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Asparagus la the oldest known plnl
used for food.
Miiavaukek street ear fares Are to
bo mluccd to four cents.
People who uso tobacco to a great
flegrco rarely suffer from cholera.
Minneapolis trades and labor coun
ell wants postal banks established.
. 'vN Enplish Stevo Brodlo jumped
from tho Forth bridge, 150 feet high.
The Sunday-school button is tho
latest development of tho button fad.
TliK city of New Orleans Is now six
incJies lower than it was 40 years ago.
A oiutAT many American Hags aro
hiado by sweatshop labor in Now
l'HE Indian appropriation bill has
been complotcd. It appropriates
'i'liK Chicago" Dispatch says there
ro 3,000,000 unemployed in tho United
Tiikiik nro still 20,000,010 square
miles of tho earth' surfaco that havo
not been explored.
Uov. Tujinev, of Tennessee,
the extension of tho secrot ballot
to tho entiro state.
J. W, Durham, postmaster of
Ky., has a nine-year-old son
M'J'.o weighs 220 pounds.
The rosults of the last French census,
just pnblishcd, show a continuod
decreuso In tho birthrate.
It is estimated" that 2,500,000 bushels
of wheat are being held west of Winnipeg,
Man., for higher prices.
Imperfect teeth aro a suro sign of
civilization. Perfect teeth aro found,
as a rule, only among savages.
TiTTsiiuiiaii will follow Chicago with
an ordinanco forbidding women to
wear hats or bonnets in theaters.
Two Larked (ICas.) men shipped
30,000 pounds of jack rabbit to a
Jow York commission firm a few days
since. ,
The draft of tho Pacific cable commission
has been signed by tho Urltlsh,
Canadian and Australian
The singular punishment for bigamy
in Hungary is to compel tho man to
livo together with both wives in ono
A BI.KIOH owned by Aldcn Rich, of
Uouldsvillc, Vt, was mado 155 years
ago, in 1741, but is still in uso and good
running order.
. An American robin was recently
found near Manchester, Eng. Urltlsh
naturalists nro wondering how it
cro&sed"the ocean .
A Texnkssek convict is asking for a
pardon on thegrouud'that at his trial
ho pleaded only in order vto os
v capojinob violence. -
'The tono of a piano is best when tho
instrument is not near a walL An
oven temperature should bo main
tained in tho room.
Cecil Rhodes is a hearty supporter
of tho Salvation army and he has mado
Gen. Booth an offer of land in Rhodesia
for the army's use.
A crusade against Jnpaneso labor
lias begun at Orangevalc, Cal. Tho
Japanese havo been warned to lcavo,
under penalty of death,
RosiON will abrogate) its printing
contracts and establish a municipal
plant.. A stato plant is now wanted by
tho Typographical union.
A Miff kind of jackrabblt making
depredations at Rialto, Cal., has front
tcoth several inches long that "curl
n round in grotesquo shapes."
Artificial arms nnd legs were used
in Egypt as early as 700 li. C. Thoy
woro mado by tho priests, who were
tho physicians at those times.
Vessels propelled by wind carry
about one-half of tho tonnago of tho
world. In Britain alone 40 per cenj
of tho tonnago is in sailing vessels.
Uex. W. W. Guthjue, of Atohinson,
Kan., has established a breed of polled
Hero ford cattlo by starting with a
freak in his herd of thoroughbreds.
Miss Toedteiieiiq is the best paid
librarian in tho world. Sho looks after
n valuable collection of books owned
by the Historical Society of Brooklyn.
William Turner, of PJerco county,
Georgia, Is 101 years old and his wlfo
09. They were In their teens when
they wero married. They now havo
317 grandchildren.
Mus. Smith, a hundred-year-old lady
at Grantham, Eng., docs all her own
housework, nurses an invalid ncphow,
and sells potatoes, which sho has
planted and dug up herself.
Iiikhk aro 52 penitentiaries and over
17,000 jails in the United States. They
cost 5500,000,000 to build them. Tho
criminal expense to tho country is not
less than $100,000,000 annually.
SiNCinJerry Simpson is returning to
congress it Is recalled that ho was tho
very first representative to throw dignity
to tho winds and to appear sailing
down Pennsylvania avenuo on a
At a literary party in Hartford one
lady woro a gown made of copies of
two sensational Now York papers. It
is said that there was no difficulty in
deciding thai she represented tho Big-low
The Japanese religion demands that
a man must worship "R tho soil,'1
every day. Princes nnd rich men evade
this by sprinkling a little dirt In one
corner of a room, somotlmes on a
square of cement made for tho purpose.
1'ue air Is so clear in the Arctlo re
gions that conversation can be carried
easily by persons two miles apart It
Iihs also been asserted on good author
ity that ut Gibraltar tho human voice
has been distinctly heard at u distant
of ten miles.
Second Seiilon.
WARniNOTOit, Jnn. 13.
i.blll was Introduced by Mr. Iltll (dem , Jf. V.)
tnd was roterrcd to the cost office committee
proposing to Ox tho term or post'
masters at four yoars, except In the case til
appointments o ail vacancies, when Ihoy an
to be for tnb unexpired period. The
resolution offered by Mr". Allen (pop,
Neb.) Monday in regard to the violation
of tho eight-hour low In IlrooUlyn by
:ontraCtors with thr navy department wai
taken up and agreed to. The house bill for
free homesteads on publlo lands acquired
from Indian tribes was taken up as tho unfinished
business. It was advocated by Mr. Allen
and opposed by Mr. Vilas, (dem., Wis.).
xne out went over without notion nnd th
icnato atSMB adjourned until Wednesday.
IIousi Tho proceedings wero very tame It
the house Tuesday. A number of bridge bills
and other minor measures were passed, and
at 6 o'clock an adjournment was takon until
Washington, Jan. It Senate The first
two hours of Wednesday's session was spent
behind closed doors, in the consideration ot
executive business (tho extradition treatlei
with Argentina and the Orange republic) and
the rcmalndor of the day was occupied In the
delivery of a speech by Mr. Ilacon (dem., da.)
on the question whether the recognition or
new power was an excoutlve or a legislative
act Ills contention was that It was a legislative
function; one exclusively for determination
by congress A bill appointing the score-tarp
or the treasury, tho secretary or tho Interior
and the attornoy general a commission
to settle the debt of the Pad no railroads tc
tho government was Introduced by Mr. Goal
(rep. La.), chairman of the commltteo of Pacific
railroads, and was referred to the
House The house spent tho day on th
calender and pissed a number ot minor bill!
by unanimous consent Tho bill providing
that oleomargarine and other Imitation dairy
products shau be subject to tho laws or th
stato or territory Into whloh thoy aro transported,
was nprung unexpectedly. Strong opposition
developod nt onco, with tho result
that ufter a long wrangle a demand for the
previous question on tho passage of the bill
was voted down by a narrow majority. Th
house then adjourned.
Washington, Jan. lo Senate The house
bill for free homosteads on tho publlo lands In
Oklahoma Territory, which has been unfinished
business In tho senate, came to a vote
Thursday after three hours' debate and was
passed yeas 33, nays II. It was llrstamonded
In a ery Important particular by striking out
the words ' In tho territory of Oklahoma,"
thus making It apply to all publlo lands acquired
from tho various Indian tribes. It
provides that all settlers on these
lands shall be entitled to patents,
on payment ot the usual and customary
foes and that no further chargo of any kind
shall be required. Italso provides, by another
senate amendment, that all sums of
money so released, whloh If not released
would bolong to any Indian trlbo, shall be
paid to such tribe by the United States. The
bill now goes back to the house for action on
tho same amendments. An effort was then
mado by Mr. Morgan to get up tho Nicaragua
canal bill and to mako It the unfinished business:
but there was nonuorum.votlng on his
motion and tho scnato aV 10 p. "in. adjourned
till Monday. '
House Tho oleomargarlno bill was passed
Thursday. Consldvablc opposition i as de-.
nloped tout" Ji dlJi'.'ot prove formidable on
iho yon and nay oto on the third reading.
which the opponents of tho measure accepted
ns final. Tho yeas wero 128 and the nays 90.
Some amendments to perfect the measure
ncre agreod to without opposition Tho bill
makes oleomargarine and other imitation
dairy products subject to the lawsot the stato
or torrltory into which they aro transported.
The remainder or the day was spent by the
house In transacting routlno business under
the unanimous consent rule.
Wahiiinoton, Jan. la Senate Not In session.
House Five hours wero spent Trldsy In
disposing ot routlno business, principally private
pension bills. A number or them wore
passed. A Semite bill fronting an increase to
the widow ot Gen John Olbbon, met with opposition
but It went through in its ortglnnl
shape which, with the president's approval,
will glvo Mrs Ulbbon 100 a month Mr.
(rep. Mass) Introduced In tho house
Friday a bill fixing the ago for retirement,
from the classified service of the United
States ut 0i years. All offices are to
bccoinos vaoant when the person holding
them becomes 65 yoars old, and no person
more than A3 years old Is to bo eligible to appointment
The act, howovor, Is not to apply
to union veterans ot the late wnr or their
widows. At the night session ot the house u
round dozen of pension bills wero passed.
Tho wldowsof GeaOrcenClay Smith and Geo.
A Morrow wero the benoOclarles In two ot the
.bills passed, tho former receiving a pension
or $50 per mouth and the latter 175 per month.
Wabjiinoton, Jan. 18. Senate Not in
House No business of impottanco was
transacted in the house Saturday. Most of
the day was spent In delivering eulogies upon
the lite ex-speaker, Charles P. Cilsp.
Washington, Jan 19 Senate Senator
Murphy's bill tor a new custom house in New
York w is reported back favorably and placod
on tho calendar Tho prosent custom house-site
Is to bo uso 1, nnd tho limit ot cost Is ?5,.
000,00.). Tho bill to provide torn representation
of the United Stiles by commissioners at
any International monotarr conference was
Introduced and Is to be taken up Tuesday
without reference to a committee. The nrmy
appropriation bill appropriating ovor
was passed without question or remark.
There, was a few minor amendments whloh
will probably be concurred In by the house,
without the formality of a conference The
Nioaraguan canal bill was taken up and made
tho unfinished business (33 to 11), and after a
two hours' speech In support of it by Mr. Morgan
(dem., Ala.) tho aonate at 5:15 adjourned
until Tuesday.
House The house spent Monday In consideration
of miscellaneous matters, business
of tho District of Columbia occupying the
greater portion ot the session. Asldo from
theso measures of purely local Interest, bills
wero passed: To prohibit and punish the
sale of liquors to the Indians over whom tho
Interior depirtmont exercises guardianship;
extending for two years the time for
tho completion ot tho Kansas, Oklahoma
Central and Southwestern railway through
Indian territory nnd Oklahoma: amending the
patent laws, along the lines proposed by the
Amortoan Bar association; to glvo to tho
United States the benefit of devices patented
by naval officers; authorizing the construction
of a bridge across the RloOrando at El Paso,
Tex ; also or a bridge across tho Monongehola
from Draddoek to Mifflin, Pa.
J. Edward Aildlcks Nominated.
Dover, Del., Jan. 10. The caucus of
tho republican general assembly Monday
evening nominated J. Edward Ad-dicks
for United States senator. The
democrats of tho regular general assembly
did not go Into caucus at nine
o'clock as was agreed to.
The democratic caucus reconvened
after midnight and Gen. R. R Kenney
was nominated for senator on the 30th
ballot. The nomination of Kenney is
virtually a victory fir the- silver rocu.
Hy n Torpedo, and ThosoVot Injured
Jump Overboard Insurgents Fire Upon
the Drowning Mnli j
Havana, Jan. 19. Though the in
surgents have nd nnvylhoy do Hot
hesitate when tho opportunity offers
- o fmn
ifunmn uirii r. r
10 attacK vno opanisn warmps. xuu
latest instance of this kind occurred
Sunday morning when a,3,inlsh gunboat
was sunk by means oXSKtorpedo
and many of her crew IcMed. A detachment
of rebels had maWan attack
Upon tho forts at (Juamo, scfcelistancc
up tho Cau to rlverTTvinafc of Santi
ago do Cuba, and the Sjmish troops
fearing that they would nobo able to
hold out asked for assistance from
Manzanlllo on tho coast. 0 Saturday
night the gunboats. CentinefV, and Re
lampago left Manzanlllo miller orders
to ascend the river and protect tho
forts. Tho commander ofi tho gunboats
used all posslblo speed uajfunning
up tho coast to the mouth of 'tyhe river,
but when they began to a' ljen d they
proceeded very .cautiously, Tispeeti ng
that the rebels might have P"fti ted
pedocs in tho channel. All: inn I well
until the gunboats weroi oslte a
place called Mango, when .Hpltc nil
the precautions that had, taken
the Kclampago struck a toriatf o. in-
efnntlv fhnrrt wnt n plosion
and masses of water were li! Wed to a
great height The hull orUiUlt clam-
pago was torn open anu si once
began to sink. Thero was iavn to
lower a boat and almost the
extent of the disaster com llzcd
tho vessel wont down. TlWWI1! ioard
who wero not injured jum pWo tho
water and made their vkIMhi Jbest
they could In the direction' !en-
uneu. as soon ns it wa: 'the
Rclamnago was sinki: Cen
tineli boats wero to
tho rescue. Tho rebi red
to be in stroncr ongi
the banks of tho river n& hey
saw tho Spaniards in th ffH,th ej
directed a heavy rltlo nro .iBMBB niT'
The Centincll oponed jl rwStlio
rebels, but as thoy could KM
and their positions could, MpS
covered by tho smoke fro:
it is not believed that any BBBuei lBBJR3eXi'
were inflicted upon them,
When tho Contlnoll's b
ed to rescue tho men stU;
water tne reoeis ureu up 3BHH.Mllt
tno Spaniards bravely , p
their work ot rescuo until.
had been taken from tho
. Tho comman ler of the'
so s'ertouslywounded,
entertained for.his red
The condltiorf of Ite
Centincll to nrocoed to
she therefore returned to Mauzanll'lo
where the news of the disaster ca"used
Intense excitement. ,
The ofliclnl report of the affair states
thut the commander, second engineer
and three sailors of the Rclampago
woro killed and her boatswain, quartermaster,
chiof engineer, pilot and
four sailors wounded. Tho boatswain
of tha Centincll was killed autl her
pilot, second engineer, gunner and sit
sailors were wounded.
Iloth gunboats were small vessels intended
principally for river service and
they did not carry largo crows.
Louisville Hank Closed. ;
Louisviu.e, Ky,, Jan. 10. Tho German
national bank was closed Monday
by order of tho controller of
Examiner Escott is In 'charge.
IIo refuses to make n statomont of tho
bank's condition, but tho assets and
liabilities will probably not exceed
8100,000. The bank has been doing
business 25 years. Had management
is assigned as the causo of the trouble.
Louisville, Ky., Jan. 19 Monday
night the directors decided to organize
the Southern national bank to tako
tho business of tho German national,
and tho controller of currency was
telegraphed for tho necessary papers.
Sixty thousand dollars wero pledged
ns subscription to the capital stock.
Newport Dank Falls.
Newport, Ky., Jan. 10. Tho First
national bank, of this city, at the
northwest corner of Fifth and York
streets, did not opeti its doors Monday.
Tho nows spread with great rapidity,
and before long thero was a crowd of
excited depositors assembled in front
of tho bank, clamoring for an explanation.
No ono wns allowed hi the institution.
The olllcials sent out word
that the bank was solvent, but had
been forced to close down for lack of
ready monoy. Assurance was sent out
that no ono would loso anything.
Minister Willis' funeral.
Honolulu, Jan. 10. Correspondence
of the United Associated Presses per
steamer City of Rio do Janeiro, via
San Francisco, January 18. Tho funeral
of Minister Willis took place on the
Sth inst. Tho body lay in stato In tho
great throne hall and was visited by a
large number of citizens. The Central
Union church was crowded at tho
services. Tho procession was headed
by 600 soldiers. Prcsldont Dolo and
the chief officials of tho government attended.
Minnesota Bavin Hank Falls.
St. Paul, Jan. 10. Iho Minnesota
Savings bank has made an assignment
to Wm. Illckel, Sr., vlco president of
the defunct Allemnnia bank, and
father of Wra. Itlckol, jr., president oi
the Minnesota Savings bank. Assets
8250,000; liabilities $210,000.
The Threo Friends Violated No law.
Jacksonville, Flo., Jan. 10. The
Three Friends has violated no law and
she will bo released unless uew libel Is
filed in ten days.
J. 1'. GitcaoiiY has been commissioned
us p' tmastcr at Neosheo, Simpson
Jouv W At.rp.it, n Henderson Negro,
aged 0J years, drunk seven cups of
whisky in seven minutes, und died 15
minutes later. The bartender who
gave him the liquor will be prosecuted.
The dry goods stock of S. and E.
Obcrdorfer, Henderson, was damaged
by firo to tho extent of S20.0O0. 'Ihc
fire caught from tho furnace in the
tellar. The loss is fully covered by
M'.M.nAL republican applicants havo
their petitions in circulation for tho
Elkton post ofllcc.
A I'ehtion is being circulated at
Versailles, asking Gov. IJradley to pardon
Dr. Walker Davis, who has served
12 years 'of a llfo sentence for tho alleged
poisoning of his father-in-law.
Uuitoi.Ain climbed tho Ore escape
Into Guthrie &, Watson's dry good3 establishment,
Lexington, demolished
the drawers in a handsome counting-room
desk, and received for their pains
a nicklo and n plugged two-cent piece.
Mits. Geo. Lewis and her three-year-old
child, at Ft, Estill, Madison county,
futnlly burned. The
child's clothing first caught fire.
The St. John's Free Silver club, of
Hardin county, consisting of 103
has called upon Hon. D, R. Murray,
of Cloverport, to bocorao a candidate
for circuit Judge.
Mn Joiw FicttfiUSON and Mrs, Nancy
Fought, both of Nortonville, wero married
tho other day. The groom Is 83
years old, w. tile the brido is 11 years
his junior.
The business block known as tho
Lexington Itusiucss Colloge building,
wns sold at auction to W. "Hops"
the turfman, for $38,8 j0.
Tin; National Sanitarium association
will-hold its next annual meeting in
At Lexington, Henry Jctikltis. colored,
who on November 2 killed Avery
Reese, a fellow -laborer, by a blow from
a spado, nnd was afterward captured
In Otfor.1, O., was tlic other eveniug
sentenced to IU years in the penitentiary
for voluntary manslaughter.
t Mits Wiifma.n, aged SO,
of Ah. Wiseman, prominent as tho
lirst abolitionist in Estill county, died
tho oUiet day of grip
Alii Mu.it ltitoAtinuH, S.", a well
nioivn farmer anil mi old soldier, died
ttf,lfly.hpiuc Luuiattcr, the. other.
t ti
, . .-. .1
,nie'gramriut'y re-
rnt'd 1111 indictment against Charles
,,'rnylor, tho confessed inuidcicr of
Nellie Mep; Taylor was arraigucd
in conit mid his trial set for tho present
Cait, J. II. llowi.AM), republican,
has anuounced that he is a candidate
for tho post office at Cloverport.
I'aijik au's city directory for tho
year 1S')7 has just been issued. Tho
publisher ligutcs that tho Purchase
metropolis h:is n population of 21,433
CoNOunssM.vv llKimrhas Intro lucod
a bill to give Carrollton a 335,005 post
office building.
A WiNciiKbrnt man has r.old 2,100
bushels of wheat nt SI. 01 a bushel.
Nottvix S. (Jr.oi!!', formerly a Louisville
councilman, fell dead n few days
ago at Chicago.
Tin; court of appeals decided that
tho Louisville Gas- Co. has no right to
charge niutur rent.
It is reported that W, A. Jtyrd,a
deputy United States marshal, was
hilled in Iheathitt county while in tlte
discharge of his duty.
Tiik republican committee of Trimble
county has indorsed Hon. O. W.
Lieberlli, of Ken port, for collector.
Junor. T. .1. !:cott is announced as a
candidate for re-election to the ofllco
of circuit judge of the Twenty-fifth
judicial d sttict, composed of tho counties
of Clark, Jessamine, Madison and
Tiikhi: are now four republican can-dates
for the legislature from Pulaski
county, 'J hey nro 1) It. Hubble, John
A. Jasper, L. Itninwntcr and Michael
T. Freeman.
Mosi.8 Ukttox, a fnrmer living on
Red Ulrd creek, ten miles from Pine-ville,
accidentally shot nnd killed, his
14-year-old daughter.
Tiik post ollicc at Ilalscll, Warren
county, has 'been discontinued. Mail
to Riehardsville.
Judok Paiikkh, in tho circuit court
at Lexington, handed down his opinion
in tho city election cases of
, Warren nnd Gcers (republicans)
against Garland, Foushco nnd
Masucr (democrats) for tho offices of
city clerk, nsscssor and jailer. Tho
decision favors tho democrats, who are
now holding tho offices. Tho suit was
tho result of alleged illegal methods
used by tho democrats In tho city election
in 189". Now tho caso goes to tho
court ot appeals on the grounds that
tho law governing returns was not
complied with.
Tup. attempted fusion between
and populists in Lyon county
At Paintbville, tho examining trial
of Paris Walters, for the alleged murder
of Llndscy Co nicy, resulted in his
Taylor IIrkkt, individual bookkeeper
of the German national bank,
of Covington, committed suicldo by
cutting his throat.
Lkwis county gained n step in the
direction of free turnpikes the other
day when the htoelcliolders of one
tnrnplkn decided to transfer it to the
to the Lincoln National
By provision of its charter, depositors are as fully protected as are
depositors in National Banks, its shareholders being held individually
liable to the extent of the amount of stock therein at the par value
thereof in addition to the amount invested in such shares: It may act
as Executor, Administrator, Trustee or Receiver, as an individual,
Condition of the Farmers Bank and Trust Co., Stanford,
Kentucky, December 31, 1896.
Loans nml Discounts. ,2n 010.61
Overdrafts , -. 7, ,070 ID
Otner Stocks ami llonds - I ,98107
Due from National Hanks . 41.
Hanking House , .. 6, ,fi80 00
PuriiUuro una fixtures 800 00
Cash .J. 10 7jnU9
J. J. Williams, Mt. Vernon, Ky W. A. Carpenter, Milledgeville, Ky
John M. Hail, Stanford, Ky. Jno. S. Owsley, Stanford, Ky.
J. E. Lynn " " Jno. F. Cash
" " William "
S.J Embry, Gooch,
W. H. Cuinmings, Preachersville, Ky.
S. H. SHANKS, President. J, B. OWSLEY, Cashior
W. M. BRIGHT, Teller.
STWe solicit all having business in bank to call or write us, and
they will receive prompt attention. J. B. OWSLEY, Cashier
My Store is on the Corner of Main Street and Taylor Avenue, Near
The Presbyterian and Baptist Churches.
.New, Hard Time .Prices Ca!Land,,8e5i
B. F RIIvBY, Proprietors
I have moved to my new Hotel arc am better prepared
than ever to accommodate the public. Good Livery at
tached and every convenience desired. Give me call
The Sambrook Hotel,
Convenient to railroad station. Rates reasonable.
Porters meet all trains.
Livingston Ky
Capital Stock . ,
Surplus I'und , . 17,603 80
Indlviduil Deposits . 1 .4,4711 8!
Due from National Hanks . 3,875 31
Due from ftatelUnks . 6,303 8 1
1352,258 80
Druggists arid Pharmacists.
Mt. Vernon, Ky.
We carrv Drugs, Chemicals, Paints,
Oils, Varnishes, Patent Medicine. Fancj
Soaps, Cigars, Tobaccos, &c. Prescriptions
carefully compounded at all hours.
Give us a call for goods usually kept in a
first-class drugstore.
13 j5
First National Bank
Of Stanford, Ky.
Capital Stock $200,000. Surplus $23,100
J. W. Haydeti, K. L. Tanner, J. H. Collier, M. D. Elmore, F. Rdd
T. P. Hill, S. H. Baughman, W. A. Tribble, S. T. Harris,
J. S. Hocker and M. J. Miller.
We solicit the accounts of the citizens ot Rockcastle and adjoining
counties, assuring them prompt and careful attention to all business
intrusted to us. Personal application and correspondence, with a view
to business relations, respectfully invited. " .
J. S. HOCKER, Pros, JNO. J. McROBERTS, Cashier,
jTTwsnr r?

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