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First Session. '
Vnniiinfrton, March C Senate A resolution
wuh adopted directing tho secretary
of tho interior to pltieo under bond
I ho "Mammoth Trco irrovo" und the
"South Hark ftrovo or big trees" In
and Toulumno countlcB, California,
tho Idea being that tho government
acquire tho grove:. Tho coufcrenco report
on tho llnnnclnl bill was agreed to by
a voto or 41 to ".'0, thu report tnus having
a mnjorlty or 18. Karly in tho session discussion
of tho Quay caso wis t resumed,
Mr. Simon replying to tho speech mado
by Mr. Carter, or Montana.
House Tho cntlro day was spent In
considering tho contested
election caso from tho Fourth Alabama
illstrlct. Mr. Jtohbln", Mm lttij"
mado a spepeh of nn hour In his own
behalf, Tho other speakers wero Mr.
lUirketJ, In beli.ut oi tnu contest, und
Messrs. Glenn and DcArmotid lor the
Washington, March 7. Spnatc Mr. Sullivan
offered n resolution that tho Philippine
islands nro the rightful property,
honorably acquired, of tho United States;
Und that "while tho misguided , rillplnos
continue (ho present war, brought on by
Ihcm against tho tlghttul authority of the
United States, no long us a slnglo gun In
their hnndB la trained upon our tlnir, nh
pxprcsslou of Intention as to tho future
courso of tho United States with respect
to them, should bo Hindu by the senate."
Mr. Sullivan nuked Mint the resolution
llu on tho table until ho should call it up.
Mr, T.odgo then addressed the scnato on
tho Philippine question In which ho wanted
tho president Invested with tho power
to govern tho islands until congress take i
House Tho houso was In session but
25 minutes, adjourning out of respect to
the memory of thn lato Representative
Harmor, of Penrmyivnnlu, "tho father of
tho house." Tho usual committee wsji
appointed to attend the funeral. The
vote on tho contested
election case, which was to havo been
taken was postponed.
Washington, March S. Sonate. Tho
chair announced tho appointment of Senator
JInnnu of Ohio anil Tillman of South
Carolina ns members of tho board of visitors
to tho naval academy. A b... giving
American register to the steamer
Windward, presented by a llrltish citizen
to Robert 13. Peary U. S. N the
Arctic cxDlorcr was nasscd. Formal dis
cussion of tho Porto Hlcan tariff and civil
government bill then began and continued
uninterruptedly for four hours und
n half. At the night session 15tf pages ol
tho Alasnan Codo Hill were read, nnd
without concluding this formal but necessary
work tho sennto at .:1B adjourned.
House. Tho house, unseated Uaston A.
Ilohplns, u, democrat from the Fourth
Alabama district, and seated In his stead
Wm. F. Aldrlch. a republican, wno hati
been three times a contestant from tm
Mine district on the ground of fraud, and
who Ib now given his seat for tho third
tlmo by a republican house. Tho voto was
a stnet party one. Tho contested decision
caso of Wlso vs. Young from the Second
Virginia district was then taken up.
Mr Weeks giving nottco that ho would
ask a voto on It ut two o'clock on Monday.
Washington. March 0. Senate Discussion
of Mr. Mnson's resolution expressing
sympathy for the Boers was
in tho senate behind closed doors, Mr.
Davis, chairman of the foreign relations
committee, demanding that tho doors be
closed. Tho featuro of the open session
was a speech by Mr. Lindsay (Ky.) on
tho Porto Hlcan tnrlff and government
measure, liu opposed the tnrlff provision
of tho bill nnd some parts of the proposition
for tho l'orto Ulcan government.
House Tho (Irst day ncnslon session of
tho houso provided for under tho new
i ulc proved n grout success. Thcro was
comparatively little friction, and J7 bills
wero favorably ncted upon hi committee
r tno wnoic una xuusequcnuy passed oy
ihe House.
Washington, March 10. Senate Tho diplomatic
appropriation bill was passed with
u few minor amendments. Ono of these
wan tho striking out tho provisions for
pensioning I.lliuokulnnl, of Hawaii,
Jij.OOO a year. It was maintained
that It would establish a dangerous precedent.
House Tho house agreed to take up tho
bill providing a government for Haivall
on April 3, tho ilnnl voto to bo taken
April 5 nt -1 in. Consideration of the
election contest was resumed
nnd occupied tho remainder of tho
Washington, March 12. Senate During
r I meat tho ontlro session of tho Semite
Mr. Rawlins, of IHuh, occupied tho lloor
In n discussion of the Phlllmitne question.
He went deeply Into tho constitutional
phases of the question. His argument wns
largely legal and technical. Ho Is opposed
to holding of tho Philippines. Eighty-six
prlvato pension bills wero passed.
House For tho fccoihI tlmo within a
week a Dmocrnt was unseated by the
Hoiiho nnd u Rpubllcau seated In his
place. R A. Wise was given tho seat
hitherto occupied by W. A. Young from
tho Second Virginia District. Tho voto
was exceedingly close. Whll nono of tho
Republicans voted with tho Democrats.
I'liough wero absent unpaired to reduce tho
Republican majority upon tho tluul vote
from 10, tho normal majority, to 7. An urgent
deficiency bill carrying $1,0,5U, was
Mnxlmllliiii FlclMcluniiiin's Children
SuIiik ' ISxtiitc of Their Uncle,
CliurJcH KlelNuliiiiiiiui.
New York, March 13. An action
involving' several million dollars has
been begun in the Hupreme court by
Die children of tho lute Maximilian
I'leischmnnn nguinst the estato of
their uncle, Charles The
mother of the children, Mrs. Johnnna
Fleisehiniuin, is made otic of tho
Maximilian and Charles
were in business under the iirm
name of Flelsehmunn & Co. The firm
controlled many largo distilleries,
and was also interested in the manufacture
of yeast. The partnership ar
ticles provided Unit on the denth of.
either purtner the business should bo
continued for three years and as long
as possible. On Maximilian's
(Tenth his and brother wero
appointed his executors.
Jn their complaint lijs children
Hint Charles immediately
control of the entire business
nnd induced their mother, who was
inexperienced, to sign certain papers
transferring- all her interest to him.
In the fall of 1807, it is alleged,
Churlcs obtained control of the eastern
business. He died on December
10, 1807, and his executors aro still
conducting the business and are the
chief defendants in the present action.
The defendants in their answer assert
that .the -agreements signed ,by
Mrs. Flcischmann were valid and that
she, has received her share of tho
property.. They place the original interest
of Maximilian Fleibchniann nt
Tho Last Addition by Science to
Popular Use.
A Revelation in Economical Illumination
for Homes, Hotels and All
Classes of Buildings.
Acetylene, the new artificial light, three
ears ago known only to Scientists, is today
coming so rapidly into popular use that
it promises to replace all the older means of
lighting. The new light has been christened
"Artificial Sunlight, as by its rays coloia
can be distinguished as by day and in soft,
ness, steadiness and all qualities of light the
resemblance is most marked. '
The great economy, and convenience ju
producing the new llluminant, and the
beauty und excellence ot the light itself explain
in a measure its marvelous growth hi
Calcium Carbide, the material from which
eacli individual user produces his own Acetylene,
is a solid substance, bard as granite
and is ordinarily crushed, like broken stone,
to pieces about the size of eggs. This material
is compact, clean, convenient and even
safer to handle than coal. Its marvelous
oliinity for water makes it of value and the
moment it comes in contact with water the
generation of Acetylene begins. Carbide, as
ft is generally called, is usually packed, in
air and water tight drums, holding one hundred
pounds of tin's material, each.
Enough Acetylene gas can be made to light
a large room for several hours by merely
throwing a piece of carbide the size of one s
thumb into a tumbler of water. In that case,
however, the gas is not controlled the gas
is all made in a few moments and lost. Machines
called generators arc made, which
cause the Carbide and water to be brought
together just in proportion as the gas is
needed for lighting.
Most of these, machines are simply constructed
and they do this automatically. If
t ne ngnt from one burner
is needed, then the machine
causes just enough gas to be
made to supply one burner.
If ten burners arc lighted,
then the same machine will
deliver enough gas to supply
ten burners. The very
simplicity of this principle
lias attracted the attention
and inventive genius of
hundreds of scientists and
mechanics; thus, in some instances,
unreliable and unsafe
Acetylene generators
have been produced. The
good and reliable machines
are many, however, and
most of such arc constructed
under the diiection'of com-latent
mechanical engineers
and Bold by responsible concerns.
t I
M "M I
Imagine receiving one's supply of artificial
hglit. as a sofid. one hundred pounds
at a time in a little drum from the freight
'station. When one realizes that each package
will make as much light as 25,000 candles
for one hour, more light than the ordinary
size family will use in three months,
and such a package will cost about $4.00, perhaps
the explanation of the increasing popularity
is found.
The cost of Carbide lias been steadily reduced
notwithstanding the early impressions
of the great expense in manufacture. Such
large quantities are now being consumed,
and such material reductions in price have
actually been made, that users can expect
that lighting with Acetylene will be ns in-,
expensive as it has proved to be desirable in
point of excellence and beauty.
Acetylene solves the lighting problem
wherever city gas and electric light is not
available, by the simple process of the
plant. These can be placed in any
dwelling or building by an ordinary mechanic,
can oe manipulated by any person of ordinary
intelligence. They are practical,
simple, safe, economical, and appeal to every
owner or occupant of a building, every
cnant or manufacturer, and every individual
interested in the artificial light problem.
He Knew.
"Now, boys," said the Sunday schoolteacher,
"our lesson to-day teaches us that
if we are good while here on earth, when
we die we will go to a place of everlasting
hliss. Hut, suppose we are bad, then what
becomes of us?" "We'll go to a place of
everlasting blister," replied a small boy at
the foot of the class. Yonkers Statesman.
Cincinnati, March 1
LIVE STOCK-Cattle, conVn 3 00 4 40
Select butchors 4 50 fttf 4 90
CAl,viJS Extra H 7 2
HUOS-Select packers 4 97V 5 00
Mixed packers 4 65 u 4 US
.."ht Hhlppera 4 CO 4 85
5 85 0 6 00
7 15 & 7 25
FL.OUII Snrlng patent 3 70 3 .
GRAIN Wheat-No. 2 red... & 74
Corn No. 1! mixed W 0
OatH No. ! mixed ip 2b
ve No. 2 vp G2
timothy W13 7o
Pork . .11 27V&RM GO
J.urd 0 6 80
dairy 1G 18
Cholco creamery & 2(5
to taney... 3 75 0 4 00
POTATOES-Per brl 1 03 0 1 7j
FLOUR Winter patent 3 40 & 3 CO
GRAIN Wheat-No. 2 red... GS & 69
No. 3 Chicago spring 63 64
Corn-No. 2 37 fv 37M
Outs-No. 2 231,4 24
Rye No. 2 0 55
PORiC Mess 1100 01105
LARD-Steam 5 87V4 5 55
patent ....SCO 0 3 80
GRAIN Wheat No. 2 red... 0 77
Corn No. 2 0 44
Oats No. 2 mixed 0 2S
Rye 0 C3V4
PORIC Mess 11 00011 M
3 20 r 3 R0
GRAIN Wheat No. 2 red... C8 68tf
Southern G7 0 73,4
corn No. 2 mixed 3940 39T4
Oats No. 2 mixed 28 0 28tf
Rye No. 2 western 66 & 67
CATTLE First quality 4 00 0 5 12tf
HOGS Western 6 60 C CO
GRAIN Wheat No. 2 red... . 0 COM
Corn No. mixed 0 34
2 mlxjed. ' 25
patent 3 45 ft 3 K'
GRAiN Wheat-No. 2 red.. 72 & 73
Corn Mixed ..., 0 3bM
Ontf Mixed 2C 0 2CVf
PORIC Mess 011 00
LARD Bteum , it C 75
A Consrcssiunn "Who "Wns In the.
Dark ns to Title and
A certain member of the house of representatives,
nameless lieie forever more,
met a newspaper correspondent in the lobby
the other day and mysteriously invited him
to his committee room. The correspondent
cast a chew of tobacco out of his mouth
in anticipation, and followed the statesman
to the seclusion of the place designated.
"Say," said the member, looking about
carefully to see that only the two of them
were present, "I want to ask you a question
in confidence."
"Oh," responded the correspondent in a
tone of disappointment, "is that what you
"es; and if you can give me the information
I am after you will do me a great
"All right," said the correspondent, recovering
his wonted spirits, though the
other kind were lacking, "what is it? Go
ahead with your rat killiug."
"Well," began the member in a manner
reminding one of the preface to a book, "I
had one of'tlie boys look over a speech I am
going to make, just to see what lie thought
of it and make a suggestion or two to improve
it, if necessary, and he's got something
into it that I'm not up to."
"What is it?" asked the correspondent,
as the member hesitated.
"Well, I'm fairly well up on the Bible, and
when I come across the sentence 'anywhere
from Dan to Beershoba,' I know what it
m4?.ns well enough, and also know about
! Dan and the other one. I had that in the
speech, but he said it was a chestnut by
this time, and it would sound more tony
and abreast of the times and literary culture
to change it from 'Title to Colophon,'
and I told him 'all right,' but didn't let on.
Now, you are a friend of mine, and I want
to ask you about this. As I said, I'm up on
the Bible, but I don't know the classical
busness a little hit, and while I can kind
of catch on to Title, I'd like to know who
in thunder Colophon was. Do you know?"
The correspondent explained, and the
member saw to it that his cast-out. chew
of tobacco was not wasted. N. Y. Sun.
It Looked SnirBcatlve of a Weddlns
Out Warn Intended for a Different
An East end car was loaded down with
shoppers, mostly women, for it was in the
middle of the afternoon. Conversation was
proceeding at a great rate. It was like a
Sink tea or a session of the seeing circle.
!ut all at once a hush fell over the fair chatterers.
A negro lad entered, bearing in his
arms an immense cake, three or four decks
high, and frosted over from pit to dome, as
they say of a theater. There was a profusion
of flowers by way of decoration", and delicate
traceries of gauzy lace completed the embellishments'.
The cake was so largo that
the negro could scarcely carry it.
The cake, told the whole story of the wedding,
the bridesmaids, the orange flowers, the
flower girls and the banquet afterward.
Every feminine heart in that street car was
a-flutter as its owner gazed speechlessly
upon the evidence of a wedding to he.
Finally, when -the car stopped to let on
another passenger and everything was very
still, one lady took courage to ask the negro
where the weddinpr was going to be.
"Whut weddin'J" asked the ncero. his eves
f "The wedding that cake is for."
uis ain t no weddm cake.
"No'm. Dis yeres er cake walk cake "
There was a smile that reached irom one
end of the car to the other, and very soon
conversation was resumed as
ijilOO Itewnrrt ?100.
The readers of this paper will be pleased
to learn that there is at least one dreaded
disease that science has been able to cure in
all its stages, and that is Catarrh. Hall'e
Catarrh Cure is the only positive cure
known to tho medical fraternity. Catarrh
being a constitutional disease, requires a
constitutional treatment. Hall's Catarrh
Cure is taken internally, acting directly
upon the blood and mucous surfaces of the
system, thereby destiovinz the foundation
of the disease, and giving the patient
strength by building up the constitution and
assisting nature in doing its work. The
proprietors have so much faith in its dilative
powers that tiiey offer One Hundred
Dollars for any case that it fails to cute.
Send for list of testimonials.
Address F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, O.
Sold by Druggists, 75c.
Hall's Family Pills are the best.
To California QnlcUIr 1 Comfortably
Via Chicago, Union Pacific and Northwestern
Line. "The Overland Limited
leaves Chicago daily 0:30 P. M., arrives San
Francisco the afternoon of third day, and
Irta Angeles next morning. No change of
cars. All meals in dining cars. Buffet,
smoking and library cars, with barber. "The
best of everything." "The Pacific Express"
leaves Chicago daily 10:30 P. M., with first-class
and through tourist sleepers to California.
Personally conducted excursions every
Thursday. All agents sell tickets via Chicago
& North-Western It'y. For full information
and illustrated pamphlet apply to
W. B. Kniskern, 22 Fifth ave , Chicago, 111.
Plcnaurc of Necessities.
A lady living in the Eighteenth ward answered
a knock at her door the other morning
to find a poorly-dressed woman, greatly
in need of help. Her tale excited sympathy
in the kind lady's heart. When the poor
woman left she carried a big bundle of
clothes and a sack containing many of the
necessaries of life. The next morning there
appeared at the same door a seven-year-old
urchin of ruddy countenance, who somewhat
shocked the ladv of the linni with !,;?.
Say, that lady you guy the things to yesterday
wants to know if you've got a pair of
skates that me brother can wear.'--Salt
Lake Herald.
in i iii --
"Wide Open,
Miss Skreecher "I noticed that Dr.
Brown, who sat next to you, was quite interested
in my ringing last night.
Miss Peppery 1 don't think it was your
singing, dear. He turned to me when you
hau finished and said: "I never miss an
opportunity to study the tonsils; it's my
specialty, you know. 'Troy Times.
Toil Can Oct Allen's Foot-Eme FREE.
Write to Allen 8. Olmsted, Leroy,
N. Y., for a FREE sample of Allen's Foot-Easo,
a powder to shulce into Your shoes. It
cures chilblains, sweating, damp, swollen,
tolling feet. It makes New or tight shoes
easy. A certain euro for Corns and Bun-Ions.
AH druggists and shocstorcs sell it. 2&c.
It is hard for a crooked man to tell
straight story. Chicago Dispatch.
Otir Kntton'ii Wealth.
Goldand silver are poured abundantly into
tho lap of the nation, but our material wealth
and strength is rather in iron, the most useful
of all meals, just as the wealth of a human
being lies in a useful stomach. If you
have overworked yours until it is disabled,
try Hostettcr's Stomach Bitters. It will relieve
the clogged dsvc1. improve the appetite
and cure constipation and dyspepsia,
biliousness, liver and kidney disease.
That Wasn't Much.
"Yoti you were in the late war?" he
queried of the man who had been telling
about the battle of Santiago.
"Certainly," was tho reply.
And you marched and suffered and
fought and was a hero?"
"No, sir: nothing of the kind. I simply
landed at Santiago; decimated tho ranks of
the enemy, forced him to surrender, and
then brought about the end of the war."
'Oh, that was ail, eh? Beg your pardon
for the interruption." Washington Post.
Low Rato Homo Scolders' Excursions.
The Missouri Pacific" Railway and Iron
Mountain Route are now running a scries of
excursions to the West and Southwest.
Tickets on sala March 0th and 20th, April
3d and 17th, at very" low rates. Maps, folders,
time cards and illustrated pamphlets on
the vaiious states mailed1 free on application
to H. C. Townsend. G. P. & T. A., St. Louis.
"I won't say that I'm proof against temptation'
said the peaceful citizen; "but I'm
blest if I wouldn't rather be right than be
governor of Kentucky!" Puck.
To Cure a Cold In One Day
Take Laxatlvo Bromo Quinlno Tablets All
dru ggists refund money if it fulls to cure. 25c.
No matter what job it is, there is always
somebody who want it. Washington (la.)
spot, streak or give your goods nu unevenly
dyed appearance. Sold by all druggists.
Y. "Have your wages goncup?" C "I
guess so: the boss made ah assignment today."
Yonkers Statesman.
I cannot speak too highly of Piso's Cure
for Consumption. Mrs. Frank Mobbs, 215
W. 22d St., New York, Oct. 29,, 1891.
Some pretty girls are so vain that people
refuse to admit their good looks. Atchison
Some men need time locks on theih imagination.
Chicago Dispatch.
No speculator ever quits in time. Washington
(la.) Democrat.
Weak Women Mado nappy by Lydta E.
Plnkharn's Vegetable Compound
Letters from Two Who Now Have
" Dear Mns. TiN'miAM : It was my
ardent desire to have a child. I had
been married three j'cnrs and was
childless, so wrote to you to find out
the reason. After following
your kind advice
and talcing1 Lydia
E. Pinkham s vege
ssssssHHsH h7Jn&jMB table! Compound, I be
came the moth er of
KkA xHswflisL
a beautiful baby
boy, the joy of our
home. He is a
ISIBb) wSmHssW fat, healthy baby,
thanks to your medi
WffiWiSMmBf cine.'' Mns. Minda
Fixkij;, Roscoe,
From Grateful
Mrs. Lane
" DnAn Mrs.
Pinkiiasi: I
wrote you a letter
some time
ago, stating my caso to you.
"I had pains through my bowels,
headache, and backache, felt tired
and sleepy all tho time, was troubled
with the whites. I followed your
advice, took your Vegetable Compound,
and it did me lots of good. I
now have a baby girl. I certainly believe
I would have miscarried had it
not been for Lydla E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound. I had a very easy
time ; was sick only a short time. I
think your medicine is a godsend to
Women in the condition in which I
wns. I recommend it to all ns tho best
medicine for women." Mns. Mahv
Lane, Coytee, Tenn.
, , I.arent Rrcd POTATO drawer In America. - ,
, Prior 1.8I As up. Enorinoiiloi'l. oTUrun. , .
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I 2
There is more disability and
helplessness from
4 than any other muscular ailment,
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has found it the easiest and
promptest to cure of any form
A tape worm eighteen feet Ions at
Ioast came on the scene after my taking tiro '
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W viV'vJvJFviv vi" 'fit- W -S -W W vIFW
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If you take up your homes
In Wostcrn Canada, tbe
land of plentr. illustrated
pam.hlets, wiring
experience of farmers
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A. N. K.-B 1804
pleuso state that you saw the Advertise.
Blent In tbls paper.
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