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End or a Beautiful Life.
The human family soon becomes
reconciled when the death of an old
person occurs in a home, as the lines
on the face indicate that time is rap
idly passing for that one, and that
death is fastly approaching, hence
they are nerved for the final dissolu
tion. Not so when the young is called lor
persons of tender ages are living in
the body; they are constantly laying
plans for the future, believing that
they will get well. Their cheerful
ness cheers the loved ones about them,
and they, too, look upon the bright
side as long as there is life.
So it was with Mrs. Ruth Stults,
the beloved wife of Mr. C. T. Stults,
whose death occurred last Thursday
afternoon at 2 o'clock. A gentle and
lovely young matron less than 21
years old, answered the summons,
and while intently watching her hus
band and other loved ones about her
bedside, her life ebbed away and her
spirit went to God whom she loved
and obeyed.
She was a member of the Christian
Church, a daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
R E Tandy, of Georgetown, Ind.,
her mother being with her go the end,
her father arriving after death.
The funeral services were conducted
in the home, by her pas
tor, Eld. Z. T. Williams, Friday af
ternoon at three o'clock. The minis
ter paid loving tribute to her memory,
and admonished the sorrowing hus
band and all other relatives to be pre
pared to meet her in the celestial city
beyond the skies.
The interment was in the city cem
etery, and when the family and other
loved ones withdrew, her last earthly
resting place was covered with beauti
ful and fragrant flowers.
May the God of love comfort the
husband, father, mother, brothers
and sisters, and all other relatives is
the wish of this writer. -
Whlie the immediate family more
keenly feel this loss, the father and
mother-in-law, sisters and brother-in-law,
who affectionately loved her,
weep with son and brother.
Ford Cars.
The Ford Motor Co., has given us
assurance that after Aug. 1st, our
monthly allotment of Ford Cars will
be substantially increased, therefore,
it should place us in a much better po
sition to make delivery on all orders.
We urge all who are contemplating
buying Ford Cars to give us their
order at once, or come in and talk to
us about it First come will be first
served, of course, and we feel confi
dent that there will be very little de
lay in your receiving your car. Do
not delay, come in and talk the mat
ter over with us.
Buchanan Lyon Co.
Farm for Sale.
My farm of 385 acres, lying on the
Columbia and Greensburg road. This
is a splendid farm, all in grass except
a few acres in cultivation this year.
I will sell the boundary as a whole or
I will cut It into several farms. AH
the land well watered. It Is near two
pikes. My address is
W. C. Smith, Cane Valley, Ky.
Rev. P. L. Wolf, evangelist, and
his wife returned from Coffeyville,
Kansas, last week and their post of
flee for the present will be Garlin,
Ky. For the next several weeks Rev.
Wolf will be available for meetings
in communities that are thinking of
holding revivals.
Drowned in the Cumberland.
One day last week Herbert Wheat,
U years old, a son of Mr, W. D.
Wheat, who lives at Rowena, was
drowned In Cumberland river. We
learn from a Russell county gentle
man that the deceased, in company
with some other boys, were hauling
corn, and getting too warm, they con
cluded to go to the jriver for a bath.
The river had been up and the banks
were slick. In walking along the
edge of the bank, Herbert fell and
slided into the water which was very
deep. He could not swim, and in a
few minutes he went down the third
time. His friends were powerless to
save him. The alarm was given and
a drag for the bbdy commenced. In
about one hour it was found. He
was a popular young man and the
whole country is in sympathy with
the parents.
State Primary Election, August 7,
Adair County Court:
I hereby certify that the following
is a true and correct list of all candi
dates that have qualified for the State
Primary Election to be held on Satur
day, August, August 7, 1920.
S. C. Neat.
Clerk Adair County Court.
George T. Davis, of Liberty, Ky.
Ralph Gilbert, of Shelby ville, Ky.
Frank L. Ripy, of Lawrenceburg,
W. H. Edwards, of Danville, Ky.
A Serious .Accident.
Last Monday morning Mr. J. C.
Strange, of the Republican office, was
preparing stove wood when his ax
glanced, the blade striking
his left ankle, cutting a deep gash
which will lay him up for a week or
ten days. Dr. Russell took several
stitches in closing the wound. The
wound was very painful, and being in
the ankle it will not mend as fast as
Mr. Strange and his friends would
like. It is hoped that serious compli
cations will not set up.
There is nothing that thrills a man
like coming back to the old home.
About fifty years ago John McAlary,
who lived in the Union neighborhood,
bade adieu to his play mates and left
for Texas. Books had been called when
he reached the school house. He stop
ped and his former school mates came
out to bid him God speed on his jour
ney to the west. He is back now on
a visit and the boys and girls with
whom he played in the days of "Auld
Lang Syne,"ire married and 'have
families, and as he meets them how
his heart fills with joy the recol
lections of his happy boyhood days
being vividly brought to mind.
Public Sale.
On Saturday, August 14th, begin
ning at 10 a. m., I will offer for sale,
at my residence, all my household
All parties owing me drug accounts
will please settle at once, as I am
preparing to leave the county.
40-26 Dr. J. N. Page.
Purity and healing power are the
Chief characteristics of Liquid Boro
zone. It mends torn, cut, burned or
scalded flesh with wonderful prompt
ness. Price, 30c, 60c and 81.20. Sold
by Paul Drug Co. Adv.
Town Taxes.
Pay your town taxes to A. D. Pat
tesou. He Is at Hutchison & Patte
"son's Store. 40-2t.
Cash Beard, of Mllltown, who was
in um war, wenb over ana was in a
number of fights, and was badly gas
sea, reacnea nome last week. He Is
telling Interesting stories.
Be sure and attend the Monday sale
at Knlfley on the 20th of August.
Good second-hand organ for sale.
See Mrs. Geo, E. Wilson.
To the Ministers of Columbia,
If you are doing your duty,
a large majority of the
citizenship of this town, are judging
you wrongfully. In about four weeks
it is announced that a series of meet
ings will start at the Methodist
church and when they close the Bap
tist people will open one which will
continue through the month of Sep
tember. Young people must get
right before they will take interest in
religious exercises. We are not one
who believes that vice, any kind of
frivolity, can be squenched by abuse.
To put a stop to objectionable exer
cises, kindness must be used and a
superabundance of it. Meet the par
ties you are interested in, tell them
in loving words what the best people
think of their conduct, then tell
them what the course they are pur
suing leads to, refer them to their
sainted mothers if they have passed
through the veil, and the interest
they manifested in them while living;
and if they expect- to meet them in
the world beyond the skies, they
must change their course.
Some years ago there was a hop in
progress in a residence, not in this
town, and a pastor of some of the
participants entered the ball room.
The music ceased, and the minister
said: "All will please kneel for pray
er." When he closed there was not a
dry eye in the room. Suffice it to say
that was the last hop held in that
Mr. Geo. J. Hurt, who had the mis
fortune to get one of his hips broken
while returning from Russill Springs,
is in the city hospital, Louisville. A
letter from the institution states that'
he is improving, but is not as yet able
to walk. As soon as he is able to
travel he will be returned to the Sol
dier's Home, Dayton, Ohio.
The date for the coming of Dr
Frank Cheek, of Danville, and Dr. J.
R. Crawford, of Paducah, and the
pastor of the first Presbyterian
Church, Lebanon, will be Saturday
night 14th and Sunday the 15th of
August. They will hold interesting
services and every body is Invited to
attend the meeting. They will come
from Union Church to this place.
Public Sale.
I will on Saturday, the 14th day of
August, sell at my home, at Bliss, two
good mules, 4 and 7 years old and har
ness. One good mare 9. years old, and
one Jersey milk cow and three heifers.
Two wagons 22 and 3 inch. A surrey
and harness, sow and five shoals.
Farming tools of all character. A lot
of hay. Sale will begin at 10 a. m.
41-2t Vivian Coomer, Bliss, Ky.
Special Band Music.
Prof. Leo Wright and his boy band
of Louisville, enlivened Columbia sev
eral evenings of last week. The band
is made up of fourteen boys ranging
In age from twelve to twenty, and It
made delightful music, the communi
ty being well pleased with Its rendl
tions. Prof. Wright is a band teach
er, and as an instructor he has gained
considerable reputation over the
State. He certainly did this commu
nity a favor 1n bring his band to Co
lumbia. Wanted.
A white woman to cook at Lindsey
Wilson Training School. Good Sal
ary and board.
R. V. Bennett, Columbia, Ky.
It May Turn Out All Right.
Sis or eight months ago three or
four young men, representing a min
ing company In Eastern Kentucky,
blew into Columbia and at once com-
menced selling
stock. The proposl
tion looked good and a number of our
citizens bought.
The information that , prrmed
was not forthcoming. srd Mr. S. E.
Shively, one of the purchasers herv.
concluded to go to Chicago, where 1 1 it
company was Jccaturi, and see into
matters He did not tiud things to
his liking, and a new organization was
brought; about and Mr. Shively was
elected temporary President Head
quarters were then removed from
Chicago to Manchester, Ky.
On Thursday morning last Mr.
Shively and Mr Bert Epperson, the
latter also being a stockholder, left
for Manchester for the purpose of
looking further into the business.
Mr. Shively is of the opinion that
he will finally get the company in
shape to do business, and that those
here who invested their money -vill
not lose anything. He says that there
is no doubt but the company has the
coal lands.
A white girl to work in a family.
Will paj good wages. Write or call
Mrs. H. W. Depp, Columbia, Ky.
Miss Louise Moss.
The"above named supported by her
sisters, all residents of Greensburg,
entertained at the Paramount thea
ter last Friday evening. They are
all children of Mr. and Mrs. R. H.
Moss, who are also musicians. Miss
Louise is the star of the company and
when it comes to reading and playing
she is a wonder, surpasses actresses
who are ten years her senior. All!
who attended pronounced the enter
tainment high class, one that no one
could fail to enjoy.
The oil Interest in this section is
not on the wane, but the machinery
at different localities is out of com
mission. As soon as repairs can be
made the drilling will proceed.
Themaohinery has been removed
from the Flowers, wel J, near Zlon, to
Henry Ingram's farm, and drilling
will start there in a few days.
Campbell Bros , of Creelsboro, were
here a few days ago, accompanied by
a driller, Mr. Sweet. They stated
that the wells at Creelsboro were
producing well, but they wanted to
see it in larger quantities, hence the
wells at this place would be sunk
for Sale.
' Two separators, a Red River and a
Guy Scott. They are all right.
E. A. McKinley, OzarK, Ky.
Contract Closed.
Mr. Curt Yarberry closed a con
tract with Judd Bros., Cane Valley,
last week for a large two-story frame
residence which will be erected on
his farm, one and a half miles from
town. The residence will front the
pike and will be completed before
cold weather. Rock for the founda
tion is now being gotten out.
FOR SALE. One house consisting
of eight rooms and lot containing
about two acres on Columbia Avenue,
Burkesvllle, Ky.
Ira T. Shannon.
The Burley tobacco growers of the
State are having a" meeting in Lex
ington to-day. The meeting is for
discussing the tobacco situation, and
the advisability of curtailing its pro
duction and planting a larger acreage
in corn, wheac and other foodstuffs.
It Is beUeved that many countlesx In
the State are represented In the meet
ing. .
It is said that there Is more old
corn in Adair county at this
time of the year than ever before
krlown. Also that the growing crop
Is In a very prosperous condition.
Big bargains at the Monday sale,
Knlfley, Ky.. on the 20th of Augusc
ftr.' Giifrer Bryant Dead.
O e of i he mest respected farmers
f litis county finished his life work
;i.t. Minaay morning when Mr. Gaith
nr Rrvant, aged SI years, crossed to
the other side. fuly prepared to meet
his God Ttie end came at his home
near Gleuville. He had been long a
member of the Baptist Church, and
when in health, he often exalted. He
was respected by every body for'' his
correct living.
When the war between the States
broke out he enlisted in the Confeder
ate army aud was in nearly all the
hard fought battles in the. South.
After the war he devoted his time to
He was a gallant soldier and when
the roll call for battle was sounded he
was always ready.
We heard Gen. -Jo Lewis say in this
town, while he was Circuit Judge,
that "Gaither Bryant was the bravest
man he ever saw." Continuing he
said: "He was the only man in my
command that I could not persuade
to lie dowa in a close and hotly con
tested fight. When I gave orders to
lie down, load and shoot, Gaither
stood up and deliberately loaded his
gun and fired during the battle."
The writer asked Mr. Bryant why he
did not obey orders." He said,'! was
marksman and when I took sight on
an object and fired, I knew that I
would hit the mark."
The burial took place in the ceme
tery on Mr. Austin Loy's farm, Mon
day morning, many relatives nnd
friends being present.
He fought a good fight and died an
honorable death. Peace to his mem
orysympathy for those who weep.
S. M. Burdette will hold his next
mule Sale at Russell Springs on Satur
day, Aug. 14 at which time he will sell
twenty good yearling and two year old
Missionary Program, Baptist Church
Friday Night. 7:30.
Congregation, All The Power.
Choir Wake, Wake.
Sunbeams. We Are Coming.
Recitation Spirit of Mission.
Mrs. Hamlett, Mrs. Rosenfleld
Dark Are the Shadows, Chorus.
Choir and Girls Auxiliary.
Recitatian-By Children of Heath
en Lands. Chorus, Pity Them, after
each recitation.
Heathen Children It is Lonely
Without a Savior, Chorus, Choir and
Girls' Auxiliary. j
Congregation Onward Christian
. Spirit of Missions.
Mrs. Hamlett Not By Might or by
Recitation Love,Splrlt of Missions.
Mission Band O Conquering Cross.
Sunbeams O Chain of Love.
Choir and Girls' Auxiliary The
Lowly is King.
A welcome extended to all.
I have 50 bushels of seed wheat for
sale. It Is known as the Sam Banks
wheat. White, smooth head. Will
always yield. I made 10 bushel per
acre, while the average is 3 bushel.
Phone 113 I.
A. B. Corbln, Columbia, Ky.
Mr. J. T. Collins, son of Mr. George
Collins, Glensfork, was married a few
days ago to Miss Rey Smiley, of Bak
e'rton, Cumberland county. The
News extends its best wishes.
Out of the Ordinary.
Mr. Abner Fox, who lives near Es-
to, Russell county, Is twenty-eight
years old and he Is the father of two
hildcen, a son and a daugh'ter. The
girl is six years old and the boy four
years old The birthday of the father
daughter and son all come on the same
day, the 10th of June. Mr. Fox lost
his wife assort time ago. She was
twenty-six years old and her birthday
came on the fourteenth of June, four
days later.
A Party.
On Saturday evening from eight till
twelve at the lovely and hospitable
country home of Mr and Mrs. B. E.
Rowe, Mr. L. G. Williams, who has
been installing Carbide lights for the
Adair county people, entertained
about eighty guests. The lawn was
illuminated by beautiful light fixtures
placed in the trees, which shed a clear,
soft, enchanting glow on the happy
company as friends mingled and in
dulga in pleasant conversation and
lively repartee. Frequent pauses
were made in the social hum by the
merrv crowd to listen to fine piano
and victrola music. An esDeciallv
pleasing feature of the music, were a
number of selections rendered on the
violin by Mis3 Louisa Rowe, in ac
companiment with the piano.
During the evening delightful re
freshments of delicious cold drinks,
fruits, ice cream and cake were served.
This is the second time that Mr.
Williams has thus royally entertain
ed his many Adair county friends and
all present report the second party a3
the best and hope that Mr. Williams
may go on dispensing light and good
cheer until a friendly Carbide light
gleams out from every country home.
One milk cow, one bay mare and
one work mule for sale. Call
L. M. Smith, Cane Valley, Ky
Friday and Saturd?y of this week
will be clean up days. Have your re
fuse put in boxes or barrels and plac
ed where the wagon can get it. This
applies to residents out of town as
well as In town, and all stores and
shops. By order of the Town Board
and the Health Board.
Dr. S. P. Miller, Health Officer.
All Eastern Stars are urgently re
quested to meet in hall at 7:30 next
Saturday evening in special communi
cation. The Grand Matron of Ken
tucky will be present to address us.
Don't fall to attend.
Miss Ella Todd, Matron.
For Sale.
By The Kemper Company:
Columbia homes and business prop
erty. Adair county farms, priced right,
Choice Oil leases near production.
Your patronage is solicited.
Office; Jeffries Hotel Building.
The attention of Coffee drinkers is
called to the advertisement of Russell
& Co., in to-day's paper. They are
selling the best quality for less money
than other dealers. "
For Sale.
Lot good corn at my barn in Colum
bia, Ky. Call First National Bank.
41-3t G. W. Dillon.
Tha district educational meeting
which was to have been held at Glen
vllle next Saturday, has been post
poned until the 20th of this month.
Mr. L. E. McGinnis, a native of
Adair county and a splendid citizen,
was buried at Gresham, Green Co,
Sunday. Aged 63 years.
Grand Secretary Dave Jackson will
be in Columbia Lodge next Thursday
night, and will confer the Master
Mason's degree. Members of sister
lodges ara Invited.
Republicans will not participate in
next Saturday's primary. It will be
strictly Demooratic
Thirty Days Sale.
Beginning Aug. 1st 20. Sums of;
five dollars and'over, cash, 10 per cen
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