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The mountain signal. (Mount Vernon, Ky.) 1887-18??, May 03, 1889, Image 1

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1 Fver.
3 V W
..& .if
-(- ,. J' v CSStJ.! V? fujn -
i- -
rHMik ii'
Y6bum A
.,., ,.v- - v"m vU "S"
IBqbBeU ihappjr fathw.
J. W, Brown, is in lionjivillt.
R. A. Brown is abjlo to. walk about.
h ty, Qatronhaf movtd', to pmer
. J,. (lHtok" , Stephens . w - . - hts . . be , b on the
(tiek hut.
sMrs. Fiokns riwi pension of
l . ... '
"Hud" jlliftma if imprttla j? as
in plug operator.
ji Joe. 8. Joplin is.in Islington at
tending the race.
Mrs. Iee Arndty has.returned home
slightly improved.
Kaoe Mjller has eharga.5f tqlefraph
ofice at Sinks.
Henry . Braniman J is quite siqk, with
Gno. Hpwjdlfcas stayed. from .Livingston
ta.thii .( place. . . i'
RecderKtbe man, passed
down to Bnrbourville Sunday, .v
Jeff Huffaker, oi Louisville was
talking up goodn liere yeiteday.
Willis Adams sad wife, of Garrard,
are visiting relative b in tkii county.
Jittle Miss Sallie Lintoa, of Louis
Hillr, lavishing her grandmethcr here.
..Misfl May Miller haa been pres
ejte, with a fine piano br her father.
(Jtfjtew.auita. of wen'a clothing at
McKint and Hiatt'a at coat for cash.
SjuiineMii, .looking up, Tanbark,
lumtMii'. RomiitD.SB t a HvIv
( . )Ti.
whauyer'ofhe cod
fail birds. Let' m &o J they will only
etay away,.
Milton M. Fraxor, Poet no.. 12?,
meets here on the 1st Saturday in
ach month.
Fullen Francisco has moved his mill
to, the banks of Skagge Creek oppo
ite J, Norton. ,
"Crooked" tfJitn Thoapsom's up
. irem . Stanford painting Mr. M. J,
.Miller's house.
C. . Williams has remodeled hia
x dwelling and now has the aftost desira
blepropsjety in tawav . o.
S, W. Paris has returned- fcom the
cityiwherc he has been purchasing
his Spring stock of goods.
A sidingwill shortly be put in 'near
Cooks, where D. C. Poynter will get
eut ballast for the railroad. . (.
All parties owing me must call and
settle at once. We are compelled to
have the money. D. C. Poynter,
If you are wanting drest goods 'you
shonld not fail to sec oar line or send
for samples. Severance & Son,' Stanford,
Ky. , ,
Misi Eliza Miller gave asocial party
Wednesday night for tho entertainment
of her numeruos youu? friekds '
All cDJoyed themselves.
Wc havo a splendid line of;tlrflBji
and trimmings of all kinds. It will
pay yoi to send us an order. Sever
ance fe Son, Stanford, Ky. .
One of Stanford's. boys vhp has been
' here for several days says the liquor
that is handled here will make a per-'
BonBiual oyster cans, carry off boxes
barrc's, etc.
i G. W. McClure returned
" from London Tuesday, vrhofe he was
engaged' in defending ihe parties
1 cufied of killing a man and placing
ihira oh the railroad, near Pittabui1.
Johu PVbcler no occupies ttie house
' 'Where Pat Welch has been tolling
1 l refreshments aud groceries. An agree
1 1 inuut could v not be reached ' on
invoice, so
foods were cold to tiwUk Piu.
- ,
M,rsrLmditon is visiting
in i, Stirling.
, Wm. cKyf Lily, is vsitingtys
parentsaft'fh p3ce . $
The vVatlur hFeK very cooj jn
thia partlif tHo csunty. ,"
1' '
Jphn . .Prktoa paid Bsrbonrville
ana rinovnia & xwnj, i?i wcbk.
M;L)rkin I'helps returned 'home.
Monday from t visit to Somerset, y
The Good Ttplars will have t an
opca installation of officers on Batir-day
night May ,20th. Besides (, installation
there will be songs and
speeches, 'Every body is invitecL A
ged time is epvct&d.
T M. Uiio1U fr "Prirlaw !
Saturday. . . t&'! , ,, v
Born, tt) tho vflio ot John Kini. a
ibor.on the 24th. . ,
W. Smith Was here last week
selling groc,sx;ies.'&c.
Mm. S. Ii, 't&iam is some, better."
Mrs. Siewart is iu batter.
The quarry opened Monday aad is
new parking larger force tb.on before.
i)r." Charles AAill will probably
16cate heoseon, In vicinity is very;
muco, in DW4 urrs payiscian,
I- A. L,. Beid went to Livingston Sat-
- R. Bob") 'went to
Manchester'bn bumpess last week.
Rer. Wjld3T is cnductine'' a
protracted meeting; at thefChriBtiau
caurcp nerev ,
Miw Minnie' $&- Mlrshones X
Rop4r was, o-- here
Wl CTkVf? di Xi.,S. Pcnsio ex-
'leaves. Jbr his home in Knox
yille in, .a fe) doys.
M' .' iV -If I- . '
r Misses vEvr. .White . .and. Emma
Garrard tof.' Ijanebsterj and .Sallie
Mnhan,I.nv!llo, nere -visiting relatives
in London and Pittsburg last
sweek.;u i . t , -
Thoa; Hanpforiand two other par
ties, wocse 'narnu we aia not je&ru,
IH. mi mi i.iiiii nn I. i
The Mountkin Signal.
. . t . ,
iiaisii urii ii ii 'i u ii i .?. -. ' ii.'f i I i-tit'
. . ,.,''.,
0ir B. M. made a trip to Rulo and
reports the Gentry Bros, mill doing a
rBhing bueineia cpttiag lumber.
! Dpn't fprgct to cal at the post-since
when you come to town, if you want
latest styles Indus', miBses' au,i
JrenVhRl8 at surprmngly low prices.
(Mrs. M. . E. Brown.
i i i i
We undtrstaud.thas otr( Oklahoma
,boyi,tB. H.. Cona and, Jack Adams,
.made, fast to oneTjoinestead within
three mi)es of.Gtbref capital of
the 1errifory. They af e pleased with
the situation.
1 Upckcastlpis Ioing up, in the way
of good schools. A rood one is ia
ress at dhed under the charge of
Nessra jraTen,yfac:son. MP nere
conducted by' Prof Slwis Sjopken
rery highly of by pupils ad. parents.
An efort is beiag mad to eitabsh a
lachooiat Ifofogatw. ,
pnmQMMJpnM omnriear.
,,Ata.meetint of the demecracy of
Eockcastlo ceuity, held at the aeurt
aou&e in atf. veraon ttn oaiaraay,
April 27 1,889, pursuant to a call of
the Qtate Central Committe to select
delegates to attend the
fention to be held in Lsuistijle tb.e
8th day of May, 1819, tt soainate a
democratic caadidata, for thoflJca.,of
.State .Twosurer, wheieiipon 3?.-N,
Williams, chairman, explained the'
object .eftha saeetipg. On motion
D, R, Williams wnV imade chairman
of the meeting and WB; Gresa, secretary.)
i,( The chairman then appointed
the 'following committee eaeso
uons; uy wr. .xayipr, , j.. .
ninnms. Um.. 'Wall.B nllA IV
v ctv V-3. t?jy. ri,J?. iifi.
if foIIowinr ." ' ' ,
E8aLVXD. That we 'approve the
call of the democratio State central
committee, '
2nd. That the following named
are appointed delegates to, atknd'
said convention, J. W. Brown; W,.
R. Cress, H. G. Sutton, F. M.
BJoomer, Wm. Wallin and all tother
good democrats, aad that they' cast
he vote of said county in said convene
tion for 8. G Sharp for said treasurer
and if should none ot said delegate'
attend that the Hon, G. M.
the vote of said county.
3d. That those resolutions be published
in The Mouhtaix Signal and
Interior Journal,
D. N. WjlxUms, Ch'm
W. JR. CflEflS, 8ect.
Miss Alice Ward will be at homs
this week.
Mrs. Shrtrp and Miss Jennie viBited
Stanfprd Tuesday.
John Mueller will begin work on
his mill Wednesday.
Mrs. W. L. Martin was in London
Friday shopping.
Holbrook & Taft have attached a
lathe saw to their mill.
J . B. Eberline has rented a house
of G. D. Cook and is uow
Mrs. Margaret Sairhrook and Misa
Maggie are tisiting at Louisville this
James oam brook attended a prize
fight on Ohio river, above Cincinnati
last week.
John Stowui f; says he hat quit selling
liqnor and will nov handle family
The corporation of Li vines! on has
,beeh renewed and the officers appoint-
are; W. D. Uooic, bam W-rd and
Dan Adams, trustees, Champ Mullins,
police judge, C. T. Cox, marshal.
The colored citizens have been having
a' protracted meeting for the past
two' weeks with nine additions. They
have organized a church with twenty-five
J. C.Allin has bought the Allen
Mounf 7. "property and will send for
"8 W'P tnk we8 Mount z moved
bought 54, acres of 1W from Sam
Watd far $250,00
r nU I. a7 wedded life may bo one of unalloyed
i"fe?r S?S? both to her and husband,
i, ,j ,, LllJ . . . l i
wuiuOT vi tfuuu uatuiu i-
fltam' ' ' ?
Master Willis Scoyille, son of- C
N. Scoville, was rin oVer Mcnday ;by
a wagon heavily loaded with lumber
tf -l
The si& weefos Simvm,er Tenjy of the ,,..'
. And '
Oommercial Collefee
Will begin the second Monday
in May, New classes for re-view
will be found in all the
Common School branches,
including Physiology, Theory
and Practice of Teaching,
and Civil Government.
The daily drills in Elocution
Calisthenics will be of
special interest and yalne.
Expenses, incluclhmi tuition, board
with firrhishedroom, and lights tf J 8
For further particulars see our School J
Tho Educrtioual EvangeliaU frci
JTt 'Vernon, Ky
MAY. 8, 1889,
,, .u (
and teyerejy injured. His ' recovery
is npw thought probable.
Cfen. Ti T. Garrard, the irrepressible
D. K'' Garrard and the languish
ing Jitn Hub White, of Clay county,
are attending the Centennial celebration
at New Yoi!; this wtok,.
fr. C. R. Cutchintr'and M!m Ma
mie Jaoksan were mutnVd at the
tjdnce of tho bride's Tusdaj
evening, May their voyage through
ife,bc Jong and prosrierous.
A number of cases ot typhoid fever
in town.. If the old gfaiihied who compose
the towncouucil do not take some
toward putting the streets and ullcvs in,
Deuer condition we may expect noui
iilg but diseaseand death. Huh Summer
V-WS- :
The Academy i erecting aMil t.ary
Hall for the purpose d wiling the. students.
The American. Missionary Sooicty
has bought ground here for the pur
pose of building a Judustrial School in
the ix&r future.
L. r? Meadows, who has been I
wotking'for Uurd & Sullivan fcr some
tim,o has accepted a position as Postal
qerk' on the C. S. R. R. from Cincinnati
to. Chatanooga.
AMr. Moore and his mule were
killed by ' lightning last Friday near
this place. He leaves a wile and six
children to mourn
The poor little hoijs w;ll be taken
off the streets 1st of My. It has been ''
la law for several yean but hits not-
been enforced. It seems as thuuerh .
the qevitruBteeB are doing .their duty.'J
Mtb. Anuietewan, is sick.
Our town is very much excited over
a (We of hydrophobia, Seveiul wtolJ J
' Mrs. M. JHarris, had a calt (i,,
dXv uiehc. Air. iiCilliarA.wcw.
( cow to dio, tis thought, with
April the'SSrd a gay wedding party
left here on the noon tram for Lexing'
ton: Mr. George Lee James and Miss
Holmes, accompanied by Mr. Ward
Moore and Miss Maud Pettus. They
were married at the Phoenix Hotel,
that- night. Maggie is a lovely girl, of
a gay, nappy disposition, and her
l away friends, ardently hope that her
anS that thfy may never have cause
to regret the step tbey have Taken.
Geo. shinld, and no doubt does think
Himself the pappiest man living, as he
has won the prise that some other
'Priii eipul
'J -'T
... ,.
w -ii
flwnber 33
gallants huve o ; we ooneratulata
you on winning ou. hutidxome coti.m,
and may you ever love, clu rish andjro
tect her through life. Tner rturiied
homo Friday, and are I omioilM at tho
bridoV iun hTj but will shortly yn to
There wi lv ft meeting of itm
ont'ieticas'l" c'ouuty ht tlit
Court Il'iufe iiiMt Xwfrri, n I'm
11th dy of May 189 tr th, p ri o t.
of app'iiitirisr r.i t rt
the State Cuvofitiin sf .
Ky. on Miy h 22M
cnndfdftte fcr Sluic T?renairir. Al
are especially liquet tfd
to lit' (Mid.
J. M. Jokes,
Ch'm ReprCo. Comm.
earo authorized to annnuc T.
J. Ballaid as a ouulidi't for ti e Sou-
ate to roprcwi t th'a r irtl't3tr!Ct
comprised ' U'oVoasiIe, Madis'm aud
Estill c'lii'iM -i. Siibjoo, to the action
of the oric partv.
Whu'oI A tnw ohnir sealery r.;
the Furtiiiuru lactory. .Maret,
Vowels A Co, tf
ifH' '''I
M vM
If you want
good bread and a happy firailv nu
Ask your' grocer lor it, and see that
every sbck is immueu
Stanford Roller mil
Stanford, Ky.
Siujfe &Menefee
u Tmrmhpv Dealers.
Doo; 'itrl'ilU'l ItHnjJ. ' 1 ana
'MHiut .liin'li'i Wo m.ikt tlitv Yu n
I li:iV im-ii I a l'lioif'rinili t.
MctolHrt'roui.i" n .Mi m
tml am liKMiiii'it " 'I" ll li"l ''1 my "'"'
,,tv liHrimifiitMin' tepj liiH1, wlui'li 1'iiiilili"
.Vn.tliiii friHii u ji!nto;i .p!i ' i
lilctlin1 IlliUlC (III Mlttll liolicf.
I invite! .i ptililf I 'i mil c -
raiiiii' my )iK. - . m ,,
cob m m, us
Lirgo slock of
DitYGOOn.s cLonnxa. IIA'IX.
which wc will shjM
. , i
AW'ijtio'bl C'ls i:,-!:,
Stanford, Ky.
General analytical and
Miuorul and timbar lands oxHmijot
tt V

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