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Do not feed too much corn to laying
hens, but feed u good meal of it
during severe weather, as it is the best
material known for promoting warmth.
Do not iill u kerosene lamp quite to
the to, or the oil will feed up the wick
and run over the outside, ready to per-i
iiimo the hands of the iirst poison who
touches it.
Milium) that is (as
it will sometimes do when the heap is
Very largo) should bo turned over, as
the hunting proeons, if allowed to coiw
tinue, may cause a lo.s of ammonia.
The tendency of lime is downward,
and when applying it tho best mode
would bo to broadcast it over the surface
of tho ground and allow it to so
'n0n:iu until ready for .spring plowing.
Hominy Pudding. One cup of
boiled hominy, one ami a half pints of
milk, three eggs, one tablospoonftil of
butter, ono cup of sugar. Pour into
buttered pudding di&h, and bake
twenty minutes. .
Sunlight is as essential to animal
as vegetable life. Pl'sicians say tho
number of patients cured in hospital
rooms exposed to the rays of the sun
aro four times as great as those
in darkened room".
Sweet Wafers. Two
of butter, half pound sugar, half
pound of Hour, Jive eggs, beat in separately.
Bake in wafer irons well
greased, and when done- roll over n
knife and sprinkle sugar over them.
Small fruit trees can bo protected
from mico in winter by this means.
Melt up your old tin cans, so that the
solder will be all melted o(V, then wrap
the tin loosely around tho tree snug to
tho ground. This protection can be
applied to .small fruit plants when set
out, as a guard against cut-worms.
To season glass and china ware to
sudden changes of temperature, so that
it will remain sound after exposure to
sudden heat and cold, is best done by
placing tho articles in cold water, which
must gradually be brought to tho boiling
point and then allowed to cool very
slowly, taking .several hours to do it.
Tho commoner tho material the more
caro in this respect is required.
Many persons not fond of rabbit
have- eaten them when cooked this way:
Wash and wipe them oil' nicely, and
cut open through the front; lay them
in a dripping pan, .season with salt,
pepper, Hour and butter. Pour over
just enough hot water to keep them from
burning. Hako In the oven nearly' an
"IififH'." AS tho Mnioi'niuKs awivy. more
must bo added. When done, make
gravy in a pan just as you would for
any kind of a roiiht.
How to Socuro tlm I.nri;f,t
(Vuiount of
1'rollt 1'Yoiu Cow.
Wo may consider that there aro two
important branches of work connected
with securing tho largest amount of
profit in tho dairy. One of these is
good cows properly eared for, and tho
other is in the proper handling of the
milk, cream and butter after it is secured.
It is not all in tho cows as
with many of these a much butter product
could be secured if proper caro was
given to the cows.
In fact, in many localities it is not
through the lack of cows, but that of
proper caro that we fail to realize tho
prolit that wc should. Even with a
good cow it is possible to make a
considerable difference in the yield,
not only with the feed, but also tho
.sheltering, the watering and the general
care. And when it is through tho
lack of this that wo fail to dorivo the
benefit we should, tho remedv lies
within ourselves. When it is tho fault
of tile cows, a change ma' bo made
necessary, but if the fault is with the
feed and care, we 1111.31 change the
plan of doing this. There is really less
excuse when the fault is in the
caro than with any thing else, because
to a considerable extent
it is tho easiest remedied; wo
can give good feed and good care with
very littlo difficulty, anil often with a
very littlo difference in tho expense.
If wo must change tho feed of the cows
or change tho management of tho milk
and cream, considerable extra expense
may bo entailed oven if tho chango is
made properly, but in giving good feed
and care, a very light increaso will bo
It is n6t altogo'.hor tho fault of tho
cows, or is tho business as a a rule suffering
so much from tho lack of good
cows as from tho proper feed and caro
to secure the best results. Thoro is no
question but that in many eases tho
failure to realize a fair prolit from tho
cows is directly traceable to the failure
to provide good feci and give good
care. And thoro is no occasion for
selling ofl'lho cows wo have until bjf a
fair trial we have ascertained whether
it is our own noglect or the fault of
tho cows to give us a profitable supply
of milk.
If with ronsonnblo good feed and
euro wo' fiiil to secure a profitable
amount of milk, then it is best to make
a change, but until this io the case,
keep what you have got. Ar. J.' Shepherd,
in American Dairyman.
East Coventry, near West Chester,
Pa., lias a sensation in tho shape of a
hermit in tho woods where he sits by his
firo day and night and quotes strange
passages of poetry, mostly from Scott
and Burns. Ho refuses to reveal any
thing to his visitors, who aro many,
relating to his past life, and as ho is a
'young man with fashionable clothes
ami in good condition, it is believed
that ho is a dude from Philadelphia,
who, having been disappointed in love,
has taken to tho woods to there brood
over his reverses in solitarv "loom.
' 1'hey must have very honest people
or very lazy chambermaids in
An Elko County giand juror left
his pocketbook, containing !?, 000 in
currency, concealed in a bed in an Elko
hotel. It remained there undisturbed
for three days, although two btrangors
occupied tho bed in the interval.
Delinquent: "I think, my boy, that
in presenting this bill so often, you aro
causing mo undue annoyance" Boy:
"Dat ain't undue, sir. Do boss says
it's overdue."
A Secret
of good health is found in tho regular movement
of tho bowels and perfect action of tho
Liver. Theso organs wero intended by
naturo to removo from tho impurities.
If you nro constipated, you offer a
" standing iuvitation" to a wholo family of
diseases and irregularities which will surely
bo " accepted," and you will havo guests
unwelcomo and dotermuicd. All theso unhappy
conditions Kiny bo averted by the
timelv uso of Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Purgative
Pellets. Powerful for tho effectual regulation
of tho bowels and Liver, establishing
a healthy action of tho entiro wondorful
organism with which wo aro created.
It novcr reduces tho Bizo of n claim
against tho Government to lilc it. Puck.
Two Hundred Million Dollars
is n vast sum of money, entirely too much
for tho dealers of this country to pay unnecessarily,
yet that enormous amount is
exactly what drummers cost tho merchants
of tho United States eveuy ykaii. You can
escapo every penny of your eharo of this
consuming tax on your cigar purchases by
moiling your orders to It. W. Tansill &
Co., Chicago.
All stir and bustle the sewing uocioty at
m i
ft months' treatment for BOa. Piso's
Remedy lor Catarrh. Bold by druggists.
There must be chunks of wisdom in solid
logic X O. Picayune.
Gcppcrt Mcillcluuin, Clnrtnniitl, throat, Iiwk,
physiological iiinMiiiu1'. niedlt'itl lintlic, homeopathy.
OniTUAnY notes tho music of tho Dml
Sou. Puck.
Usn tho surest remedy for catarrh Dr.
- IS) S
Criminals and old books aro bound over,
but luummlcn never.
Ir afflicted with Soro Kyes uso Dr. Isaac
Thompson's Eyo Water. Druggists sell it25c.
Cleaning upseta
house und a watch
two things
badly a
Out of the pail or business- -bucket-shops
- - i
The paintor on his scaffold is a man o.
hitch standing in the community. Merchant
"I oet your views," as tho constnblo said
when ho levied on a stereoscopic show.
Texan Sifting.
Tnn game of foot-ball seems to no a mechanical
business. Principally fall and
tackle. Motion Commercial-Bulletin.
A school-boy remarks thnt whon hie
tcnoher undertakes to "show him what ie
what," ho only tinds out which is
Women in Washington Territory can vote.
Those who take ndvnntajjo of tho privilege
nro called ballot girls. Texas Sif tings.
Tin: follow who invested his Inst dollar in
aDuluth Htono quarry mndo money out of
his blasted hopes. Duluth Paragraphs:
is a bowled
Jihighamtoii Jlcpublican.
game to play.
Hard times for tho school-boy tho
tahlo.Oohlen Day.
A itouan ostimnte guessing at tho num.
bor engaged in a street brawl.
A lady of high standing Bartholdl'e
Btatuo of Llbcrt3'.i"(?io Age.
In tho mntrhnonial brenkors tho more
"rocks " you strlko tho bettor. Jjwch.
They rniso vegetable tallow in Australia.
Thoro's tho plnco to laugh and giow fat.
Texai Sifting i.
A oiutty paper-
A 3'niNTEn ought to do well in a
now mining region. Ho can sot up a
"clniin" quicker than any body, if ho has
tho typo to do it with. 'Jexas Slf tings.
Sign for a money lender lucre- here!
JJoUjh Commercial Bulletin.
What 5s ScrofySa
It Is thnt Impurity In tho blood, vrhlcli,
In tliu glands of tlio neck, produces unsightly
lumps or BwollliiKs; which causes painful running
eorcs on tho ttrras, lcgi, or foot; which dovolops
ulcers In tho eyos, earr , or noso, often cutislnrr
or deaf nets; which Is tho origin of pimples,
cunccrous urowtlis, or tho muny
uouully ascribed to "humors." It Is a mora
formidable) enemy than consumption or cancer
alone, for scrofula combine tho worst posslblo
features of both. Being tho moat ancient, It Is tho
most general of all diseases or direction!), for very
few persons aro entirely f reo from It.
How can It bo cured? IJy taking Flood's
which, by tho euros It has accomplished, c )teu
when otlior medicine havo failed, hni proven Itself
to bo a po;ctit an. I peculiar inoJlclno for this disease.
Sorao of theso cures nro roally wonderful.
If ou suffer from scrofula In any of Its various
forms, bo sure to pho Hood's SarsaparJUaa trial.
Send for book of isurr.
Hood's SarsapariRIa
Sildby all druggists, tl; aix for$.. I'ropared only
bj C. 1. HOOD & CO., Apothecaries, Lowell, Muss.
too Dosos Ono Dollar
That Celebrated "Cook Book."
A choice selection of vnluablo recipes,
with much 6ther useful information pertaining
to tho culinary nrt, including many
formulas contributed by noted cooks and
catorors has been issued by tho Chicago,
Rock Island & Pacfickrilway.
An elegant volumo of 120 pages in illustrated
cover, ono dcpiu'tmont (105 pages)
being dovotou to tho cooking of meats, lion,
oysters, entrees, vegetables, baking,
rying, roasting, etc., another to medical
prescriptions and a chapter to laundry work.
Housekeepers nro delighted with it nnd find
it indispcnsnblo for frequent household reference.
Copies sent at ten cents each (for
postago) to any npplicant. Address E. A.
HoLiutooK, General Ticket and Passenger
Agent, Chicago.
Nnvnn pick a qunrrol befoio it is ripe
But liiiglun Free Pi ess.
"Say, Perkins, old boy, why don't wo sco
you at tho club any more ? Has your mother-in-law
shut dowu on you 1 " "No, Urown ;
tho fuel of tho matter Is, my homo is so
happy now thut thero is no inducement for
mo to leave it. You look incredulous, but
it's a positive fact. You see, my wife usod
to suiter so much from functional derangements
common to her sex, that her spirits
and her temper wero greatly affected. It
was not her fault, of course, but it made
nomo unpleasant an tho same, nut now,
sinco sho has begun to tako Dr. Pierce's
Favorito Prescription, sho has been so well
and bo happy that wo aro having our honeymoon
all over again."
TnE defondant in a murder caso often
hangs upon tho judgo's Mords.
An Enoiny with tho Rhottmatlsm
May bo safely Ho is seldom
active. Look out for him, though, when ho
has used Hostettor's Stomach Bitters for a
while, for ten chances toonothatbeneiicent
restorativo will make Win well enough to
como down upon you lilco a thousand of
bricks whon you least expect it. Dyspepsia,
constipation, neuralgia, kidney complaints
and malarial maladies aro among
tho bodily afflictions completely " knocked
out" by tho Bitters.
When a wJdow'is left n nil for lawn," aho
comes nuturully by her weeds. Life.
A slight cold, if neglected, often attacks
tho lungs. Bhown's Bhonciiial Troches
givoBuroand immediate relief. Sold only
ih boxes. Prico 25 cents.
To make money go as far ns possible, you
have only to g.vo it to tho Chinese missions.
Hale's Honey of Horchound and Tar relieves
whooping cough.
Piko'B Toothacho Drops Curo in ono minute.
A cutf on tho wrist is worth a dozen on
tho car. Golden Bay.
If you want the best garden you havt
ever had, you tnitst sow
Maule'S Seeds.
There is no question but that
Maule's Garden Seeds are unsurpassed.
Their present popularity
in almost every county in the
United States shows it, for I
now have customers at more than
22,500 post-offices. "When once
sown, others aro not wanted at
any price. More than one-quarter
of a million copies of my new
Catalogue for 1888 have been
mailed already. Every one pronounces
it the most original and readable
Seed Catalogue ever published. It
contains among other things cash
prizes for premium vegetables, etc.,
to the amount of 2500, and also
beautiful illustrations of over 500
vegetables and flowers 15 being in
colors). These are only two of
many striking feature?. You
should not think of Purchasing
any Seeds this Spring:
hefore sending for it. It is
mailed free to all enclosing stamp
for return postage. Address
1711 Filbert St PHILADELPHIA, PA.
KT NA.ML Tills l'Al'LIl ctct llai, jou rlt.
ca & w' w ri r vViiivtiv
(Cures and Provenlc
Soro Throat,
Stiff Nock,
SUIPHTi tllant fcnown remedy. It was tlioflrt
s;... i'.i,um rumcay tlmtlnstniuiy Btopstlio
L"tc?r"cliMnK pains, ulluvs Inlluramatlon unci
ii7,7iV0A1BS?f"ini,l wliothor of tho Luuks, Stoniuch,
Uowuls, or otlior Klmids or orRons.
i5;1Sl?,Vlt'10 Ue,,rIl'Ien, IntJnu, Crippled, Nervoux,
nr ,imurii..ri .. 1.1. :u....... .... ....... ......
" "i Aliord SiiKlnut Ense.
lntK.nnllM 1...10 . ... ... .
bier of water, will inn iUw mtnutin euro Cnimpo,
Spasm. Hour Stoniuch. Nnu..i. VnmiMnrr limirt:
KY.r?,,1Nc!T,0l,,?n(i?.R' SleeplesineJf, Sick Ileailnclio,
Ulan hen, Colic, Kliituloncy nuil nil Internal pains.
Miliaria In Its vnrioiiB forms curort and prevented.
l Hero Is not u remedial wont In tho world that will
c urp rurur nnd nuito and all other lovers (aided by
For liondaeho (whether nidt or nervtnnO,
neuralgia. nervoiiKT(7JHnU dloples."iie8s !
rhoumat m, luinbaco. ualns anil wphIiipm in !'.?
uacic, splno or kldnoys. puini njouudUi" Hil
6WOI1I11L' uf fhn MnlntH niiQ ll'.min Ul llli
Pllf fl IJ'lbomondma!icrnonrrwo1d'Sf''11,,h'l,
UUkUlutnny.hlnB ..tl..u.ll Mlh.r " ""'VJlS
JUKK. TttfuwiriiKK. Addt., 1UU Co., Aueui, MMue.
mis i'Al'tit iw U1M ju nnu. j
(Jam iTToiuivlR"pi us7G.a 1y
II .MeilU'lno. Hamilton Chem. Co., t5M,.
4-XA-U T1II2 till Uai ,tu t.t.
I v.s r ,'.?
Misery.---It is instructive to note from the
catalogue of diseases that nine-tenths of
fatal cases reacli their chronic stage through
a stupid indillcrence to n correct treatment
when tho system is ilrst assailed. It is easily
shown that thousands of lives could besavcu.
Torture. Por instance: Sciatica, which so
sorely aiilicts the human family, and which
is dellncd to he neuralgia of the sciatic
nerve, rheumatism of or parts
adjoining it, hip gout, pains in the loins and
hips, even in its mildest form never seize?
its prey without due warning.
Acute. Suddsn nnd ncuto pains in tho hip
and loins; redness, swelling, tenderness,
soreness, fever, lameness and sometimes excruciating
pains. The disease rapidly develops
into chronic or inllannnatoiy stage.
Cure. Rub the parts affected thoroughly nnc
vigorously with St. Jacobs Oil,; create o
burning sensation by the friction of rubbing
on the Oil; apply warmth; Jlanncls wrung
out in hot water.
Sold by Druggltti and Dealer) Evcryiehcre.
THE CHARLES A. V0GELER CO.. Baltimore. Md.
iiiii Diuiuua i
For Liver, Bile, Indication, etc. Free irom Jlercuryj
contains only lur Vegetable IngrpdlentH. Agents
Oar new ctnmplnp outfit iifrcnto.
every reader or tlilf publication i It
contilnj lOOperrorated lumping,
pntttrns and IncJudei a greftt (arlety
or ail lizeu inatnro waniea. 11111
outfit li a real work of art no
ttamplng outBt liat crer been
offered heretofore, on which
anything llko o much nrtlitls
abllltr ral bruucht to bear. Wl
each outfit If A liox of HEST STAHl.
ino I'ournBit. 1'ao. ad Book of
I.NSTnuciioss, plvlng full dlrectlon
for itamplng, tells ligr to make the
Iouucrimiimn)tng pin ill, contain!
InntniLtlona fur I.llHtrO.
HSJS .yvl WJ
C7 iVVr ArY 11
ii Yha i iSLr
Cc4 YM?7
imlntlne, telle colors louie
in imlntlui; red, nhlte.blue, jcllow, pink and other (loncre;
aliocontalna hints and Initnicllona on ether matters, too numerous
to mention. Hought singly, or a few patterns at a time,
ntusualnrlccs.theetiualof the nuovo would cost ItSlO. Although
It li free, ret thla la tho ICoznl tiitcon of
Htmnplng Outfits and on ci cry hand is acknowledged, to
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est Interest, as well as useful Ita contributors cmbraco the widest
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managing on ners of that grand monthly, ttullHllllll. for
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asthebeit youth's monthly In America. 1 ho best writers
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Dog, IS lluttrrfly 1 1!) Anplo llloiv.ms ; illCalla Lily t SI Anchor;
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111 tucbslsa 27 Hell Drops; ISJIant S) Clown's
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93- tASl Tills 1'Al'tU er.r; tlm. jou wr.u.
STCDT. nook.kceplnpr.renmanfhlp, Arlth.
motle, Shorthnnd. etc.. tnucht
by mall. Circulars free. HUVANT'S IOLLEUE,
Of h&XE Illlt) srtij time jou eriu. .
ntltouR Ilondaclio,
Dizziness, Constipation,
Milton Attacks, nnd all
derangements of tho
nnd bowels, aro promptly
relieved and permanently
Tdo Original
ces, v;;
o. a a.fvxvt ?
Boiiirr ontlroly vogotnblo, they operate
without disturbance- to tho eyptem, diet,
or occupation. Put up In glass vials, hermetically
scaled. Always fresh nnd reliable. Ai
a laxative, nltoratlvo, or purgative,
theso littlo Toilets givo tha most perfect
cured by tho rreo of Dr. " ,
Plorco's Pleasant PurffallTo Pellet.
In explanation of tho remedial power of tbess
Pollcts over so great a variety of diseases, it
may truthfully be said that their action upon
tho system is universal, not a gland or tiisue
escaping their .sanativo influence. Sold by
druggists, 25 cents a vial. Manufactured ut tho
Chemical Laboratory of World's Dispensakt
Medical Association, Buffalo, .N. Y.
S &
is offered by tho manufacturers
of Dr. Sago's Catarrh
Komotly, for a caso of
Chronic Nasal Catarrh which
thoy cannot curo.
heavy headache, obstruction of tho nasal
passages, discharges frilling from the head
into tho throat, sometimes profuse, watery,
nnd acrid, nt others, thick, tenacious, mucous,
purulent, bloody nnd putrid; tho eyes aro
weak, watery, and inflamed ; thero is ringing
in tho cars, deafness, hacking or coughing to
clear tho throat, expectoration of offensive
matter, together with scabs from ulcers; tho
voico is chunged and has u nasal twang ; the
breath is offensive; smell nnd taste are impaired;
there is rt sensation of dizziness, with
mental deprcsslqn, a backing cough and general
debility. Only a fow of tho
symptoms are likely to bo present in any one
case. Thousanda of cases annually, without
manifesting half of tho nbovo symptoms, result
in consumption, and end in tho gravo.
No discaso is so common, moro dcceptlvo and
dangerous, or less understood by physicians.
By its mild, soothing, and healing properties.
Dr. Sago's Catarrh Remedy cures tho worst
cases of Catarrh, "cold in the licad,'
Coryza, nnd Catarrhal Hoadacho.
Sold by druggists every whero ; 60 cents.
"Untold" Agony from Catarrh!"
Prof. 'W. TlAiiSNEn, tho famous mesmerist,
of Ithaca, JV. Y., writes: "Somo ten years ago
I suffered untold ngony from chronic nasal
catarrh. My family physician gavo mo up as
incurable, nnd said I must die. My caso was
such n bad one, that every day, towards sunset,
my voico would becotno so lioareo I could
barely speak above a whisper. In the morning
my coughing nnd clearing of my throat would
almost stranglo mo. By tho ubo of Dr. Sage's
Catarrh Komcdy, In three months, I wos a wcH
man, nnd tho curo has been permanent."
"Constantly Hawkins; and Spitting;."
Thomas J. BosniNa, Esq., S902 Pine Street,
St. Louis, Mo., writes: "I was n great sufferer
from catarrh lor thrco years. At times I could
hardly breathe, nnd was constantly hawking
nnd spitting, nnd for tho last eigut months
couiu not urcatno tnrougit 1110 nostrns. 4
thounhtnothlntr could bo done formo.
llv. f Vns advised to try Dr. b'uiro s Catarrh
llemedy, nnd I nm now a well man. I beljove
it to bo tho only suro remedy for catarrh now
manufactured, nnd ono has only to givo it n
lair trial to experience astounding results and
a permanent curo."
Three Bottles Caro Catarrh.
En RonniNS. Runyan P. O., Columbia Co.,
Pa., says: "My daughter had catarrh when
sho was flvo years old, very badly. I saw Dr.
Sago's Catarrh Remedy advertised, and procured
a bottlo for her, and soon saw that it
helped her; a third bottlo ctfected a permanent
cure. Sho is now eighteen years old and
sound and hearty."
ft Ton Wason Hcnles,
Iron Lercrs, Steel Ueirlngi, Bras
Tut Beam and Beam Box for
I Ertrr else Scale, for free cries list
1 Baentla this paper sod address
Till. ererr lima jou writs.
will positively curo rheumatism whon
everything uIro on uarth rails. It Is
taken Internally, anil cures quickly nnd
tliorOtiKlity without ruining tlio stomach.
one dollar 11 bottle or
mIx bottles tor ilvo dollars. Sold
by all (IrtiitKlst's. BbikI for freo
tmmplitot to J. K.
Druggist, WA8MNOTON.D.O.
tar NAJIS Till!) I'Al'Ill ...rj tlur Jou writ..
IPfllJPP By return mnll. Full dencrlptlon
LvBrHsI r Moody's KuwTnllorbystern ot l)rus
I I U Cask Cuttlni;. MOODVW: CO.,Cliiclmmti,0.
'1IIH l'Al'll sier; lim. jouwrlu.
rQM uPm hbiU niu KOB W fit sX fir? aTM qB mi Forloformatlon
"nJrnlnUral PSfflss WfawtM R sff H I reluiiifrto
VA IPK IB LM EH Lrl liUj B mamfl iln mJ This sum Hot.
TKsv HWaI vWdl VSssm kq Ts rsssi sB Ml tMt slu H. sk sw4u
feretltothe first 69 persons snswerto; tha folloirinc
quentioni Whoro in tbo Illbl'i is tho word
Girl found P ilemlon Boole, Chap, tml Vorse.
The tinrt ncrron acswerlDr tbt, cortectlv will rer.i.a
JlOln cash. If more than one correct ftnsrrcr is rerelvM the iceornl person will receive .'5, tbo thlrj tbo fourth $13, tbe fifth (10, the
neit 15 J5 each, ins nest visieaen, ami mo neil .' ?i eacn. itou iio nor seittie nrst nwar.ijou oj cnancia wr one ot tneotners.
but onrchncols rcxxlfortbe trst premluinlf von snj no V", TO-DAY I CoTpelltiirs tnmt reml S0e. for svbirh they nil lreceits
TUP PMIMNFV PflRWPR rir uioslha. Itlaa biniiotneIv,prlnte.I elefintly lllatrateil 1G PaffO, Q4Columa
IHC Umilililn t JWI1IIU.I1 Fa nlly Journal. I'jun Issue replete with orlflnil Holies, tnerrjfoWp, ami spirklinz srlt.
In ract,a eomplcto family paper atil should beta every American bone. All r.jillea must bereielvei! previous to y- ch lCth trnto contest
closes. Ivatnes nn.l a.UreMi's of winners n 111 be published !a the piper. The above prsiilumsveawiriled absolutely free. You melss
the fall worth of yourinnneyln tho piper tent, Vor anoutlsy of tuunts you may jet Jin. Don't mil, Write atonte, btaaip, aciepud '
time aa i ash. Address Tho Chimuoy Corner, 3 Doarboru St. .nasutiih ,.rtim. ,.t ,
v Ljiment
( r A :s
Alinot ns ptlatiible is cream. It can be taken wllh
pleumiruby tlolicatn iramoiH iml children, wlio, after
uslniflt, riru very fond of It. It nsslmtlntpi Willi tho
food, Incrcasos tho lleili and appetite, Imllds tin tins
nervous sjntoin, restores vnertsy to mind und body.
creates1 now, rich and puro bioud, In fuct
equals Tbo result lolloivinir Its uco ureiti best rco.
oiiiinundatlnni. lie sure, an you taluo your health, nnd
iliS Km""1",0: J'anufocj'ired only bv Dk. ALZit.n.
It-Dort, OhemNt. lioeton. Mass, bend for lllustnttect
circular, which will bo malletl free. Mention thiapiptr.
OK XQ$a A DAY, Satnpiss worth Si. CO
lltsl r RRR. T,lniir.f tinrfppnnlior'sfer Writ.
Vr IIUUlSTHlStrhtYIirlMIOUItUtO., Holly, Jllck.
WllKS WJirriXii TO ADs:UTISi:itS 1I.KASR
Muls. ,' rtvi suw the AdtttUteiDiu; Ut Uiisi1
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