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The mountain signal. (Mount Vernon, Ky.) 1887-18??, February 24, 1888, Image 8

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V r ' ' ijyv .. , r J : hIm -Dl
1 1 k J!a.' " , ZS.i$Sz: STiJm A w Hts
' xn
N t
SkT, "ssf
Day Mail Nortli 12:1 v ra
Day Mail South 2.'39p m
Night Em)1cs8 North 12:d3 a m
NightExprcss SoUtli 12:43 a m
Ibcnl Freight North 4:12 p. m
Locnl Fi eight South 9:87 a. m
The Local freights carry passengers, wMi.
tickots, between Rowland and London.
JAS. JIAItET, Agent.
Mail closes flitecn minutes before train
a hi due. For Loci Orcon. lp. in. Tuosday
and Satuulnys, Night mail closes at (i p, m
tl'ostoiiiio open ncm lo y a. m. ammay.
MBS. M. E. imOWN, T. M.
7nooKOAsxxJ3 cintiniT coujit
' - mU f t )
T. 2 Morrow, of rulaqld'CV
clon.'of Gnrraad Co ' J u
Cleric W M Fish .- , ' ;.-
Master ComniiBiouer J K McGlary
Jury?Fmid, S L Whitcad
, .
rmti .-l - - L.- i -... T
finio oi noumig jopiui, bccuuii .lutmayaiu
Jntmaty niMJjtlugnst, '
;'ftsrL cquiit
Judge r D Coylor
Time of holding court, first Monday in January,
.Tul Apiil, and October. K.
Judgo P D .Coylor
County Attorney -B K Bethuram
Counuty blcrk, M 0 Miller
, gherilY James ,1 White: Deputies: J J
Smith, and W S Parker
Jailor J L Arnold
Timo of holding comt, fourth Monday in
each month
J sui Ulcus.
yjounty Sui voyor WillinmWood
County Supeiinton't of 0 Davis
Cpiouei -James Prmxit
Willis Griflln.
'- Tirnt'f olding court; 3rd Monday in each
ffF. L. Thompson has good 20 cent
John jL Williams has 3 h,ay slacks
for sale.
Jos, Houk has returned from Danville
D. P. Bethuram has an onion weighing
a nounJ.
llli Piiig has returned to lu's home
at Chariton, Iowa.
Frank Kirby sld two raules lo
Luther Ma piard for $150.
Thos. McClure has returned from a
surveying trip to Bell county.
Wm Hicks has a log wagon he will
sell cheap. Inquiro at this office t3
W. R. llam?ey and Cortez Brown
of London, wore in town Monday.
John Prewitt has found a 65 inch
vein of coal ou his place on Skaggs.
! Ml. Vernon has a good opening for a
mattress Jactory, bsrber shop and bakery.
You will find notions &c., very
cheap at Whitehead's for the next four
weeks. '
All the patients lately operated
upon by the doctors here are doing
J. W. Hurler eosuvela judgement
in Police court against Kwder (fi Co
for $75.
A.-J. Thorp of Winston, Estill county,
will shorily move his saw mill to
Wildie. 1
W. L; Martin, S, B. McClure and
Mr. Ewell were up from Livingston
'The wife of Oapt Sweney, the veteran
iailroad conductor, died in Louis
v lie Monday.
Sanitary Muraline is tho best ins ide
wall finish, call at Williams drug
Btorc for it. , v
M. C, Williams has bought "cty..
M. Weber, thobouso now occupied by
Willis Adams, for $450.
' Mrs, J. G. Cartel', leaves today fdr
Cincinnati, to see a doctor for cancerous
troubloof tho throat.
I have tho goods. In fact my house
is jammed with thorn, and at prices to
suit all. P. L.'TuompsQii.
A delegation of W. 0. T. U. young
ladies gayo.this office" a, call Saturday
& '3r
to have some prinngfdono
. ?:".
A singing Bohoblr' begin at ohuroh
a . m f n a v
bora Monday night by' Prof. T. ,-D.
Mullins, of near Mnrctburg.
JD. B, White and fumily, who lived,
at tho Ashley plate near town, 11UVO i .
moved to Washington, Ind,
The judgment for $2500 in favor
of,M. V."Wilsoy ya theiL. & N. B. K,
has boon reversed by tho Superior
court and a now trial will be had,
Paim your houses with the best
paints and oils on tho market, which
you can nnd at WilliamVdfugBtoro.r
Tho negro Freeman who was jailed
hero three weeks since as a suspected-felon
from Tennessee has beeu released.
TI19, old porch on East side of Capt
Jack Adams store house has been torn
away and; the old ten pen alloy just
back of it has been torn down and ro
moved i
NAny one nnuing a new barrel
that fell off tho train near here a few
days since will please briug to deppt.
Suitable reward.
If you need any paint brushes, tbpth
brushes or anything else kept in-a
firdt class drug store, call on M. ' C. &
D. N. Williams.
The larger portion of Rockcastlo's
population cousists of Mullins and
Owens and their relative?, and they
aroall good glover citizens.
John Mizc of Laclede Mo, aged S24
after 47 years residenco in the west
has returned to Rockcastle and is loo Icing
up a farm to purchase.
All persons indebted, much or
little, to J. L. Whitehead are requested
to come and settle at once. This is
the first time you have been asked.
Our foreman J. R. Vowels is cer
tainly a hustler. lie with an assistant,
does all tho typo setting etc. in getting
out our paper aud never fails to come
on time.
M. C. &D. N. Williams are agents
for the Fertilizer Co.
All pereons desiring a good fertilizer
should call on them. Its the best in
the murkef.
J. AV. Nesbitt wants ten teams to
haul staves from mouth of Skaggs
creek to Hazel Patch, at $5 per thousand.
Steady work and pay every
two weeks if desired. 3t
D, N. AVilliams has traded his 320
acres of Lubbock county Texas land to
J. L. AVhitehead for his property and
six acres of land in the East end of
town paying $275. difference.
L. B. Adams will soon bring on a
big stock of goods and to purchaso
them cheaply in the market requires
cash. Those owing on note or account
will please call and arrange settle
ment. t2
R. L. Joplin with Duflield's survey
ing party in Bell county has been
promoted to transitman(s place at advanced
wages. J AV. Miller has taken
an engineer's place at Pineville.
P. L. Nash, formerly of Rockcastle
but now an extensive Tobacco farmer
of Spencer county, called on us this
week a nd left us a pleasant little reminder
in the way of a year's subscription
to the Signal.
Mr. AV. E. Perkins of tho enterprising
firm of Martin & Perkins, of
Brodhead, made us a pleasant visit yesterday
and coraplime nted us with a
nice order for job work etct Success
to you Mr. Pei'kins.
What our town needs and needs
ba'dly, is more houses to doomodate
those who would lo th us, if
such accomodations cou e obtained.
Would it not show a mora torprising
spirit, and at the same li
"fnbla undertaking for our zens
who V.Wq vacant lots and Other nccces
sary requv,:toa to buiid a Vew
cottages for the u:&t 0 tu030 wno
are begging aa 0)m3
among our good people. " ,, "
D. B. Carson, our friend and com.
panion in schoolboy days, writes, from
McMiunville, Tenn. whore ho i!f freight
and ticket agent: I see through the
I. J. of Stanford, hat you havo era-harked
into journalism, and knowing
your ability aa a R,jR. Agt, I am
confident yougyill Sg
iii iuhsi x am vyniiug( iujduhok m.yjuug
4( t No one npprecit88good nivt'a.naH
per-more thar myself. 1 havo been
a subscriber of the I. . J. for several'
years' "and, it would-amuse you: toee
with what 'eagerness I devour its
contents, especially tho Crab Orchard
and Mt. Vernon letters.
My 73 to tho boys on the Ellon N.
Is Nature's own true laxative. It
is tho most easily taken, and the
most effective remedy known to
Cleanse tli9 System when Bilious or
Costive; to dispo Headaches, Colds,
and, Fever; toCurellabitnal Constipation,
Cudip;estioii, Piles, etc.
For sale at AVilliams' drug store
Tbo coal company will go to shipping
in a few days.
Charley Carter received two car
loads of lumber from AVm. McNow
last weeic. w.&
Deputy Sheriff Smith was hero a
few days ago serving some "duns" on
on tho boys.
AVm. McNow smilc3 over 6323,
from tho L. &N. for lumber; and has
three cars ready to ship this week.
We are all peacable here now and
don't hear any pops, nor any man say-he
is the best man out, ua'ess he is
full of whisky.
Revs. Hotts, of Jnukson county,
and Parker of this county, held a seven
days meeting at New Hope last week
with eleven additions.
v- n
1 passed tlm'igk Brush
a few days since, and as jUstil,
thero was John C. Childers awaiting
the arrival of the North bound tram-
and he threatened to ship mo off in 'a
box car? if I didn't make up my time
on the loafing list, which he claims I
am two weeks behind on.
Mr. Ed. 1 sSpJrom your correspondents
have been exploring cavo
There is a cave on Crooked Creek
that runs through a hill nearly a mile
long, and contains several rooms, one
of them is called the devil's race, and
it is said that tho devil's broth itself
comes out through copper pipes, and
looks, tastes and smells just like good
corn whisky.
AVilliam Brown is erecting a neat
side room to his dwelling.
J. 11. Ilodgo contemplates laying in
a large stock of dry goods.
AV. J. Mullins is tho man to got to
do your painting and don't you forget
Dr. A. L. Browner, of Laugnan,
can be seen smiling on our streets
MissMollio Mullin3 contemplates
going to Ilyden to take music les3ons
shorily. , ,
James Parsley throo miles north of
here, had his hgjso and its entire contents
Jacob Dees of col., is now lying in
jail awaiting his trial, for rocking tho
passenger train. '
G. AV. Laws, with Jackson, Anderson
& Co., can be seen taking orders
for the firm he repre .sents.
Church at Buckeye Sunday next.
AVe learn that, AVm.. Buford ha3 returned
Mrs. Anna Riddle has returned
home to Pulaski county.
James AV. Riddle has gone to
com ting. AVe hope ho
will have good luck.
JohnVOwons who moved to Virginia
time's, has moved back in his
old fioust, oil Mm." Carter's place.
L. u.vBryant is forty years old and
novel4 weit to rill horeo back but one
iuiiej ana then ho said ho had riirhnf
James Merricks has Bold his bhek
smith tools to B. F. Chesnur. and
u.i ho 5a coinp to bid Rnc.kfMn'l
W ,, " J -
prjicre is , man ii tlni p'aco who
would liko to luiow if tuu inhabitants
'iffFrog Level are troubled muc'i with
the frogs muttering, ds lhey have,
menced their racket here. , w
Mrs. Hardin is so one bette'rHB
R. M. Johnston b improving.
Frank Mefford, of AVinchester, wa
here Holiday
Died, on t he lGtllj' thef infant of
Joseph Redman. u JF
AVork was begun on Hart's new residence
last Tuesday.
Judging from the recent siles, Conway
is, experiencing a real estate
Joe Jones has .moved to the house
formerly occupied by A. Q. Baker de
Mrs. Loua Lambert and daughter
are not expected to live, they being ill
with measles.
There is a box car here that is
haunted, as a man has been
seen of in it inallkiuds shapes.
J. S. AVaddle lost an ox the other
night, valued at $65, or G5cts. wo
have forgotten which .
M. L. Kelton has purchased tho
house aud lot known as the Gaudy property
for which he paid $175. he will
tear down the old house and build a
new one at the same place.
Feed and groin are very scarce.
G. B. Broyles raturned from
last week.
C. S. Broyles went to Lexington
last week on business.
Andy Baker, the enterprising bojk
ag eut, has been our midst for severa
Measle's have subsided considerably
since our lust letter, but sjrao tolerably
bad cases yet.
Farmers who intended sowing oats
this week, will wait until Ae have
somo more fine weather we gues:'.
Jefferson Thompson aud m oily,
of liuruside, have been visiting rel 1
lives in this viciiuty for so ua titue,
have returned home,
A bright little girl of two summers,
a daughter of Josiah Nevils, died.
She had had measles, and took something
liko croup. A small child o
Logau Bullock aud a child John
Prewitt havo also died.
E. Rignoy, our boss horse s.vapper,
has fixed it now. He has a horse that
will take tho blue ribbon over anything
that was in this part so far as'
kickiug is conerned when he is harnessed
to a wagon he kicks till he gets
loose and iu the barn.
James E. Root has a dissected map
ef the U. S.
Gipson AVeavcr is quite low with
typhoid fever.
John Gray sold a lot of young cattlo
to AVm, AVatkins.
Robert Jones has sold his farm to
his son aud is going We3t. '
Rev. Georgo Proflit preaohed .at
Providence church Sunday.
Died, on tho 13th, of fever, Ro bert
son of Pleasant Bruner.
R97, AVm. Fisher and L. Hampton
preached at the Ph ilpot school house
Thsro Ws a magic lantern exhibi
iton at the residence of J .-s ph Griflin
Saturday night.
Married on Thursday of last week,
at the residence of the brides parents ,
ITamos Halo, constable of this precinco
to Miss Maria AVeaver.
AVm. Crawford shot and killed
Hugh Gregory at the latters grocery
Sunday night. Tno parties were drunk
m - "!'
and, the difficulty I learn qame up over,
a game of cards. '
John Gray, Edward Cobb, Robert
Jones, Thomas Day, and fa,mily' are
to leave this Week for parts in Nebraska.
AVe regret to havo them leave,
but if it is in accordance with their
wghes to, go, wo wish thorn lots of sue,
, John Gregory took,, a little jaunt
!dowu Little 0,0030 Creek Sunday Nin
'searoh of a congenial companion. Ho
;reports an enjoyable trip and anticipates
going again. John is a
sort of a young man and admires tho
sparkle of a pretty girls eye.
Marydoll is situated iu Laurel courf
ty midway between Loudon and Manchester
and near the Clay county line.
It is 12 miles distant from London
and situated on a high place and occupies
a commanding site overlooking a
radius of lovel grund in nearly every
direction. Its population is composed
chiefly of cattle, poultry, sheep swine
and of the canine and feline progeny
For furthor particulars I would advise
the Rulo cor. to consult Prof.
Proctor our State geologist, or procure
a copy of Rand & McNally's maps..
Now, I trust his feelings of reciprocity
will prompt him to locate little out of
the way Rulo. X have searched both
the Kentucky Gazetteer and TJ. S.
Postal Guide aud for the life of me was
unable to find it in either.
Mrs Champ Mullms somo better.,
The creeks are past fording to-day,
Jerome Adams family are visiting
friends near Broadhead.
Miss Candy, and Mat .Mullins, are
visiting friends near freedom.
AV. G. Hnllins bought two
steers from AVm Mullins for $20
Preaching at Pleasant Hill Sunday,
good gathering. Text was "Preach the
Lumbar and cro 3 tiesro aULthoTca
II. G- MuUi'3 and" Gilvy Black are
tho b ss haulers.
.1, E Singleton was miss:n
know whore he was, he said he
as 11 t g'u'n to bo a bachelor always.
H trve Mink and -Mat AVinsted have
c attracted, to haul 500,000 ft of luur
Ed no i? n and Payue from
White Oik branch to Switch, for 30 ct's
per 100 ft.
J. II. Ilayfs hai finis'ied his -barn
at last.
A big b at A. C. Towerys, named
W- II. Albright and wife are still
improving. 4
Allen Iliatt and family ara visiting
relatives oil Clear Creek.
AV. II. Albright has his disterllery
started up and is progressing rapidily.
J. T., Sowder swapped to Tom
Ilayes two milch cows for ono yoke ot
Miss Lou Turpen and Miss Myrtle
Fish spent Sunday witn Mis3 Cora
and Anna Fish.
Thero was a dance at Francis
Hursts Tuesday night, and of
our old Baptist church members
skipped out. Another trial at Hickory
10,000 dozon fresh eggs wanted,
for which I will pay the highest cash
market price, to bo deliverd at Crab
Orchard. (Emigrant House.)
16m2 M. Livingshon
J. W. MAY,
Now with Maret, Vowels & C .. h
prepared to furnish pl-ms and specif!
c uiou of nil kinds of buildings. Spo
oiil attention paid to getting up
desigui fm' verandas in tho latest
Btyles. " 16tf
asewr iito'
. -I

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