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The Ilcnrttrim Mnrdcrcr Smolicil a
Cigarette Nenr the Coritnc After
Committing the Crime.
London, Ky., March S. One of tlio
foulest n nil most cold-blooded murders
ever 'perpetrated In this section
mom committed nenr Knst Ucrnstndt,
n mining' town In thin county, nt the
SinallwooilHhr, a dlsreiiutable joint
oil" .the llnef the L. & N. railway.
Millard Huglity, a young man from
White's Station. Madison county,
while nt lie SmuIlwocAl resort attending
n dance, was setipon by Leonard
Sinalluood, Hump tfrngg and others,
and while begging onhls life had the
whole top of his had shot off.
While Hughes.who had been shot
twice in the head with V
Colt's revolver, jkas lying oirtne floor
btill gasping for breath, Ills nuirderer,
Leonard Smallwood, took a sent by
the fire nnd coolly lit n cigarette and
smoked it wjlthln two .feet of the
murdered man's body. The corpse lay
there all night, nnd wns not remoNud
until' after the coroner's jury had
viewed the body.
Terrible Hrault of n Little Hoy
SplIIIiiK I'owilcr on nil Oven
Henrth Nenr tirnynon, Ky.
Grayson, Ky., March 5. While
Ornut Mullins nnd Mnrlon' Dowdic
were starting to work in the coal
mines a boy picked up half
u gallon can of mining powder nnd
inn toward the fire, nnd ns Mullins attempted
to catch him the child
dropped the can on the open henrth,
(.pilling part of it.
The powder exploded with terrific
force, setting fire to the clothing of
Mrs. Mullins, her three children nnd
Dowdic and Mullins. Mrs. Mullins, a
eheet'of flames, ran to a pool of water
near by. Mullins and Dowdie tore the
clothes from the children and then
from thembcUci, Mrs. Mullins has
since died, nnd her husband is dying.
The others may recoer.
A I.nnlmlllr Ilnrilunrc Denier Flncil
- 1?1, .-()() fur TnlNely Hilling it'Cnr""
I.ontl of TrelKht.
LouisllIc, Ky., March 3. The federal
grand jury returned an indictment
ngnliiht John XV. 1'rice, secretnry
of W. 11. Ilclknnp & Co., hnrdwnro
dealers, one of the largest wholesnlo
houses of this city. The indictment
alleges thnt l'llco on October 10, 1803,
billed to the 12. L. Wilbon Hardware
Co., of llennmont, Tex., n car load of
mixed hnrdware, guns, ammunition,
etc., labeling and billing said shipment
ns "wagon materinl lit the
rough," the rate on which is lower
than the rate on mixed hardware.
The Indictment, It is said, is the result
of rhnlry between St. Louis and
Loiiisiille. wholesalers In the Texas
market. T.nter in the tiny Mr. Price
plended guilty, and Judge Evans fined
him $1,300.
Clinrue Mmlc l)y Creditors.
Louisville, Ky., March 3. An amended
petition filed in the federnl court
makes some serious chnrges In connection
with the bankruptcy proceedings
instituted ngninst J.. 11. Nugent,
n Fourth menue dry goods merchant.
Nugent's creditors nllego that Will
Nugent", bon of K. 13. Nugent, has left
tho city with money rcnlied on his
father's house and the btock of his
btore, and that lie can not be locnted.
The amount young Nugent is said to
have taken is about $14,800. It sets
forth that Nugent now has assets of
about $7,000 only, while Ms liabilities
are $40,000.
Quarreled Over n 1'nlr of Socle.
.Middiesboro, By., March 5. Will
and John Stcvcnsbi others, fell out
over the pobscssion ot apalr of socks,
nt the mines, when thVformcr pulled
n pistol and shot thcoUier through
the breast, inflictinga faul wound.
The incn were colored. Stevens made
his escape. N.
Uncit Ilia rntlier'H Knlfc.
Lcltchflcld, Ky., March 5. James
of Coroner T. M. Sisk, who
linn been delirious for the past two
days, borrowed his inther's knife and
cut his throat. His parents learned
the motive too Intc, and the son may
lloj's DylnB Statement.
Middiesboro, Ky., March 5 .John
Lewis Howard la dead, nnd before ho
expired lelternted the stntcment that
ho killed his father at the solicitation
of his mother. The boy wits 10 yearn
old at the time of the alleged crime.
IIowIIiik Alley Illne.
Lexington, Ky., March 4. Fire damaged
Melllcr's bowling nlleys and. saloon
to tho extent of ubout $5,030.
$2,800. Hnmiiey & (.'o,, alga
pnlnterB, n)so yiffered;
- 3 3 - 85 35r9'9fl - 994 - 9 - 95 aiiT
I.lcul. CltitM. Ward ConfenncH lie and
ScrKl. Ueo. I'enree )ld the Deed
Mny lie
Frankfort, Ky., March 4. Lieut.
Charles Ward, of Company C, Lexlng
ton, and Sergt. George Penrce, of the
same company, who Is also sergeant''
major of the 2d regiment, tore the),
crepe from the. marble columns of tho
capltol. Pcarce confessed to Lieut.
Col. Morrow and implicated Ward.
The latter is now at home, having
in the meantime been relieved from
duty to return to business. The act
is thought to have been the result of
n thoughtless romp.
"' Lieut. Col. Morrow will order a
court-martial. He predicts that Ward
and Pearce will be severely punished.
The charge against Word will bo
conduct unbecoming nn officer. There
is "talk of prosecution in the local
courts, but Morrow said: "1 shall
not surrender these men to the civil
authorities. They enn bo punished
but onco for this offense, and that
will be by- court -martial."
IlcnnhllcaiiN From the Southern
Stntcn AVI II Sleet In NnshvlIIe to
Consider an Election Law.
Frankfort Ky., March 4. The committee
appointed by tho republican
legislative caucus to arrange for a
coincntion of the republicans of Kentucky,
Virginia, Missouri, Mississippi,
Alabamn, North and South Carolina,
to inaugurate n movement against the
election laws now in force In those
stntcs, held -a meeting and organized.
Senator N. T. Howard, of llutler county,
wns elected chairman, and Senator
W. H. Cox, of Miiystillc, secretary.
The Kentucky stale convention will
be held some time between now and
April nt Louisville. The coincntion
then will issue nn address to the republicans
of the states mentioned,
calling n comention of nil of them to
meet nt Noslnllle, Tenn., later.
AVnM With Morftnh.
Glasgow, Ky., March 5. Harmon II.
Harlow, one of the "wealthiest men in
Ilarren county, is dead. Ho was
mid. Into Ohio-and
was sent to Camp Douglass. With
others he engaged in a during conspiracy
to cbcnpe, but their plans were
discovered and thwarted. Mr. Harlow
wits the oldest son of the late Hon.
Smith Harlow, n noted Kentucky politician.
Allners Were Wrong.
Owcnsboro, Ky., March 2. Coal
miners nt the New Holland mines
wont back to work after n strike of
three weeks. While out the men organized
and joined tho union. As
soon ns they organized higher union
ofiiciuls told the strikers they were
wrong In their demnnds. The mino
owners signed the union scale. Tho
owners claimed the right to nssign
men to places in the mines.
Another Churned With the Crime.
Somerset, "Ify., March 5. Milford
Uartlett, who was arrested several
weeks ago, accused of burning and
killing his wife in nn old abandoned
cabin, was given his examining trial
before County Judge Catron nnd
A Negro named Bowen
Clnunch was arrested immediately
after tho Uartlett trial, charged with
the murder of Mrs. Bartlett.
Vine Fields Promised.
Louisville, Ky., March 2. From final
payments which are being made on
entries for tho Kentucky Derby of
1D00, vnlued at $0,000, the Clark btnkes,
$4,000, and tho Kentucky Oaks, $3,000,
Secretary Price, of the new Louisville
Jockey club, feels assured of unusually
flno fields for those events. Tho
limit for thebo payments expires on
March 1.
Suicided While on a Visit.
Falmouth, Ky., March C Alvln
Hurt, a prominent young farmor of
near Dcmossville, while on a visit to
his father near Concord, suicided by
bhodting himself. He leaves a wife
and three small children. Tho latter
have been ill with diphtheria, and tho
worry incident thereto Is assigned as
the cause for tho rash i,et.
IV Wo nnd Child Mysterious!, Tt'iO
Columbln, Ky., March 2. The wife
and child of Peter Cooper
died within a ew minutes of each
other and rattier mysteriously. Ho
left after breakfast to work about one
mile away. At about 0 o'clock ho was
sent for, and on reaching homo found
them both dead. The cuso may bo investigated.
Howard for Gneucl'a Assassin.
Frankfort, Ky., March 7. In tho
house tho Ward bill, appropriating
$100,000 for ferrotlpg out tho ORunssin
of William (ioebel, was discussed for
nenrly iho hours nnd Hnnlly pussed by
o votfl of 57 9 97(LfitliSJLParty vote'
Their Shipment From Frankfort-.to
London Has Been Stopped.
rite Itcmornl of the Arsenni
Was the Sulijcct of a
ltesolutlon lleliitf Introduced
In the Semite.
London, Kyi March 4, Two full car
loads of army equipage. Including
smnll arms two lilltllilg gUns, five
cannoliR nnd large quantity of ammunition
df Ull kltidSi arrived here
over the L. & N. from Frankfort,
to Col. Iloger Williams. Capt.
Parker, of the Lo'ndon company of
state guards, is in churgc of the war
implements, nnd has n strong guard
over them. TIip meaning, of this move
s not generally understood llefBi J
Frankfort, Ky., March 0. Shipment
of the trims and ammunition of war to
London contiued Monday. Car-load of
small arms and other equipments wns
shipped Monday morlililg. The
Gatllng gun and other arms In
use by the soldiers on the state
house square are of course still
here. Itcpublicntt Gov. Taylor left
for llutler county Monday morning
to attend the funeral of his
brother, AI01170 Taylor.
Frankfort, Ky., Mrch C In the
democratic schiato Monday Senator
Dell introduced a bill which Is aimed
at Kcpublican Gov. Taylor and republican
minor state officials. The bill
provides that nny slate officer who
shall forcibly hold possession of the
office for a larger period than five
days after the legislature or state
contest board shall have declared another
person legally elected, shall be
guilty of felony.
There wns more war talk in the
democratic senate Monday. Senntor
Trlplctt, anti-Goebel democrat, offered
a resolution to investigate the
truth of published reports concerning
shipment of state guns and military
paraphannlin to London by Itepublicnn
Gov. Taylor, nnd to demond the return
of same to the state arsennl. If the
reports nrc found to be true nnd re
turn of them Is refused, the commit
tee appointed to make the investigation
shajl then bring In n bill making
anuapproprlntion of $250,000 to
buy new guns and also authorizing
Gen. John H. Cnstleman to issue n call
for a sufficient number of volunteers
to take tho guns from those now in
possession and return them
to the nrscnnl. A storm of applause
followed the reading of the resolution,
which lies over one day.
Frankfort, Ky., March C The orders
for shipment of guns nnd ammunition
from the stnte arsenal to London,
Ky., by the republican state authorities
was revoked, and a car loaded
with munitions of war consigned
to London wns unloaded and its contents
returned to tho arsenal here.
The officials give no reason for the
change of programme. The soldiers,
acting under orders, worked nil forenoon
loading the car. There is a report
that the war department at
Washington interfered nnd hns ordered
the guns nnd ammunition
taken to London to bo returned
' This promises to be the liveliest
week in Frankfort since the stormy
period which immediately followed
Gocbel's shooting. Before the end of
the week stnrtllng arrests will probably
be made in the attempt to show
a conspiracy in the assassination. The
three men who chartered the special
train that brought the mountaineers
to Frankfort are known, nnd it is
hinted that they may be arrested.
Tnylor gives no explanation for
shipping arms to London further than
saying that ns the soldiers arc gone
the munitions are no longer needed In
The friends of the McChord railroad
bill will make a fight in
the house to take the bilj out of the
orders of the day. Those leading the
opposition to the mcabure claim that
every republican member will vote
against the bill or assist in breaking a
quorum, and that the defeat of the
bill is assured. A number of democrats
are out of line with their party
on that bill, notwithstanding it was
indorsed by the democratic state
"Plnnet Mercnry" ProhnMy Lost.
Hulifax, N. S., March C A Frenchman
at West Pubnico, near Yarmouth,
reports that he picked up a life pre-server
on the shore With tho name
''Manet Mercury" on it. The steamer
Wnndn on HatS' day picked up 11 life
raft and n sailor's chest. Several life
preservers and n stenmeVs hatch were
picked up by South Shore fishermen.
The name on tho preserver found
would seem to settle the Idently M
the wrecked steamer. ly
The Association Is Uend.
Pittsburgh, Pn March 0. The Independent
Window Glass Manufacturers"
association, formed last December
by n number of tho Independent
manufacturers, has proved a failure,
and notices have been sent out
announcing that tho nusoclntlnn U
First Session.
Wnnhlnston. Feb.
tho agreement made W th
senato to vdte oh. the Hawaiian government
bill the flnfll V0,on the measure
was postponed until 4 o'elofiK Thursday-.
Practically no progress was mud .on the
bill although It was under consideration
nearly four hours. Mr. Aldrlch, chairman
ot tile ntinnco committee, at the
opening ot the seealon, mndo nn explanation
of the VtarK of the conferees on
tho financial measure, his statement resulting
In an unexpected dhd spirited do-bate.
House The battle royal over tile Porto
Rlcnn tnrirr bill ended In tho house In a
weeplns victory for tho republican.
The bill, amended nnd agreed upon at
the conference of the republicans on
Monday night so as to reduce tho tariff
from 23 to, 16 per cpnt. of tho American
tariff nnd limiting its life-to two years,
was passed by a Vote of 172 yeas to 10)
WasiilhgtOni March bill
providing A form of government for the
tenltory of Hawaii iVtts passed without
division. Mr. Clay (Qa.) aoHteretl a carefully
prepared speech on the I'blllpplhps.
He favored the' adoption of the Jiacon
resolutions declaring It to bo the policy
of the United Stutes to turn over the Islands
to tllo Filipinos as soon as a stable
government could be established by them
under the protection of tttis country. The
Porto lncan tariff hill wns made the unfinished
business, and tvlll he considered
ns soon as tho conferenco report on tho
finance bill shall have been disposed of
liext Tuesday1.
HollEeThe democrats scored their first
victory of Ilia tension on the motion to
tako up the conttstfd election case of
Aldrlch vs. Hobblns from tho Fourth Alabama
district. On two separate votes
the democrats, with the aid of two republicans
Mr. Mondell. of Wyoming, and
H. C. f?mlth, of Michigan-beat the republicans
upon tho ques'.on of consideration.
An agreement was mnde to consider
tho Loud bill relating to second-class
mall matter March 20. A bill passed
to grant an Amerlcnn register to tho ship
Windward, In which Lieut. Perry will
make an nttempt to roach tho north pole.
Washington, March 2. Senate Interest
in tho Porto lllcan tariff measuro now
has been transferred from thp houso to
tho senate. Consideration of tho bill embodying
substantially the provisions of
tho houso bill, and In addlllor. providing
for n temporary form of civil government
for the Island of Porto Rico, was
begun, several speeches being made. An
hour and a half of the session was devoted
to consideration of tho Quay case,
Mr. Hoar (Mass.) presenting nn able constitutional
argument In tavor of seating
Mr. Quay on tha ground, mainly, that It
was the Intention of tho frnmcrs of tho
constitution that tho sciinta at all times
should have its full quota of members.
House Within two hours of a opoclnl
from .the president recommending
tho Immediate passage of a bill to
placo n 'his hands all tho moneys collected
upon Porto Wean goods since tho
8iAnlsh evacuation of the Uland to bo
used for tho relief of tho Porto Ulcans,
had been read to tho house, the house
had passed and sent to tho senate a bill
to carry out tho recommendation. Tho
bill was passeU'Gy a voto of 162 to 107,
13 democrats, two populists and two sliver
republicans voting with tho republicans
in tho affirmative. Subsequently
tho , contested election
ense from tho Fourth Alabama district,
which tho house twice refused to consider,
was taken up, 130 to 19, and was
debated for the remainder of tho day.
Washington, Match 3. Senntc Without
dissent, a resolution was adopted calling
on tho secretary of war for tho court-martial
proceedings held during the war
Gen. Corbln. The Quay resolution
was taken up and Mr. Ross, of
Vermont, argued against tho seating of
Mr. Quay. Mr. Teller, of Colorado, delivered
a lengthy speech on tho conforenco
report on the financial bill. Tho senato
adjourned early on account of tho death
of Representative Kpcs, of Virginia.
House A Joint resolution was passed
for the government acquisition of a certain
reservation of great trees In California.
Mr. Hay, of Virginia, then announced
the death of Representative
Epes, of Virginia, which occurred Frldny
night. A committee of IS members was
appointed by tho speaker to act with a
spunte commltteo ns a funeral escort. As
further mark of respect to the deceased,
tho house then .adjourned until Monday.
Washington, March G Senate Mr. Carter,
of Montana, dealt vigorously with the
Quay case In the senate In tho course of
an explanantlon ns to why ho will vote
for the former senator from Pennsylvania,
notwithstanding ho voted against tho
seating of Mr. Corbott In tho last congress.
Tho near approach to the tlmo jf
voting on tho conference report on the
financial bill bi ought out tho speeches on
that measure, one bv Mr. Fairbanks, of
Indiana, and the other by Mr. llutler, of
North Carolina.
House The following bills were passed:
Th stato of Wyoming to relinquish
to the United States about G.000 acres of
hind granted the state at tho tlmo of
for university purposes nnd select
other lands In lieu thereof; to lssuo
u patent to a tract of land ut El Reno,
Okln. for cemetery purposes: to extend
tho tlmo for completing tlio bridges across
the East river between Long Island and
New York; to prevent forest fires; to
rntlfy a treaty with tho I omanche, Kiowa
and Apache Indians and open their lands
for settlement; to adjust tho rights of
citizen fcttlers nn the Nnvnjo Indian reservation;
to authorize white prsons who
have intermarried wuh Cherokee Indians
to bring suits In the couit of claims; to
authorize tho sccrotaiv of tho interior to
negotiate with tho Khivvni and Comanchcs
for a neutral strip In Oklahoma.
The President Sends to the Sennte
Information to Our
Philippine Policy.
Washington, March 0. Tho president
scut to the senate the correspondence
called for by n resolution
of Senator Hoar usking for information
relative to our course in the Philippines.
It is n very voluminous record, containing
much thnt lias already been
made public, and includes Instructions
by the president, proclamations by
the Philippine commission and Gen.
Otis" leporla of ollicers in the Philippines,
all communications received
from Agulnnldo or his assistants or
proclamations issued bj them; information
concerning the treatment of
prlson(? or other inhabitants of the
Island by the insurgents, and nlso such
information ns has been received ns
"to nid or. encouragement received by
Aguiualdn nnd ills followers from
In tlm United States, ns to what
pamphlets, speeches or other doctii
nieuts cnianaung 111 1111; imn.n uuiv
nn'l uuvcrhe 10 iikhiuiihii "
in whole or In inrt hlnong the
in unns ngninst the' United
Stntcn, rimong other InhttbitnntH ol
Hie l!dr.Aor ,in,lin6i the HOltllvlU 9f the
' t.r , . " " - 1
J ( T o ) ;
W pr"
s try-
AaJi -
Stlomii mmm 4. - . IU.irf,t
. .
Capital Stock, $100,000. Surplus, $17,320,
J, W. Hayden, W. P. Walton, J. IL Collier, M. D. Elmore, J. a EookM)
F. Bold, T. P. Hill, S. H Baughman, W. A. Trlbblo, S T. Harris
and M. J. Miller.
Wo solicit tho accounts of tho citizens of Rockcastle and adjoining countle
assuring them prompt and careful nttcntlon to nil business intrusted to
tin. Personal application and correspondence, with a view to
business relations, respectfully Invited.
J. 8. blocker, Pros., Jno. J. McRoberts, Cashier
A, A. McKinney, Ass't Cashier.
&0.. TO
For Everything In
Dry Goods, Clothing, Boots and
Shoes, General Merchandise.
Gaskets, Collins, Robes, Etc.,
Kept in Stock. Orders by
Capital $100,000.
Successors to Farmers Bank and Trust.Go.,
fnd continuously under same
Solicits your Bank account hoping such bussiness
will prove materially profitable and pleasant. : "
. J. Williams. J. E .Lynn. J. S. Owsley, Sr.
3. H. Shanks. William Gooch. J. F. Cash.
A. W. Carpenter. J. B Owsley. W. H, Cummlrw,
S. H. Shanks, President.
J. B. Owsley, Casliier.
W. M. Bright, Asst. Cashier.
Mail,, Telegraph or Telephone i
management for 29 years.
Mai UMer
Funeral Director,
Keeps Co'mns, Caskets, Robe, Linen posomo, puffs
and Collars. Can Furnish Metallio Caskate and
Hav Embalming pone on Short Notlo
'- "and Easy Term.
e ttfl
" .1

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