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Absolutely Pure
Made from Cream of Tariar
There are five campaign com
mitteemen in each precinct in the
State whose duty it is to see that
every Democrat or other person
who will vote the Democratic
ticket shall go to the polls on
November the 7th and cast his
ballot. These gentlemen have
been appointed because of their
enthusiasm and energy, and it is
safe to assume that they will do
their full duty. If they do and
a full vote is recorded, there will
The Golden Rule Nursery 1
Fruit Trees and Small Fruit Plants by the Thousands
all of the best Standard Varieties and many new and
Special Varieties
As good as can be produced Any Where at Any
Price. You get them Home Grown, adapted to the
Climate and Soil, Fresh and in Good Condition, and
Full Value for every Dollar of Your Money.
5 Come and see us. If you can't come, write or 3
gr phone. Let us know your wants. Every order rS
5 will be accompanied by a Certificate of Inspection
5T by the State Entomologist. r2
1 The Golden Rule Orchard and Nursery Co. If
Z (50-30
J". B. Jojsrus
Kw If''
Any kind of Coffin or Casket made ready to
send out in a few minutes after receiving
order. No extra charge for hearse. AJ1 kinds of
, Robes on hand. Over Cumberland Grocery Co
Home Phone 52 A
j Residence Phone 13 B
Business Phoe 13 A
Officr. Front rooms m Jeffries BTd'g
up Stairs.
Columbia, - Kentucky
J. B. Stonb J. H. Stone
I will drill wells in Adair an
adjoining counties. See me be
fore contracting. Latest im
proved machinery of all kinds.
Pump Repairing Done. Give
me a Call.
L,. H. Jones
Veterinary Surgeon and Dentist
eye Specialist
iSftecial attention given Diseases of all
Domestic Animals
Omce at Residence. 1 mile of town, on
Jamestown road.
"4f Pl.iiD I lift.
Columbia, Ky.
be no dfuns of the outcome.
Kentucky id naturally a Derh
ocratic State and it is only when
Democrats fail of their duty that
she departs from bur traditionsi
There is every reason Una year
that every Democrat should be
alert and let nothn-g keep him
from the polls. Pi trident Wil
son must be kept on gu-irri to
protect the honor of the nation
without war if p'sibl, hmj to
maintain peace a ri oros-.ierity.
What he has done u an e rne.st ef
fort of what he will do tocarrv out
the splendid program mapped
out. Re sure to go to the polls
and stamp under thy roo9ter.
Changing Seasons Bring Colds.
"Stuffed-up head," closed up nose
tight chest, sore throat, are sure signs
of cold, and Dr. King's New Discov
ery is sure relief. A dose of this com
bination of antiseptic balsams soothes
the irritated membrane, clears the
head, loosens the phlegm, you breathe
easier and realize your cold is broken
up. Treat a cold persistently; half
way measures leave a lingering cough.
Take Dr. King's New Discovery until
your cold is gone For 47 years the
favorite remedy for young and old.
At Paull Drug Co. , 5uc. Adv.
The bringing again of Hughes
to Kentucky and the injection of
the Uery Roosevelt into the cam
naicn here shows that the Re
publican leaders still have hopes
of carrying the old Common-
I am prepared to do any kind of Tin
Work, Roofing, Guttering, &c. I
make Sheet Iron Stoves, Galvanized
Tanks, Sand Putnpsand any other
thing made in Tin or Sheet 1 ron. Call
I at my shop if you need anythinfi in my
line or repair work in tinorsheetiron.
Over L. "W. Bennetts'a Store.
S. E. Bridgwaters,
Am permanently located in Co
All Classes of Dental work done. Crow
Ie and Inlay work a Speulalhy.
All Work Guaranteed
Office over G. W. Lowe's
Shoe Store
For America's Greatest Clothes
All-Wool Suits and Overcoats $1 2.50
Best references required. No clothing
experience necessary.
Write Monogram Tailors, 131 East
New York St., Indianapolis, Ind.
C. C. Hauger, Prop: H. H. ITaugher, Mgr.
Dr. James Triplett
Columbia, Ky.
At Mt. Sterling, county court dayt
twelve thousand cattle were sold on
the market. Prices ranged from 5
to 7i cents.
..... mi mi
Rheumatism Follows Ex0oSUi,ei
Rheumatism Follows ExiJoSUrei
Iti the rain all day Is generally fol
lowed by painful twinges of rheuma.
tism bf neuralgia. Sloan's Liniment
will give you quick relief and prevent
the twinges from becoming torture.
It quickly penetrates without rub
bing and soothes the sore and aching
joints.' JB'or sore, stilf, exhausted
muscles that ache and Mirob from ov
erwork, Sloan's Liulment affords quick
relief. Bruises, sprains, strains and
other minor injuries to children are
quiculj -ootlied oy som.hed by Sloan's
Liniment. Get a bottle today at
Paul I Drug '3o , 25c Adv.
wealth by appeals to passion and
cupidity, by abuse of Wiison and
the Democratic party and with
the tainted money that Wall
Street is supplying so lavishly.
They are reckoning in vain, how
ever. The Democrats are on to
their game and every man in
tends to do his duty, which spells
Repuolipan defeat, labor lost and
money wasted.
A Clogged System Must be
You will find Dr. King's New Life
Pills a gentle yer. effective laxative
for removing impurities from the sys
tem. Accumulated waste poisons the
blood: dizziness, biliousness and pim
ply, muddy complexion are the dis
tressing effects. A dose of Dr. King's
New Life Pills to-night wil assure
you a free, full bowel movement in
the morning. At, Paull Drug Co , 25c
Senator Gore, the blind man
eloquent, said at Hopkinsville,
that the Democrats had passed a
dozen laws, any one of which
would have immortalized the Re
publican party, and in praising
the income tax law, passed by a
Democratic Congress said, "If
you wish to take the load from
the back of Dives and put it on
the back of Lazarus" vote for
Hughes. The latter's opposition
to the income tax law and his ob
jection to having the rich pay
their proportion of the burden of
taxation, seems to warrant the
belief that in the event of his
election the law which is taking
millions from the rich for the
support of the government wib
be repealed. The success of the
Democratic party insures that
wealth-will continue to be taxed
as it should.
Has been the ruin of as many Eyes as any one thing.
There may be the feeling of a slight inconvenience at
first. You may think, O' they will be alright in a few
days. Don't be deceived, if there is ever an eye defect
at all, you should not rest until a COMPETENT OP
TOMETRIST has been consulted. You may save
yourself a life of displeasure by coming to us in time.
Jewelers and Optometrists
Campbellsville, Ky.
In previous presidential years,
the Republicans have laid great
stress on their claim that the
election of a Democrat meant fi
nancial disaster as the party
was incapable of administering
the affairs of government. You
have not heard any thing of the
kind this year. The Democrats
have been demonstrating the
falsity of such a claim for nearly
four years in a most successful
administration of affairs and
have so changed the banking
laws that Republican money
kings cannot throw a panic at
will. Financial affairs were
never in better condition nor
business more flourishing. The
old familiar scare crow has been
Her Son Subject to Croup.
"My son, Edwin, is subject
croup," writes Mrs. E. O. Irwin,
New Kensington, Pa. "I put in many.
sip.nn1p.ss hours at night before I
learned of Chamberlain's Cough Rem
edy. Mothers need not Tear this "dis
ease if they keep a bottle of Chamber
lain's Cough Remedy in the house and
use it as directed. It always gave my
boy relief."
Drug Co.
at Paull
mm a
&&& t .
: ItLLi
film Down Health Makes Body
More Liable to Disease,
Human Machine Fails When Diges
tive and Eliminative Processes Get
Out of Order, Yielding Poisonous
Waste Instead of Strength-Building
Nutriment Tanlac Expert Talks.
Many ills to which people are es
pecially liable at this time of the year
are direct results of a disordered stom
ach -and deranged digestion, according
to the Tanlac health expert.
"In a majority of cases those who
suffer from sickness must blame their
stomachs." he said. "We must remem
ber that the strength of the body
comes from the digestive system.
Food Becomes Poison.
"When the supply of nutriment
needed to keep the human machine
fails, the food which should have given-strength
becomes poisonous waste.
"The stomach has been called "tie
chemical laboratory of the body.'
There the material taken into the body
1 M r1 rl ASsl tlrtn klnn J L
i icuuacu jiiiu uiuuu, uuue ana mus
cle for permanent health, vigor and
vitality. '
"The success of Tanlac as an aid
to digestion, assimilation and the func
tions which dispose of waste matter
has been proclaimed by thousands.
Restores to Normal.
"Tanlac is a vegetable remedy, de
signed to feed while It heals sick,
sore stomachs, and to bring back the
digestive system to its normal, natural
work. Thus health is restored, yield
ing energy, ambition and vitality, and
giving that feeling of complete well
being necessary to the full enjoyment
of life by every man and woman
"With the health and strength that
Tanlac -gives, people are less subject
to disease. Thousands who have tak
en Tanlac are grateful because it
made them well and kept them well."
Tanlac, the master medicine and re
constructive tonic, is sold exclusively
in Columbia, Ky., by
Other exclusive ageifc? in nearby
towns are as follows:
Crocus, Ky , J. P. Miller & Sons.
Gresham Ky., T O. Mr.ore & Co.
Cooper, Ky., Coffey Bros
Exie, Ky. L. G. Wilcox
Waterview, Ky , Thos M. Allen.
Coburg, Ky., C. IT Jarvis.
Olga, Ky , IT. E. Loy. Adv
relegated to the junk shop for
jeood and all. This in the face
of the certainty of the reelection
of Wilson is praise indeed of the
benefits that his administra
tion have brought. Vote to con
tinue it.
Pine-tar Relieves a Cold.
Dr. Bell's: Pine-Tar-Honey contains
all the soothing elements of the pine
It heals the irritated membrane, and
by its antiseptic properties loosens
the phlegm, you breathe easier, and
what promised to be a severe cold has
been broken up. For that stuffed-up
feeling, tight chest or sore throat
take a dose of Dr. Bell's Pine-Tar-Honey
and prevent a wearing, hack
ing cough dragging through the win
ter. At Paull Drug Co.. 25c Adv.
Prom California.
San Bernardino, Oct., IS 191 6.
Editor News:
I am enclosing you check for 32 for
the Columbia paper We think a
great deal of the paper and ray moth
er gets more pleasure from reading
the Adair County News than any
thing elie she has, and I particularly
like thej?aper because it is a good,
pure, Democratic sheet. Here's hop
ing Wilson" will win. Best wishes to
alhthe pejbple I know there.
cV t , F. E. Page.
We have always demonstrated to tHe reader's of the
Adair County News that we compete most successfully
with the offerings of any catalogue house. Indeed in most
instances our qualities are far superior and have cost no
more that the inferior kind.
Our store is known as the representative
Carpet and Rug House
Of the State of Kentucky, and visitors to our spacious
salesroom have always expressed themselves most favor
ably about our stocks and prices.
The ever busy section, housing thousands of yards of
Good Linoleum ,
with its towering big values, appeals strongly to the eco
nomical buyer.
Correspondence solicited and promptly answered.
Hubbuch Bros. & Wellendorff, incorporated.
522 & 524 W. Market St.,
Louisville, Ky.
Woodson Lewis
With Genuine Enthusiasm introduces to your kind consideration
the Chevrolet "Baby Grand", a Five Passenger Touring Car. See
It and you will Want It. Want It and you will Buy It. Write for
Cuts and Specificatifns. Write for the Car Itself. We will send
it to y6u for you to see it.
M-Mg'" 4
3ssK7,'7 n aiSWSBKv s
Price $750.00, Factory.
Complete with Electric Starter and Electric Lights that Light.
The Royal Mail, a Roadster of Wonderful Individuality. Price
$750.00 Factory. Complete Lights and Starter.
A.nd the Chevrolet "Four Ninety" a Car Built for Your Needs.
A Car that will take the Hills. A Comfort, a Joy, and a Delight.
An Automobile. Three Speeds Forward, One Reverse. Electric
Lights Electric Starter. It Breeds Enthusiasm wherever it is
seen-. See It; Buy It. Write for cuts and printed matter. Write.
for the Car Itself.
l?SmL - jgy?-'7' - VS-.. v i JL.
Price $550.00 complete, Factory.
Alfo the "Four-Ninety"
After long and careful consideration we believe and enthusiast
lv. that we have a Car that will
Enoriee has the Power to carry the
Looks, Graceful Streamliness, Comfortable and Easy Riding.
We received the first car load last Saturday, we sold them out in
three days. We have others.
Vooi)soisr Xj1"18
Dent, Ky.
The farmers are very busy sowing
their wheat.
Blair school girls, Allie Calhoun,
Eliza Coffey, Verna Haynes, Zelpha
Haynesand Madge Iludson went to
Bussell Springs to play a game of
basket ball When we reached there
they would not play us. Some of
their players were gone they said.
We want them to play ns if they will,
but we do not know wttJier they
''vv TA
Roadster"$550.00 Factoi
please in every essential.
Car any where. It has the
will play us or not, though we hope
they will later on.
We were having a nice school ai
Blair school house until Mr. ChariM
Calhoun's folks took the smallpox ;
(jkVmnl r ltnnn tf4 V
Marcus Hale, our teacher, .as well ;
the pupils, were sorry for It to be m
continued. .We hope that it will ;
begin Trw? Qilhonn's are
alon;.as well as could be exi
We hope oujyjp people will get
and cTSWNK'n'
r i n rA -

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