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t Vernon-Signal
Fkiday, Nov. 8, iqoi.
Published every Friday by
Advertising rates made known on
Tin; electiojti is over and Mr. H
I,. Tate was eledted sheriff of Rock
castle, by a good majority, and we
congratulate hi in on his splendid
victory. Mr. Stewart asked the
people to support him. but the
majority saw fit to give their
to Mr. Tate, and now that
the fight is over and the question
decided let every one, whether you
voled for him or not, give him
your encouragement and support,
that he may well perform the
of that important office to
which he has been elected.
f. Boyle democrats win with hands
Lincoln elects the full democratic
Casey county went republican
about 375.
Everything went democratic but
Democrats carried Madison
about 500.
Republicans claim New Jersey
by 7,000 to 10,000.
McCreary is the nextU. S. Senator
from Kentucky.
Jefferson county elected the entire
democratic ticket.
Nash was re-elected Governor of
Ohio by about 60,000.
Geo. T. Farris is re-elected State
Senator by a good majority.
The State is estimated to have
g'oue about 40,000 democratic.
Grainger, democrar, was elected
. Mayor of Louisville by over 7,000.
On joint ballot, the Legislature
. will stand 100 democratic and 38
Cummins, republican candidate
for Governor of Iowa, has a plurality
of about 90,000.
Theue are some things too
and vulgar that not even a
"Skunk." will condescend to notice.
Republicans elect State'and Legislative
tickets in Massachusetts,
however, considerable gains were
made by the democrats.
In greater New York, Seth Low,
K the. Fusion candidate defeated
Shephard, the Tammany candidate
for i&ayori by about 30,000.
House of Representatives there
will be 74 democrats, 25 republicans
and 1 independent. Seuate,
25 democrats and 13 republicans.
Although this is au "off year" in
politics there are some useful pointers
in the election returns of more
than one btate, to tnose wise
enough to take advantage uf them.
Because no naval hero has ever
been President of the U. S. is no
reason why one will not be.
Every sensible New Yorker
agrees that the town is not as black
qs the ante-election painters made
Mr. Carnegie is again 011 Atueri
can soil and prepared to resume
the distribution of steel-trust
The English coutiuuc to be "surprised"
by the Boers, but the rest
of the world regard it as a matter
of course.
Millions for loo; r.ot a penney's
reduction in taxation, seems to be
the platform of the republicau majority
in Congress.
It is not' often that due's enemies
are as instrumental in adding to
. one's popularity as those of Admiral
Schley have'been.
No; Senator Fairbauks isn't dead
it is ouly his Presidential boom that
has been buried by the Minnesota
'Roosevelt boomers.
Louisville has turned up a brewery
trust, which may be only a
scheme to increase the consumption
of Kentucky's "real stuff."
Even the little ten-cent government
of Nicaragffa thinks it safe to
monkey with the interests of the
U. S., in the Isthmian canal.
Empires also are ungrateful. A.
recall is Minister WVa reward for
successfully bamboozling Secretary
Hay during the late troubles in
Buffalo, like all the other
Mtion cWes, is finding that the
wirirlMt mrt of t1ii Kiici'iipm i '
ing vp the loss. In this case it
totals $3,000 000.
Wanted to know where stand
on the reciprocity question; liberal
reward for correct information.
Address T. R., White Plouse,
Washington, D. C.
The promised-by-McKinley dodge
having been worked out. wily applicants
for Federal offices now
rely upon shouting for Roosevelt
in 1904 to turn the trick.
The government intends to dump
$20,000,000 more of the peoples
money into a naval station in the
Philippines. Yea, truly those
islands are expensive luxury.
Lord Pauncefote is back in
Washington, and he ca'rried the
new treaty with England ou the
Isthmian Canal. Whether that
treaty deserves condemnation or
commendation is yet to be 'ascertained.
Mr. Roosevelt carried the "nig
ger" Steward of the White House
to Oyster Bay to vote, but they
didn't occupy the same seat in the
parlor car, nor take their meals
Why this distinction between
Mr. Roosevelt is said to be iu
doubt about the ship-subsidy j ob.
If true, he should give the people
the benefit of the doubt by throwing
his influence against it, but his
habit of allowing himself to be talked
around almost destroys hope in
that direction.
Gov. Durbinstands by ex-Gov.
Taylor, the fugitive from Kentucky
justice, and refuses to grant the re
quisition of Gov. Beckham for the
extradition of Taylor. Perhaps
there are citizens of Indiana who
are proud of Durbin's protectiou
of Taylor, but we doubt it.
The U. S. Industrial Commission
will expire by law, Dec. 15, much
to the regret of a number of gentlemen
whom it has provided with
comfortable salaries for several
years.. Irs accomplishments consist
of a lpt of printed opinions, most
of which are not worth what it oost
to put them in type.
Ex-Senator Pettigrew thinks
government ownership of railroads
would be a winning national issue.
So it might, but if the government
was to be of the trusts, and by the
trusts, as at present, where would
the advantage of the people come
iu? This country needs a government
that will control the trusts,
and not be controlled by them,
worse than anything else. ,
Washington Letter.
From Our Regular Correspondent.
The most significant political occurrence,
of the week was the booming
of Mr. Roosevelt as a candidate
for President in 1904, by a member
of Minnesota republicans in Wash
ington, including Judge Emery, of
Minneapolis. This indicates that
the Fair batiks boom, which many
thought a few months ago would
get the backing of the McKinley
administration, is dead at home,
and that Minnesota will not. do the
"favorite sou" act. But the real
significance of the Roosevelt shouting
at this time is the accompanying,
demand for tariff reform. That de
mand is nothing short of a slap in
the faces of Hanna and the other
republican bosses who have reunit
ed iu saying that theie would be no
tariff legislation at the coining
session of Congress. It is also.
.perhaps, intended as a hint to Mr.
'Roosevelt that the continuation of
the boom is contingent upon his attitude
toward tariff reform. It is
well known that Mr. Roosevelt was
personally iu favor of the 13abcockto
reform tariff bill sonietinie ago, but of
where he stands now is a horse, of votes there and in the vicinity with
of another color, and where he will him, one of them being the new
stand when the tariff reforms try to egro steward,
get Congress to act iu defiance-of 1 Has the Panama Camil lobby ex-the
orders of the bosses will be tended its field ol operations to
another yet since he made his Ntcaiagua? That question
on the reciprocity treaties, made pertinent by an official
men are not making any pos-' mumeation to the Stale Department
itive statements about where he
stands on anything.
The estimates of Secretary Hitch-
cock for appropriations for the next I
fiscal year for the Interior Depart- j
ment are complete. They tolal
S'jo.ooo.ooo, of which 142,161,200
,ur peons.
Ex-Senator Lindsay, of Ky., who
has not been iu accord with his
party for several years, seems to be
getting back on his democratic legs,
so to sneak. He said on u .nhWt i
that is daily gaining iu political!01 Wiorance about anytmng me
j ,
importance: "The Republicans do
not seem very eager to ratify the
reciprocity treaties, and I shall be
disaonointed if nnv of them are ,
favorably acted upon by Congress
at the coming session. The Republicans
have an opportunity thereto
cut under the Democrats and prevent
them from making u revisieu
of the tariff a political issue, but I
do not believe the Republicans will
do it. The result will probably be
that the Democrats of different
views will unite on that issue and
fight upon it to a party victory."
Official announcements of the
administration will soon be discounted
by the public if they are as
a rule followed by contrary official
orders as soon as that of a few days
ago saying that it had been definitely
decided not to send
to the Philippines. The war
department has issued orders to the
Eleventh Cavalry and the Twenty-
eight Infantry to go the Philippines
and they will go on the next transports
sailing, the Grant from San
Francisco, Nov., 10; the Warren
from the same port, Dec, 16; the
Crook from New York, Dec. i,"and
the JJutorcl iroin tue same ,port
Dec. 20. , l
If the recometfdations of 4the
Taval Board of Construction, 'jww
in the hands of Secretary LongTare
adopted, the ship-builders will get a
big share of the Treasury surplus,
whih is arousing so many visionary
schemes in the minds of the
republican bretheren. In addition
to the two battle-ships and "two
atmoured cruisers that the last
Congress authorized plans to be
drawn for, the board wants Congress
at the coming session to authorize
and make the approbations for
forty warships of all classes. That
would be a wholesale increase of
our navy that would be likely to
arouse European suspcion of an
intention on the part of this government
to go to war with some nation.
There are several hills to be climbed
by these recomendations, however.
They must be endorsed b'y
the President and by Congress before
they can hit the Treasury surplus.
Mr. Roosevelt had for a recent
dinner-guest Mr. J. J. Hill, the
railroad maguate, who is in several
things for which he would like ad
ministration support. One of them
which there is reason to believe
was discussed at the after-dinner
conference, in which Secretary Hay
participated, was the completion of
the Panama Canal bv au American
syndicate headed by J. Pierpont
Morgan and having for members a
bunch of multi-millionaires. It is
undei stood to be the purpose of
this syndicate, if certain arrange
ments can be made with this
eminent, to buy .out the French
Panama Canal Company, and complete
the canal. The affair is being
manipulated in great secrecy, but
on general principles, this government
will be wise to decline having
anything to do with the Panama
Caul, which has been rotten from
MM... T... ...- -.i--.:1-..
x uu mew iuik oiaiv: vicuuuii
this year was of such minor importance
that it has hardly aroused a
ripple of interest b. tin State, but
Mr. Roosevelt could not resist the
temptation to u.ce it to make a little
play to the grand stand. He left
Washington today for Oyster Bay,
c?st his' vote and he carried three
the Vhitc Hoiife1 force who lmvcJ
announcing that the government of
Nicaragua bad repudiated the, trea'y
with the U. S under which the
lattei was empowered lo construct
an inter-oceanic canal across the
territory of Nicaragua; also the ex
tradition treaty between the two
countries. State Department officials
proless entire ignorance of the
motives that inspired this action on
the part of the government of
Nicaragua, but that doscn't
hany lucan anyinmg. Prolessions
",um- """ lu "" " '"'
been a specialty of the State Depart-
here ,s no ubJcct 1,ow be'
Iore ine PeoPlc ol "" country tnat
will bear closer watching than the
Isthmian Caual question, and it may
be added none in which there is
more crookedness and scandal likely
to grow out of.
Ex-Senator Pettigrew, tvho was
in Washington a day or two ago,
sa'id of the issues of the next national
campaign: "If any party is
smart enough to take up the government
ownership of all means of
transportation it should be the issue.
If the democratic party would take
up that issue it would win. There
is no other issue that so closely
concerns the people of this country
The policy has been for the railroads
to give the lowest rates to the
largest shipper, and that has built
up large shippers. The advantage
in rates of transportation so secured
has often been a sufficient profit in
itself. We want government ownership
of railroads, so that the small
shippers can get the same rates as
the larger shipper."
Secretary Gage is having another
whack at the Treasury surplus.
He is buying bonds, when those
who offer them meet his views.
Perhaps he thinks hewon't have a
ehance'to'buy any bonds after Con
gress gets a chance at the surplus.
J. M. Nave was in Nicholasville
last week.
Mrs. G. W. Jones is on the'sick
list this week.
G. W. Jones was in Mt. Vernon
Jesse Dykes and family were in
Richmond first of the week.
W. H. Jones sold and delivered
a car of coal hero last week.
Mrs. J. H. Sigman is visiting
relatives in Berea this week.
D. C. Pulltns and Win. Cotrol
were out from Pnint Lick last Sunday.
Thompson McGuire was in
Goochland last Sunday, looking
after some personal business.
Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Jones, who
have been iu Illinois for several
mouths returned home last Thursday.
The company, that is drilling for
oil on Copper creek, ars progressing
very well and are looking for a
flow every day.
Robert Brannatnan, who has
been very low for several months,
is now uearing death's door. He
is not expected to live but a few
Come to Rouud Stone above the
Dead line, when you want to travel
on the best road in the county.
People up here have no business
sense, so says some big bugs below
here, but they have get up enough
to make a good road.
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