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Mr Y. Sullivan, Campbellsville, was
here last Thursday.
'(l-. Mr. Paul Waggener returned to
Louisville last Wednesday.
Mr. Nat Terry, of Cave City, was
here the latter part of last week.
Miss Katie Murrell spent the holi
days with friends at Earlington.
Miss Edna Lewis is visiting her sis
ter. Mrs. Leo Baldauf Louisville.
Mr. W. R. Littrell, of Eussell
Springs, was here one day last week.
Mr. Smith Gill, who is in College at
Lexington, was here Christmas week.
' Miss Elrie Willis, of Glensfoik,spent
last week with her cousin, Mrs J. W.
Guy Stevenson, who is in College at
Georgetown, was at home for the
Miss Minnie Kemp, who teaches at
Shelbyvillle, came home for the
Christmas week.
Messrs. T. B. and F. B. Phelps have
gone to Cumberland county on busi
ness this week.
Mrs. R. A. Myers and sou, Robert
Page, arrived last Wednesday night
from Monticello.
Miss Virginia Cotley, who teaches
in Davis county, was at home for the
Christmas festivities.
Misses Rachel and Jessie Faulkner,
Cimpbellsville, visited Misses Lizzie
and Mary Harris last week.
Mr. Jacob Myers, of Canton, Ohio,
spent a few days of the holidays at
the home of Mr. D. E. Phelps.
Mr. and Mrs. Ewing Stults, of
Louisville, are visiting at the home of
Mr. Stult's father, Mr. T. R. Stults.
Ed Wooldridge, of this place, who is
making a good soldier, was here, from
Camp Zachary Taylor, the latter part
of last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Collins Bridgewater.of
Louisville, fpent the holidays with
Mre. Bridgewater's parents, Mr. and
Mrs. J. S. Breeding.
Mr. J. A. Wilmore, of the Lexing
ton bar, visited his parents, at Grady
ville, last week. He was here Thurs
day, en route home.
Mr. W. L. Wilson, wife and child
ren, of near Campbellsville, visited
Mrs Wilson's parents, Mr. and Mrs.
H. C. Feese, last week.
Eld. R. T. Hickerson, pastor of the
Christi?.n Church, Burkesville, was
here last week, en route to Spring
field, to visit relatives.
Miss Mary Williams, Montpelier,
Miss Dexter English and Miss Mary
Grissom, all teachers reached home
last week for the hollidays.
Mr. W. D. Jones, who is a Demur-
iage luspeuior lor iiauroaus, came
v jiome ana nas wicn nis iamuy nere
during the holidays.
Margaret, the little daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Barksdale Hamlett, was
quite sick several days of last week,
but is better at this writing.
Dr. aud Mrs. P. II. Conoveraud
their little son, Elizabethtown, visit
ed Mrs, Couover's parents, Mr. and
Mrs. G. B. Smith, last week.
Mrs. Nina Denver, who is a trained
nurse in the Deaconess hospital,
Louisville, came home and spent two
days with her sister, Mrs. LenaPaull.
Mr. J. A. Caldwell and wife, of Ma
son county, and Mr. W. C. Yates and
wife, of Campbellsville, visited at
the home of Miss Mollie Caldwell last
1 Dunbar, Garland Dunbar, B H.
Dunbar, R. L. Dunbar and M. 1.
Cravens, all soldiers of Russell county,
passed through here, en route home,
to spend Christmas.
Mr. Horace E. Humble, of Ruasell
Springs, who is a soldier located at
Camp Shelby, Miss., was here last
Thursday, on his return to Camp after
a visit to his home folks.
Richard and Bryan Royse, soldiers
at Lamp Zachary Taylor, were here a
rfew days of last week. They are pic-
Wiires of good health and apparently
are enjoying the army.
Miss Ruth Hines, who is a student
in Randolph Macon College, Va., and
her brother, Strother, who is a civil
engineer, were here to spend Christ
mas with their mother and sisters.
Misses Kate Gill, Mary Miller, Su
san Miller, Dora Eubank, Gbkla Eng
lish, Mary Lucy Lowe, all teachers, rt
turned the latter part of last week in
their respective schools, after the de
lightf ul holidays, spent at home.
Robert. Summers, Rollin Cundiff,
Lucien Hunu, were here a few days
from Camp Zachary Taylor, as was
also Albia Eubank of Fort Leven
worth, Kan. The boys were looking
in splendid health. Every body was
glad to see them.
Mrs. Judge Williams, of Jamestown,
passed through here a few days ago,
en route to Lexington. She stated
that she would take up French when.;
she reached the Blue Grass citj, and
would also do some knitting for the
boys in Khaki, and would later go to
Miss Ellen Burton returned from a
visit to Troy, South Carolina, a short
time before Christmas. She states
that she left hei brother, Capt. H. O.
Burton, in fairly good health. For
awhile he was almost blind, but his
eyesight has greatly, improved, and
that he can now see to read the news
papers. Rev. Watson will fill his appoint
ment at Union next Sunday.
Wanted A white girl to live in a
very small family. Apply at this
Born, to the wife of Jas Burton,
near town, on the 24th of December.a
Edgar W Reed's Hospital Unit is
located at Fort McPherson, Ga., near
The names of subscribers that are
omitted from the paid list this week,
will appear- next week.
From now until the third Monday,
the day circuit court opens, the sheriff
and his deputities will be kept busy.
We appreciate the handsome Christ
mas greeting received from Story &
Story, attorneys at law, Nashville, Ga
The number of white marriage li
censes issued from the Adair county
clerk's office during the year 1917, 109
white: colored, 7
fe'ou Sale. Registered duroc Jer
sey pigs ready to take away.
J A. Williams, Columbia, Ky.
An infant child of Mr and Mrs.
Alex Taylor, was dangerouely ill with
double pneumonia last week, but is
some better at this writing.
The week of prayer opens next Sun
day night. The services will go from
church to church Everybody is in
vited to attend
Next Monday will be the first coun
ty court for the year 1918. The Jan
uary court invariably brings a large
crowd. It is settling time.
Mr Tilden Wilcoxsin having remov
ed from Gresham, Green county, to
Adair, requests that his friends ad
dress him at Columbia, Ky.
Judge W. S. Sinclair has removed
from the E. L. Sinclair property to
Mr. John N. Couover's dwelling, close
to the Graded School building.
Mr. Barksdale Hamlett and family
are now housekeeping, having secured
apartments from Mr. L M. Young.
They have four rooms and are nicely
There will be an eclipse of the sun
on June 8, at which time 85 per cent,
of the sun's surface will be covered.
The ec ipse will start about 3 o'clock
in the afternoon.
Lost. -Some where on the road be
tween Russell Creek ford on Greens
burg road and Glenville, a heavy win
ter lap robe.
' W. H. Jones, Glenville, Ky.
During the extreme cold weather a
great many quails were found in the
woods frozen. It is also said that a
great many starved, the snow prevent
ing them from finding subsistance
Mr. J. O McClistef, Krum, Texas,
in writing to the News says. "En
closed find check for 62 00. Please
apply same to my subscription ac
count, and keep the Adair County
News coming
The County Road Engineer's Con
vention will be held at Newport, Ky.,
February ., M ami l., 1918. All the
road Engineers, the County Judges
and the members of the Fiscal Courts
are urged to attend
For Sale.
Six Big Typo Polan China Pigs, 4
maieand two le-nale, are entitled to
register. Alsj one good brood mare
in foal to good Jack.
10 2c . T. B Dohoney.
for RcnL
My resident on Greensburg street
in the town of Columbia. I will also
sell my household goods at public ouc
tion next Monday county court at 1
o'clock. Elizabeth Collins.
For Sale. Mammouth Bronze tur
keys. Pure bred, large bone, beauti
ful plummage. Price reasonable.
Mrs. Josh Butler,
8-tf Columbia, Ky.
The teachers of the Lindsey-Wilson
and those of the Graded school who
spent the holidays away from the
school rooms, returned Saturday and
Monday and are now at their posts of
Henry Hardin, of color, this place,
has been married ave times and he has
lost wives, two by devorce proceedings
and three by death. His last wife
died last week. Henry is yet game
and there is no telling when he will
again start on the matrimonial sea.
Miss Verua Bryant, who is a very
competent young lady, daughter of
Mr. Walker Bryant, has been appoint
ed Chief Clerk of tne local Registra
tion Board.by the Government at a
salary of one hundred dollars per
month Hei numerous friends are
glad that she has been thus favored.
She is now at her desk.
It was very gratifying to the people
'of Adair county, generally, to see
their soldier boys coming in on fur
loughs, and to greet them and to see
them looking so well. Adair has a
splendid lot of young men at Camps
Zachary Taylor, Shelby and Ogle
thorpe and at other points,-and it is
truly hoped that they will pass througli
the war and be returned home safely.
The remains of Esr.elle Blair, who
was a soldier, a son of Mr. and Mrs. J.
C. Blair, who died at Fort Menning,
New Mexico, reached here last Thurs
day about noon. The funeral was
held in the Methodist Church, con
ducted by Rev. Piercy, assisted by
others, many sympathizing friends
being present. The interment was in
the city cemetery.
There were quite a number of sold
ier boys, who live out in the country,
who came home for the holidays, and.
whose names we failed to get. They
evidently brought happiness to paren
tal homes. From the clothing of all
the boys who have come home and
from their appearance no soldiers now
in the field are better fed and better
Rollin Cundiff, who was a bookkeep
er in the Bank of Columbia before he
was called to the colors, visited his
home and his friends in Columbia last
week. He has gained twenty pounds
since he has been at Camp Zachary
Taylor. He has no way of knowing
whether or not his command will be
called to France, but said he "as for
myself, I am ready and anxious to go."
A dispatch from Campbellsville
states that on the 26th ult., John
Hash 50 years old, who lived two
miles from said town, was shot and
mortally wounded by his twelve year
old son, John. Hash was flourishing
a knife threatening to kill the hoy's
23 year old sister, the boy shot to save
her. The wounded man has a bad re
cord and has done time in the peniten
tiary. Evidently there will be a large num
ber of people in Columbia next Mon
day, January county court day. There
are several hundred persons in Adair
county who are indebted to the News
for the paper, and we need every dol
lar that is coming to us. Therefore,
we want every person who comes to
town next Monday, and who know
chat they are indebted to the office.to
call and make payment. We have
been very indulgeut, but the time has
come when it is necessary for us to
demand our just dues
Jo F. Patteson has purchased Rev.
C. R. Dean's farm, lying on the
Burkesville pike, one-half mile from
the corporate limits of Columbia. It
contains, so we are informed, about
90 acres, dwelling and other buildings.
It is reported that Mr. Dean will re-,
move to Indiana, where he lived be
fore coming to this place. He is a
first-class citizen, ;i man for whom the
people of Adiiir county has the ut
most respect, and his departure, with
his family from this locality, will be
generally regretted. When he and
his family leave they will carry the
best wishes of all their Adair couuty
Mr. H. C. Hudson, writing from
Jacksonville, 111 , s'ijs: "Find enclos
ed check for two dollars for the News.
It is a welcome visitor to our home.
I wish the News and force a prosper
ous and happy New Year."
A stray, Red Heifer calf, one year
old is at my home. The owner can
have her by paying expenses. v
June Spoon, Fairplay
Mrs. R F. Rowe and Miss Jennie
Garnett, who are the most enthusias
tic Red Cross workers of the town se
cured quite a number of new names
during the holidays Since the Red
Cross move was started here between
eight hundred and one thousand
names have been secured. There are
a few who have signed and have not
paid. These, of course, are not count
ed members. All who have signed
and have not paid are urged to do so
at once No person could enlist in a
better cause. The best of people take
a delight in handing in the one dol
lar, which is to be expended for the
benefit of our boys in the trenches.
For Sale.
One pair of coming 3 year old mare
mules Sound and well broke.
C. G Jeffries,
Columbia, Ky.
From Van Lear, Ky.
The Adair County News,
Columbia, Ky ,
Ilave not received statement of my
indebtedness to you, but note that
wrapper on my paper bears date 4 2
'16 Therefore. Dresume r.hnt. frhA
attached check pays me to' April,
1919. Yours trulv.
Herbert Smith.
From New Mexico.
Elida, Dec 27th '17
Editor News.
Please find enclosed S2 00 to pay my
indebtedness on the News and to ex
tend my subscription. Hope you will
excuse me for not sending money
sooner. Did not mean to be so long,
and would hate to not receive each
a copy of your excellent paper.
Mrs. M. E. Dohoney.
Where the Blame Lies,
The report of the Board of Inquiry
of the Louisville & Nashville railroad
placed the blame for the Shepherds-,ville-
wreck upon three men, only one
of whom is living. The other two lost
their lives for the negligence attribut
ed to them. They are William Wol
fienberger, eugineerer of the Cincinnati-Nashville
fast train, No. 7, and
Conductor Campbell and Flagman
Greenwell, of the ill fated SpringHeld
Bardstown accommodation, No. 41
Eighty-two Years Old.
Mr Abraham Brown, whose home
was at Pellyton, this county, died on
the 20th ult. He served in the Fed
eral army during the war of the re
bellion and was eighty-two years old
when the summons came. He was
the father of Mrs. J C. Blair, who
lives near Columbia. He had-the re
spect of the community in which he
lived, and died at peace with man
kind. Many attended the funeral
and burial.
Tobacco Seed for Sale.
There has been placed in this office
some improved White Burley Tobacco
Seed for sale The seed will yield under
proper cultivation from 1500 to 1700
pounds of tobacco per acre. Tobacco
from these seed took first premium at
Columbia Fair and also Glasgow Fair.
It also brought 81.00 per pound on
Campbellsville Loose Leaf Market
The seed are sold at 50 cents per pack
age and one package will sow a large
bed. The seed will be here in a few
days. If you want a package call or
write early.
Died in Louisville.
Mrs. Elizabeth Toomey, who was
the widow of John Toomey, for many
years a hotel keeper in Greensburg,
died in Louisville last Thursday. She
had been a remarkable woman, en
joying fine health and maintaining
her mental facilities during a long
life of ninety-odd years. She was the
grandmother of J. C. and Elmo
Strange, and Mrs. II. W. Depp, this
place, who who revered her and
will ever hold her name in veneration.
The remains were conveyed from
Louisville to Greensburg, and there
interred by the side of her husband.
Many relatives and friends-attended
the religious and burial services. She
was a devout Christian, having been
a member of the Christian church for
many -years.
For Sale.
Six good .mules, five coming three
years old, oue ten. H miles east Cane
Valley. Si L. Banks
1- ,? Jill l It J 111? f f-i
il -.i Utt
Paid List.
The following persons have sent in
remittances and subscriptions since
our issue of last week: Virginia Sal.
mon, E N. Salmon, Porter Brockman,
Mrs. A. L Mell, J. F. Gilpin,' J A.
Dulworth, Lawrence Wilkerson, J. P.
Couover, T. A. Judd, R D. Judd, F.
L. Montgomery, R O. Bernard. Jesse
L Murrell, E. V. Hill, Dr. C. M.
Murrell, M V. Garr, Zella East, A.
B. Cox, Mrs. Sophia Hurt, Jesse
Brjant, C. M. Pollard, J. T Rogers,
F. H. Winfrey, Claud Callison, John
A. Wheeler, Geo. A. Smith, Jr., L
Y. Gabbert, Therson C. Taylor, Hadis
Harvey, A. C. Wilcoxsin, M. M. Tray
lor, Col. E Butler, W. N. Smith, D.
H Harrison, J. N. Petty, S. F. Mc
Kinley, Mrs. Pearl Blair, Sarah A.
Milier, R. B. Reeves, Hudson Con
over, Mrs. Sarah J. Bird, R. Y. Simp
son, Albert Bright, G. A. Bault, Mrs.
Robert J. Pentecost, Mary E. Jones.
T. L. Walker, J. F, Chelf, Mathew
Aaron, T. B. Lasley, Matthew Akin,
Lee Flowers, O D. Parsons, O. B.
Collins, Mont Cravens, W. G. Holla
day, II. B. Garnett, J. T, Brockman,
Athen Fletcher, Mrs. Herbert Cun
diff, W. E. McCandless, J. B. Cave,
R A. Stone, Olen Rosenbaum, Tilden
Wilcoxsin, J. F. Vigles, L. M Goode,
Charles Redford J C. Reece, A. D.
Morris, L. A. Humphress, J. A. Rich
ards, W. T. Reynolds, Mrs. W. E
Keltuer, Guy Nell, W. J. Biggs, Har
mon White, F. R. Cox, S. H. Rex
roat, F. T. Williams, R. W. Shirley.
Mrs. Minnie Johnson, L n. Chelf, S.
G Banks, Mrs. H. D. Cundiff, C. w!
Cundiff, H. W. Cundiff, Bonnie Wcl
ford, J. W. McClfster, Zach T. Ben
nett, Cris Burton, J. A Breeding, J.
F. Reynolds, Matthew Robertson, W.
W Spillman, Willis Loy, J. E. Bailey,
J. W. Nelson, J. H. Reynolds, G. W.
W. Redford, S. McFarland, James
Suddarth, J. B. Hadley, O L. McKin
ley, W. W. Dickerson, J. C. Dohoney,
L G. Dohoney, E V. Thompson, J
II Hearon, Jacob Wright, R. C. Hat
field, Herbert Smith, Mrs. O. B Finn,
U L Hawkins, Mrs. Belle Tucker, s!
L. Sandusky, Mont Conover, Creed
Hood, C. n. Sandusky, E F. Mulli
nix, n J. Shearer, W. F. Squires, R.
H Kinnaird, F. p. Dohonty, Roy
Stotts, J. D. Weatherford, Ben F.
Thomas, H. Q Montgomery, H. C.
Humphsess, J. W. Blair, C. Powell,
Ray Caldwell, C H. Yates, J. C.
Blair, H. W. Wooldridge, S. K. Bur
ton, Geo. n. Burton, J. A. Webb, L.
P. Murray, Geo. Cheatham, Jr., n.
G Chilson, Dr. P. H Conover, Paul
H. Waggener, Robt. Reynolds, Perry
L. Wolf, T. L. Dunbar, Paul W. Moss,
Mrs John Butler, Geo. Hudson, W.
T England, Edgar W. Reed, Geo.
Smith, T. W Wheat, Hon. M. M Lo
gan, Chester Curry, Mrs M. E. Do
honey, R II Grissom, J O McClis
ter, C. E. Antle, J. S. Royse, E T.
McCaffree, Mrs Elizabeth Murrll. Tf.
S. Todd, Laura Montgomery, Mrs. S.
E Hale, LouF. Loy, Jacob C. Reece,
W. W. Brockman, S T. Hughes, J. R
Herriford, Jo Williams, Mrs. C. Col
lins, W N. McCubbins, W. S. Chap
man, V. O. Wheat, W. S Sinclair, J.
A. Wilmore, 11. G. Willis, Mrs. Em
ma P. Vest, Ira Branham, norace E.
Humble, J. P. Dohoney, Guy East, O.
M. Willis, A. W. Paxton, J. V. Willis,
J P Todd, S E. Bridgewater, G. F.
Flowers. Finis Baker, R B Willis, J.
A McKinley., J. S. Naylor, W. Rey
nolds, Jo M. Reed, H. C. Hindman,
W. T. Irvine, N. B. Breeding, W. A.
Cook, W. R. Luttrell, John M. Fudge,
C. R Hutchison, O. C. Hamilton, I.
T. Farris, Sam Bailey. Jas O. Gris
som, L. R Bryant, W. I. Ingram, W.
O. Rcbinson, A. J. Potts, H. K. Pick
ett, John H. English, J. E. Garrard,
G. R. Hindman, W. H. Wheat, R. C.
Hatfield, Rev. W. A. Grant, Ada B.
Snow, C. H. Campbell, B. W. Pierce,
Alma E. Grider, Mrs. C. S. Mooney,
J. A Willis, L. B. Cain, H. B. In
gram, A. O Taylor, Mrs. Ada Tay-
ior, w k. Dohoney, J. A. Whited, R
R. Conover, Mrs. E. R. Murrah, Mrs
Bettie Penick, Miss Susie Johnston.
Stella Conover, Geo. Currv. L P.
Fletcher, A. R Jeter. T. B. Cravens,
S J. Cabbell, Mrs M. G Sale, Tine
Shepherd, T." S. Ellis, Dolphus Bur
bridge, B F. Flowers, A. S. Chewn
iug, Garlin Weatherford, Josephine
Brockman, J. D. Lowe, Mary Lucy
Lowe, Mrs. G. L Blair, J P. Beard,
U. T. Murray, W. B. Rowe, Porter A.
Strange, J. II. Young, P. V. Cundiff,
R G Price.
Mr. J. C Blair and family have re
turned from Iowa It was a sad com
ing to them Since they left less
than a year ago, one sou died in the
array, and while en route here Mrs
Blair's father, Mr. Abe Brown died
at Pellyton, and when they reached
their farm there was no dwelling, it
having been burned about two weeks
ago. Mr. and Mrs. Blair have many
friends in Adair county, and every
thing possible will be done to cheer
their sad hearts.
W 'r fHv J t' tmnUW vtuj
Mr. Claud Montgomery, of this
Place Dies in Wardsworth,
Ohio. Interment Here.
Mr. Claud Montgomery, a son of
Mr. and Mrs Scott Montgomery, left
here some months ago for Wards
worth, Ohio, where he was employed
in a match factory, and where he was
a valuable assistant until ten days ago
when he became a victim of typhoid
fever. He and his friends were hope
ful at start, but on Wednesday morn
ing of last week he was much worse
and his parents, wife and son, this
place, were notified that he was in a
serious condition.
His father, wife and little son left
immediately for his bedside, but he
lived only a few hours after their ar
rival, a dispatch reaching here Friday
night that he was dead. The remains
arrived Monday, and many friends
went to the Montgomery home to
view the body and to express sympa
thy for those who had been bereft of
a husband, father, son and brother.
Claud Montgomery, had he lived
until March would have been thirty
four years old. He was a man of
correct habits and very attentive to
business entrusted to him. He had
been a salesman for various merchants
in Columbia, all speak of him in the
highest terms. 3trictly honorable
and at all times at his po3t of duty.
He leaves a wife and one son, father
and mother and one sister.
The funeral services were held at
the Baptist church, conducted by the
pastor, Rev. O P. Bush, Tueseay
morning at 10 a. m , the deceased be
ing a member of that religious body,
many relatives and friends being
present, all in the profoundest sym
pathy for those who had been so sore
ly grieved. After religious exercises
the remains were conveyed to the
city cemetery there to remain until
the resurrection morn.
May God comfort the widow and
little son, father, mother and sister,
is the wish of this entire community.
Church Loyally.
When a person connects himself or
herself to a religous body, it is be
cause the organization adhers to the
principels to which he or she subscri
bes In all Churches the applicant
for membership obligates himself not
only to attend the regular services,
morning and evening, but all other.
In order for ajChurch to prosper its
members must be loyal, and if they
fail in this the organization will go to
pieces. It is noticeable in some or
ganizations in Columbia, especially at
the evening services, from twenty to
thirty-five members, living in town,
are not in their places.This is not en.
couraging to the pastor and causes
cold chills creep over the backs of the
faithful. It takes a live church to ac
complish good. Everytning is on the
drag when an organization is largely
composed of dead members. Every
member knows his duty, and we ad
monish them to wake up and attend
services at their respective Churches,
morning, evening and the the mid
week prayer meetings.
Will Remove to Cave City.
Adair county is soon to lose one of
its most excellent families, Mr. Luth
er Williams, wife and children, who
will remove from Montpelier to Cave
City. Our people will regret this
separation, as Mr. Williams has been
a prosperous merchant, druggist and
farmer of this county fdr more than
twenty j ears, and Mrs Williams is a
most excellent lady with a number of
bright and interesting children. They
will all be missed from Adair county,
and Cave City is to be congratulated.
Mr. Williams will engage in the drug
business at his new home, having for
med a fartnership with Mr. E. T.Wil
lis, who many years ago resided in Co
lumbia. From Texas.
Dallas, Dec. 27th '17.
Editor News:-
Please find enclosed two dollars for
News. I do not kuow what my bill
is. I only know that I was paid to
some time in 1916 I have not re
ceived paper for a few months. I
cannot get along longer without it,
as it is news from dear old home folks.
Please settle up and put on label so I
can know when' my time is up, and
please if I am ever careless again as
to let it run so long, just call my at
tention to the fact. With best wishes
for a prosperous New Year,
Mrs. C. Collins.
rw r sn'jt vjijff isr vJ.

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