own an original range with an individuality of it's own, a 'range that others copy. Made exclusively by ALLEN
MFG. CO., Nashville Tenn.
Come to our store and see for yourself the range that has pleased thousands of women beyond their expectations the range that not only saves fuel, cooks and bakes
For Further Information And Price Write
Campbellsville, Kentucky.
Nat Walker, deputy sherjff of Co
lumbia, collected taxes at this place,
last Friday.
We had plenty of rain last week.
Dr. J. A. Yates, of Edmonton, was
here the first of the week.
Mrs. W. L. Grady has about recov
ered from an attack of typhoid fever.
N. Roach, the successful merchant
of Toria, was here last Monday de
livering cattle for the Greensburg's
Luther G. Sneed, the man who was
so badly wounded by gun shots, in
Green Co., is reported to be improv
ing at this time, and is on his road to
recovery. ,
Our farmers have begun to gather
their corn and we take it that we
have over an average crop this season.
There was a good crop of winter oats
sown. The wheat crop has not all
been sown. We take it that in this
immediate community there will be
over an average crop sown. When
our farmers get through one crop we
are sure that we have a bountiful sup
ply of, this season, and that Is sor
ghum. We haveheni for sale on ev
arv mrner. """ t -
J. F. PftDd
load .e-f -cattle at thiplace,
onoay andfcraaaiyed
at prices from 3 to 6 cents per pound.
Mr. Pendleton had about a car load
engaged at 6 cents per pound and our
farmers that did not have their cat
tle engaged, heard of him being in
the community, drove their cattle to
town and sold them to him at the
present market price. He brought
another car.
Filmore Sparks and son, of Bed
Lick, was ip our midst last Friday,
looking after cattle. The grade of
cattle in this section did not come up
with the prices wanted for the cattle.
Mr. Sparks is a fine judge of stock
and buys largely in Metcalfe and Bar
ren counties.
Big Shows at Paramount Theater,
tonight, Thursday night and Satur
day night. You will be entertained.
Head-off That All-winter Cough.
At the first sign of sore throat
tight chest or stuffed-up head take a
dose of Dr. Bell's Pine-Tar-Honey.
The healing pine-tar, soothing honey
and glycerine quickly relieve the con
gestion, loosen the phlegm and break
up yourcold. Dr. Cell's Plne-Tar-Honey
ha&all the benefits of the heal
ing aroma ron? , a pine forest, it is
pleasant tomgee fdanti8eptlc. The
'formula-prlthe bottle -tells why it re-
lievesedlds and coughs. At Paull
urug uo., ZDf. av.
The November American Magazine
Chas. M. Schwab, the Bethlehem
steel man, has written a stimulating
and inspiring article for the Novem
ber issue called "Succeeding With
What You Have". In it he gives you
the angle from which the boss looks at
his men.
A new department called "Getting
Ahead" is started and the public is in
vited to ask questions about how to
advance in the business world. The
most helpful questions will be answer
ed in the pages of the magazine.
There are several other good arti
cles, one of the best being "Weather
and Business," which tells how the
elements affect business.
To the Ladies.
Louisville, Ky , Oct. H, 191G.
Editor of The News;
Please announce in a conspicuous
place in your paper that the women
have opened Democratic Headquarters
in Louisville at th& Seelbach Hotel,
where they will gladly welcome their
They hope and pray for the sake of
peace and preventing tlli unnecessary
bloodshed of our b"bys, that a Wood
row Wilson Womeos' Leave be organ
ized in your county.
Send the names as soon as possible
into Headquarters. Our time is limit
ed, we urge haste. We heartily wel
come all encouraging letters and call
ers. Yours for continued PEACE AND
Mrs. Hardy B. Ripy,
Co nstipation Dulls Your Brain .
That dull, listless, oppressed feel
ing is due to impurities in your sys
tem, sluggish liver, clogged intestines
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prompt relief. A mild easy, non-grip
ing bowel movement will tone up
your system and help to clear your
muddy, pimply complexion.. Get a
bottle of Dr. King's New Life Pills
to-day at Paull Drug Co., 25c. A
dose to-night will make you cheerful
at breakfastT Adv.
Services at the U. B. Church.
Prayer meeting Thursday evening
at J p. m. Preaching Sunday morn
ing and evening at 11 a. m., and 7 p.
m. " All are cordially invited.
E. "G. Stover, Pastor.
Mr. J. Y. iWhite has sold his old
family gray horse to Wolford Bros
P rice, $65. He was sold at a bargain. I cas t endure their'misery. "
A Good Indian.
With all his faults, the American
Indian in his best estate has the
mighty virtues of loyalty and courage.
A touching example of the nobility t)f
character that many of them are ca
pable of is given in the late John
Muir's "Travels in Alaska."
Mr. Muir describes the coming of
missionaries to the Stickeen Indians
of Fort Wrangell and their success in
Christianizing them. The tribesmen,
he says, were encouraged to accept the
Christian faith by their head chief,
but he told them he could not him
self become a Christian, for this rea
son: "I wish you to learn this new relig
ion and teach it to your children, so
that you may all go when you die to
that good heaven country of the
white man and be happy.- But, I am
too old to learn a new religion; and,
besides, many of my people who have
died were bad and foolish people, and,
if this word the missionaries have
brought us is true, aS .1 think it is,
many of my people must be In that
bad country the missionaries call
'hell;' and I must go there also, for a
Stickeen chief never deserts his people
in time of trouble. To that bad coun
try, therefore; IwlU go, and try to
cheer my . jieeple and help them as
Sheriff S.H. Mitchell met with a
frightful accident last Thursday af
ternoon. He was leaving town, horse
back, and when opposite the residence
of Mrs. Mary Caldwell his horse fell,
throwing Mr. Mitchell violently to the
ground. He was not seriously hurt,
but considerably bruised.
For Sale.
My farm of 200 acres, 3 miles north
east of Columbia and one-half mile
from Campbellsville pike. Call on
49-4t W. E Williams.
Mrs. J. S. Bead, of Nashville, who Is
a daughter of Judge and Mrs. G. T.
Herrlford, this place, underwent an
operation one day last week. The op
eration was successful, and the pa
tient is doing nicely.
Dress jxakinq Over T. E. Wag
gener's store. Prices reasonable.
48-tf. Georgia Faulkner.
When you feel discouraged and de
spondent do not-give up but take a
dose of Chamberlain's Tablets and you
are almost certain to feel all right-
within a day or-two. Despondency
very often due to indif settee aad bil
iousness, for which, these tablets
especially valuable. Obtainable
Paull Drug Cet

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