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The Mountain Signal.
i Publlshod Evow Friday.
Tlio Onco I)rn)lnil Vrnlt Now n
.Source of Im oine.
Tho bmiiiiui and the plantain have
always formed ono of the staple foods
of tropical countries. Improved communication
and an ever-increasing demand
for the banana here, gave, some
fourteen years ago, a gruat impetus to
its cultivation. The sugar-planter of
tho West Indies was gradually but
huroly being ruined by beot and
bounty-fed sugars. The banana was
with Jiim a tree to bo hated. In Jamaica
every ,1rfggro had a few planted
in the smullclearing round his hut,
and a bunch of tho fruit would feed
him and his family for a week. When
to provided ho saw no need to go out
.to work in tho cane fields. The planter
had foreseen this, and with tho abolition
of slavery disappears tho banana,
plantain and cocoa-nut trees. At first
the banana-walks wore made any whero
on tho estate; generally on abandoned
which cost less to clean,
but experience has taught the planter
that certain sites suit tho treo best.
Tho best place for a banana-walk is
a valley or hillside having a western
prospect. Tho large JcuVcs attract
the dow. nnd in the
'v mw" tiiv ah Kiiv e?itrly..mornings a
. .,. ,. ..
i ..r. ..r l !.V
patch of bananas lookkyJv3,if it VGVQ
encrusted with diainoncfThese tlroi:
of dew are soon ovap'tiriited by the
morning sun, but if til" 'trees are
shaded the plant absorbs most of the'
moisture. ,
Tho ground for tho intended, patch
thoroughly cleaned and "stubbed."
Tho "suckers" mu&t be obtained, as
the banana is only known to heed in
ono small spot on the earth, tho Andaman
These "suckers"
from tho root of the banana-tree'
when it is ono year old. They are
torn from the parent tree and may be
shipped long distances, being hardy
iud long-lived. About 400 or 300 troes
are planted to tho acre, and now the
chief caro is to see that the weeds, and
especially tho creeping ones, are kept
down; otherwise they will soon choke
tho young plant.
Tho banana treo 'bears fruit in its
.first ycai Tho bunch hangs down on
tem which springs) from the treo
.under its frond of leaves. This
sctonds beyond xhe fruit, ending .
i i -
o cone, uior wnicii Jka
ii..r rm
wmie ep.pu'sirs one 10 tny equiVi,..U.P. Oi
thorough rain-drenching. As each
bunch becomes full, but still green, the
tree is chopped down with one or two
blows from a "machete," great caro
being taken that tho fruit is not
bruised. The bunch is then carried on
tho head of a negro to the dray that
carries it down to tho port. Tho
bunches arc packed between layers of
"trash," and on being unloaded from
tho drays are sorted into "nines,"
"eights," etc.; that is to say, into
"hand bunches" of Uioms numbers. A
"hand' of bananas is one of tho small
portions that go to make up a bunch.
Hummus are paid for with ready
money on tho beach, according to the
number of "hands" and the thno of
year, hi January, Felruary and March
they cost from 12 to 18 cents a bunch;
in April, May and Juno from -18 to 72
cents. In a good year a bunch of bananas
costs 4 cents to land at tho beach,
all expenses included. Tho planter
has his risks, however. A hurricane
will in an hour destroy every treo, and
for that year tho cultivation is, of
course, a dead loss. In Jamaica and
Honduras at least the thefts by the
nogroes form a largo item', handed in
New York tho bunches bring from 30
cents to $2, according to tho timo of
year and tho size of the bunch.
As soon as tho banana begins to give
a good shado tho spaces between the
trees are planted with cocoa, a treo
that must have shelter from tho sun.
Almond trees and tho ilamboyant live
also planted to give the shado for the
cocoa when tho bananas have ceased
to bear profitably; that is, in three or
four years. N. Y. Tribune.
It is told that ono day, going down
to (Gloucester, Dr. Oliver Wendell
Holmes sat in tho front seat of tho car
and entertained a
with some of his brilliant talk. A
countryman, sitting in tho little corner
scat before thorn, overheard tho conversation,
and finally loaned over, took
the autocrat's hat, looked at tho number
inside, then hi own, and said,
very demurely: "I read something in
the paper the other day about tho size
of great men's heads, and I thought
I'd liko to know the sio of your'n.
JJut what bothers me is my head's the
biggest of the two!"
Manuring in tho hill is a triileliko
heaping manure about tho stem of a
fruit tree. Hotter spread it out as far
as the roots extenU.
A frog sixteen inches long is reported
to havo been captured at
Urlando, Fin., during a recent heavy
The sale of eyestonos is brisker in
March than in any other month. Tho
"stones" are the mouthpiece of a
certain species of shell which i
gathered in great quantities on tho
Venezuela coast.
Lake Superior is said to bo tho
most ancient of tho groat lakes, dating
back to Cambrian, and, it may be,
earlier times, and that it formed in
other ages one of the sources of a
great river system, terminating en tho
Atlantic seaboard.
A toucher in a public school not a
hundred miles from Philadelphia received
the following excuse from an
overgrown boy, who had been absent
a day: "Miss Pleas exguso Frank
for bean absent yesterdiiy as ho had
to help his father kill tho other hog
His Mother."
An Englishman has produced a
pieco of mechanism containing four
hundred figures representing horses,
cannon, artillery, infantry, and a band
of fifty-two men, each with an instrument.
A tiny wind-mill turned by tho
current from burning candles furnishes
tho power to move all tho figures
Tho average Russian is said to
drink from ton to twolve glasses of tea
a day. Every Russian merchant has
a tea-urn in his counting-room, and
tho lawyer or mechanic goes out to his
cafe for tea as often as the German
for beer or tho Lrenchman for wine.
At tho cafes at all hours of the day
nnd night one can sco great crowds of
people hipping tea.
As the north-bound express train
pulled out of the station ntXorman, I.
TVJ $'$cently tho passengers wero
treated tho sight of a lynching by
the citizorfqf that town. The (people
had captured' O; horse thief and taken
him to a telegraph pole.ncnr tho railroad
to bang him. It was, daylight, and
none of tho lynchers, wore disguised.
Just as the train started the man was
strung up.
Tho Surrogate of Suffolk County.
New York, 'lately admitted to probate
a rather novel will, that of Richard L.
Peters, of Southold, fL. I. It directs
the inveslment.of -a sum of money, tho
income of which shall be used in keeping
his grave covered with growing
flowers. Another request is that a
sum bo invested at compound inton t
for one hundred years. Thjw'lncipaj
..l :.nef ul, "1 .
' r '
time n'Tu to i3e usTkI to ereci, a monu
ment and celebrate the centepnial Of
his death. -i
In Egypt ladies used to carry their
devotion for their feline pots so far as
to go into mourning for them when
they died by shaving off their eyebrows
! Favorite cats used to bo embalmed,
too, and I know of no quainter
or more grotesque objects 'than tho
mummified cats which may be seen at
tho IJritish Museum. Even now cats
are held in high esteem in Egypt, and
in at leaht one of the Khedive's palaces
at. Cairo there is a free ration distributed
every day to any cats that may
care to apply.
Tho Rritish Postmaster-General
reports that last year ;591.GC'' person"
in this country sent money by postal
order to relatives in Great Britain and
Ireland, tho total sum amounting to
.'?.r,2,;0,000, while 78.il 10 persons in Canada
sent over $1,000,000 in tho same
way, and tho total sum sent in that
way from Australia, tho United States
and South Africa in tho year was over
0,000,000, or an average of over 30,-000
a day, coming from G3.,2.j0 persons.
A writer thinks this shows
what filial regard tho British race has
or tho parents left behind.
"Notes and Queries" tolls that
.ards, which wero invented at the close
of tho fourteenth century, wero originally
very different from in ue
at present. In shapo they wero square,
and instead of suits of spades, clubs,
hearts and diamonds, their marks
were rabbits, pinks, roses and flowers
of columbine. Tho figured cards were
very prettily devised, a queen riding
on horseback with a rabbit beside her,
marked tho queen of rabbits or of
club. A rustic-looking man.
dres.od and standing in a
strange altitude, with a pink bolide
him. signified tho knave of pinks or
At a hearing before tho Committee
of Education of tho Michigan Legislature
on tho subject of the cflect of tobacco
on youths, It was stated that in
reply to circulars two hundred doctors
had each cited ono or moro cases of
boys being dwarfed, made insane,
killed or rendered incapable of speech.
The professors of Michigan University
tiMiiicd that otherwise bright student's
were made dull and stupid by the us-o
of the oigaretta, and that in many
cases tho povor of hearing had been
seriously affected. Tlioy said
that in nine casos. out of ten ilio regular
use of cigarettes by boys wouFd
result in the loss of will power.
Tho InturoMtliiR VIous "f tlio Xmto Dr. T.
CJ, Hollum'.
Tho columns of tho newspapers appear to
bo Hooded with propiictary tncdiclno
As wo cast our eye over them,
It brings to mind nu nrttclo that was published
by tho lute Dr. Holland in Scribner's
Monthly, llosnys: "Nevertheless, it is a
fact that many of tho best proprietary medicines
of tho day weio moro successful than
many physicians, nnd most of them, it
Bbould bo remembered, wero at first discovered
or used in actual medical practice.
When, however, nny shrewd person, knowing
their virtue, and foreseeing their popularity,
secures and advertises them, then,
Jn the opinion of tho bigoted, all virtuo
went out of them."
Is not this absurd!
This great "inX, appreciated ttio real
merits of popular remedies, nnd tho
of thoso that derided them because public
attention swxfllled t0 lll nrticlo and
tho evidence jftTr wires. It the most
noted piiysluMsh id announce thatho had
made i'.tt3(Bi any certain organ or
of tho body.ornmko his sign larger
than tho codo sue, though ho may havo
practiced medicine and been a leader in all
medical couusels, notwithstanding all this,
If ho should presume to advertiso and decline
to givo his discovery to tho public, ho
would bo pronounced u quack and
although ha ni.vy havo spent his entlro
life and all his available funds in perfecting
his investigations"
Again wosuy, "absuid."
H an ulcer is found upon "one's arm, and
Is cured by some dear old grandmother,
outside of tho code, it will bo pronounced
by tho medical profelon an ulcer of little
importance. IJutif treated under the code,
causing sleepless n lits for a month, with
tho scictit went, viz., plasters,
washes, ipT. it i morphine, arsenic
and othc JMubbtitnrcs, given to prevent
blood poisoning or do idea pain, and yet the
ulcer beromes malignant, and amputation
is made necessary at last to save life, yet
all dona according to the "isms" of the
medical code, this is much moro gratifying
to tho medical profession, and adds moro
dignity to that distinguished order than to
bo cured by tho dear old grandmother's
This uppears 1 he a sovere arraignment,
yet we believe t it it expresses the true
standing of the ir lic.il profession in regard
to remedies disuHi red outside of their
special "isms." One of tho most perplexing
things of the day is the popularity of certain
remedies, cspocial'y Warner's Safoj Cure,
which wo lijf lor sale everywhere. Tho
physician oAc highest standing is ready
to concede itsTen uiid sustain the theories
the proprietor0. ) made that is, that It
benefits in most pi tho ailments of tho hu
man system becausoit assists inputting tho
kidneys in proper condition, thereby aiding
la throwing off tho impurities of jjib blood,
while othorsfwth less honesty and
and nro willing to sco their
patient dio scientifically, and according to
tuo code, rather than havo him cured by this
giyat remedy. "" , .V
Ytt we notice that tho popularity of tho
medicine continues to growvear by year.
rhodiMcoveiiir comes boldly beforotho
merits, and''prchum8 them
our opinion much moro
an who, par-
:atasliophe, aJJiJLiniiueq to seta bone
jf an arm ofa finger, which ho does with
jreat dignity, yptnrery soon .after takes tho
dberty to chiQbrthe editor's back stairs at 2
)'cloclc in tho "morning to have it announced
.n tho morning parcr that "Dr.
was in attendance,'; thus securing for his
scnetit a beautifuViJnd freo advertisement.
I Wo shall leave it to our readers to say
which is tho wiser and moro houorablo.
M. Cakxot, President of tho French Republic,
is a whist player of whist players.
It fsaho one relaxation ho nllows himself'
from thoiduties of his oftlco. barring
an occasional visit to tho theater or the
opeia. ,
At Troy. N. y., 10,000 persons .work on
Collins and cuffs, and tllfch' , wJ;os aro
A Mi'MFSirri company havo rVceivcd an
order for 11.000,000 woodcu butter dished '
from a St. Louis house.
should bo plunged Into)
spirits of cuinpior, nnd kept there uvo
minutes; this prevents tue blister and
eases pain.
A in l'ittsburgh has patented
a new submarine ram that will piorco
tho side ol tlio heaviest irouclad. '
Cincinnati. . tVpiil 2(5.
ijivjjtsxuuK uawc uoinmou?! u (ft 2 75
Choice butoliers .1 09 (To ,
4 0) 1 5 j
Good n.ick'irs.Crs. .... 4 50 (Li -1 f,0
Slinui' .iood to c1o(oc... .. 4 50 5 00
I.AMHS (looil to choice.., .. n :o u o Oj
- d li) w y b5
CHAIN WhiMtNp.S ird .. 81
No. a red & 8)
Com No. i! mixed , . .. 30 u iir
0.u No. a niixi'd .... Xi (jft SJ7
Ke-No. y 48 .7)
HAY to ...11 1J.I2 (X) ,
T( U AC'CO Medium leaf .... ....11) '0 Hin M
liooil leaf ...ir, (m hi 0l)r
PROVISIONS rorkMrss ....13 (10 fiftl!) Zi
Lard Pi imo steam .... , 0 8j 0 814
dairy ... 10 (, IS
Pilmo to choice creanicty., ih tA
APPLliS Pilmc, per hbl .... 1 T5) tk
... a'J& 64 3(J
Western..., 3 31 hi 01
URAIN 17 U 77'i
No. -1 n d
Coin No. : inWori. now a i fta r
O.H M ved
muss ..... . ...18 0J OtA.i St
LAICU Wisturn SV?3"1 ; is
n.orn -Wisconsin w ntor
URAIN Wheat No. a led hi
:o. u Chicago hi
No. a . .g, .,.' ui'i'ift
Olltr So. ...V. 6fl '."."i
li ;:r Q, bo
. .
i .1.,. iVV
lj.vilij. TMi'nTii ..c:..i.
J tlO Sh -J BV
UUA1.' v,.., M'i
..-'& Ui&$ W
! 3.'
.. Z 13 50 13
imeti ,i,...... au i)
TTU;F,i st quality .: 3 87' 4 00
HOtJS '...,.' Uli."5u0T5
GUA red (ft S3
Coin MI.cU HI
Oats. Mixed :5
rr.oui: wo. i v m at r o)
OKA IN Wheat. No. a red a m
Coin Miinl.., CA 355$
Otits Mlvoii... (hi 27
POltK Muas It i- M!K0L ;
Horrid Torture.
This is of ton felt in every joint and
of tho body by turns, by people who, experiencing
tho earliest twinges of rheumatism,
neglect to arrest tho malady, as they
may easily do, with Hostotter's Btomach
Bitters, a professionally authenticated
remedy for tho agonizing complaint. Recollect
that rheumatism unchecked often
lasts a lifetime, or abruptly terminates it
when th'o malady attacks tho heart. Tho
Bitters also remedies chills and fever, dyspepsia
anol liver complaint.
TnEnn newspapers and periodicals
published In foreign luuguages in this Republic.
Alt disorders caused by a bilious state of
tho system can bo curcd'by using Carter's
Littlo Liver Pills. No pain, griping or discomfort
attending their use. Try them.
A CmcAoo man was lately fined five dollars
for snoring in church.
i m i
TnnGripof Pneumonia may bo warded off
with Halo's Honey of Horehound and Tar.
Pike's Toothache Drop3 Cure in one minute.
Iowa farmers last year raised enoutrn
corn to pay off all tho farm mortgages in
tho State and leave a balance of 100,000,000
It is no longer necess to tako bluo pills
to rouse tno liver to ac fi6ffJ$nrtor'&Littrd"
Liver Pills are muclibottgr'pontprgot til is
UAigABs on
For 3Rlirm&tis;iii.
The Latest, Current Cures.
On Crutches. Forney, 7x., June 23,'18tJ.
Wi on crctchei from rbennatlim (or ttre
Donthi, one bottle Bt. Jacobs Oil cured ne Ho
return In two ytari. J. 5. WOOD, J. P.
Since tlio War. WayneiTlllo, 0., Jure SO, 'SS.
lUd hid rhtumitlita ilnce the war In fcute: a.
, vtar i go two appllcatlona Gt. Jacobi Oilcurtdmi.
Ho return ince; K. KILEON.
No Slrcnj. Qrtenvllle, 0., Juna 9, 1CC5.
Walked the floor at night, luCerlng with rhao
ciatlim; no relief, tried St. Jacobi Oil, half a battle
cured me. Mo return In ytare. J. C. VTE&VtB.
At mttracitTS and llEAi.rns
W-op .
With 'Rrtrnct of Mtlt"ftnd Compound Syrup of
iIvunnliiKnhttps. Htiros fonsiuuntlnn. llmurhltls.
CoUKhs.Cilds. Scrofula and' ill Wastlntt l)lencs.
It l us (ileUKtiut uud itiitutublu to tuku im
honey. '
IteatrengtUeuluirefriscta nrc:nlmoit Immu
It does not enme up to neeert Iteclf
lifter lielnar ivnllt cd,( am other
Eniillelou curtulnly (In.
"It I en trreiit producer of IIOXK nml
C)I.K.U iiirltia the lllood, nnd pntlvntirulu
rapidly In wr.lght while tnUln
.-... ....;-... ,..----n
nlivnya reinlv, nlw itnlu.T.iKl tlinjC never
hue n tlitcli, irniniiiy iitnl ifreney Hl.hll utthe.
top to np.ct tho l'ATir.y'N BTOtlACU,
It la need tu'tjil the loadlinr Hospltiile.
It la prescribed by the moet eminent
clntia In the United Htutes nnd Citnuiln.
Ak your Dnik'tflst for It. and take no other.'
J. A.'MAGIE & CO., TjawrcnceHiabs.
T uv surprised
after uklng Ely's
Cream Ualm tun
Jln thq rmfvmm J
riffMnioW, nhlch
U'flsf ford for 20
rycais, Km ojKnzand
pte ok the other. I
ifcclvcnl thankful.
?jv fl. C) fey uuhajn,
A partUlel appllcdjliito each noetrll and Is a
able by mitll, rfrglst red.
(Wunt. W Warren bt , New Yorlr.
In lSB&I contrdctcd Bloo;l Poison
Ol bnd type, ami was trculLd llli
ihcrtury,potnsh nr.d
mlxturc.Rrowingworso all tho time.
1 toolc 7 small bottles S. H. S. w hide
cured iie .yitirdy, nnd no eign ol
tho drcaaWt'fllscaso has returnee?.
"Vs.v. j. e-. ..NANCE-, i
Jen. 10, '80. i71oLjbyllIo, In-JJ
''TMyfiWa.r.Icco h idvliifq swelling
to itufJiyfliLCUcnt tlr.t sltaJCyi con.
linen to ino iiru lor a hmtf lime:
Jlorothaii 0 jiitcea of bor.o'twia,
'Vvd ?Jutof her Jc', and fh doctors tfattfi
nmnutniion waii'io oniy cwicuy tu
mmfy Bftoh( rlllc. I rerni'bd thebberatlon
iiilput lior on J.S.S. find tho is now
WjQX aiiV liillliiiMeiivuuiiuiuu9;uuiic'Ui.ui child allies AnnhtOkhsling.
Feb. 11, 89. Columbus, Ga.
Bool: on Bldod Dl'cafes sent free.
,'feVtJT Co.
O ) Atlanta, Ga.
Book to "S!orll. M'Ait.TJnVitiicjr,' ' (
lUJAIni:i,I ItKtU I.ATOIt C:...ATIA.VrA, QA.
Sor ii iiv am. nrtfoofeii.
JTNAyC tnia 1'AI'I.R enry Unij jca jFtite. i i
I . t
for Carptntsr. CaUnet. Paticrn. Piano
and itnol Maktu, MIIVSi Ship
arpentere, I oopire, CarMfK, ,Turn
Kni;ratr t'(i'.lnrretfi 5a
Mouldcm. ElailtlltihLis. blattn. htuLa
Cutlpm, Mi.oni, Hi icklayert, I'luiUrcri, Diauclitiipen.
etc., etc, hcioll Sae, V,uoue and lleilsns.
I.iuht Foot-Pan cr Machinery, aoJ all Stamlaitl and tho latest
Improved Labor Sivliu Tol,netr hefnro 'lllnitrntcd. Our
Catalogue li the moit complete yr offered to Mechanics, and
describes the larfcit variety of Tools 'An canalnailon of ita
coutcnte will crrn Inco you of Its correctness. It, contains up.
ward of 1.000 Illustrations, and will In ecnt tl nny address,
on receipt of i cents for postnire. H. DKSCU AUKIt,
3Ji Bluo Island Aru, C'hlcae0, Ul.
THIS PAl'En ...tllQ. joum 19.
MONTH en n homartework.
O'V tO (p2uU inu'tor Ai'oiitsnrclorrednho
can fnniNli n horno nnd kIvo their nholu time to
theliiiliH's, 9 pm (inionifintiimiy bo profitably era-
hIho. A few vuo inclosln towns mid cltlf.
1. l.lou.VM)Ni ('.. lOou.MnhiSt..Klchmond,Va
Kllhuttituiplnynl also.' Xertrmhiiitibnul Minting
Ifniiijinc reply l om 'fA. Afim "Or LI:, U. t J. C'9.
WIS PAl'SR erriai4inl) ,
r.t.ifci.. .!... -1. n
I'M Ql BlffN Cni. Cin. iinnKnn Tint
1, only mt, 11NTH. DUl
4J& also OUlti ileaxeo.
'Ul'W ''J'iU'A'" '
eja 1 V1ri'r?
I lsiAikrT31
Ui5C2T'f r -
That Tired Feeling
Is experienced by almost overyonont till enon.
nnd mnny peoplo resort to Hood's Haraaparllla to
drlvo away tho lnnguot and ovliimatlon. Tho
blood, laden with Impurities which tiavo been
lor monthii, moves sluRglshly tbrounh
the vein, the mind falls to tblnU quickly, nnd tho
bodyls jtlll slower torescond. IIoodNSnrnpirllla
is Just whnt Is needed. It purines vltiillies. nnd
enriches tlio blood, ranlies tlio liciid cleur, creates
nn appetite, overcomes tlmt tired leallnc. and Imparts
new strength und vigor.
Hood's SarsapanHa
"Mynppetlto was poor, I could not sleep, hsd
hcncl.icho n crcnt deal, pains In my bark, my bowels
did not move- riculnilj. Hood's Pnrsaparllln In a
short llnio did uiu so much good that (fool likes
new man. My pnlns nnd aches nro rollovod. my
appctlto Improved." Geouob l Jackson,
Station, Coun.
EV3akes the Weak Strong
"Tor years 1 wns sick, every sprlnir, but hist year
took JIood'B Siirsapnrllhi and havo not soon a sick
day since." (J. W.SLOAN. Milton, SIftas.
"I take Hood's Bar lpurllla iih h sprlns tonic, nnd
I recommend It to ull who Imvo tlint mlserablo tired
feellni?." C. I'AItMiaUK, S10 Urldga stroot,
Hood's' Sarsaparalla
Sold by nil dtUBKlsts. f 1; six for V. Prepared only
byCiHOODgp,, Apothecaries. Lowell, Class.
IOO Doses One K5o!!ar
The Great Liver anil Stomach Remefly
For tho euro of all dlsordors of
of tho BOWELS, PILES and
a'.l dorangoments of tho Internal
Vlocora. Purely Vcgotablo, containing
no morcury, minoral3, or
bo accomplished by taking RAD
WAY'S PILLS. By so doing
BILIOUSNESS, will bo avoid-
I od, and tho food that lo oaton con-
iiimuiu no i.uuiioi.illb ii.jji nun
'f9rtjtjb,f i support of tho natural
waste of tho .body. Prico 25c. por
I i'"&SE;L H. 00;
- - AVIS.,
V evj kffi. i ; mEm
EC j
ts'SiatfS'SE? i mam
Portftblo. fltiulonary and Traction KnRlnei, HEP
AKATOKN, llorje 1'owurn. Tri.itirrowor,and
AAV Mll.li Machinery. J2Bkm kohlakqh
,andomuCatau)qui:,.maili!0 ritEli.
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X. S. KVhTIS, G r. A.. C. II. & Q. it. a., Chlcaao.
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I,aVC(H!IC & CO., Indlituufoollk, IlluUU,
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AUiIrcaa P. H. FITZOERAT.n. U. K.
Claim Agency for Intl.
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Wanted In crr.r cmidIt. Flirewdnen toaettinlirlrmrucliori.
In our Htcret rlrrlce. Experience not neces.ary. Ben t ?. siann
GrannanDctectlveBureauCo. 44 Arcade, Clnoinnatl.O.
TO S8 A DAY. Samples worth $2.15
FREE. Line not under honeV foot. Wilt
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