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Colun bia Barber Shop
A Sanitary Shop, wher both Satlsfactlon.and
Gratification artrGuaranteed.'
Give us a Trial and be Convinced.
1 16 Egst Market Street Telephone Main 2167
Roofino, FencinQ, Hard
ware, Contractors
SupDlies, Asohalt,
A Wish
-- condition, nervousness and sleeplessness, and I was
weak too," says Mrs. Silvie Estes, of Jennings, Okla.
"Cardui did me just lots of good so much that I gave
it to my daughter. She complained of a soreness in her
sides and back. She took three bottles of Cardui and
her condition was much better.
"We have lived here, near Jennings, for 26 years, and
now we have our own home in town. I have had to
work pretty hard, as this country wasn't built up, and it
made it hard on us.
"I WISH I could tell weak women of Cardui the
medicine that helped give me the strength to go on and
do my work." This card fulfils her wish.
The Woman's Tonic
Gas Given Fof Painless
Extraction of
J. P. Hobson
C. N. Hobson
Hobson & Hobson
Attorneys at Law
Frankfort, Ky.
Specialty! Practice In Court Of Appeals
The sonj? of the motorist:
Keeping tires on my ford
Is a matter rather grim;
It keep3 my finances " ,
Running on the rim.
The fashions all right
In women's short skirts
suppose, x
But wouldn't she look funny
In her old fashioned half-silk
hose. , '
A woman doesn't care so much
about her husband being hand
some ifhefinhand some dough o
her occasionally.'
It's always somethine.
"" " -' &
l4T J- f "-''- i f
for run-down, worn-out
The reformers have their trouble;
No sooner had chey broke
The chimneys tium the habit,
Than the girls began to smoke.
There is always some person in
every type of society, who bores
his friends, in an effort to amuse
them, by using worn out expres
sion such as:
You'll break your camera
The pleasure's all yours
I How's your daddy
Taia't nothing else
! I say she did
If it doen't rain it will be a long
dry spell.
There's always room for one
The longer they come the worse
they look.
He (gloomily) my mind Wan
ders. She (sarcastically) Oh, is that
it? I had noticed that is always
' The jury in Breathitt county
trying a man for the murder of
Mrs.HawkinB was unable to agr e
ikhd was discharged. Mrs. Haw
kins was struck and instantly
killed by a stray bullet, while at
tending prayer meeting.
Senator LaFollette'd aim in
connection with other Progress
ives, is very disquieting to the
Republican leaders, especially to
the administration, Hearst ."is
said to be in with LaFollette.but
the Democrats are keeping, their
skirts clear. .
Resolution Is Adopted By Veterans'
Executives Urging Revenue From
Foodstuffs Measure Must Provide
Means to Raise Revenue to Get
President's Approval.
Cincinnati, 0. A direct messngf
from President Warren G. Harding
pledging his support to a bonus fm
former service men, providing a feas
Ible means of financing the burder
can be found, such as a sales tax
was presented by 'Colonel C. It
Forbes, Director of the Areterans' Bu
reau at Washington, before a joint
conference of national and depart
ment executives of the Veterans ol
Foreign Wars at the Hotel Gibson.
Inasmuch as Colonel Forbes's an
, nouncement followed a long-distance
telephone conversation lie had witi
the President earlier in the day, those
present at the conference gained ir
impression that the approval of ;'
sales tax plan of financing the bona
had its inspiration at the White
Houe. Tliis impression was conijrni
ed by Colonel Forbes after the meet
"You may say that it is the Presi
dent's view that u sales tax would be
a suitable method of financing tin
burden," Colonel Forties said. "That
method f financing also has the ap
proval of myself as the director of the
Veterans' Bureau."
The President recently told Con
gress that it is useless to seek Ills
approval of a bonus bill which does not
provide means of financing payment
In a message to Congress several
month ago the President suggested
a sales tax as among the method':.
Immediately following Colonel
Forties's address and a discii-ssli-n
whicli showed strong approval of a
sales rax plan, Hie executives unani
mously adopted a resolution indors
ing a sales tax, with foodstuffs ex
empted, as a means of raising the
ne,s.ory revenue to finance the pay
ment of a bonus, whose total it was
estimated at the last session of Con
gress would be .$4,000,000,000.
When Tug Sinks In Lake Superior
Carried Crew of Fourteen And
Twenty-Two Passengers
Sault Ste. Marie, Mich. Twenty
seven persons are believed to have lost
their lives when the tug Reliance
foundered in a storm off Lizzard Is
land in Lake Superior. The tup
whicli sank, carried 22 passengers and
a crew of fourteen, steamship nfliciai.'
stated. Only nine persons are known
to be safe.
Battered by the storm which hat
raged for more than 24 hours, thf
ship bit the rocks off the island. It
sank immediately.
A part of tlie passengers took t
life boats. Other walked on cake
of ice, finally reaching Pil it Island
where a lumber camp is located. The
men. howeyer, had not reached the
camp, according to word receiver"
here They are believed to have per
If the remaining twenty-seven readi
ed land, they are without food anc
fuel. They are believed to have died
of exposure.
For Emergency
New Yoik. An emergency eoflir
.r former Emperor William of (Jer
many was found in a musty closet
aboani his old JIagship the Bremen
now the Constantinople. The fownei
Kaiser made most of his long voyages
to the German African provinces anc
other parts of the world aboar I the
Bremen. The coffin always aecom
panied him. Lying in a handsome
steel over-all the cotfin has the 1m
perial insignia on the side and lie
in lias relief on enameled iron crosses
Indictments Returned
Omaha, Neb. Forty-three persons
including prominent New York anc
Chicago men and 20 well-known Ne
hraska bankers, were indicted here bj
a Federal grand jury, charged wifl
misuse of the mails and conspiracy t
misuse the mails in connection witl
the affairs of the defunct Lion Bond
ing and Surety Company. Amony
those indicted were Joseph Troggatt
former President, and Clarence Leon
ard. former Secretary of the company
Millionaire Is- Dead
Denver, Colo. John FL Porter
ninltimillienaire broker, wsa founr
(lead with a bullet wound in his righ.
temple In a field 10 miles northeas'
of Castle Rock, Colo., 40 miles froir
Denver. Porter had been missing foi
several days when he went for a mo
tor ride.
Accused Watchman Found
Austin, Toxas, Joseph H. Smith
watchman, who Is held to have been
responsible by a railroad board of in
quiry for the train wreck at Humble
Texas', and yyho disappeared folloAV
Ing the wreck, was located at HoejKley
Texas, by his son, Ervln .7. Smith ac
cording to a telegram received here.
The message stated that Sraifli is
'suffering from, shock and was-tjmible
to account for his presence in Hock
ley. The wreck resulted in flt&tieaw
or is) persons.. ',,
Nation Is Near a Complete Finan
cial Collapse. v
International Financiers Propose to
Raise Billion and Half Dollars
Secretary Hughes and J. P
Morgan Confer.
Washington, Dec. 10. The floating
of an outside loan of approximately a
billion and a half dollars, through the
agency of the international bankers, is
under consideration as the only visible
way of saving Germany from going
over the precipice, and of staving off
the acute reparations crisis which Is
hanging over the chancellories of
Morgan at Washington.
American bankers and the United
States government are taking a direct
Interest In the loan project, and it was
learned that J. P. Morgan's visit to
Washington and his conference with
Secretary of State Hughes was con
nected with the reparations situation,
the acute crisis in Germany and the
plan for a mammoth loan.
Mr. Hughes refused to state what
question he had discussed with Mr.
Morgan, but the evidence was over
whelming that the loan question has
again come into the foreground of the
situation, that the international bank
ers are considering ways and means of
raising it and are seeking the active
co-operation of their respective gov
ernments. Germany Near Collapse.
London,, Dec. 15. Germany is very
near complete collapse, Premier Bonar
Law declared in the house of com
mons. The premier made this state
ment in the course of an outline of the
British reparations policy. He said
that French finance was based on the
expectation of receiving the large
sums of money promised by Germany,
but at the end of the moratorium they
found they were more unlikely to get
anything than they were at the begin
ning. The French view was that Germany,
by currency Inflation, had deliberately
avoided payment.
U. S. Officer Shackled by Three Indi
ana Officials Seized on
Bigamy Charge.
Chicago, Dec. 15. Three armed
men overpowered Capt. Charles Pike.
U. S. army, attached to the U. S. Ma
rine hospital, and, while his bride of
six weeks stood helpless and dazed
from a blow by one of the three,
shackled him and drove him aw y in
a taxi "bound for Indiana."
It was several hours after the kid
naping before it was definitely learned
that the kidnapers were Indiana otli
cials servi-ig a warrant for bigamy
issued by Justice of the Peace How
ard Kemp of Crown Point. Ind
Senate Subcommittee, Presided Over
by Senator Cummins, Indorses
Three Amendments.
Washington, Dec. 15. Proposed con
stitutional amendments to permit fed
eral child labor legislation, control ex
penditures of candidates for office and
provide a presidential preference pri
mary were indorsed by a subcommit
tee of the senate judiciary committee,
presided over by Senator Cummins.
Efforts will be made to have all three
amendments adopted at this session.
Impeachment Proceedings in House
Comes to Dramatic End After
Hot Wrangle.
Washington, Dec. IF The proceed
ings in the Daugherty Impeachment
hearing came fo a 'Tramatlc end.
Representative Keller, who made
the charges, after a stormy fifteen
minutes' dispute with Chairman Vol
stead and others of the house judiciary
committee, refused to proceed and.
with his counsel, withdrew.
British Premier Admits in Commons
Tories Switch on the War
Debt Plan.
London, Dec. 15. Premier Bonar
Law in the house of commons de
clared frankly for the policy of the
Balfour note, which advocated an ad
justment of the inter-allied debts by
an all-around cancellation, with Eng
land surrendering her share of rep
arations to be paid by Germany.
Five Persona Are Frozen to Death
Hungry Wolves at Gates
of the City.
Rome, Dec. 13. Italy is suffering
from an exceptional cold wave. Five
persons were frozen to death in Rome
Monday night. Wolves, driven desper
ate by the lack of food, have descend
ed from the mountalnif to the plains
and jjrfe seen almost attheA'gates'of
'the capital. ; , , y r '.
House Committee Would Limit
Small Naval Craft.
Sees Renewal of Naval Competition
Large Cruisers and Submarines Are
Planned Abroad, Says the
Washington, Dec. 14. Blunt notice
that the United States cannot avoid a
new naval program in swift cruisers
and fleet submarines unless treaty lim
itations are extended to such craft,
was served by the house appropria
tions committee in reporting the $293,
800,538 naval appropriation bill. A
six-line provision placed in the bill by
the committee requested President
Harding to negotiate with Great Brit
ain, France, Japan and Italy for such
an extension of the treaty, limitation
of aircraft to be Included. The bill
provides for an enlisted personnel of
Naval Competition Renewed.
The committee report said large
cruisers and submarine programs were
planned abroad, adding:
"In other words, competition is on
again in the single direction to which
the unratified Washington naval treaty
does not extend, and if it be allowed
to go on unchecked, the purse strings
again must be relaxed and this gov
ernment, like all others, will be con
strained to launch a new program to
keep us at least abreast of any of the
other powers."
Asks Sixteen Light Cruisers.
The chief reason prompting Chair
man Kelley to propose a new naval
conference was understood to have
been the light cruiser program recom
mended by the naval general board.
The program urged as necessary to
keep the United States navy on a par
ity with other navies in cruisers in
cluded sixteen new light cruisers to
cost $168,006,000.
Mrs. Huck, Member From Illinois,
Called to Speaker's Chair During
Lunch Hour.
Washington, Dec. 14. Feminine rule
prevailed in the house for half an
hour Wednesday. Mrs. Winnifred
Mason Huck. the new woman member
from Illinois, was called to the speak
er's chair while the presiding officer
went to lunch. Displaying a remark
able knowledge of parliamentary rules
and procedure, she kept the house go
ing smoothly and maintained perfect
order. The house was in committee
of the whole and the presiding officer's
title was chairman instead of speaKer
The male contingent addressed the
chair as "Mrs. Chairman." None dared
say "Mrs. Chairwoman."
Russion Communists Also Call for
Abolition of Angels as Christ
mas Decorations.
Moscow, Dec. 15. Having abol
ished the myth of the stork some time
ago, Communist leaders and teachers
began a systematic program to ruin
the reputation of Santa Claus.
Throughout Russia thi3 Christmastiile
a "battle against all religious holi
day making" has been begun.
Besides hopini: to give Santa Claus
a death blow the communists union
platform calls for the abolition of
angels from Christmas decorations.
Proposed New Instrument Is Rejected
by Illinois Voters by Stagger
ing Majority.
, Chicago. Dec. 13. Illinois voters re
jected the proposed new constitution
by Ji staggering majority Throughout
the state it was snowed under In u
blizzard of ballots. Nearly complete
figures Indicate that It was turned
down by a majority of 700,000 Indi
cations are that it was nearly a 5 to I
defeat in the entire state. Chicago
rejected the proposed constitution
by more than 7 to 1.
President Is Said to Have Told Cle-
menceau America Is in
Helpful Mood.
Paris, Dec. 1G. Promise of Ameri
can arbitration on the reparations
problem, involving a complete rever
sal of the administration's foreign
policy, including the practical promise
that America will annul the allied war
debts if the arbitration is accepted,
is the personal message from Presi
dent Harding that Clemeneeau Is
bringing to France, it is said here.
Passenger Train Sideswipes a Switch
Engine at Humble, Tex Twenty
Were Injured.
r .
Houston. Tex.. Dec. 14. Eight per
Eons .were killed- and twentj others
were Iniured ilion nassenzer tm'ln
W JS tr the HiwOn B.;st- and 'Vi-st
'PftfieTllllWJlV ft,S"'-'upti!J swlhih ift f
-" ' ' -..-..X,.. v..
1?fii',r,frnnt o t . -rteiKJi x.V llUiufttt
SBx,- U diK-stl. ,v SJi 1. ' " -"' "
"The mst tieloed diplomat' " the
title often ghen to Ignacio t .ilderon,
for sixteen years minister from Holivla
to the United States, who has an
nounccd his intention of ictiring and
returning to his home in P.olhl.i. Mr,
Calderon, his wife and daughter have
endeared themselves to the hearts of
many during their years in the na
tionnl capital.
Mississippi Executive Wins Seduction
Suit Filed by His Stenorj-
rapher at Oxford.
Oxford, Miss., Dec. 12. Lee M. Ru
sell, governor of Mississippi, was ac
quitted by a Jury In United States Dis
trict court here of charges of seduc
tion and other serious allegations by a
verdict finding for the defend:. 1 1 in a
suit for $100,000 damages in-wtuted
by Miss Frances Cleveland Bu..head,
The verdict, the climax of -.m of
the most sensational lawsuit ever
filed in a Mississippi court, was re
turned just twenty-eight minuto after
the arguments were concluded, instruc
tions given, and th case submineeL
Miss BIrkhead had asked for ,100,
000 damages. Fifty thousand dollars
was asked on each of the two lotmts,
one charging seduction and the other
impairment of health as a result of an
alleged operation.
The verdict was returned by a jury
composed of men ranging in ii-'i from
forty-six to seventy-six years f age.
All are married. It was said -.it ona
ballot was taken.
Condition of the House Shows Rob
bery Was Motive, as $4L0
Are Missing.
MiddletowL, Ind.. Dec. 1C-William
Shaffer, thirty-five years old. i .armer,
and his wife were found murdered
here. Mrs. Shaffer's head l .. 1 been
cut off by a sharp instrument, pre
sumably an ax, and Shaffer's head was
split wide open. The bodies were
found hy a part. ot passing farmers.
Mrs. Shaffer's body was tound in
bed, while that of her husband was
found In the barn
The condition of the house indicated
that robbery was the probable motive.
Jewelry and money amounting to more
than $4,000 are missing.
Party of England's Unemployed Creata
a Stormy Scene in Central
London, Dec. 13. A hundred mem
bers of England's army of unemployed
created a stormy scene In central hall
at Parliament House Tuesday. While
some were Interviewing members all
suddenly produced big cards bearing
the words:
"We are out of work. We will not
let you forget."
Holding the cards In front of them
they began a march and started te
sing "The Red Flag." The poll'ca
'bundled the demonstrators out of tha
hall. . , ,id
Two Bandits Ram - Downtown Chi
cago Office and -scape
With S102.000. J
Chicago, Dec. 14. While the corri
dors were thronged with people, two
men entered the oPres of .Tiimes BJ
Harrison, diamond 1 .!-ur. re 707?
Chicago Savings Ba: !uiK . State
and Madison streets, -' -t hP.it five
o'clock Wednesday eipu. iw 1 and
gagged Harrison, cu: ! : f.dioiie
wires, and escaped wlf "Hmm" mrfti
of unset diamonds, go" ' r ,Mlls
mountings, and $2,000 . . .
Organization to Form . -wsional
Group to Force LegLlatlcr it
Sponsors. '
Washington. Dec. 14. Formation of
a "veterans' bloc," to push at this ses
sion legislation In which the American.'
legion is interested) was decided" on at
a meeting of officials of the leglwh and.
Its members in congress. "'
. This bloc, it;is planned, will htcom
poseel f all members of cnngrafts'yfc'
have tjin wejfaxe of ex-servic raes -a '
heart. . r S
k-""j Jt - 1i IMAHB H I liili H m iMHHiWi j
1 ;v
- .V"
r it
,. '-""WW'r.
Al'jJiS ' f
i . . . . "nr2

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