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Some Heart Words to Rev. R. V.
Bennett and Family.
Let me say to you do
duly: "Casting all your
I know your hearts aie sad because
of the going away of your dear little
son and brother, R. V. Bennett, Jr.,
but since he has gone to a better
country and is saved to all eternity
where he shall always Ce well and nev
er have a pain, and not one wave of
trouble shall ever roll across his peace
f ul breast; and his associations are the
very best. He is with God and an
gels and with all who have
died in faith and crossed over to the
Canaan land. His associations are
the best to be found in all the uni
verse, and his opportunities for devel
opment are all that could be desired.
not grieve un-
care upon
Him; for He careth for you." Say,
though with a sad heart, "Thy will be
done!" Remember that you can
meet him again and spend a blessed
eternity with him. Out of a heart of
love and sympathy for you I wish to
dedicate the following lines written in
verse to you all, and hope they may,
through divine grace, bring some com
fort to your bleeding hearts.
Yours in Christian sympathy,
J. L. Murrell.
Our precious son and brother dear,
Has gone where he shall have pood
He there shall never know a pain,
And death shall never come again.
No want shall ever reach that shore,
But ail good miogs forevermore;
His mind snail there be clear and
His heart be true and always warm.
Mora like his God forever grow,
As He His grace on him bestows;
Happy, yea happy in His will,
God with Himself his being fill.
And oh, and on, shall wiser grow,
And larger joys to him shall flow;
What bliss is his we cannot tell,
He there with Cod shall ever dwell.
O think of him in such a home,
And strive at once to cease to mur
mur. Rejoice that you can meet him there,
And with the Lord heaven's bliss to
Our dear sweet one we give thee up,
Though still from sorrow's cup we sup;
We'll try to put our grief away,
And hope to meet you some sweet day
And live forever with our Lord,
His holy name with thee to laud,
And while the endless years shall roll,
We'll rest in peace that can't be told.
Quiet Home .Wedding.
On Thursday, December the 14th,
at high noon, Miss Allene Ritchey of
Burkesville; and Mr. JohnD. Lowe,
Jr., of this city, were quietly married
at the beautiful home of Mr, and
Mrs John Lee Walker, Mrs. Walker
being a sister of the bride.
Miss Ellen Alexander, of Burkesville,
was Maid of Honor and Mr. Shreve
Davis was the best man. Eld. Wheel
er pronounced the ceremony in a
beautiful manner. '
Mrs. Lowe has visited in Columbia
a number of times and the many
friends she has made are delighted rto
have her make her home here- She
is a charming young woman whom
every one who knows loves.
Mr. Lowe is a young man of ster
ling worth, who also possesses a host of
friends, who wish him all happiness
and success.
The bride and groom left immedi
ately for their wedding trip. Many
beautiful gifts were received.
Those present were: Mr. and Mrs.
John Lowe, Miss Mary Lucy Lowe,
Mr. J H. Ritchey, of Burkesville, Mr.
and Mrs. Rollin Cundiff, Mrs. Byron
Montgomery, Miss Loiuse Montgom
ery, Mrs. Ann Lizzie Walker, Mr. Coo
Walker, Miss Sara Barger, Mr. and
Mrs. Horace Cundiff.
The Kingdom of Hearts Content, a
snappy comedy, given by the Columbia
High School, Friday Nite, Dec. 22, at
TntCs Hail.
tleclion of Officers.
On Wednesday night, the 27th, at
7 o'clock, the members of Columbia
Lodge, No. 96, Free and accepted Ma
sons, will meet in its hall for the pur
pose of electing officers for the ensuing
year. This will be an important
meeting and every member in regular
standing should attend.
E. W. Reed, Master.
If you want to please her buy her
hose here. My stock is complete.
H. Taylor.
I need to collect all accounts due
me. Will you call at the earliest time
convenient and settle. I will thank
you. Wishing ail a Merry Christmas
and Happy New Year, I am very
J. N. Murrell, Dentist.
Distress after eating is due to bad
digestion, Herblne helps the diges
tive process, clears the system of im
purities and restores a feeling of vigor
and buoyancy of spirits. Trice, 60c.
Sold by Paul! Drug Co. Adv
He retired last Friday as Chief Justice of the Kentucky Court ot Appeals,
after serving on the bench for eight years. Lawyerof the State who have
read Judge Hurt's written opinions, speak of him as a great lawyer, with but
few equals in this Commonwealth. He is now at home, in this place, and
will doubtless open his law-office soon He is held by the other members of
tha Court in the highest esteem, and he was beseeched to announce for re
election, and could have been elected for the second term if he had said the
word. He is a man of wonderul information, and in addressing an audience
ho is exceedingly impressive.
Christmas Will Soon Be Here. .
This is the season of the year when
all the little boys and little girls are
happy They are fondly looking for
Old Santa Claus, and are wondering
what he will bring them. The little
folks are outspoken in their desires,
and many write letters to Santa, tell
ing him what they mostly desire.
They should not be disappointed for
the reason if they do not get the ar
ticles they are longing for, heartaches
follow, and they will conclude that
they are not in favor with the dis
tributor of Christmas presents. Make
the children happy, and as they romp
and play over their gifts your heart
will overflow with joy. The sorrow
that disappointment brings can hard
ly be described.
Gloves, Hose, Handkerchiefs, sweat
ers, Mufflers, Belts and Felt Slippers
are sure to please. See my stock.
H. Taylor.
A Great Benefit.
No enterprize established in Colom
bia, in our recollection, has proven to
be a greater benefit to the county as
will the new receiving tobacco house
now in full operation. It will nob
only be of great benefit to the busi
ness of Columbia, but the tobacco
growers of the entire county will re
ceive better returns for their crops
than ever before known. If there is
any class of men who ought to receive
full value for their labor, it is the
farmer who makes and puts the stuff
on the market. There are some grow
ers in the county who have not enter
ed the pool but when the checks begin
to come in they will wish they had
Don't fail to see The Kingdom of
Heart's Contentat Tutfs Hall Friday
A Change.
Only a few days, then Christmas
will be here. It is hoped that the
boys will observe tha sacredness of the
day, and will not indulge in the ar
dent It will be a day that should be
kept holy, as the American people ob
serve it as the birthday of Ihe Savior
of mankind.
You are sure to please him if you
select his Hat or Cap here.
H. Taylor.
The Dillon Drug Company has an
"ad" in to-days News. Read what
they are offering, and call and -see
Ash Billets 3x3x39, 15c each.
R. L. Wethington, Grader.
60-tf -
I have the agency for Adair and ad
joining counties for the Bottle Coca
Cola. Call or see R. P. Marshall, at
the Royal Cafe. Phone No. 56.
Under the new management the
auto line from here to Campbelisville
has been changed to th6 Service
Transfer Company and it 1b incorpor
ated. Calls will be received at Fred
Myers Garage. There will be four
new cars placed on the line, ail closed
machines, and every comfort will be
given passengers. Onlj safe and re
liable driver will be employed, The
officers of the Company are: C. T.
Stults, President; E W. Carter, Vice
President, and Fred Myers, Secretary
and Treasurer.
Organize a Debating Society.
Best In The Mate.
A member and an officer of the To
bacco Association, who does not live in
Adair county, has examined the new
receiving house. He stated thathe
had seen all the houses in Kentucky,
but taking the size into consideration
he stated that the one in Columbia
was the best built in the State. This
is certainly a compliment to the con
tractor, Mr. Elsy Young, and to Mr.
Wood Judd, who was in charge in
erecting the building.
&.t the sale at Upton Grider held
lastbaturday, a pair or exfa heavy
mules brought $310. A pair of light
mules were sold for $190; horses
brought from $35 to 990; cows, $40 to
345; sows and shoats, sold for lie per
pound. Corn sold for S3 90 per barrel;
hay 65 and 75 cents per hundred.
Write Sanders & Hendrickson, of
Campbelisville, rjy., to show yon a
Christmas Talking Hachime. Will take
in old organ on same.
Our subscribers who are behind on
our books would confer a favor if they
would pay at once It takes a great
deal of money to run a newspaper,
and we need every dollar that is due
this office. There are several hundred
living in Columbia who are perfectly
able to Day, and they should no longer
neglect a duty that means so much
to the publisher v
There are a number of professional
men now in Columbia who are good
speakers, and who keep "up with the
current events of the day. The nights
are long and the court auditorium is
available Would it not be improving,
and besides furnish the audiences
with a great deal of valuable informa
tion, to organize a debating society,
and let the speakers discuss live ques
tions? It would not only be improv
ing to the speakers, but they would
furnish. the audiences with a great
deal of valuable information. We
hope that a move to this end will he
Irregularity in the bowel movements
makes you feel uncomfortable and
leads to a constipated habit which is
bad. Herblne is the remedy you need.
It restores healthy regularity. Price,
60c. Sold by Paull Drug Co. Adv.
Brook Bros., Louisville, dealers in
general merchandise, want the people
of Adair county to read their "ad"
published In the News. They are of
fering bargains.
For reasonable prices on all kinds of
repair work on your car, go to,
Ford Service Station,
J. M. Callison Prop.,
Cane Valley, Ky.
Now Is The Time.
New Managers.
Everybody will see The Kingdom- of
Heart's Content at Tint's Hall, Friday
Nite, at 7:30.
WANTED, at this office, two copies
of The News. One dated October
24th and one October 31st.
Bring your old broken furniture to
Marshall's Undertaker and Cabinet
shop and get it repaired. Prices right
9 2t
$Save you selected your Christmas
present? If not we would advise you
to make jour purchase before they
have ben picked over.
Six cap box stove for. sale.
Mrs. Emma Grissom.
top coat. They always please.
H. Taylor.-
TJie meeting at the Methodist
church continues, and will probably
be conducted tbipugh this week. A
number h&vtf confessed ttfelr Savior,
"s - - . .
. BuiHll & Co. are Offering some rare
bftrgltos in Christmu supplies.
A big showing of Arrow Shirts
Silk, Broadcloth and Madras.
. H. Taylor.
A very appropriate present for a
distant friend would be the Adair
County News for the year 1923. The
friend could then keep in touch of
what is going on in the old home
county. t -
Bay your ticket to The Kingdom '.of
Heart's Content before they are all
The town equalizers have lowered
- - .
some property ana they have raised
quite a few.
Mr. q. S. Harris, of West Point,
Miss., ever keeps the News force in
mind. It was in this office he spent
twenty years of his life and when any
thing out of the ordinary comes -his
way, he remembers the old days, many
fraught with hardships and many that
brought much happiness to every one
connected with the, office For the
cluster of beautiful cream colored
roses which grew in his yard and
where many more are growing and
blooming, we, one and all, return our
grateful thanks. The ones sent to
this office were in evidence last Friday
night at a series of meetings now in
progress at the Methodist church.
Truck Damaged By Fire.
Last Friday, while en route tc Lex
ington with a load of tobacco, Mr. Ed
win Hutchison's truck got out of com
mission near Bloomoeld, and while
working with it the wire connections
caught fire and also the cab, and as
they burned the tobacco caught, the
load being partly destroyed. Mr.
Hutchison's right arm was badly
(jurued, and the clothes oil three men,
who were assisting in extinguishing
the fire, were burned from their body.
Their clothing caught from a fire they
started away from the truck, their
garments being saturated with gasoline.
Largest-assortment of Neckwear in
town. Prices to suit all. s.
H. Taylor.
For Sale. v
One -Grant Six touring car, one Ford
Sedan. Both cars in good condition.
- Ford Service Station, '
J. M. Callison, Prop.,
v Cane Valley, Ky.
The Columbia Auto Company, tie
former owners being Tartar Bros., has
changed hands; Mr. C. T. Stults and1
Mr. Fred Myers having bought all
the cars and are now in charge. The
name of the new firm will do business
over the names of Stults & Myers.
A new lot of cars will be put on. the
line between here and Campbelisville,
and a lot of cars will be kept ready fpr
short drives. Only safe drivers - will
be employed.
If the Christian people of this com
munity waut to do something for
suffering humanity, let them take &
stroll into the suburbs of Columbia,
and see what is needed to make poor
children happy. It is said that there
are families who are in need of the
necessities of life with no money to
buy. They have nothing for their
chlldrerTand no means with which to
make purchases of little articles that
would make them happy. There is
but little in the larder, and perhaps
some of them are hungry. It would
be a Christian spirit to help the un
fortunate, and if you are not willing
to show your religious spirit In this
way, you have left your Christianity
out in your, woodhouse.
Good Service.
If you want to save money on 'your
Flsk and new Giant cord tires and
iubes go to
Ford Service Station.
J. M. Callison, Prop.,
Cane Yalleyi Ky.
' 6 4t
All around the world there is a grow
ing preference for cut glass and silver
ware as gifts. We have a larger as
sortment than ever before. Come in
and see for your self.
L. E Young.
Died In Russell County.
Mr. Matthew Leacb, who was seven
tv-five years old, a man well-known
in this end of Kussell county, died re-,
cently at his' home near Dent. He
was a victim of a cancer. He was a
good citizen and had many friends.
He leaves a wife and two children.
The children live elsewhere. His fun
eral was largely attended.
The meeting at the Methodist
church will probably continue until
after next Sunday. There have been,
a number of professions up to the
present, and some church member?
who have not lived as close with God
as Christians should, have renewed
their f aitn.
. Last Wednesday was a large hog
killing day in Adair county. Several
wagon loads were delivered in Colum
bia, and several town people killed.
It will be sausage, backbone and spare
ribs for some da; a to comes
Wanted. ' , '
Ash Billets 3x3x39, 15c each.
R. L. Wethington, Grader. '
' 50 tf
We are told that the four buildings
now going up on the Coffey lot, nave
been engaged and will be occupied as
soon as completed. 'The two houses
that Mr. Wilson will, have
erected, b,ack of the Graded School, it
Is said, have already been spoken for
as well as some other cottages that
will be erected.
Christmas Is rapidly drawing near.
Come in early and get the benefit of a
a wide selection of Sweaters, Hats,
Caps, and all gent's wear.
L. E. Young.
Judging from the signs, there is but
little moonshine whisky being eoU in
tbte town. It is hoped that the trade
will not open during the Christmas
Car load of furniture just received.
at T. A. Furkin's:
The Adair County News is $1.50 per
year 50 cents for 4 months and 75
cents for six months. Keep theserfTg.
ures before you and you will not; be
under the necessity of writing for
rates. The paper is mailed for (Jasri.
The present year will soon pass out
of existence. Now is the time for our
nations to renew their subscription to
The News, and we would be thankful
for mauy new names before 1923
starts. . .'
i L. E. Young's big "ad" is bringing
him lots of customers. J
W. H. Sandusky sdid. :.. few days!
ago one hundred good walnut logs to
O. Edwards, Paris, Ky. They were
sold for a good price W we failed to
get the amount. ,
-- i
Marion county is taking steps-to
have a fair this coming, year. Nearly
ail the stock lias been subscribed and
offlceis of the Association election
Sanders & endrickson, of Camp
belisville, wili save you Jriioney in
your Christmas. Phonographs, "Plays
Santa Claus' phone number Is the
same as ours And remember when
you're buying jewelry 7ou're buying;
"Gifts that endure.
L. E. Young-.
The new auto firm, have retained
Tarter "Bros., as 'drivers and their
whole attentionwilLbji paid to the
There werebbrn In Catlettsburg, re
cently, to thejwife ol Prof. "W. Mi
Wilaon, a daughter. We are told that
she was christened Melvlna.
Give him a practical giftr-A Shirt,
A Tie, Handkerchiefs, or Glotes.
" L.E. Young.

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