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The mountain signal. (Mount Vernon, Ky.) 1887-18??, February 24, 1888, Image 1

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matrimony, he aays he has one hone
and will soon have another. Joe
is also a candidate at the same
house. Look out boys we can't tell
which one will get off.
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4! Tiie Moimtam Signal
: , -
Volume 1. MOUNT VERNON KY, FRIDAY, FEB. 2& 1888. Number 10.
U , ,
fc It I
A" v'v
Physician and Surgeon,
Office Korth side of Main St.
J.J. BROWN, M. D.,
Physician, Main Streeft
Call nt roHlcflice, ' or residence back of jail.
'.' Physician arid
'" tendentof Schools,
mount Vernon . - Kentucky
Olflco.frfBt doorHclbw Whitehead's drug
store. Hau'ng Wdo atopecialtotudy
of children, I ahi now prepared to treat
them after the latest and most approved
Thanking the good Jiieoiilo lor past favors,
and hoping to It'e'coivo a liberal fcharo in
the iutme, lam as over Vcady and willing to
V)boy .calls.
Oculist and J&.uis$.t
J. 'f " ''-
IbhoDbead, ky.
Has httd an experience oi over fif
teen years, 'aid baB successfully treat-,
ed hundreds of "cases, opeoml
is given to the treatment' of all
diseases of the "eye 'add ear. iTames'
and addresses of patients cured given
on application, if desired.
J.V. broWk,
, Office South" sidoVf'Tlraui Street. Legal
business pliced in hfs hhilds will receive
prompt attontion.
'o. W. M'CIiUnE C, 0. WILtrfMS
mount Vernon, ky
"Offlcq situatcd'iu courthouio yaid. Spocial a
' tcnttbn given to colldctious.
Office Cdmsiiuare.
'Attorney itipJEafcu;
. ,
All 'Business entrbateci io 'His care,
will receive 'prdtapt and careful atten
tion. Offico in court house.
o. w. tercAEF'irR.,
'Attorney 'at R6kl
'Estate Agent, I
J3ARBOukvitliE' "- ''KENTUCkyj
' Will jiratkiie in any court in
( KenYucVyr.'KKaiuin'ntions of land
titles ma'dea specjatyy, Auy size trsfpt.
1of timber, .coal, tikiljcr and mineral
landB for' sale. tnfqrnVktion furnished
on any point ,nd 'corfespondence.BO
licited. I0m6 .
BAlifedURVlLIiE, ky.
Boss AiiderSbn, $rop'v.
" Hack line to Pinevflle aaliy. Lwery
ccmmoflation. 'lOffX"
Newoomb Itotibl
Mount Vernon, Ky.
i i Convenient to Railroad Depot. Baggago
i transferred free., portent mqot all trains day
and night.
Jackson House
, ,. f "L"-, This old nnd well Is no w.r hotel is
V '" '"r tUl maintaining its fiiio reputation
P. ' r ,.AJ1 trains met. Specfal atten.
' v 'Kv feasmable. i ' 9yl l
Repairs on tlie Christian church
have begun.
In the debate last Friday the Lee
side wai victorious.
Ri G' Williams, of the Signal office,
was in tow& Sunday.
D wight Hardin, hus returned from
a business 'trip to ..Jellico, Tennessee.
Tom and Bam Curtis, of Richmond,
Mere the guests of the Misses Buchanan
The Mountain Signal daily increases
in popularity and favor in this com-
Mrs Logan of Stanford, epent several
days with her daughter, M rs Walter
Elmistom Mm te. accompanied her
Miss Alice Ward and her brother,
Sam, leave this, week for Frankfort,
to Bpend a wo'elc with their father, Hon
Sam Ward.
Dr. Warder, of Louisville, mot
Rev. J. 3. Boling hero last Sunday
aud preached for him. He is eng aged
in the missionary work.
- Many, 'many thanks to Mrs Kate
(Jhadwiek, Mrs.fSam Ward, Misses
Louana James, Kebecca Stuart, Leila
Door'cs and Ha Leo Holdam for excel
lent treats aud dinners rccoivod.
MiS3 Alice Ward returned from
Livingston last Saturday accompanied
by Mrs. Frank Clifford who will remain
here a'few days and then join her
husband at Junction City.
who left, here 'it month
titou.I jih'y tbsclagnjLdL
J j.
iter sick father will not roturn to nu -
i&h teaching the present, session. Her
lather lied and several other members
of the family are now very ill with tho
icver and she will remain with
them. Prdf. TJuvall has employed Miss
Lillie Thffcten's sister to teach in Mrs
Hawes1 place. She arrived Sunday.
f 1KB HI LI.
John McHargue will not eat molasses.
"J. H. Sbwder arid wife, of Jellico
are visiting at Pine Hill.
Uncle Jonas Brown is in our midst
and playing haWb among our boys
swapping knives.
6ur friend A. T. McHargue, of
Lbndod. paid 'parents and friends at
Pine 'Hill,'a visit last Friday.
C. S. Harris, of Virginia, our clover
fruit agent, is among us, in the
capacity of collecter of slow notes.
George Watkins who has been acting
as section foreman here, has gone to
London to take charge otrthe section
at that place. f ,
' Jvdge Carter of near Brodhead and
H. C. B.roughton, swapped chickens
aud the"tTudge came up for the exchange
of roosters last week.
How Brethren please give me a rest
for t have moved from where I now
live, How do you figure this? Ed.
Tom if you will fill your mouth full
of cold water andsit on the stove until
it boils, your tooth Will get better as
sow as it begins to mend.
'HVjalk Gentry says lie hus found a
skilleL and lid for the ugliest man in the
state and thinks' John Doan, of aPine
Hill ought to have them but I am of
the opinion theyught to be divided
betweenWalk and John.
The youngsters gathered in.toset
up with Bud Suttles las'tFriday
ni?ht and turned .tho sad affair
into a danco, they say they had a fine
timeand looking forward to M a better
time when the old critter dies.
Jas. "Baker has been gone from
home a week swapping horses and
selling books. I guess .Jim makes
a good book agent for he can talk a
man to death and then resurrect him
by talk, and a man will buy a book
to get rid of swapping horses with him.
Miss Oinda Bashears has gone to
her home in Jeilico and we are therefore
deprived of one of our most lively
and highly respected yong ladies, and
wo hereby extend our sympathies e to"
j; . . point 45 calKv ,al. oweUOaf L'r ,w fMmW
Mrtjesle . LAJ. i Sd.S? fir gX&g "
Berea. .- 7 ' XiZ5i8i ', JH -en ? '"LW&t
' t r dui iuou autu iulto, huu a. cu'ju . - . r wiii;
A 9 W
tho young mem of Pine Hill and con
dolo ourselves with our loss in Jellico's
gain. r
Quito a sensation in town; no liquor,
now. t
, Betsy Debord died last week of
Rev. A. J. Pke has beett chosen'
pastor of our church for the coming
Mc Vanhook has ft sick child, but
tho doctors are not abl6 to tell the
Jas. Thompson fell and injured his
shoulder Bometime ago, but as better
Adam Isaacs has been sick for some
time, but is improving. We hope he
will soon recover.
J. J;. Thompson was .tried last Fri-1
day, nfid fined 820, and -cost, for keep-!
ing a tipling house. ,
Jas. Martin has bought a farm two)
milo3 West of here from
. -
1 '
Three new ca&es of measles at Noah
H. H. Wood, of Disputaiita was
here Monday.
John Sparks, has rented 'the black
smith shop of 'A. T. & J Fish
John Rainey,.. .formerly of Estfll
county, ib now a citiaeh ofWildie.
J. P. Haley aiill Charley Adams
were with us'iait week drumming.
Wm. Stowrrt is in Kuox county,
visiting his eodf jwho is not expected
to hvu.
I. "B. Wind, 'tie inspector,, was here
Sunday 'takbgup 'ties -'for the 'Big
Sandy VR.'R. $
A. T. FisliJrr, Pat Curran, L.
Robinson and 0. Laudram, 'of Berea,
Were here fctauday.
-A. T.vfrl""TV:sh have, "completed,
their bouse there will be 'a now,
drug etire soori; Anibrlos;'fevCo1
aro te dr'i ts.
Jasper J'ra?:csco -has moved to his
own place. .
6ied, on infant of
'Bttf.t . '
W, H; Cummins has rone to Louie'
i i i
ville on bysuMJaa.'
Williani is buUdifig George
Livesy's li'Jflhis weex.
Uopxholison was in this secti
last BkjbSfl& ng sneep. a)
J. T. jliiyeflay bought of lames
Head, aK.'aeW$il2f;K0.
D. . M. "ess bought of Albert Mink
a nice sp of mules, for
,. '
jreorgi vesay bougktof J. T.
Live'my t ot cattle. W 9lo, per
head. '
4m of 1). M.
urees,T.a 50 peril i' WiS
per hea f 4' 1 sjnr m
Dear Signal: Our farmers the past
week have taken advantage of the fine
weather, and much plowiug has been
Miss Mollie T. Eager, of Owsley
county, is here attending school. She
is boarding with F. M. Lutes.
The wheat that was sown broad-cast
is somewhat 'damaged by the freeze,
but all wheat put i with a drill is
looking nice. a
Hon W. A. Anderson droppe d in
Saturday from the Capital. He is the
Representative from Garrard county
and'says the'Legislature had as well
for all thfe godd they are doing
I just stepped into the depot for an
item and-found our worthy agent, Jno.
R. Wearen, assisted "by 'Joe Adams,
who ia every ready to tell you what he
knowd. The b6ys were looking pale,
says ! boys, what is the matter. Oh
nothing, only fourteen girls have.
called here to-day, I then thought ot
its being leap-year.
1 learn from those boys that since
June 1st 1887, to January "1st 4888,
there had been shipped from this 'place;
87 cars 6f live stock, consisting ofj
mules, catfle' sheep and hogs, and'
since the st October o the present
of coal shipped to that poiut aS we'll
as 'Here. j
I would have your many renders
know that the little Village of Paint
Lick is not to be sneered at. We"
have all sorts of commudications with
the outside world. WeVe midway
between Lancaster &utl 'Richmond,
twelve miles from either'place, direccly
ly on the K. C. R. R. We "have threjp
turnpikes and talk of one more, ono
vdrug store kept by Mrs. 'F. L. Adams
having had many yean e'xperiene
in the business, we ,prononn'ce her a
first class druggist. Three dry good
stores and one hard ware store. I ohen
hear it said goods can be bought
cheaper in our little town than the1
same article can be had for in
caster or Richmond. Two black;
smith shops any one wood workman.1
We have another shop that repairs'
carriages &o., and keeps all kinds of
vehicles for ii'nle. we al&a hnva t.wn
hotels, the Veranda, kept by Wtf '
Yiu,ivuu iuu xaiut xjiu: uuuse, run
by'J. 'BVEngleman. 'We" have J
spfcndidmttViuu hi 'j.Rucxfer &
Co. Our yiuage h'as a population oi
something over 200,'ind is'inth'e midst
of a .good farming" community. i
WitflSto, 'of Manifold," his re-'
wrhedytb the fold.
A.41 V. Ii 'ts . .Hd'i. ii . !'
lamias pusie'KoDinson, dt Wifdie is i'
..uiyiugBiuu v,ui8 wees.
'Vernon, 'made
us a visit Saturday.
W A'lice Ward, of (Srib OcUard,
basheenieitiilg Mrs. "ifrank' Clifford.
Marshal McOormick, fha eitarorts
ing mill-man of; Conway.', in . company'
wituaMr. Smith, of Ohio, was down
to see' James Sambrook Friday night.
Messrs. Millspaugfj, pf. Cbvingfon,
Adam3v?ofCy4fthiaaa, CoIi6r,
enburg, Bacon &j son, of 'Roach, Mo
Ling and
i MrUaiinn n( Vlii.!. .
ne ,. iJivingsiou uoatjud. 'wtfif ou'l
Thursday. I heard that they offered
$23,00 for the Sambrook property in
this county including the hotel and
mill. They will hold a meeting in.
Paris to decide the matter.
"Disputant" says there is plenty of ;
mud, somebody has been treed by a
wild-cat and that he has been pig-bit .
No doubt the rest of the World will be,
alarmed when they hear of this sad
state of affairs. The Icelanders will
put on mourning and the Patagonmn3
take a holiday, (big circulation, don't
you see.) He doeWt say whether the
pic; died or not but t suppose it did.
would advise him to shave his head
closely, apply ice constantly aud take
double doses of the Bromides every
half hour to prevent the infiamation
of the brain. I would also administer'
liberal amount of condition Powders
and sage tea to sweat out the ego tism
that is still lurking in the system, and
if the pig-bite is all that is hurting
'him, he will soon be well.
He reminds me of the fly on the
chariot wheel when it ;Utd"Whit a
dust I do make!" It this encounter
should 'cause his untimely death, or if
the pig 'has passed on before" the
earthj will continue to revolve around
the Bun and the planetary system remain
Jas. Francisco was in town Saturday.
C. A- Bridge? was the gue3t of Miss
TSusie Woodyard Friday and Saturday
Mrs Callie Thompson is speuding a
eek with her brother, Russell Thompson.
Rb3rt of nut Ridge
Ind., is vteitihg his sister, Mrs. B. A.
lMr. Dduchtia. wife Kudjdauzhter.
ofXiondoh, were' down here" several
days under? the treatment of Dr. Bur
Wro. Hutchinson, formerly of thi9
pi ice, fut now conductor oh the South
era rjad,vas in town the latter part
of the wep'.
C.'ias. Talp )j, whb . has been with
tho reuovalhXj machine in "Wayne
county, W. Va., is home for a few
weeks visit.
Mr. Geo. P!yor Walked tb Danville
last week and drove 'a herd of cattle
for Mr. Nichols, caihe back Sunday eve
on the pa'ssenger.
Mrs. "Elizabeth Cummins, of Preach
eraville and MtFses Ida aha Bdttie
of iSfliretburg Were the gup its ot
Miss Car&lCSuuday rffght. K
Mrs. (Airl'er is 'daogecomly'ill. She
has a cancerous turn r on her throat,
whose rapid growththresxtens a fatal
termination if not speedily checked. .
Jno. JaretL, of W. Va., is visiting
.his family a few railes'from this place.
It is ruui6red th:at they wiU return
with him to' 'make thelv future home
in that' state.
Robe'ri'Mitchefr left 'last week for
Lily Vo (ake a position in the Citico
mills.. The '''Good-byes" wire eaid '
amojo the tears and embraces of 'near
anouear friondb.
H. N. Slitobell had the misFort.u'ne
to' lose one of'his work-horses Fri-
da vafued at80. 3Iisa Alma Careon
was aiso me ioaor uiuuoul hm p P'bB
'cause iifiknown,
Ffuuk Ross, hasiven'up the care of
(he tanks atCiiy W ' t)orbi0, tjn'cle
Jim' Woodyard. those at Hazel- Patch
and PitteWirg. 'They intend to, start for
Washington to make that
their future.home, ifli&ed.
Wo)w!Al'fid to have Miss Laur
Mu tT4 .... . . , . i
WiJii With usTnuriiav uiuUt tuiU our
rVgret at her departure was incrciM
by hwv)irother Jones lujcorapanw
the school aud will'be rea'tly m mfjk
4k: ,
.i iisl
v .mj
' muW
i i
. p

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